Vonna's Color Conversions...

Like my color conversions? Plan on using them? GREAT! please remember to give credit, where credit is due by crediting my name ~ Thank you, it matters.

Face of Jesus by Vervaco: My Conversion

I stitched my Thomas on 40 ct. Macadamia Nut linen from Tree of Life Samplings (no longer dyeing fabric) It is similar to Vintage Examplar by Lakeside, Straw by Weeks Dye Works or Vintage Country Mocha by Zweigart.
 **where CCW = Classic Colorworks, GAST = Gentle Arts and WDW = Weeks Dye Works

DMC 310 = CCW Blackbird
DMC 422 = CCW Ye Old Gold
DMC434 = CCW Sassy Brassy
DMC610 = GAST Picnic Basket
DMC 611 = GAST Old HIcory
DMC 612 = GAST Harvest Basket
DMC 644 = GAST Parchment
DMC 645 = GAST Wood Trail
DMC 730 = CCW Pea Pod (darkest dye lot)
DMC 731 =  CCW Pea Pod (light dye lot)
DMC 732 = CCW Pea Pod (lighest Dye lot)
**NOTE** I had multiple skeins of Classic Colorworks (previously Crescent Colours) and there was wide ranging colors to Pea Pod prior to the Classic Colorworks .....so I used all the greens in the Pea Pod colors from lightest to darkest ** in reality, I don’t think there is much difference if you used all the same Pea Pod as there isn’t much green and no shading really anyway…so who cares? Just use Pea Pod for all the greens (730, 731, 732)
DMC 733 = CCW Bean Sprout
DMC 783 = GAST Gold Leaf
DMC 844 = GAST Onyx
DMC 921 = CCW Colonial Copper
DMC 3021 = WDW Swamp Water
DMC 3848 = CCW Really Tealy


VP_Erica Michaels_Sweet Freedom Berry
Sweet Freedom Berry was converted to Classic Colorworks with a deeper toned/brighter pallet
RED = Cherry Cobbler
BLUE = Blacksmith Blue
LIGHT BROWN (house roof/windows): Roasted Chestnut
DARK BROWN (house door/Eagle): Fresh Brew
WHITE: Eggshell
GREEN: Spinach


LHN_Blackbird Inn
I stitched this on 40 ct. cream Zweigart
Classic Colorworks in my own conversion:

Green: Weeping Willow
Red: Bandana
Brown (dark): Roasted Chestnut
Light Tan: Peanut Brittle
Black: Blackbird
Gray: River Rocks


"Love" complimentary pattern from The Scarlett House (please see her web page for availability)

The Scarlett House_Love side

~ All Classic Colorworks used throughout ~
Black: Black Coffee
White: Antique Lace
Red: Licorice Red


Plum Street Valentine Stocking
Conversion to ALL Classic Colorworks flosses
1. Dark Pink: Wild Berries
2. White: Antique Lace
3. Light Pink: Second Hand Rose
4. Dark Green: English Ivy
5. Light Green: Weeping Willow
Key = DMC 310