Monday, December 05, 2022

Merry Days 4 and 5...

 ~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to my Blog ~

Merry Day 4....
Well December 4 is a big day...
it was the day my boys were born- our little prides and joys. 
I was also VERY tired from making homemade rolls for our parish dinner and dance party. 
The party was a huge success! The food was delicious, the company wonderful and the dancing enjoyable! I had forgotten what it is like to gather together in harmony with people you love and care for as a church family. SO much fun!

So after Mass on Sunday....
we came home - I put my pajamas back on and I sat around doing absolutely nothing except staring at the fire until it was time to get up and start cooking a early dinner for our boy's birthday. They chose pork tenderloin sandwiches, fried mozzarella sticks and french fries (along with their cakes). 

Here is a photo of my 23 year old baby boys on their birthday with their cakes:


They have always had their own cakes - even when they were babies - I've tried to always make sure they know that although they were born on the same day, shared a belly and a lot of other things - they are still individuals. Jacob always chooses chocolate cake and Ian always chooses a cookie cake (which I find to be an oxymoron Cookie CAKE..ha ha!) 

We had a very enjoyable afternoon and early evening together!

Today on Merry Day 5....
I shared my St. Nicholas cookies with all my brethren after morning mass to welcome the coming of St. Nick's feast day tomorrow! The man I was most eager to give my cookies to - was my very own parish priest: Fr. Dennis Duvelius. I love Fr. Dennis. He is a very humble man, kind and generous with his words and example in faith. I have known many, many priests in my 52 years of life, I can say with firm assurance that Fr. Dennis is my favorite. I love his quiet manner, his intelligence, his ability to share struggles and crosses that he bears and allows me to know its OK that I carry burdens, struggles and crosses he loves cats and that makes him top on the lot for me! 
Here is Fr. Dennis with his St. Nick cookies I gave to him after mass. 


So, to be quite honest handing out 75 St. Nick cookies as a RAK to my fellow man did WAY much more for me than it did for the people I handed them out to. I love to give. I love to give from the bottom of my heart, freely and abundantly, generous and lavishly. Each year on St. Nick's day I try to spend the day before/or day of doing random acts of kindness - just because that is what St. Nick himself did. St. Nick evolved into Santa. in this day and age of commercialism and materialism - giving something homemade, small, made from the heart unexpectedly to people - well it warms my heart. I love to do it. 

Which leads me to this: sadly a portion of this weekend was spent with me being attacked again, verbally and publicly. What was taken offensively? that I shared my St. Nick cookies and the fact that I had made them as simple random acts of kindness. I was told that I was publicly announcing my good works for pats on the backs and accolades. Then another person agreed and suggested I take a good hard look at myself and my motives. 

So HERE is my good hard look at my motives.
 WHICH I spoke to my spiritual director about today after mass. 
When I share these things, my painting, my home and family, my cookies, my stitching, my finishing....WHATEVER it is that I share. I am NOT doing it as a way to toot my horn, or point the light at myself saying look, look, look at me! Look at how wonderful I am, how pious, how perfect!
First of all - I regularly say that I am flawed, I make mistakes, I try again. Regularly say it. When i share, I am doing it because this is what I did with my day and I did it to spread a little joy among the people who live in my neighborhood and I also do it to evangelize. 

Apparently there are some people out there that feel like I share my crafting and tutorials to toot my own horn. 18 years of sharing...everything I have to offer. I have spent countless hours. HUNDREDS of hours to make and offer free tutorials on how to finish, how to stitch more efficiently, products I find useful, on and on...ALL FREE! I don't get anything out of it. and NEWSFLASH: I don't want anything. It is nice to offer a thank you, but I don't want it. I'm not asking for it. I don't want accolades. I don't want pats on the back. I don't want a darn thing OTHER than to help people that want to learn - LEARN. I want to bring smiles to other's faces, lighten a day, brighten a mood and shine the light on GOD, as HE is the one who made me and gave me my many blessings and gifts. To HIM the glory - not to me. 
That's it. That's my motive. Period.

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again:
IF you have a problem with me...fine have a problem. 
KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Because you know what...I'm going to keep being me. I like me and this may irritate the living stuffing out of some of you - but there is a whole lot of people out there that apparently like me too. Like to read about my family, my crafting, my tutorials...(although let's be honest the people that don't like me STILL want my tutorials.) I find it amazing when all I do is share my life, how some people - calling themselves Christians - like to call me out and tear me down. Well you know what...take a good, long, hard look in the mirror before you cast that stone. I know my heart. God knows my heart and I'd garner to say that about all of the people reading this blog - and anywhere else I am - know my heart. People that have to hurt and inflict pain...have issues a lot bigger than the ones they are trumpeting that I supposedly have. 
Good heaven's HIGH SCHOOL....I thought I left that behind 35 years ago...but yet grown women continue to jab and poke and hurt.
Life is short - grow up!


I hate to have to interrupt the joy of my Merry Days to once again define boundaries. But I'll be defending  my line, my life, my values, my name it and I'll defend it until the day I die. You need to fight somebody...quit fighting me because - news flash - you aren't fighting me - you are fighting the lack in you. 

Until next time I wish you peace. Peace for you AND peace for me. 
may it be so!
God's abundant healing peace and blessings to us all.

Vonna xxxx


  1. Amen!! You are the most generous, unselfish and caring person I've met online! Ignore the negative comments that are coming from those that wish they were like you!

  2. I guess those people should be pitied because they are unhappy with themselves.
    I went to your tutorial pages the other day and was astonished at the time you took to help others FOR FREE. I thought it was very kind of you to do that.

  3. It's so sad to read that other people tried to tear you down. Keep on being yourself.

  4. Amen! I appreciate you and your blog and enjoy seeing everything you do. The people who criticize are the ones who need to take a long, hard look at their motives.

