Who I am...

~ Welcome ~ 
My name is Vonna and I am known as "The Twisted Stitcher"

I am an avid needleworker (of all kinds) and student of handwork techniques and styles. I absolutely love anything to do with needle and thread and I am determined to share that love with anyone wishing to learn along with me - as we always have more to learn. I live with my family in Bloomington, Indiana: my husband Keith and I have four children that are our pride and joy ~ Katie , Ian and Jacob and our baby, Ellie.

US at Christmas 2015

We share our home with three spoiled cats that we rescued: a gray short-hair named Chatterbox (affectionately referred to as Chatty and/or Fatterbox) and an orange medium-hair tabby, Red.

Our third kitty came to live with us and he was so very sick....
I nursed him to health and now he lives happily ever after with us.
Here he is: Augie 

 We are devout Christians, following the Roman catholic faith.
Kids Serving at Christmas 2015

To know me is to know, I have a simple heart and only wants what is best for her family and friends. I am a servant and am happiest when I am giving to others. I face each day with gladness and thankfulness and I truly try to live completely in joy. Do I meet this goal every day? Nope, I fail because I'm human and have human frailties just like anyone else. This world can be a cold place. I like to share the warmth of my heart and home with my visitors.
Because I want to BE the change I want to SEE in this world.
That is the only way it's going to change for the better.
Treating my neighbors as myself - with love and respect.
While to my own self staying true.

Life is a work in progress...
I welcome you to join my journey and perhaps we can inspire each other in joy!
thank you for sharing my journey with me!


Sadly due to many things thrown at me in recent months, I must post this to mark my boundaries:
If you wish to spread your own agenda on life...
please do it on your own time and in your own space.
HERE is and shall be a place of love, light and creativity.
I have lived my life as an open book for 15 years in this "community" with my heart and character on display for all to see. While others sell everything they know to fill their coffers, I have given everything I know freely. God has blessed me mightily. He has blessed me with talents only given by Him. He asks us to share our talents freely and I do with glad heart. Please remember that they are mine to give, not yours by right.
I am sad that I have to mark boundaries, but I will and I shall: if you are negative you WILL be blocked and you WILL be deleted. There is enough hatred in this world at present and I will NOT be a part of it and I will NOT be mocked, insulted or bullied. Go fester in your own space.