Magnifying LED Lamps

One of the most important ways to enjoy your needlework is: TO SEE IT!
Aging eyes and young eyes alone work better when stitching on any count fabric with ample, bright light. With as much screen time as folks get nowadays, eyes can become tired by the time you get to the part of the day to enjoy a little stitching. Give your eyes a break by using a good Daylight LED lamp - add magnification (even if you are young!) and be amazed at how much better your stitching becomes and how much easier it is on you eyes to see your work brightly lit and highly visible!

These are the exact brands I use:

BRIGHTECH LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp
available on Amazon for $84.99 (current price 5/2020) for 3 diopter (1.75) lens.
available on Amazon for $89.99 (current price 5/2020) for 5 diopter (2.25) lens.

*Adjustable height 
*Adjustable gooseneck
*Comes in TWO magnification glasses: 3 diopter (1.75x) and 5 diopter (2.75x) - I have both 3 and 5 diopter lamps in my home and use them both. I prefer 3 diopter as it doesn't make me feel dizzy. If I need more magnification, I just use my cheaters along with the lamp glass. The 5 diopter is very nice as well, however extended use makes me a little dizzy. 
*very large magnifying lens: 6.5 x 4 inches
*large weighted base, won't tip!

For travel I use this model:
Daylight Halo GO
Also available on Amazon for $99.99 (current price 2020), folds completely flat. Two Level touch button brightness levels. Magnification lens (2.25x) and cover so lens is protected, lasts 6 hours on one full battery charge, lightweight and VERY portable!

Then to travel purchase this knitting needles, hardsided case to transport it in: 
Also available on Amazon for: $19.98 (current price 5/2020)the lamp fits perfectly inside for easy and save travel!
Everything Mary Zip Around Knitting Needle Case

At a retreat and need a RECHARGE for your battery operated items and limited outlets/extension cords/plugs? Have no fear!! Purchase this HALO Bolt  battery pack and recharge your lights, phone, jump your car (!) and more by carrying this with you! 
Also available on Amazon for $99.99 (current price 5/2020) this is an EXCELLENT addition to your travel stitching kit to power lights in the car, at retreats, camping, RV, at all your stitching get togethers!