  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful boys, you are a lucky couple to have such wonderful children and very successful children.
    Now I want to comment about the negativity that some people seem it is necessary to give.
    You are a giving Lady you are what God has given to many including your family, it's a real shame that some seem to think that it is okay to say such horrible things.
    I would hold my head up high if I were you, you are a very generous Lady with a sweet disposition and a heart of gold.
    In days like we are living we need more people like you, you share and that is what should be done by all.
    I am happy to call you a friend even Tho we have never met in person.
    I want to thank-you from my heart for all you give to us in the land of Blog.
    Some people are just jealous of successful people like yourself.

    God's Blessing's

  6. You have amazing gifts that you are freely sharing with all of us! I love seeing all that you are doing - it inspires me to do my own little bit. I thank you for your finishing tutorials - you are definitely my go-to blog when I want to try something new with finishing. I love seeing your family as they grow into adults and follow their own paths. You have given and continue to give so much to so many people - and I thank you for that.

  7. Vonna dear ~ Happy birthday to those handsome fellows... You are such a special Mom. I think I know your heart quite well and know that
    you look for no glory in all you share so generously with others... on the
    other hand, your loving spirit is so pure and unfettered that the words that came to me as your motive for pouring out your love and talents
    were "to share".... the joy of sharing, seeking little in return save true
    understanding. "Love isn't love until you give it away.." and difficult to
    hold it inside when it is your nature to share. T.S. Eliot said
    this, "Teach me to care and not to care." Embrace those words, Vonna.
    Care when your care is needed and do not care when the motives of others point to a hurting child whose only self esteem comes from belittling another whom they probably envy. Avoid that toxicity. Above
    all, I suspect that you brought joy to Heaven's heart and that God smiled as He saw you passing out the St. Nicholas remembrances with your loving care. He knows and He is All that counts.

  8. Take no notice of the grumpy folks, they're probably just jealous. Lots of people share photos of their baking on the internet, so I can't see what their problem is. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  9. Thank you for all you share. I have learned so much from you!!! You taught me to make cording, just this week!!! Ignore the haters!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sons! So cute how they like different type of cakes! Please don't listen to the trolls. Just keep doing what you do, what you love, what you are good at, what makes you happy. Keeping being your fabulous YOU! Don't listen to the trolls, they are not worth the negative feelings and energy. We have many many people who appreciate you and your talents and what you share, and I'm one of them! You are a Blessing to many!!! Thank you for being you and sharing your talents with us. By the way, your cookies looked amazing! So much hard work, and so worth it.

  11. First, happy birthday to Ian and Jacob! I can't get over they are 23. I think one of the gifts the Lord has blessed you with is the art/act of giving, Vonna. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and compassion. Continue to be you because that is who the Lord made you to be, my friend!

  12. Your talents and selfish giving is a blessing to all that have no local soures to learn. Your blog is so appreciated, it's like visiting a neighbor. It's a shame people have to act that way. Just continue being you. Happy Birthday to your boys.

  13. Don't listen to any one but your God. Keep up the good work. Share all your want. big hugs Lynda Ruth Love your blog and all that you do for others. I wish I lived near you because I would invite you over for tea and cookies.

  14. First let me say, Thank You for always sharing parts of your life with us! Your posts have been looked forward to by me for so many years. I enjoy seeing all the subjects that you share so generously with us. Please don't let these people with such bad manners make you feel bad!

  15. "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:10
    I, myself, would say most if not ALL of the beatitudes apply to you. Thank You for always being true to yourself and freely sharing your life, your family, your talent and time with so many.
    I am so glad you share your Catholic faith when society wants to stomp any acknowledgement of Jesus Christ. You never judge others or force them to believe as you do. I wish I lived within your parish and could help you serve people the way you do. I've been at our parish for over 33 years and hide in the shadows. If I didn't have my faith my life would have unbearable.
    Keep up your Christmas joy, many of us need it and enjoy it.

  16. Late Happy Birthday to the guys. Good for you on treating your sons as the individuals they are. Personally, I find making twins do everything the same and together rather odd.
    As to those who trash talk your writing about your efforts with tutorials, cookies, and other good deeds - Fie on them! What's that old saying...something like "they're just jealous b****es". (sorry for the bad language!). They are jealous that you *made* the time to do them, that you *took* the time do do them, worked to develop the talent to do them, have the courage to put your efforts out there, that you beat them to it, etc. And especially - jealous that you do get recognition and appreciation for your efforts. IMHO, it's Bad Form on their part to trash talk your efforts, even if you were purposely looking for accolades. They need to look at their motives for what they say to and about you.

    Just to give them more heartburn - Thank You for your tutorials, Thank You for your reviews, Thank You for sharing how you organize your threads, Thank You for sharing your pretty cookies, Thank You for sharing your needlework finishing, Thank You for your blog. And Thank You for being You.

  17. So, to those who try to chastise you, your replies should go something like this:

    Excuse me? So, you think that those who sing inspiring hymns/songs in church are patting themselves on their backs?

    Excuse me? So, you think that those who play instruments in church uplifting the congregations' spirits are patting themselves on their backs?

    So, you think that those authors who pen words of wisdom and encouragement are patting themselves on their backs?
    (This listing could go on and on.)

    Excuse me? You think because I share my talents with others that I am patting myself on my back?

    Excuse me? Please explain yourself.

    Drat! Those who are trying to chastise you are doing nothing but showing their envy/jealousy/covetousness. Now I'll get off my soapbox and wish you well and advise you to ignore their inexcusable behavior.

    Oh, and a Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  18. You are sooo amazingly talented, and so generous to share those talents! Don't let a few people who are unhappy make you unhappy too! I am in awe of your cookies. I wish I lived close to you, I would come for a lesson!