Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Merry Day #1....

~ Welcome to my ~

Oh what fun we shall have! 
Back to the basics, focus on the true meaning of the season which in my family is our spiritual journey and our love for each other. Family is everything to children, my husband, my friends, YOU....all of you are (in my mind) my family. We are all interconnected, we are all made in his image and this time of  year refreshes my soul!

For those of you that have followed me for a long time here on the 'ol blog and other places know that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! You also will know that I have tons and tons of ornaments and every year I pull out my tubs and tubs (....and tubs) of Christmas decorations and ornaments, its like opening a treasure box full of my treasured memories. This past weekend I pulled them all out and my mother-in-law was here and I shocked her at the sheer volume of ornaments I had - all made by my hands. Some when I was a little girl and some when I was a big girl. I'll pull some of my favorites out and showcase them as we march through the days of Christmas.

Each year I do a new ornament for my kids....
this year (and last for that matter) was very busy what with me juggling basically two jobs not to mention a home, family, church activities. I didn't have much ME time left over. But now that I have resigned from the quilt shop and my finishing is getting somewhat under control I have a bit of time to do what I love ~ CRAFT! I haven't gotten their ornaments done yet...but I'm working on them! 

My daughter, Katie, although she says she is NOT crafty....
really IS crafty and she made us some family ornaments and gifted them to me this weekend 💗
She has a Cricut - the fanciest one - I don't understand them personally. But anyhoo...without further ado here is what she made me: 


She used her Cricut for the names and the balls are just white glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby. She bought gingham black and white ribbon for the bows and some bakers twine for the hangers. Aren't they cute?! I helped her make bows - she has made over 75 of these for her friends and in-laws for Christmas presents. That was a lot of tiny bows and since I'm a pro at making them 😂😂 she brought her 75 balls up here and we made bows all evening long one day last week. 

Since this is a Cross Stitch Blog I thought I'd share a recent finishing job for inspiration: 
These are trees from Hello from Liz Mathews 


I finish shop models for Ms. Ann at The Shepherd's Needle 
I've never been to the shop, but I have seen pictures and her shop is over the top gorgeous and packed with lovely stitching inspiration. If you are ever in the vicinity of Little Rock, Arkansas I'd pop in, if I were you...just sayin'...
And if you are ever in need of something and don't have a local needlework shop, or need it right quick, I'd give Ms. Ann a call. 

Speaking of which have you all seen....

OH MY WORD!!! You all know I love Little House Needleworks and that they fill my home and grace my walls and this new piece is no exception. I signed up right away for the autoship from Ann at the Shepherd's Needle. If you all need this in your life too and don't have a shop, Ann has a wonderful service and it just lands right at my door. Just give Ann a call and she will be right happy to help you out. Tomorrow I'll tell you more about my ideas for my "Fall on the Farm" - I'll leave you hanging 😀

Until tomorrow...
Merry Christmas and Merry Day #1 of Christmas!
You all are in my prayers and in my heart 💖 this advent season.

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Me encanta¡¡¡.....las bolas son preciosos¡¡,y los arboles me encanta¡¡¡¡

  2. Shepherd's Needle is a wonderful shop! When I am in Little Rock I ALWAYS stop and shop. Ann is wonderful--I order from her often and she is just the best--not enough words to adequately describe the great experience. (Am so glad you are doing blog Christmas again--look forward to it everyday)

  3. Vonna, your trees are incredible. I love the ornaments that Katie created, so classic looking. And I think she is creative! Vonna, I hear the joy and sparkle in your voice as I read this post. Looking forward to your days of Merry!

  4. I can't imagine a better way to spend the evening than working side by side with Katie. Her Christmas balls are beautiful! But 75! Oh my word, my fingers would be tired.

    Happy 1st day of December, Vonna!

  5. Merry Christmas to you too ! I love the ornaments your daughter made. I purchased a Cricut in March and it still intimates me. Someday I hope to make cute ornaments with it too. Until then, they will be cross stitch, fabric or yarn ornaments.

  6. Merry Christmas Vonna & Family: You are a very busy Lady Vonna, a mother wife, friend and so many other job titles.
    Your finishing is beautiful.
    I can understand why you stopped working at the quilt shop, sometimes we just need to relax and have some me time.
    Katie's ornaments are adorable, I love the black and white ribbon, how sweet you are able to have a craft day with her.
    I enjoy seeing how you decorate each year, you have a touch for making everything look beautiful.
    The trees are adorable, I have a few of the electrical connectors never knew what to do with them, you chose the best tree stands to use, I even have a few flower frogs, what a great idea.
    Have a beautiful Merry Christmas

  7. I LOVE Katie's ornaments! Her crafting skills must be genetic! LOL!

  8. These trees sing to me! Wow

  9. I am happy to read this blog before Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year, hoping that the Spirit of Christmas lasts for the entire new year. Katie's ornaments are elegant and the fact that it was a wonderful night for the both of you will be remembered forever.

  10. Katie's ornaments are so sweet! 75 is quite an undertaking.