Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday Rambles....

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Well Folks....
Not much stitching going on around here.
There has been a LOT of finishing, but by the time I drag my rear end to my stitching chair at the end of the day, not much stitching other than dreaming what I want to stitch is going on. 

Here is where my Santa of the Forest by Lavender and Lace ~ Marilyn Leavitt Imblum is as of right this very moment: 


I am stitching it on 28 count natural/raw linen
2/2 DMC and Kreinik

This piece....
like most pieces does not show the true beauty that it is by the photo on the chart pack, nor can I capture the true beauty of it when I photograph it....although my photos are much more beautiful than the one on the chart pack. I would highly recommend anyone that has thought about stitching this piece before to pull it out and start! I will even go as far as saying...Marilyn was one of the most talented designers that ever lived. Just look at the owl...the shading, the face...My word, absolute, unadulterated talent. 

According to blogs, Instagram people that I follow....
September is known as "Sampler September" and there are many big name stitching personalities that are pushing everyone to start new samplers. However, I follow two young stitching ladies and they are not sampler stitchers. They, in fact, have dubbed September "Santa September". I like Samplers, but I'll be honest and say that for right now I'm exploring other venues for my stitching. So, I am enthusiastically joining in with "Santa September". I have my Santa start all picked out....it's one I have been eyeing for several months now and no time is like the present. 

My new start for Santa will be:
~ R is for Reindeer ~


This pattern is from one of my many Christmas hard backed books. This one is a Leisure Arts publication entitled "Merry Christmas ABC".

I have always loved this darling pattern and I was honored to be able to finish it this year for one of my wonderful clients:


I'd love to have at least Santa and a couple reindeer done by Christmas....
can we all join together for a laugh 

Speaking of my choice of stitching pieces lately...
can I just say, a lot of lovely people recently that I found on Instagram and YouTube stitch Dimensions kits. Now..I cut my cross stitching teeth stitching kits and I think like many others, after I started following blogs, and finding out about charts and designers I sort of thought kit stitching was beneath me. But honest to heaven, it isn't...go on the internet or Pinterest and put in Dimension Kit Stitching....you will see beautiful, glorious pieces that are done on aida and are absolutely beautiful pieces. My own "In His Hands" piece was a gold collection kit from Dimensions and the photo is beautiful, but you don't see the true beauty unless you are standing in front of it.


Here are some Dimension Gold/Gold Petites I've got in my collection and I'm really hankering to start:

But Santa September has me dreaming of: 
well enough procrastination for today.

If you all could say a little prayer for Keith. He has a big interview today (8/30/22).
This would be life changing for us. 

Thank you!

Have a fantastic day...
talk to you soon!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers Keith's way! Vonna, I enjoyed reading your random thoughts about Sampler September, Santa September and kits. I was asked if I was participating in Sampler September and when I said nope, it was like the window shade snapped closed. Oh well! I know that we share a similar motto -- stitch what brings you happiness/joy. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. It has gotten ridiculous...that's why I'm sort of isolating. :)

  2. Praying for Keith's interview! I stitched a lot of kits back in the day. Then I started running out of threads occasionally when I stitched kits. I actually had a person tell me I don't know how to properly thread my needle when I called on one to get a replacement thread! Haha, I'd been stitching for 25 years at that point and had to laugh. Anyway, that kind of soured me on kits. They to have beautiful patterns though. Your Santa project is so gorgeous!

  3. Prayers and Best Wishes for Keith's interview! Thank you for posting about stitching kits and using Aida cloth. I love cross stitching and I most often do kits. I love the Samplers...but just never got around to trying to stitch one myself. There are some beautiful kits out there and after I get caught up a bit on my quilts...my crafting direction will lean more to cross stitch. I enjoy your blog and your thoughts.

  4. Sending good thoughts to Keith. Vonna, as usual it is such a pleasure reading your blog and follow your family.

  5. Vonna....I have followed you for so many years and you are such a blessing to me. Please don't let negative comments from those who want to steal your joy and shut down your ministry affect you or make you isolate. Yes, I see your sharing of your faith and talents as a ministry. I can only imagine how hard it must be at times to read ugly things. However, God knows your heart and that is what matters. Best of luck to Keith and you just keep on being you!!!

  6. I don't know what is more beautiful or impressive - your stitching or your finishing. Just amazing. I love your choice for Santa September. I feel like a misfit in the Sampler September crowd so, I stick to my seasonal stitching. Bring on the Halloween. Keeping you and Keith in prayer.... ~Robin~

  7. Beautiful Santa , I also have your 4th kit down .
    Ready to start soon
    I love to stitch large kits , I work on a couple each year .
    Also lots of small stitching for gifts and for myself .
    I also send my prayers to Keith .
    Have a wonderful week and Happy stitching on Santa.

  8. Prayers for Keith. Hope all went well with the interview.
    Your Santa stitching is beautiful !
    The stitching kits are gorgeous, they look like works of art.
    Have a blessed day !

  9. Delightful Santa! Although I had been quilting for over 20 years when I retired and Covid hit in 2020 I started to explore cross stitching. I'm drawn to santas with animals in woodland settings. I will admit your santa is the one that hooked me. I haven't done him yet but two others are finished. Two santas with polar bears are in my lineup....and then there are those prairie schooler! squirrels everywhere! Keep inspiring us, you are a treasure! Happy Stitching Vonna!

  10. Praying for Keith!!! I hope the opportunity goes well for him as it will affect you as well.

    Could you please identify the two stitchers you watch who are promoting Santa September? While I identify Christ with Christmas, I like stitching a funky Santa now and then. I'd love to follow along with all of you on this September project. Thank you.

  11. I'm doing Santa Sept, too. I already have a couple samplers started. Hope the future is kinder to you and your family. I need to decide which Santa I will be doing Yikes, I better get busy and pick on so I will be ready to start tomorrow. Time is flying by!

  12. Didn't see this until today but still prayed just in case they've still deciding. Sure enjoy your work and your blog!

  13. Best wishes to Keith, Vonna.
    That finish is totally out of this world - I hope the client is honoured you did such an amazing job. I'm sure he/she is.
    I love Dimensions kits also. I have a few and would love to add the lighthouse one and house by the beach you've shown. I look forward to seeing you start some. Take care

  14. Two days ago I realized that I'd better get started on the Christmas ornaments I will give this year - so I'm also in the Santa September group! I set aside my just-started Mirabilia and got going on Christmas. I enjoy looking at samplers but there are other patterns I enjoy making more. To each his/her own! I love reading your thoughts on stitching and hearing about your family. I hope Keith's interview went super well!

  15. Your Santa is beautiful. and I love, love the Santa and Reindeer you will stitch this month. Good luck to Keith in his interview.

  16. Best of luck to Keith on his interview! How exciting!

    My Sampler September thoughts - YOU make the rules! :)

    How's Ian doing? Been thinking of him....

  17. Thanks, Vonna for "Santa September" posting! I like this idea! And in a stroke of serendipity: I too have that Santa-in-his-sled publication and have had him in the back of my mind as something I would like to stitch! You will beat to me to it, but seeing your finish with just ONE reindeer was VERY helpful! And the gorgeous green ribbon! What a beautiful touch!