Friday, September 06, 2019

FlossTube: September 6, 2019 - July/August Updates


FlossTube ~ SHOW NOTES ~ September 6, 2019

The Book Ellie Illustrated may be found: HERE

The Scroll Rods I use exclusively are made by Rolaframe Huntsville. May find on Facebook by searching Rolaframe HSV.

The colored things on the bottom of my scrolls are: THREAD PEELS found: HERE
What am I using them for: I use them to hold a strip of cotton batting on the bottom scroll so that my hand/arm resting against it to stitch will keep dirt off of rolled linen.

My "side tension-ers" are homemade and I use Mitten Clips: HERE  and Hook and Loop tape: HERE

Amelie Scott Designs (quilting edge to edge and more!): HERE

Missouri Star Quilt "Charms on Point" video tutorial: HERE

My WIPS featured this video:
1.) The Queen's Sampler by The Needle's Prayse with Stitch Guide from Needlemade Designs
2.) Louisa Coulimore by Hands Across the Sea Samplers (out of print)
3.) Sarah Braizer 1829 by Hands Across the Sea Samplers (getting harder to find)

quilting WIP: Crosswalk Quilt based loosely off Missouri Star Quilt video tutorial: HERE
The Quilting Gypsy - chain piecing cutter: HERE

New Starts:
English Whitework Sampler by The Needle's Prayse 
Available at: Needle in a Haystack  HERE and call The Attic Needlework for help in ordering HERE

If I have missed anything, please kindly let me know.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

For interested parties....

Synopsis of the book: This children's picture book chronicles the journey of a young and naive robin on her journey in search of motherhood. Enjoy the adventure as she meets animals, birds and insects along the way. Smile at the illustrations of first-time illustrator Ellie Pfeiffer. Who will be Exactly Right?

Written by Karen Rohlfing - retired Kindergarten teacher
Illustrated by: Ellie Pfeiffer - 13 yr old first-time illustrator 

Available for purchase at AMAZON 

Friday, August 23, 2019


~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you ~

I find myself....
with a few minutes on my hands on this dreary, rainy Friday, and thought I'd catch up my blog readers with the goings on in my life. 
Today my college kids move back to Indianapolis, where they both attend IUPUI in the School of Engineer. Where did the summer go? It seems just last week they were coming home for the summer and here they are moving back. Already.

All I did all summer long was work.
Work at the quilt shop days on end while the owners took a bucket list trip. I am so glad that I got to help them, but sort of sad that my whole summer is gone in a poof.
So work. 
Work at the quilt shop.
Come home and work at keeping my house.
Then slip any days off I had by adding what?! 
More work in the finishing business.

I turned 49 this summer....
and I realized something: I work too much. 
My husband told me something just this past weekend which sort of shocked me. 
He said:
"Vonna, you work harder and longer than anyone I know."
(surprised me because his hobby is WORK. Plus, I feel like I DO NOT work as much, as hard or as long as I used to be able too.)
Then Keith went on to say:
"You need to slow down. You are going to run yourself into an early grave. I know that the Lord made you who you are, but good heavens you need to slow down. You do for everyone else and nothing for yourself." 
Then when you hear the same thing from multiple friends. 
And you have been ill with 3 different bugs for the last 6 weeks....
well things start to sink in.

I allow my SELF to be ruled by the whim of others.
Time to take some TIME for me. 
Here's what I have done to get started on that time for ME:

For starters....
this past weekend the quilt shop I work in was having a sale on their sewing machines. 20% off already less than MRSP prices. Hmmmm....
So after losing sleep on rolling it over and over in my head....
I talked *again* to Keith about the possibility of getting another sewing machine.
He said YES! so may I introduce you to: Eunice the Unity 

She's a beauty, basically a long learning curve, but I'm trying to learn her. 
I am making a cross walk quilt while I learn using pretty colors:

Then I started last Monday, "The English Whitework Sampler" by The Needle's Prayse - Darlene O'Steen. Here is my start:

