My Tutorials

I have been creating Free Tutorials for the public for over 14 years. God gave me a talent of being able to create with my two hands - to Him goes the glory! To whom much is given, much is expected. I share what I know with anyone that wishes to learn. 
At the following link, I have created a database of sorts that gives both written and video tutorials on ideas of how to finish your projects and the steps to make them look beautiful and professional. They may be seen by clicking the link below. 
The only thing I ask is - and this is important! -  If you use any of my finishing techniques, tutorials or tips, please give my name credit. I see my finishing techniques all over the internet, we tip our hats to designers, thread companies, fabric companies and everyone else in the industry....a simple nod to whomever helped teach you finishing also deserves mention - plus the mention will help others needing help to be able to locate the help they need. 
Thank you!