Thursday, April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020...a quick update!

~ Greetings and Warmest Wishes to you all ~

I am sort of buzzing through Anasazi Song and thought I'd share a quick update.

"Anasazi Song"
by Carole Lake of Stitch Play Designs
SPD_Anasazi Song 4-20

close up of some stitches: don't you love the "tassels" on the bottom edge?
I love how it looks!

SPD_Anasazi Close 4_20

So I'm closing in on a finish! And guess who bought the next one in the series?
Next up once I gather all of my supplies is:
"Anasazi Dream"
I'm going to stitch it in the colorway shown in the picture below - just not on the green canvas. I'm going to do the pewter canvas as in "Anasazi Song" above.
I'll swing in for a finish update when I get it all stitched up :)

Until the next time...
keep a smile on your face and one in you heart and you just can't go wrong...
especially in these times.
Love and Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Sunday, April 19, 2020

2020 catch up....

~ Greetings and Best Wishes to all my friends ~

I recently finished my:
 Little House Needleworks ~ Early Americans Sampler
You can find this series on Little House Needleworks website.
My version is quite different.

LHN_Early Americans_2020

It just took me 3 years.....
But it turned out completely awesome and how I wanted it to look. It will reside in my Americana Room. I have the frame on order, but I'm not confident it will arrive anytime soon. Patience is a virtue! 
My stitching changes and how I set this sampler up is in the above tabs under "Early Ameriacans". I did change some things around, colors, etc. All info is there. It is stitched on my Bake and Basted Fabric tutorial that I published in 2009. I'm going to try to get either another one, or try to find it in my 14 years of blogging archives.

Anasazi Song by Carole Lake
18 ct. mono canvas using: Caron Watercolors & Impressions, Rainbow Gallery Silk and Kreinik #8 metallic braid- all as called for in chart

Untitled Untitled

Burden Stitches are done and now on to the side frames. So proud of how it looks :) 
All self classes!

 A little share of some fabulous stitching that I did the finishing on: 

MR_Journey to Bethlehem 1


Those designs...OH MY fantastic when completed!

Today is:
I need a lot of divine mercy in my life. I also need to let go of sin in my life. Things that I carry as baggage in my heart, my mind and my soul. Old grievances. Old wounds. 
Let's just say there is work to be done.
One of my son's is a free spirit. He just seems to roll through life with little to no worries. He just is happy to be what he is and live his life.
Now I know that he has worries, and I know that he has problems and strife in life because we all do. But I'd like to grasp his free spirit a little more.
I'm too uptight, too focused on what has been done unto me.
You know what I'm saying?
I need to learn to roll...of someone doesn't like me...just roll.
If someone doesn't like how I live my life...just roll.
If I have done and done and done for a friend who refuses to support me, when I have done that for them for years....just roll.
If I can do something for someone I will...if I can't just roll...and not worry that I'm disappointing someone. 
I have to live more for me and God and not for everyone else with me (and God) at the bottom of the heap. 
Life lessons I need to learn before I leave this world.
Today is the day for Divine Mercy and a little Divine Intervention.
May it be so!

Until next time....
and live!
Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Counted Canvas....

~ Greetings and Best Wishes to all ~

I hope this finds everyone fit an feeling fine! Today I want to talk about something that has recently grabbed my heart: Counted Canvas.
As primarily a cross stitcher, and a relatively new stitcher exploring specialty stitches:

This is:"The Queen's Sampler" by The Needle's Prayse - Darleen O'Steen
using Needlemade Designs stitch guide by Linda Vinson
The sampler is reversible. and you can see front and back of mine below.
I am stitching on 37 ct Russian Tea Cake with AVAS silks



becoming friends with Gary from Fiber Talk and being a listener for three years, but primarily being a co-host on Fiber Talk for over a year now.... has opened an entire Pandora's box with me on stitching. 
It has rejuvenated my love of it.
It has opened my eyes to a vast feast of wondrous delights.
It has made me hungry to stretch my wings and my abilities.
It has not been good for my pocketbook. LOL!

I watched Gary finish this design:


The design is by Carole Lake of Stitch Play Designs.
Anyway, I watched him stitch it up and then I read about it online at Carole's website: HERE
and then I was hooked.

As my long time followers will remember, 
about 3 years ago I went to Mesa Verde, CO to visit the cliff dwellers there: SEE HERE
I even watch the live webcam of one of the largest dwelling remains. You can see the sun hit it in the morning and watch play of light on the ancient dwelling as the sun moves overhead into the sunset. I am just fascinated by the Four Corners region (which I visited other sites as I traveled through the west): FOUR CORNERS

Anyway to understand my fascination with the Anasazi people,
 you have to know that as a young girl I read a book about them. From recollection I believe it was a fiction book basked on non-fiction reality....and I then started my desire to visit Mesa Verde and the Four Corners region.
This piece "Anasazi Song" just spoke to me from that visit. The colors reminiscent of the red rocks, the store reminding me of the visitor center at Mesa Verde National Park visitor center, the woven border common in the basketry found at the site. ALL of it spoke to me.

So rather than think...can I do this? 
I did what I always do: jump in with both feet
I bought the pattern, sent the list of what I needed to Cathe Ray of Needle in a Haystack who is very well known for matching/finding colors of threads that are no longer made. I told her to fix me up with stretcher bars, threads, tacks, needles: the whole shooting match. And she did a fantastic job substituting threads for those no longer made. Here is where I am at this time:



I'm pretty pleased with my work so far...
Let me reiterate that I have had ZERO classes to learn, this is working from the very well put together pattern that breaks the whole design into easy, achievable steps. So far I have worked with Rainbow Gallery's "Flair" which is a tubular ribbon in tulle (that's the dark magenta color making up the center of the star) The sprarkly Kreinik #8 braid gives just that pop of sparkle. I did a double fan double (MY FIRST ONE!) shown n the ivory stitches below the star. I did my first Jessica stitch (very center of the star in Kreinik) and now I am working on the Burden Stitch which is the woven looking stitch on the side of the double fan double. I LOVE THIS PROJECT!! I have been posting on my Instagram social media account and I have gotten several emails about how to get started in counted canvas. SO following this post I am going to set up a page that tells some things you need and maybe where you need to go to get started in counted canvas.
Counted Canvas Work goes much faster than cross stitch in my opinion. You can cover ground quickly and you really don't need a lot of experience to get going. 
The patterns that I have encountered are really good and give excellent stitch diagrams to get the job done. And if you want more reading on counted canvas stitches....may I suggest Carole Lake's two education books: Twisty Stitches (I bought both of them) and they are available: HERE 
Excellent step by step colored photos for each leg of the stitches covered.

I'm going to close today on this update...
please look at the page...talking about counted canvas work which will be posted later today.

I am thankful for you! Thanks for hanging with me :)

Until the next time...
Smile :)
Be happy!
Count your blessings every day...
try something new, it will inspire you and fuel your passion for life and learning!
love and hug in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Fiber Talk - Easter Stitchathon LIVE!!!

~ Greetings and Warmest Wishes to you all ~

First I'd like to bring to your attention a get together that Gary and I are holding tomorrow on our Fiber Talk YouTube Channel!

Now, I know I have spoken about Fiber Talk before here on this blog, but I'd like to again urge all of my friends that read here, to tune into YouTube at 12 (noon) eastern time, tomorrow for an afternoon of Fun and Friendship, Stitching and Relaxing and even a little of down home chatter and laughter. This Easter will be far different than any of us have celebrated, we thought it would be fun to have a gathering of friends sharing the same love of needlework (no matter what that needlework may be) in one place together rather than being separate and possibly alone. 

The needlework industry and also several needlework friends have sponsored and have gifted over 130 items (charts, needlework stands, gift certificates, vouchers...etc) for us to give away (no purchase necessary) to our valued followers, subscribers and friends. 

We are having a variety of guest appearances.
We are having several shops sponsor our day and during their hour of sponsorship they are having SIGNIFICANT discounts and sales. 

Gary and I want to support our needlework industry by showcasing those who support us.
Please tune in, subscribe and join us!
The direct link to our Easter Stitchathon show is : FIBER TALK EASTER STITCHATHON LIVE

To subscribe and ding the bell for notifications please go to our YouTube Channel: HERE

We are trying to really do a lot of good work sharing, educating and having fun along the way learning and showcasing Needlework. PLEASE support us by subscribing and joining us!

several of you have sent me emails asking why there are no posts here, or why there was a bunch of notifications about posts from 2007 etc. 
My blog here was apparently hacked into. Every post from the last 15 years. Deleted. Every piece of needlework, every piece of information that I shared, every photo...yes the whole lot - wiped clean. My account was recovered, and no lasting effects for that, but since they deleted my data, there was no way to recover it.
I could be upset. But I'm not. 
Clean slate. New start.
I'll do better, be better this time around.

Have a excellent, fantastic Easter Sunday!
with love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx