Saturday, December 03, 2022

Merry Day 2 & 3....

 ~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to my blog on Merry Day 3 ~

On Merry Day 2....
I was in my kitchen doing this until 9  p.m. on Merry Day 1: 


Then on Merry Day 2 until around 8 p.m. I was transforming the above shapes into: 



St. Nicholas!
I have promised a couple of dozen to family that I will send in the mail as soon as I get them packaged. And the rest is then reserved for me to carry around in my basket on Dec. 6 (St. Nicholas' Feast Day) and I will pass them out to random strangers as a "random act of kindness". Just to make someone smile. 

Do you know the story of St. Nicholas? The True St. Nicholas - who of course evolved over the years into Santa? Instead of my poor words on this great saint, let me instead point you in the right direction: 

So merry Day 3 has started, I've had my coffee and now I am off to:

1. package up my St. Nick's
2. make 150-200 the yeast rolls I gave the recipe for HERE

Tonight at our church we are having a dinner and dance in celebration of our 50th anniversary. 
I was asked to make yeast rolls and cupcakes.

After yesterday's cookie icing that took 12+ hours to complete - I am exhausted (and I ache all over). 

I have to make the yeast rolls, but the cupcakes I purchased...I couldn't make them for as cheap as they were at Sam's. 30 of them for $15.98.... I bought 120 - that quantity along with the other desserts that are going to be there - should be more than plenty. I'm tired. 

I'm tired! hey I'm admitting it....I'm getting old. 
And I have to drudge up some enthusiasm to make all these rolls.

In the spirit of sharing, caring and spreading love and grace - like good 'ol St. Nick...
I think I can make these rolls with gladness!
May it be so!

Merry Day 3!
Merry Christmas!
Vonna xxxx


  1. I love the St. Nicholas cookies and the idea of handing them out on Dec. 6th! I also look forward to making your rolls; thanks for posting the recipe!

  2. Merry Christmas Vonna and Family: Oh, my so many cookies, you are amazing.
    Can you share with us what recipe you use for the icing; I always like to improve my cookie decorating skills, yours are amazing.


  3. Vonna dear ~ You are a marvel of blessings to others. Not surprising that you are "tired", but I imagine you are at peace in following His
    admonition to "love one another"... Thank you for the merry inspiration
    to fill these days with St. Nicholas giving.

  4. The cookies look wonderful! Cookie decorating is not a skill I have ever learned - your's tempt me to give it a try!

  5. Vonna, your cookies look incredible and know they will be enjoyed by all those you give as a gift or as a RAK. I know your rolls will be full of love because YOU made them from your heart. I hope the church dinner was a wonderful event. xoxox

  6. Your cookies look too beautiful to eat. God bestoved many talents to you. Thank you for all you share. It is a blessings to all the stitching world.

  7. Vonna, your cookies look to fancy to eat. Merry Christmas to you and your family.