Here I was last night after working a couple night on her:

This is a gorgeous sampler...
I cannot find a picture worth of its beauty but here is the cover photo of the chart so that you can get an idea:

I also have been working on The Needle's Prayse "Queen Sampler" using Linda Vinson's stitch guide with Gary of Fiber Talk fame. I am ahead of him and he is currently putting me on lock down while he catches up...(the reason I had time to start the whitework). Anyway here is some progression photos of my Queen:
started on July 15, 2019

Completely reversible...this sampler has been - a learning experience and one that has given me the bug....I have fallen desperately in love with band samplers and Darlene O'Steen's work in general. I have been scouring the net for any information and then something in my brain reminded me of a whole expose done by Jean of The Attic in Mesa, AZ. I am linking you so that you can read all about it (as I have done over and over): 
The Attic Newsletter: December 30, 2011: HERE

Oh my....
what an obsession I have. I would DEARLY LOVE to own the Dorcas Haynes Sampler...

On the Queen the next section contains the Montenegrin Stitch....of course I have purchased Amy Mitten's "Autopsy of the Montenegrin" stitch with an entire book dedicated to it. Yeah. That might burst my bubble. 
But if I may say: I am completely self taught and I am doing a fair job of reproducing these stitches if I do say so myself. I mean look at that backside - pretty impressive if I do say so myself :)

Next up before I depart is an exciting little thing my daughter Ellie did....
she illustrated a children's book for a local author this summer!!! YEP! at 13 years old she worked for 6 weeks illustrating!
Here is the cover...
soon to be released on AMAZON for purchase! I must say, I sure would appreciate any sales in support of the author for trusting Ellie in illustrating her book :)
Ellie did a fantastic job. She started 8th grade 2 weeks ago and is doing great!

Until next time....
(this is short, but sweet...I'm battling a terrible head cold and I'm sweaty and clammy today and headed back to bed)
Don't forget to tune into Gary and the gang (including me!) on Fiber Talk: HERE

and do what you love!
Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Data Load Dump for the last few months and weeks....

~ Greetings and Best Wishes to all of you ~
I do so hope you are well :) 

All I seem to have been doing lately is working. It's gotten to ridiculous proportions, honestly. The last 2 months my "only when needed" job at the quilt shop has become close to a full time job. The owners need help right now, are struggling with some health issues, so I have basically been there full time for most of June and will continue most of July. I do it with a glad heart, though because my faith asks me to do unto others as I'd have done to me. When I need help, there has always been someone there to help, so I will help others in their time of need too. It's just being a good human being. Karma.

The latest news is:
I took some of my things to the fair...I'll let the pictures do the talking:






Untitled Untitled

So the results all compiled was:
Jesus, framed: 1st Place Blue
Erica Michaels, "4th of July Strawberry": 1st Place Blue
Prairie Schooler "Barnyard Christmas" ornament: 1st Place Blue:
Little House Needleworks "Early America" Drum: Honor
Scattered Seeds Samplers "Gathering Spring" Pillow: Honor
Little House Needleworks "Welcome Spring" flatfold: Honor
Little House Needleworks "Red Rooster Inn" framed: Reserve Champion
Little House Needleworks "Blackbird Inn" framed: Honor
With Thy Needle and Thread "Spring Delivery" Holiday Framed:
Needle Arts Reserve Grand Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty good results. I'm pleased. I'll be anxious to see the comments this coming Sunday. I also want to encourage you all - like I have done for 12 years now to please consider entering your pieces into your local fair. Needlework entries are dropping each year. Enter to share your love of needlework and show that the art (because it is an art) is still alive and well!

