Sunday, September 11, 2022


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September 11th....
it's been 21 years since that horrible day. My first three babies were so little and I remember the very moment that - as I watched Today on NBC - they cut to video of a burning skyscraper, people running and screaming, the news people were stressed and didn't know really what was even going on. Then as I stood in front of the tv listening and watching, a second plane - out of nowhere - flew into view and into the other tower. I remember screaming...not knowing if what I had just witnessed was real. It sure didn't seem real. My babies, Katie 3 and the twins 1, were eating their breakfasts in their highchairs right behind me. I was scared, my husband at work, what do I do? Do I need to pull the blinds, lock all my doors? hide? What? 

As the day unfolded and the days followed, we learned of tragic details of those that were killed senselessly - all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnic groups, status in life - it didn't matter what you were, just if you were there - your life senselessly ended. Our hearts were broken with grief and fear.

 However, this brought about so much more...
Do you remember the stories of acts of heroism?
 I do
Do you remember the acts of kindness to a stranger?
I do
Do you remember the pulling together of a nation?
I do
Do you remember greeting new faces in church?
I do
Do you remember hordes of people in line at the blood banks? 
I do
Do you remember the sky with no planes flying? 
I do
Do you remember the silence? 
I do
Do you remember when people laid down politics? 
I do


I was reflecting on this subject matter this morning before mass during my morning meditation.
How my heart was buoyed with hope 21 years ago. 
Hope that my nation could stop the divisiveness. 
That politics could be left with the politicians.
Hope that people would return to God - whatever faith base that means to them.
Hope that this world would be a better place for my children.
That kindness would reign.


21 years later...
it doesn't take a genius to see, that the blip on the radar during this time was just that - a blip.
It seems now people are even more divisive - looking for arguments to pick, people to hurt, much less spiritual, much more political, there is much more hatred directed at each other, everyone seems to want to get the last hit, the last sock to the belly, to get the last word crafted and aimed right at the heart of 
whom they deem their enemy.

WHY? To hurt? To make yourself feel better? Bigger? 

Certainly this online texting and chatting done now does not help matters because you cannot convey body language with your words.... and many, many, many people choose to misunderstand rather than just maybe ASK if what they think is being said, is really being said. So what happens? Angry accusatory letters, angry accusatory emails, nasty comments....finger pointing. I think it almost laughable how people will waste precious time writing out letters/comments/emails tearing someone down, pointing out all the flaws that they determine someone has and then self righteously publish it based on words, not actions. I've come to the conclusion that these people, need to take a good hard look in the mirror...
I take a good hard look at my mug every day and every day I try to - after my self reflection - determine to do BETTER. That is termed: personal growth and if you don't practice it - try it. It's eye opening.

 All of this animosity hurts my heart.

The only thing I can do today and all the remaining days of my life is do what I've done all of the previous days: pray and act in the manner that I wish to see in this world and hope. Dr. Seuss said it best (although he's even been torn down) "Be the change you want to see in the world."

May I encourage you - to keep on trying to be a positive force in the world. A light illuminating your little space of the world. Taking a breath before you strike back - believe me that is one I struggle with. I recently was told to pray and ask the Lord to illuminate those things in my character, within myself that I need to work on. I prayed...let me tell you - it didn't take long - like I mean VERY little time and VERY clearly pointed out the work I needed to do. 

We all have areas in life that need work -  all of us. But working on them doesn't dim the light, it just helps it grow stronger and a whole lot of lights put together soon has a raging fire to illuminate the oppressive darkness. 

My heart still remembers...
and my prayers are offered today for those families - those many, many families - that suffered loss on that horrible day and to all the families that continue to suffer loss from that day.

May their souls and all the souls of the departed - through the mercy of God - rest in peace.
May it be so.

All my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Very well said. Thank you!

  2. Beautifully written and something I needed today. Thank you.

  3. Vonna, what a beautifully written and well said post. I continue to pray because I DO remember the pulling together and the unity that our country displayed following those tragedies of 9/11. Thank you for putting it so succinctly.

  4. Thank you for your amazing treatise! I needed to hear it said just exactly this way. God Bless you and God Bless every single person reading your words.

  5. Replies
    1. I do wish everyone would remember how united we were right after that horrible day. Beautiful words!

  6. Excellent and apt words. We watched on in horror from the other side of the world. If there is one good thing I recall from that time (I always try and see something good) is there was unity. I think hearts were opened more, compassion abound, respect for others - rarely seen today sadly. I will always remember those that were lost and particularly those children whom lost a parent, many whom never got to meet that parent at all.

  7. Vonna, we have such short memories, don't we? I am 80 yrs old and have never seen such hatred from people. My life is short but I worry about my grandchildren and the young people in our country. I am a Christian and pray to our God each and every day to watch over us. He is in charge and HIS will will be done. We need our faith in HIM to take care of us.

  8. I'm from England & vividly remember watching on TV as events unfolded that terrible day. My daughter was 3, we had not long finished lunch when I saw that second plane hit. I was concerned about my friends who lived in San Diego because they were from New York & still had family/friends there, so I called them. Because of the time differences, I actually woke them up, they had no knowledge of what was happening, I listened whilst they turned on their TV & the pain that shot through my heart as I heard them scream & cry, will stay with me forever.
    You are so right about technology today, our words so often taken in a way they were not meant, we need to go back a step & talk to people properly as we did before communicating by screen.
    I try to make a difference every day, by a deed or a simple word, I tell a child that I like the dress or T shirt they have on, I tell an elderly lady what beautiful colour her hair is, I offer to get things from shelves for people in stores or pack their shopping in their car. I volunteer at a retirement home, chatting, singing or crafting with the residents. All small things, but these little things can make a big difference in some people's lives. Whenever I am asked what is my religion, I always reply "kindness, kindness is my religion".
    God bless & thank you for a well written, poignant blog . XX

  9. How did I miss this profound posting, Vonna? Guess the Lord felt I needed it today.... Bless you, dear one, for the clarity of your thinking and the wisdom of your heart... It is not so difficult to love and
    be kind to even the unlovable, who probably need a double dose of the kindness..hurting children, though adults. Our dear and wise Friend, Minnie Pearl, my Ophelia, used to say.... "remember, always be kind...." how right she was... it enlightened our days and mended our hearts.... If we could achieve that as we go through life, how grand would be our world. Thank you for your voice echoing such wisdom, Vonna dear.