Recommended Finishing Needfuls

1. Self-Healing Cutting Mat 
*hint* Hobby Lobby often has 50% off of their brand of sewing supplies under the name of "SEW-OLOGY" you can pick up a nice sized mat for less than $12

2. Rotary Cutter - I prefer Olfa brand
*hint*  I use both the 60 mm and 45 mm sizes, however for more control, it is likely better to get the 45 mm size

3. Fiber Fill -  I use: Mountain Mist

4. Light Interfacing: Pellon PF44 used only  in soft sewing projects; not on mounted, flat finishes

5. Fusible Fleece: Pellon 987F

6.) Glue: I use Aleene's White Tacky Glue predominantly, however on occasion, I use: Aleene's Spray Glue, however here recently have gotten completely away from using spray Aleene's and just use good old White Tacky Aleene's Glue

7.) Upholstery Thread for lacing on ornaments, flatfolds, framing, etc.

8.) Sewing Machine: my personal small home sewing machines are: Janome Magnolia 7330

9.) Bees wax for hand-sewing thread 

10.) Needles - sharps for hand sewing - my preferred brand of sharps is: Piecemakers 
11.) Iron - cheap is fine, does same job as an expensive one - my preferred brand is: Sunbeam

12.) ironing board set up with layered towels for cushioning stitches

13.)  Mary Ellen’s Best Press

14.) stainless steel straight pins

15.) make your own cording! Don’t buy ugly store bought, be professional and learn to make your own: Krenik Cording Drill available at any LNS or if you can't find it anywhere locally, Amazon has them.

16.) Acid Free Mat board - do not use sticky board! SO MUCH easier to manipulate finishes AND REPOSITION! if you use mat board - honestly it is so much easier and better for your finishing needs.

17.) white cotton batting - I prefer Warm and White 100% Cotton Batting available at any box craft store

18.) Quilting cottons for backing 

19.) Lady Dots Trims - available at any LNS and also she has a shop on ETSY

20.) Dames of the Needle Trims - available at any LNS and also she has a shop on ETSY

21.) utility knife - any old cheap Utility Knife will do

22.) rags for wiping fingers - old socks work well

23.) always keep look out for ribbons - pick up as on sale or they catch your fancy

24.)  Fabric scissors - mark them FABRIC 

25.) scissors used for cutting paper products only - mark them PAPER

26.) circle and oval templates - can be found in scrap book section of box craft stores

27.) Tailors chalk - found at any quilting, sewing shop or box craft stores

28.) small hammer - I found mine in scrapbooking aisle several years ago, but small ones also available in home/hardware stores

29.) needle nose pliers - hardware stores

30.) Large plastic quilting ruler - I have several (any brand will do) my favorite sizes are 6 inches x 24 inches and 5 inches by 12 inches I also have one that is 2.5 inches x 7 inches which is nice for ornaments...don't need all of them just telling you what sizes I have and prefer.

31.) I cut mat boards originally using my quilting rulers and a utility knife. As I started churning out finishes for clients in the 800+ range each wrists got worse and worse. SO I purchased a Logan Mat Board Professional Cutter (very large and very $$$ - but I own a finishing business and buy large bulk matboard for me well worth it.) For home hobby finishers something like Logan 301 Elite would be very useful. Just Google: Logan Mat Cutters and see the available products. You can sometimes find online deals from several shops.