Ellie also entered several pieces into the fair for her 4H projects. She had an OUTSTANDING showing!!!! I'll let the photos do the talking:








Her compiled results are:
Achievement Records Book: GRAND CHAMPION
Fine Arts: GRAND CHAMPION with Indiana State Fair Entry
Fine Arts: RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION with Indiana State Fair Entry
Charcoal: Reserve Champion
Wood Burning: Champion
Acrylic: Champion
Watercolors: Champion
Ink: Champion
Canvas Board: Reserve Champion

What do you think of those apples? WOW! I was amazed at Miss Ellie and her wonderful, hard work that she created this year for her fair entries! We will be going to the state fair again!! WHOOP WHOOP!

I did some stitching:

Carriage House Samplings ~ "Pennsylvania German Stocking"


Blackbird Designs ~ "Christmas Garden"


Little House Needleworks ~ "Early Americans - Abigail Adams"


Here's the whole sampler to date:


I also have started and been working on exclusively: Sarah Brazier by Hands Across the Sea Samplers

This gal is on 46 ct. Bergen Linen in Heritage colorway from Silkweaver

Then I whipped out a quilt last week...this is by Thimble Berries and called "Stars and Stripes"


I made it really scrappy and used several different lines of fabrics. 
I love it! I am going to make the backing scrappy too with the left over fabrics I bought and send it to my mother-in-law to hand quilt it :)


I've been working hard on me this year....
I still have NOT mastered the word "NO" but I am slowly learning to be a better version of me and this has been my screen saver this year. Thought maybe somewhere, someone might find this hits a spot with them....

And with it being the 4th of July tomorrow, I thought I'd share a recipe of mine that is always a HUGE hit with everyone wherever I take it. AND it is EASY to make...


I haven't been keeping my blog as up to date as I would like....but you can always catch up with me on Fiber Talk since I'm a regular contributor, weekly (or at the very least every other week).
Here are the latest shows I've been a part of....
SUBSCRIBE to Fiber Talk...if you haven't you are missing out!

WEDNESDAY Mid-Week Chat 6/19/19: HERE
WEDNESDAY Mid-Week Chat 6/5/19: HERE
Then go on over to Fiber Talk today (sometime) for this WEDNESDAY's Mid-Week Chat July 3,2019 not posted at time of this being published: HERE

I think that is enough of a database dump for today 

Thank you so much for being my friends!
love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Some Tips....

 ~ Greetings Dear Stitching Friends ~
Warm Welcome to you all!

On the latest Wednesday Chat on Fiber Talk, Gary and I discussed light and how important pounding light on your project is in order to see the fabric/pattern properly - especially for aging eyes.
LINKS to our May 23, 2019 Wednesday Chat:
We Talk Fiber Website: HERE also available on YouTube: HERE

Gary and I both (prior to our recording) talked about Mary Corbet's take on lighting. If you go to her website and search "lighting" she has had many entries on what her take is on the subject: the products she uses, ideas, gizmos, gadgets...  One fairly recent entry on Mary's website was last year and it is rather comprehensive and gives links to previous entries and product reviews she has done. HERE is the link.

During our on air talk Gary had me tell a story about how my "stitching nest" was enhanced by my husband this past 2019 Mother's Day.

First, I need to set up how my "nest" is situated in our bedroom (where I do the bulk of my stitching). I like to sit upright when I stitch. I have an over-sized chair and an ottoman for putting my feet up (the ottoman also has a hinged top and the bottom is storage -this is where I hide other patterns/designs/kits that I'm working on so that my husband doesn't know!). I sit in the corner and because of that fact, it is sort of dark back there. I have mounted on the wall beside my chair a framed piece of tin (purchased several years ago at Hobby Lobby) where I put lots of magnets. On my board are: my pattern(s) I'm currently working on, my pre-threaded needles for the project I'm working on, my Snag Nab-It  (it is held on board by magnet still inside the plastic sleeve it comes in), my BLT (I have it held on side of board with tape - you can't see it- inside the plastic tube it comes in), my Puffin and Co magnetic Ruler (very useful for using as a place keeper on a pattern!), my Puffin and Co micro needle threader (amazing!) and usually some needle minders that I put 26 and 28 size needles on that are in waiting for reloading. On top of the framed tin is a Puffin and Co wooden case where lots of needles are patiently waiting for when I lose/wear out a needle. Here is a photo of my chair/tin board set up:

So you likely are thinking what is the white goose neck light doing hanging down? Well...that's where this story is going...I have been struggling, as my eyes age (I'll be 49 in July) especially the last year.  I have to have cheaters on to read the symbols from the chart on the tin board and then flip them up to look through my magnifying LED lamp (more on that later). I seem to be constantly squinting and struggling. On Mother's Day I asked my husband if he could rig something up so that I could have light on my board. He went down to his basement area where he keeps all sorts of things that: A.) Vonna bought and it didn't work for her or B.) We bought for the kids and it didn't work for them. He came back up with this clip on light that I had bought for travel stitching and found it to be too heavy to clamp on my frame and it kept flipping off, etc. So I gave it to Keith and he put it in his cast off area. He drilled a hole in the base, and mounted it on the wall as you see above. I didn't mess with it while I was taking this picture, but I recall he also used a Command Strip  to hold it in place so that it doesn't wiggle or move. Once he had it mounted and plugged in I tapped the turn on button (it's touch activated) and when the light came on!
as you can see below:

I gave him a big 'ol kiss because: He just changed my life with one of my cast off purchases! Now this light was originally purchased on Amazon. HERE Amazon told me I purchased this March 28, 2016 - see it waited a long time in Keith's Vonna cast off products area. Now it is getting used nightly because it is PERFECT for this application!! 
The stitching nirvana has been achieved!

Next thing I'd like to talk about is my LED magnifier floor lamp. About 4 years ago I was having problems seeing linen - in any count. Looking back with experience now, I understand it was because of poor lighting...but at the time I purchased a cheap magnifying LED lamp just to see if it helped before I sunk big money into one. It worked and I could see so much better. So I began the hunt for a floor model for my stitching nest. I tried a very expensive Ott lamp and just wasn't satisfied with the size of the magnifying piece (which was not lit just on a goose neck arm extending from the main pole of the light). I searched for several months to find something better and finally settled on this LED Floor Lamp with lit magnifying glass from Bright Tech. I have used this lamp for 2 years and it is in a word FABULOUS! The glass is large, the LED lights surround the magnifying glass, it is easily adjustable to get the perfect set up for each individual. The base is wide and heavy so the lamp does NOT tip, and the whole pole easily rotates to swing it away from you when you have to get up. HERE is the link to the very one I purchased. NOTE: you have the option of purchasing the 3 diopter which is magnification at 1.75 OR the 5 diopter which is magnification at 2.25. I purchased the 3 diopter...but next time I'm moving up because you know OLD eyes. You can see how my little corner is now being pounded with light so that I can see all the counts on all the colors and all the particulars of my charts with nary a struggle. 

Now what about when I travel to retreats, etc. Well I usually drag this one with me (no kidding that's how much I love it) But Gary tells me that he just bought one called the Daylight Company Halo Lamp and he got it at The Attic so maybe give Jean a call and pick one up: HERE be sure to tell them that Gary and Vonna sent you :)

On the latest installment of Fiber Talk...Gary also announced that we (yes, he and I) will be stitching together (and featuring in our installments on our Fiber Talk shows and on Floss Tube stitch with us videos - I think...) The Queen's Sampler. Have you seen this beauty? If need to go RIGHT NOW to see Gary's video of it with Linda Vinson: on We Talk Fiber Website: HERE and on YouTube: HERE

Now I'm a little worried about this...and Gary is sort of dragging me kicking and screaming into this endeavor... Gary knows that if he challenges me that the competitive Vonna comes out (think: Sarah Brazier 1829) so....the order has been placed for the sourcing of all the materials, charts, threads, fabric at Sassy Jack's Stitchery and Kim is taking extraordinarily good care of us, as she always does! AND she is a sponsor of Fiber Talk!!! Thank you KIM!!! 
HERE is the link to SASSY JACK's  give Kim and her team a call and tell them to fix you up with all you need to stitch the Queen's Sampler! And don't forget to tell her Gary and Vonna sent you!

So Kim is gathering and sourcing all the items needed for The Queen's Sampler but, what I don't know is if there has been any sourcing for Vonna's sanity. Gary has gotten me into so much trouble (but it is good trouble, right?!) 
 Anyway...after ya'll watch the Linda Vinson Fiber Talk Video with Gary...(I've watched it around 8 times now...likely to watch it 5000 times more once this project gets underway) go listen to yesterday's Wednesday Chat with Gary and I (links above) if you decide that THIS is too good to pass up...because my understanding is we will work on it as a group sort of supporting and helping each other along the way (The good Lord knows I'm gonna need all the help I can get!) 
If ya'll decide you want to jump right in along with us (in the hot water..ha ha ha!) the links have all been provided above to call Sassy Jack's Stitchery.

Well I'm thinking that's enough right now to get ya'll started to tricking out your Stitching Nest... I mean we've covered lighting, chart holding, accoutrements, gadgets, gizmos, magnification and craziness....

I am SO enjoying my stitching life....thanks to my good friends I have made within the stitching community!
Thank YOU for being my friends and nurturing my crazy :)
Until next time...
hugs and love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Fiber Talk 5-8-19

~ Greetings and Warm Wishes to you my friends ~

I'm swinging here friends...being hung out to dry between trying to keep my "lifestyle" change and walking my *butt off* - pun intended - End of school year things...when you have academically oriented children you wait all year for the cheering from the stands and we  have been attending many cheering events recognizing our children and their successes. I've been working a little more than frequently at the quilt shop and I've had several funeral luncheons to cook and serve including another this weekend and all my "volunteers" once again have called off since it is: Mother's Day Weekend. Well I'm a mother too and we've got a funeral lunch to serve. Thank God he gave me two daughters to help me. We will be serving 100 and I'm cooking the entire meal (and cleaning it up too). May our fellow parishioner rest in peace and may some small comfort be brought to the family with this small act. 

I promise I'll be back soon with a FULL blog post on what has been going on with me and my stitching...because there is lots.

In the mean time....
Gary and I had a lively wonderful discussion about several topic matters...
including the Sassy Jacks Sampler Weekend with Nicola Parkman that I am missing out on. I really want to go, but I'm sort of over booked that weekend and logistically wise on paper, I could make it happen, but I'm afraid after it was all said and done my rump would be cooked.

So let me provide you the links to Fiber Talk - that twice weekly show where we talk about stabbing things with a needle :)
The podcast is also on FlossTube at:

And a BIG thank you to Sassy Jack’s Stitchery for supporting Fiber Talk by sponsoring the show!
Go on over to Sassy Jack’s - a full service stitch shop -

Until next time Folks when I have a proper update:
Hugs and love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

May 1, 2019 ~ FlossTube #24 ~ Show Notes....

1.) Fiber Talk subscribe: Website HERE  also on YouTube HERE
----->Pre-Nashville Market Show: HERE
----->Post-Nashville Market Show: HERE

2.) The Shepherd's Needle - Little Rock, Arkansas
-----JULY Punchneedle Workshop with Shawn Williams - Threads that Bind
-----Merchant Mall Vendor at Prim Stitcher's Society Retreat - May 2 - 4 from 12:30 - 4:30 pm each day. The Merchant Mall is open to the public daily at stated times above for a small nominal fee.
-----Stocked up on Rolaframes!
-----Contact Ann, via website: HERE - online shopping also available at this link
------Phone: 501-221-6990

My Finishing of With Thy Needle and Thread's Summer School House Lessons
for The Shepherd's Needle

1.) "May" and "June" from Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks Thread Packs - Sampler Months is the the name of the Thread Pack series.
---stitched on 28 ct. 2 over 2 on Clay Zweigart  using Classic Colorworks 

LHN May and June Monthlies

2.) Prairie Schooler - Year Rounds Book #52
-----stitched on 25 ct. black evenweave 3 strands over 2 threads 

3.) With Thy Needle and Thread "Holiday Hoopla - Easter"
-----finished in "Tart Style" want a tutorial? Look at my Tutorial Website - Learn to Finish with the Twisted Stitcher: HERE

4.) Heart in Hand - "Rabbit Patch"
-----25 ct. white evenweave using called for Classic Colorworks

Framed Pieces:
1.) Little House Needleworks "Red Rooster Inn"
----I use Custom Frame Solutions ---they will cut glass, backing board, foam core whatever you order. They have frequent sales (I neglected to mention this) Very affordable custom framing option. Website: HERE
(----also Little House Needleworks "Blackbird Inn" - Family Tree Frame - Custom to my finish)

Historical Finishes:

1.) Scattered Seed Samplers - "Gathering Spring"
---40 ct./Classic Colorworks

2.) Little House Needleworks/Classic Colorworks - "Welcome Spring"
32 ct./Classic Colorworks

3.) Little House Needleworks - "The Family Sampler"
32 ct. Vintage Butter Cream Lakeside/Classic Colorworks

Works In Progress:
1.) Vervaco Jesus - I purchased at The Stitchery, also available at some Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Herrschners...etc.

Instagram  Friend, "Coffee and Craft" originator: chris_stitch
Start your own #coffeeandcraftrevolution  hastag me on Instagram!!

2.) Shakespeare's Peddler - "A Savior's Praise"
----40 ct natural Zweigart using Anchor and Classic Colorworks

3.) Blackbird Designs - "Christmas Garden"
32 ct Sassy's Fabbys - Creamy Cocoa All Classic Colorworks - I will update you with colors as I choose them when I progress :)

Instagram Friend: Terri @shabagoed

4.) Hands Across the Sea Samplers - Sarah Braizear 1829 - 2018 Queen of May
----46 ct Silkweaver in Heritage Color; stitching in DMC
Sassy Jacks Website: HERE

Gary's Stitching on Instagram: @fibertalk

2 Patterns I have that I want to start:

Serenity Harbor - By the Bay Needleart

Amid Amish Life - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts

Instagram Friend who stitched "Amid Amish Life": @stitchtherapeutics

Notable FlossTubers I've been watching the last few weeks:

1. Dena - HalfStitch Cross Stitch: HERE
2. Brian - Blitstitch: HERE
3. Brenda - Handwork Maniac: HERE
4. Jenny - Long Dawg Stitcher: HERE
5. Amy - Gables Stitcher: HERE
6. Leanne and Barb - Lost in Floss: HERE
7. Shirl McKinney - Tranquil Stitches: HERE
8. Helen D - HERE
9. Jen - Quirk and Stitches: HERE
10.Hoosier Apple: HERE

May 1 - New Start HOOOOOPLAAA: Seas the Day - by Caterpillar Cross Stitch Website: HERE also on Instagram @caterpillarcrossstitch

It's Sew Emma - Stitch Diary Journal: AVAILABLE HERE

Stitching TIPS: 
Pacifier Clips that I use for side bars: AMAZON HERE
Velcro-Like product I use: AMAZON HERE
Plastic Knobs for wing nuts: AMAZON HERE

Thursday, April 25, 2019


 *if you cannot read, please click on the photo to increase size*
~Thank you~

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Caterpillar Cross Stitch....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~
I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the spring season!

I haven't been around here much lately, have I? Believe me, if one could take a slice of my life and see what has gone'd understand and be amazed that I'm writing today. 

However, in order to clear my plate and set myself up for a great month of May, today I bring you something sunshiney and filled with awesome! This design that I am featuring is all the things that make my heart sing: lighthearted, fun, gorgeous, vibrant colors...something that I think will make you feel peachy keen and happy just by gazing upon it too! That sounds awesome, right?
Well it is!

May I introduce CATERPILLAR CROSS STITCH ~ "Seas the Day 2019 Stitch-a-long (SAL)"

I was sadly unaware of this company (based in the UK) until this year's 2019 British Craft Awards.
Designer Sally Wilson of Caterpillar Cross Stitch was named "Designer of the Year" and after perusing her website and viewing her happy, vibrant designs I saw why right away. 

The 2019 "Seas the Day" SAL....had started already, but a kit landed on my door and I've been collecting the monthly "parts" to this mystery design and savoring a SAL which I will begin in May, as I have it penciled in to begin May 1st. Let's have a look at the kit, shall we?

It arrived inside a plastic sleeve with a little plastic hanger at the top.
I really liked the hanger feature on the sleeve because I can keep all the kit pieces together and hang it on the side of my stitching cart - so that it doesn't get mixed in with the mayhem residing inside the cart! LOL!
Here is the front side of my "Seas the Day" full kit:

Backside of my "Seas the Day" full kit with all the contained goodies peeking out:

Let's have a look inside at the kit components:

Sweet little enamel needle minder with strong earth magnet for a strong hold on your needle!

A darling thread card filled with all the threads needed to complete "Seas the Day":

I received the 28 ct. Zweigart linen in sand color and a DMC gold plated needle (to be able to jump right in and stitch!). There is also instructions for general preparation to get ready to cross stitch and a brief discussion on how to actually cross stitch. The linen (and I'm assuming aida - if you choose that option) is not bound/serged along the edges. This is, of course, not a deal breaker by any means, but I consider that small point something that would take this absolutely wonderful kit to the next level.  The included instructions does mention in step #1 to prepare the ground cloth and how to do so, which is a very good thing for beginning cross stitchers - however as I mentioned, to have it already prepared would be an awesome detail that would definitely take this already awesome kit to the next level.

Included in the kit was this sweet postcard with how/where to connect with Caterpillar Cross Stitch, which is definitely a nice touch and of course drives you to go look with frequency at all the places to see their designs, both new and old. 

and the backside gives a personal thanks for your order from the designer herself - a very nice personal touch. 

I am receiving the monthly parts of the "Seas the Day" Sal designs....
they come delivered to your e-mail in PDF format (saves shipping costs!) on the 25th of every month. This is a 9 - part series and the monthly pieces to the mystery SAL are smallish and appear to be quick easy finishes to accomplish each month. The charts are clear, in full color, and easily read to reproduce on the ground cloth. I'm excited to get started!

These designs are (as my long time Blog Friends will know) a departure from my usual stitch preferences, but after reconnecting with an old friend on YouTube ~ Brenda of Handwork Maniac (who does absolutely exceptional work! You may view her channel HERE ) ~ is currently stitching the "Seas the Day" design and also stitched the 2018 "Adventure Awaits" design. The "Adventure Awaits" finish that Brenda shared on her channel is absolutely beautiful! Totally delightful for a young child/teen bed room where they can gaze upon the world map and dream. I love the sea and I love the beach so I decided I too would join in on the "Seas the Day" SAL and have a special place in our home that has other beach themed cross stitch hanging on the walls, in which to display my anticipated finish :)
So...on May 1, barring any unforeseen issues that pop up...and with my last 6 weeks, they certainly have been popping at regular frequency... I'll be starting my "Seas the Day" piece. 

So would you all consider joining me and many others in this delightful endeavor? Or if you are interested in looking through the vast backlog of Caterpillar Cross Stitch are all the links to all the are welcome! HA HA!
2019 Stitch-A-Long and Accoutrements: SEAS THE DAY
2018 Stitch-A-Long and Accoutrements: ADVENTURE AWAITS - WORLD MAP

Until next time friends....
when I have more time to show you what I have been doing on my "me" time....
May you stitch in good health, with much frequency and with lots of joy!

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx