Friday, November 22, 2019

Two in one day? OMG....

YooHoo! It's me again...
This deserved a posting all it's own. As my close followers will know:
I am the frequent co-host on Fiber Talk with Gary Parr.
Gary and I have a certain rapport that just works and makes me laugh and most anyone that listens or now watches us 

So...Gary and I decided that every Friday night...(minus the Friday nights that we have life happening) - we will be doing LIVE YouTube shows starting at:
 8 pm Eastern/ 7 pm Central/ 6 pm Mountain/ 4 pm Pacific (if I messed that up excuse me)

so why don't you join us tonight?! 
(and every Friday night!)
we have a really great time!

Fiber Talk LIVE

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Long time - lotsa stuff....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to all ~
well I've been MIA on this little piece of blogosphere for some time.
As you can imagine I have been in "full tilt" for the last what...close to 3 months? I cannot wrap my head around how fast time flies and how much I run from pillar to post.

Here's a breakdown (and it won't be quick) of what I've been doing over the past days fast flown....

I had the distinct pleasure of going to Sassy Jacks in Weaverville, NC to attend The Bristol Sampler Weekend with Claudia Dutcher Kistler of Dutch Treat Designs
I was SO EXCITED!!! I'll talk more about why I was later...

Here we are on our way to Asheville:


We ate at Mayfel's which is a Louisiana style food diner. Here is Ellie trying her very first green fried tomato!

Ellie walking the streets of Asheville: 


On our way to the Arts District (yes we walked .... about 4 miles round trip) there was this beautiful iron gate that I had to take a picture of:


After the arts district we made the drive to Sassy Jacks in Weaverville to drop off cookies I had made for the weekend courtesy of Fiber Talk. On the way to Sassy Jacks we saw this local honey store and I thought it was so darling: 


Here are the cookies we dropped off (when they were in production of course)...
I delivered 100 individually wrapped iced and decorated sugar cookies for the first day of classes and about 150 individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies for the second day of classes.


The Bristol Class began on Friday afternoon and went all the way through to Sunday early afternoon. Oh my word! It was fantastic!! Claudia is not only a historian, but she has worked closely with the George Mueller Trust to catalogue the Bristol Orphanage samplers they have in their possession, so she is VERY well acquainted with the styles and history of these simple samplers made by the hands of young orphans in the Ashley Downs, Bristol orphanages ran by George Mueller.

Here is Claudia:

Here are some gorgeous, ORIGINAL, Bristol Orphan Samplers:



The Original Harriet Salt that is in Claudia's personal collection that was reproduced by:
Hands Across the Sea Samplers and is still available for purchase!


While I was in family - Keith and Ellie - were touring the sights of Asheville and surrounding area....
here are a few snaps of them enjoying their time together...they did tour Biltmore, go hiking and swimming and driving all around ;)



I couldn't go to Sassy Jacks without some great money spending! Here is some loot from my 3 glorious days at Sassy Jacks and the Bristol Weekend:
Hardwicke Manor Fanny Stand and some of Claudia's Bristol Reproductions


Class Projects!!

And finally my Bristol Sampler Collection!
(some of these I had prior to my trip to Sassy Jacks)


Finally I urge interested parties to take a look at Claudia's website. I stumbled across Bristol's last fall. In January I started researching them. Which led me to Claudia's website...which led me to look for books on the subject in particular George Mueller biography books. Fascinating man, fascinating story, these Bristol Orphan Samplers have become a VERY dear thing to my heart.
Here is Claudia's Website: BRISTOL SAMPLERS

I spent largely the rest of October recovering from my star struck fun at Sassy Jacks and working either at the quilt shop or at home finishing....

started with a bang again because it was my bi-annual trip to Berlin, Ohio where I meet my friends Renee and Christy for the weekend of stitching and good fun. In November it is at Camp Gotta Stitch which is through the Needlework Shop: Cross My Heart LTD 

I love Berlin, Ohio: 


Here was my table mates:

and my good friends the day we were departing:


Golly what a good fun time we all had! LOVE IT!! Can't wait until I get to go back!

Now that you are caught up with my personal stitching life...
here's what I've been stitching on: 
The Queen Sampler
Here is how it stood October 18, 2019


I am going to be honest...I was struggling with it.
 I had made a counting error is Row 2, then I used it to count off on Row 3, which compounded the error because I used Row 3 to count off for Row 4....
compounding errors along the way - it just got bigger and bigger.
I emailed the above photo to my friend and mentor: Gary Parr (who is also stitching The Queen) and after a 5 second turn around of "yes he in fact did see my errors" and a circle around the obvious error, in row 4...I decided to: 




I washed the linen (by hand, of course) dried and re-started - I am NOT going to let this project beat me. Here is a progression of my restart with appropriate dates.











I haven't worked on it since November 16.

Information about The Queen's Sampler is:
Original Design by: The Needle's Prayse: Darlene O'Steen

I am following her pattern using the stitch guide by: Needlemade Designs: Linda Vinson

I am stitching on 37 ct. Russian Tea Cake by Access Commodities with A Ver A Soie 

I am stitching mine fully reversible. I will be framing it with plexiglass on the back so the backside can be seen.

The stitches I have used so far in this sampler is:
reversible cross stitch
double back stitch
double back stitch variation
satin stitch
montenegrin stitch 
running back stitch
I have also set up one grape for the spiral trellis stitch

I do not regret picking the entire sampler out and restarting (although many people thought me nuts) I feel great about it, I feel great about the amount of lessons I've learned, the stitches I've learned, how my stitches lay, the tension on them...and I can say with perfect assurance that as it stands now...there are ZERO mistakes! HURRAY!

I also have been stitching on: 

Early Americans Sampler by Little House Needleworks
(28 ct. evenweave, using MY bake and basted method - search bar on sidebar will get you to tutorial)
Here is how the whole sampler stands:


Sarah Brazier by Hands Across the Sea Samplers

and a small Bristol "treat" I'm making for someone special using MH Smith by Dutch Treat Designs


I've also been quilting:





Are you tired yet? I sure am...
I also have been finishing out of the WAZOO...definitely not as high as numbers as last year because I had to slow down due to my hand doctor's orders, but as of last night I had finished my 425th item of 2019 for clients. Whew. However I AM DONE with deadline 2019 finishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That means no deadlines for the rest of the  year and smooth sailing. I still have packages lined up her to work on, but I'm going to slow down a little and 2020 will see me accepting less finishing and doing more for Vonna. Life is short. I want to create every day, but more for me and not everyone else....again my hand doctor orders me to slow it down or face severe, hand mobility issues. I can't live my life without the use of my hands. They are precious to me. So cutting back is the only  option.

I've been getting emails about -
The 25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher....
am I going to do it?
YES!!! of course! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

This year is going to see some differences though...I'm going to at least post a picture of something I'm doing that day and maybe a little commentary....
I'll have days with memories and things I hold dear in my heart still...
but the big change will be:
I am going to start working on a sampler December 1st and try to finish it by Christmas Day - and if not finished by then, hopefully by January 1st!

Would you like to know what the Sampler is?
It is this one: 


I saw this in the Country Sampler - Spring Green Wisconsin Newsletter and flipped out. So much so that I went IMMEDIATELY to their webshop and purchased it. The colors are different in the top photo because it is one of Jeanne's fabulous conversions. I cannot give the conversion because you have to buy the kit from Spring Green to get it. FANTASTIC colors and I am SO in  love with this. 
I will be starting Dec. 1 and daily will upload my progress to the 25 days posts. 
Wanna join me? The more the merrier, I say! Here is a link to the webshop at Spring Green Country Sampler: Jane Stanwix Sampler KIT

So until December 1st and the start of the 25 Days of Christmas with me...
I wish you and yours a most blessed, thankful, matter how  you spend it - we are doing PJs and Tacos because who says you have to eat turkey? or get dressed up? LOL!

May your blessings be many and your troubles few...
Love and Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Friday, September 06, 2019

FlossTube: September 6, 2019 - July/August Updates


FlossTube ~ SHOW NOTES ~ September 6, 2019

The Book Ellie Illustrated may be found: HERE

The Scroll Rods I use exclusively are made by Rolaframe Huntsville. May find on Facebook by searching Rolaframe HSV.

The colored things on the bottom of my scrolls are: THREAD PEELS found: HERE
What am I using them for: I use them to hold a strip of cotton batting on the bottom scroll so that my hand/arm resting against it to stitch will keep dirt off of rolled linen.

My "side tension-ers" are homemade and I use Mitten Clips: HERE  and Hook and Loop tape: HERE

Amelie Scott Designs (quilting edge to edge and more!): HERE

Missouri Star Quilt "Charms on Point" video tutorial: HERE

My WIPS featured this video:
1.) The Queen's Sampler by The Needle's Prayse with Stitch Guide from Needlemade Designs
2.) Louisa Coulimore by Hands Across the Sea Samplers (out of print)
3.) Sarah Braizer 1829 by Hands Across the Sea Samplers (getting harder to find)

quilting WIP: Crosswalk Quilt based loosely off Missouri Star Quilt video tutorial: HERE
The Quilting Gypsy - chain piecing cutter: HERE

New Starts:
English Whitework Sampler by The Needle's Prayse 
Available at: Needle in a Haystack  HERE and call The Attic Needlework for help in ordering HERE

If I have missed anything, please kindly let me know.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

For interested parties....

