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Merry Day #15....

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Merry Day #15!

Alrighty Folks...we have come to the end of the stand reviews and that leaves my ranking of them. I hate to rank, because I have each one of the stands that I own for a reason. And - believe it or not - I use all of them. However, there are some that I use more than others. There are some that have features that outweigh others. There are some that I believe to be superior to all the rest. So...with that being said - I am going to give an honest ranking and my reasoning behind the rank.

Let's please remember - I am basing my ranking and all the reviews I have shared - on the stands as they come to the customer that has purchased them out of the box. Let it be known that I would never say nor do I regret purchase of any stand I own. I truly think each stand I own - when put to the test of use - is wonderful, useful and I do not regret owning ANY OF THEM. They each shine in different situations for different uses. I am not basing my ranking (nor did I base any of my previous reviews) on work-arounds, hacks, or anything else. I based solely on the stand, as it came to me once purchased. These (as I stated at the very outset) are based on my opinions, and experiences, as a consumer of said products. I am allowed my opinions and you are allowed yours. I am giving unbiased thoughts on all products listed. ALSO, I am primarily a cross stitcher - so my reviews and rankings are based on using linen/aida/evenweave fabrics - not canvases. Thank you for understanding. 


Hands down - K's Creation Metal Floor Stand. Here is why: the ball joint head, universal ability to hold whatever you are stitching on and the complete adjustability for reach and height. This stand is fantastic. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I could not live without it. While I need to note: it does tip and I don't feel it is as portable as the company claims. Set up and leaving it in your primary stitching area and  slapping a 10 lb bar bell on the floor plate (or purchase of their larger floor plate) solves the issues I have with it. I love this stand. Period.

Needlework System 4 - This is a solid stand and does a fantastic job. However the reason it isn't #1 is: it does not allow for feet up stitching. It is basically bound to one way of stitching: either q-snaps or stretcher bars or scroll frame - whichever you choose - if you wish to stitch multiple ways that gets cost prohibitive. Therefore not really universal and I feel the best stands on the market need to have a universal approach to holding stitching. The Needlework System 4 is a fine stand. And I REALLY love mine, they have top notch customer service - but if you are looking for a universal approach, this isn't the stand for you. And I must say, the non-ability to stitch feet up is a  real deal breaker for most and if doing just a bit of research you will see that statement repeated over and over.

Rolaframe - Solid stand, works great, easy to use - however it is made ONLY for Rolaframes. It is not a universal stand, you are limited in use. If all you use is Rolaframes, then by all means this is the stand for you, but in ranking as far as universality - I have to rank it in the bottom. 


Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame - it is lightweight, easy to use, not unwieldy. All you need is whatever fabric you are stitching on plus your thread and needle - hoop it, slap it under your thigh and off you go. Simple. Hands down #1 lap frame. 

Mr. Mike Hope Lap Stand - it is lightweight, beautifully constructed, universal in that it will hold any type of stitching frame - q-snap, scroll rods, stretcher bars, larger hoops - you just place it on the arms and pegs hold it in place. Because it is lightweight it is easy to sit on your lap and stitch away.

Rolaframe - I use this frame a lot - it is never in storage. It is very lightweight, very easy to use. I love this frame, however the reason it ranks where it is ranked is because you can only use Rolaframes with it - it is not universal. If you use Rolaframes...I believe this is a must have.

Needlework System 4 - not universal - but it is constructed well and I use it frequently when I don't want to fool with a floor stand, I just place it on my lap and start stitching. The drawbacks placing it where it is in the rankings is: it is heavy and unwieldy and not universal. 

 Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame - so easy to transport, so very lightweight, easy to take apart and quickly reassembled. Very small footprint so great for tight stitching areas that you may encounter at retreats or needlework classes, outstanding to use in the car. I literally could not be without this stand. Period. 

Needlework System 4 - a fantastic, sturdy, easy to use stand. It is not going anywhere. If you like to stitch at a table, or use a TV tray table or Monitor rolling table at your stitching chair - this stand is #1 hands down. I have taken it to retreats and classes, but it is a little heavier than most and it does have a larger footprint. This is a fine option though for people preferring to stitch at a table. 

Alright....though each one of my stands I use and I love, and it hurts me to knock any of them I am going to say this: If I were to do all over again and knew now what I knew then I would only purchase two frames - this is completely based on how I stitch.

1.) K's Creation Floor Stand - it is universal and outstanding as a floor stand. It is remarkable. There are some issues - but those aside, stands on the market all have issues.  I do not believe that there is any stand on the market that surpasses this stand in functionality. Even of those that I don't own, I have test driven most, if not all stands on the market. Stitching is quite literally my life, I am very interested in making my stitching easy and fun to do. K's Creation Floor Stand does that. I don't have to think, I just can stitch.

2.) Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame - lightweight, easy to use, superior to use as a quick go to frame absolutely fantastic for travel, classes, retreats and especially for smalls stitching.

If you have never owned a stand of any kind and you just want to see what stitching two handed is all about or you are encountering joint/hand/arm issues, then I highly recommend purchase of:
The Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame - it is not that expensive, you can give it a whirl without much cost incurred to your wallet. 

OK - there you go. Again - I would like to reiterate - each one of these stands that I have reviewed and talked extensively about over the last 5 days were purchased by ME over a 16 year period. I have used ALL OF THEM extensively over that time period. NONE of these stands were given to me for review from an individual or company. In fact - I make it my personal position to NEVER accept anything for a review - because that is a way companies buy compliments - in my opinion.  ALL of my words, thoughts and opinions on each of these stands were my own based on my stitching preferences. With ALL OF THIS SAID if you ever purchase any of these stands from whomever you purchase them from, please let those people know that you did so based on my reviews. I think it important that companies and stitch shop owners know where recommendations that are non-biased, based on personal opinons come from. Maybe they won't care - but they should because lots of people listen to what I have to say. ha ha! who would believe that?! 

That does it for today!

Merry Day #15!

Merry Christmas!

All my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Thank you for your reviews--you put a lot of time, attention and thought into this! As I have previously shared I have treated myself to a Necessaire Floor Stand for the millenium frame. Three thoughts: it is expensive, there is a L O N G wait time and am I purchasing this for looks instead of functionality.

  2. Thank you, thank you Vonna. This info could have not come at a better time in my life. I will be investing in the Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame as my first "hands free" stand. The best part is I see my favorite online shop Shepherds Needle carries this stand. I had forgot about your blog and just found it again so have it marked so I can check it each day as I sign on the laptop. I can not thank you enough for all you do for the stitching community. By the way, I will let Ann at Shepherd's Needle know you sent me that way for the Fanny Frame.

  3. Vonna, I have loved these frame reviews! I am going to do as you suggest and get a Hardwicke Manor Fanny Frame as a starter. I’ve just retuned to cross stitch and am not sure I will stick with it, so this seems the best initial investment. Again, thanks so much for all your information! Merry Christmas!! Carol in Texas

  4. Vonna, thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions on the stands. I truly think it is so helpful to hear the positives/negatives from people who actually made a purchase and have used them.

  5. Thank you Vonna for the time you spent on this review. For now my husband is happy with the frame I got him at Michaels. He likes to sit in breakfast room at the crossbuck table...feet up on crossbuck bar...and stitch and watch the birds. (How he does both at same time I don't know!) It is working ok and he likes it a lot. Again, thank you.