Friday, August 05, 2022

The Summer of 2022....

 ~ Greetings Friends ~
warm welcome to my blog.

has a distinct way from getting away from me. With the whirlwind summer we've had, and my trying to fit "me" time amongst the packages flowing in here for finishing work, being housewife and mother, nurturing my relationship with God...well time just gets away from me. 

The Wedding....
as I'm sure you all know, I did my daughter's wedding top to bottom. I did not do the meal (although had I done it, it would have been cheaper and better) but otherwise I did everything top to bottom and it was a week of exhaustion. I would not do one thing differently. There were absolutely no issues or problems, nothing went wrong. It went fantastically! The one thing I was shocked about however was: there weren't as many in attendance at the reception - as I thought would show and not as many that did RSVP, either. It was a beautiful weekend outside though and the weather was stunning, so perhaps that was a reason. Another thing that shocked me was most people ate and then left. I guess this is showing my age - but when I was growing up and a young adult a wedding was like the social event of the year. As a child I loved them because: you got to drink as much soda as your belly could hold and I got to play with other kids - running up and down the hallways sliding in socks and dancing on the dance floor amidst the adults. What fun! As a young adult, it was a time for catching up with relatives and friends and dancing. Did not seem to be much of that sort of thing going on at our wedding reception. The wedding mass however, was packed. AND for that I was so happy for Katie and Austin for that was the real reason we were there. God was joining them for life and we were celebrating their union. 
Now for the pictures:
here is the venue that I worked on all week preparing....


The Mass....

Our Family....

That's a wrap! 
A beautiful day....
A day filled with God's richest blessings....
A day I'll never forget....

WE are blessed!

Until Next time....
Thank YOU for sharing this special day with me in pictures today.
My love in stitches to each one of you!
Vonna xxxx


  1. The wedding pictures are wonderful ! Thanks for sharing them with us. What a beautiful day for Katie and Austin to start their life together. You out did yourself with the reception; it looked amazing. Congratulations to Katie and Austin and to your family for making this a day to always remember !

  2. Oh Vonna, thank you for sharing the wedding pictures. It looked like a simply incredible day filled with an abundance of blessings. The reception venue looked delightful, so amazing. Best wishes to Katie and Austin as they begin this journey as husband and wife.

  3. Just beautiful. This is the way to do a wedding! Katie and Austin looked so happy. Great job Momma Bear!

  4. Oh Vonna what a treat to see all of these additional wedding photos!! Thank you for sharing. So gorgeous. My absolute favorite is the third from last of just those two. :) :)

  5. You did an amazing job with everything! What a beautiful and blessed day!

  6. How beautiful... one can see the great love and effort that were poured into every detail.. The pictures at the Church are moving and so meaningful. Bless your heart, devoted Mom....

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful photos of Katie and Austin's special day with us. As always, you do everything with excellence, the venue looks AMAZING! You did a wonderful job. <3

  8. What a beautiful couple, beautiful family, beautiful wedding and beautiful memories. The fact that you did all that was likely the best gift of all. -Robin-

  9. What a beautiful bride, and a charming couple together. It all looks wonderful. Congratulations to you all and much happiness to the newly weds!