Monday, December 13, 2021

Merry Day #13....

 ~ Welcome to my ~

Merry Day #13

Today I will review another of my stands. I have 2 stands in my arsenal left. Today and tomorrow I will finish up my stand reviews. On Wednesday I will give my rankings of the stands I own and some thoughts on others that are out there that I don't own.

~ My Genuine Mr. Mike Hope Stand ~

This stand I got 6 years ago. I was struggling with wanting to stitch with my feet up - at that time and I happened to see a lady's post on social media. In the picture accompanying that post she had a Mr. Mike stand in the background. I asked her about it. She told me she stitched in this group and in the group was a lady whose husband made these stands. So I asked for the lady's information and away I went on getting a Mr. Mike Stand. 

Here is what it looks like overall: 


The knobs on the arms slider allows you to move them in and out at any position along the slider channel. Just an easy twist to loosen and then another to tighten down.
Mr. Mike 1

Here is a side view, you can see there is a knob on the side arms and several drilled holes. These allow for you to put them at any up/down height that suits your stitching piece and your stitching style. This is the short arms, the stand comes with a longer pair of arms too. I have only ever used the short arms because my projects are never that large, but if you like large projects - Mr. Mike has you covered!

Mr. Mike 2

Here it is holding a Q-snap set up:


Here it is holding a Scroll Rod set up:


This is what it looks like when  you are sitting. I really only use it on my lap, you also can use it on a table as a table stand, but I prefer it on my lap:


This stand is a wonderful, all purpose stand. It can hold universally Q-snaps, scroll rods and it can hold a larger hoop as well - but I don't think it works as well in that capacity as it does the others (this is a personal opinion). The stand is beautifully made by Mr. Mike Hope (85 year old gentleman) in his home wood crafting workshop. It is VERY reasonably priced. It is smooth, durable, made of oak, lightweight and a beautiful accoutrement to your stitching area. Mr. Mike seals it with a couple layers of polyurethane so it a beautiful piece of furniture really. 

When I spoke with Ms. Bonnie (Mr. Mike's wife) She told me he is still going strong and making these lap stands still and he has even come up with a Floor Stand option that will hold your lap stand for you if you would like it off the lap and into a floor stand style stitching experience. Here is the floor stand in a picture that she sent for me to share with my readers:

Mr. Mike Floor

If you would be interested in contacting Mr. Mike and Ms. Bonnie for pricing and sale of either or both of these fine, handcrafted stitching accessories, please contact them:
 via direct message on Facebook: BONNIE HOPE

Alrighty then folks that does it for me today....

We are about halfway in our Merry Days journey and I would like to give a deep thanks and appreciation to those of you who have been walking through these days with me!

~ thank you ~

Until tomorrow and my final stand review....

Merry Day #13!
Merry Christmas!

All my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Lovely looking stand! Kind of reminds me of the stand that Judy Odell (Just A Thought) put out. Happy Monday, Vonna!

  2. Question, Vonna. Do the QSnap and Scroll frame just rest on the pegs, untethered?
    Carol in Texas

  3. Thank you for your reports on the stands. I have an Elan lap stand and love using it but it is so heavy for my old hands (79 next month) and like that you mentioned this one is light weight. Will be watching for your other report. Thank you!

  4. Vonna: Nice stand, thank-you for the information.

    Merry Christmas

  5. I have just read through all 13 days of your blog this afternoon. I have always enjoyed reading your blog and especially your daily December posts each year. Always so much inspiration and I learn something every time. Thank you for taking time to do this. I am late to the party this year--but so glad I looked today and will be checking back daily. I feel like I have been chatting with a friend during my lunch today. I have enjoyed all of the stand reviews--especially the fanny frame. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  6. I love my stand - ordered it from one of your earlier reviews and use mine a lot. It is really a great stand and so well made.

  7. Hi Vonna…I have used a K’s lap frame for years. I like how Mikes just sits on top of frame without having to take apart to put another frame or Q-snap on. Does it sit comfortably in lap and not to tall or short for 2 handed stitching. I seen that it adjust. I’m 5 foot and want to make sure before I purchase….thank you…Mickey

    1. it comes with 2 lengths of arms. each arm has three sets of drilled holes to attach to the base. This frame is comfortable for me, I can fully articulate and adjust it to my preferred stitching method. I only stitch two handed so in my estimation, for myself, it is a wonderful stand.