Synopsis of the book: This children's picture book chronicles the journey of a young and naive robin on her journey in search of motherhood. Enjoy the adventure as she meets animals, birds and insects along the way. Smile at the illustrations of first-time illustrator Ellie Pfeiffer. Who will be Exactly Right?

Written by Karen Rohlfing - retired Kindergarten teacher
Illustrated by: Ellie Pfeiffer - 13 yr old first-time illustrator 

Available for purchase at AMAZON 

Friday, August 23, 2019


~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you ~

I find myself....
with a few minutes on my hands on this dreary, rainy Friday, and thought I'd catch up my blog readers with the goings on in my life. 
Today my college kids move back to Indianapolis, where they both attend IUPUI in the School of Engineer. Where did the summer go? It seems just last week they were coming home for the summer and here they are moving back. Already.

All I did all summer long was work.
Work at the quilt shop days on end while the owners took a bucket list trip. I am so glad that I got to help them, but sort of sad that my whole summer is gone in a poof.
So work. 
Work at the quilt shop.
Come home and work at keeping my house.
Then slip any days off I had by adding what?! 
More work in the finishing business.

I turned 49 this summer....
and I realized something: I work too much. 
My husband told me something just this past weekend which sort of shocked me. 
He said:
"Vonna, you work harder and longer than anyone I know."
(surprised me because his hobby is WORK. Plus, I feel like I DO NOT work as much, as hard or as long as I used to be able too.)
Then Keith went on to say:
"You need to slow down. You are going to run yourself into an early grave. I know that the Lord made you who you are, but good heavens you need to slow down. You do for everyone else and nothing for yourself." 
Then when you hear the same thing from multiple friends. 
And you have been ill with 3 different bugs for the last 6 weeks....
well things start to sink in.

I allow my SELF to be ruled by the whim of others.
Time to take some TIME for me. 
Here's what I have done to get started on that time for ME:

For starters....
this past weekend the quilt shop I work in was having a sale on their sewing machines. 20% off already less than MRSP prices. Hmmmm....
So after losing sleep on rolling it over and over in my head....
I talked *again* to Keith about the possibility of getting another sewing machine.
He said YES! so may I introduce you to: Eunice the Unity 

She's a beauty, basically a long learning curve, but I'm trying to learn her. 
I am making a cross walk quilt while I learn using pretty colors:

Then I started last Monday, "The English Whitework Sampler" by The Needle's Prayse - Darlene O'Steen. Here is my start:

Here I was last night after working a couple night on her:

This is a gorgeous sampler...
I cannot find a picture worth of its beauty but here is the cover photo of the chart so that you can get an idea:

I also have been working on The Needle's Prayse "Queen Sampler" using Linda Vinson's stitch guide with Gary of Fiber Talk fame. I am ahead of him and he is currently putting me on lock down while he catches up...(the reason I had time to start the whitework). Anyway here is some progression photos of my Queen:
started on July 15, 2019

Completely reversible...this sampler has been - a learning experience and one that has given me the bug....I have fallen desperately in love with band samplers and Darlene O'Steen's work in general. I have been scouring the net for any information and then something in my brain reminded me of a whole expose done by Jean of The Attic in Mesa, AZ. I am linking you so that you can read all about it (as I have done over and over): 
The Attic Newsletter: December 30, 2011: HERE

Oh my....
what an obsession I have. I would DEARLY LOVE to own the Dorcas Haynes Sampler...

On the Queen the next section contains the Montenegrin Stitch....of course I have purchased Amy Mitten's "Autopsy of the Montenegrin" stitch with an entire book dedicated to it. Yeah. That might burst my bubble. 
But if I may say: I am completely self taught and I am doing a fair job of reproducing these stitches if I do say so myself. I mean look at that backside - pretty impressive if I do say so myself :)

Next up before I depart is an exciting little thing my daughter Ellie did....
she illustrated a children's book for a local author this summer!!! YEP! at 13 years old she worked for 6 weeks illustrating!
Here is the cover...
soon to be released on AMAZON for purchase! I must say, I sure would appreciate any sales in support of the author for trusting Ellie in illustrating her book :)
Ellie did a fantastic job. She started 8th grade 2 weeks ago and is doing great!

Until next time....
(this is short, but sweet...I'm battling a terrible head cold and I'm sweaty and clammy today and headed back to bed)
Don't forget to tune into Gary and the gang (including me!) on Fiber Talk: HERE

and do what you love!
Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx