Fall on the Farm Frame

Fall on the Farm 
by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks

I am so excited about this sweet design. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year....well I love all times of the year :) But I'm always ready for fall to roll around and it seems to me to be the shortest time of the year too....
Anyway....when I found out Diane of Little House was designing a Fall on the Farm...well yeehaw!
Then when I saw it....love at first sight.
I like - as I'm sure you know by now - my pieces to have a border that surrounds all pieces and parts as one cohesive unit. So I created a border. 

Would you like the chart for my border? 
You may find it in my Google Drive: HERE 

Please note, I do not give colors for stitching I just made the chart in the colors I envision the border to be in, I pulled my own border colors from Diane's palette for the series. 
The orange boxes are for pattern placement only - they are not to be stitched!

Please remember to give credit where credit is due. I have spent a lot of my precious time creating this border and charting it to share with those wishing to use it. The way to credit the hours spent creating this free gift is by attributing my name (Vonna Pfeiffer, The Twisted Stitcher) as the creator of the frame whenever you share your stitching with friends, online, social media...wherever.

This chart may not be reproduced or sold for personal gain and is copyrighted as my work. You may download and use for your own personal use only. If you wish to share the chart with others, please link them TO MY BLOG PAGE so that they may download and print their own copy. Please respect my work, the money spent to purchase software that I can print and upload to the internet and honor my time by following the rules. Should I find that my request has not been followed all free charts I have created will be taken offline and will no longer be shared - period. Thank you.
In the file I have also explained color choices and sizes needed to cut your fabrics. 

~as always thank you for visiting me~