Thursday, December 09, 2021

Merry Day #9....

 ~ Welcome to my ~

Merry Day #9!

Today we are going to take a break from the stands....
I think I'm losing people because of lack of interest and I'm going to be honest they take a lot of time to photograph and write about, then check and recheck making sure the information is complete. So I will finish that up later, sometime.

Today I'd like to share some pictures of my home....
here is my Prairie Schooler Santa Tree for 2021


I always set my Prairie Schooler Santa tree in a milk can. I have 4 milk cans this one in particular came from my Grandfather's Dairy Farm. 
Keith and I are from Southern Indiana. I resided in Haubstadt, Indiana and my Grandpa's farm was there. 
I also collect UHL crocks this is part of my collection. I've gotten some questions about the crocks, so I all add the questions and answers here: 
What were they used for. The large crocks were used for storage of dried goods/produce in cold storage cellars. The jugs were what you would imagine jugs would be used for: storage of liquids and specifically to make or store home brewed liquor or wines. 

The large numbers indicate how many gallons they hold. In the shot I have 2 UHL jugs and then a butter churn and smaller 2 gallon crock that is not UHL brand. UHL was made in Indiana down in the area I grew up. I collect them and have several larger and smaller crocks in my collection.

Here are my new mascots for my Santa Tree...
Santa and Mrs. Claus
I painted these about a week ago (weekend right after Thanksgiving)
I am so stinking pleased with how they turned out. Both are by Renee Mullins of "Plum Purdy" she is one of my favorite paint designers.


I know you all must think this has turned into a painting blog :) HA! But really I just love adding to my Christmas decorations each year and these sweeties were just the thing to add this year. 

OK folks, that's it for today!

Merry Day #9!

Merry Christmas!

All my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Vonna: Beautiful Prairie Schooler tree, I like that you put it in a milk can.
    Merry Christmas

  2. That corner of your home just makes me smile. I also grew up on a dairy farm--crocks were used for making sauerkraut, brining cucumbers for pickles, butter and yes storage for liquors.

    1. I forgot about pickles...yep! They were definitely used for those by my people too! Have a good day Betty!

  3. I'm enjoying all your Christmas Merry posts !
    Your Santa tree is gorgeous. I LOVE your new Santa and Mrs Claus. You are having fun with your new painting.
    Have a Merry day !

  4. I think the Mister and Missus are darling. Your PS tree is gorgeous, Vonna. Thanks for the info on the crocks! Happy Thursday, Vonna!

  5. Love the history of things we collect

  6. I for 1 was enjoying your reports on cross stitch stands and hope you will keep on with it once in a while. Also love antiques and often wonder what stories they could tell. Take care!

  7. I am currently working on PS Santas, I love them all, now, I have to hide them from my grand-daughter, LOL. I am secretly making her some of her own, don't tell. Love the painted Mr & Mrs, you are doing very well, you should be proud. Sending love and hugs, have a Merry Day from Arizona