Friday, February 18, 2022

Mid-February and all it's glitter....

 ~ Welcome friends to my blog ~

Good Morning....(Afternoon, Evening...) 
Well here it is February 18....and I've been sick basically the entire month....
Yes that which shall not be named struck our household starting mid-January. Ellie brought it to the house and one or two of us has fallen each week (including the neighbors down the street (Katie and Austin) who came to eat pizza - I told them it was a bad idea.) 

Anyhoo...Keith and I were the last two to fall...he's got very much different symptoms than me. He has a horrible dry cough and some fatigue. I had horrible congestion and bone weary fatigue. I sleep in a 24 hour period about half of that. Today is the first day I've risen before 7 a.m. (I usually am up by 5 a.m.) We are 2 weeks in yesterday. My congestion and "cold" symptoms are basically over....but my exhaustion. Oh my worse than when I had mono. . . 
I'm trying to work a little each day in the cave and then make supper and that's it for me. I haven't walked in over 2 weeks. I don't think I could drag my butt around the walking trail to do our typical 2 miles. I soon will be well and I'll get back to it.

Even though I have not been myself...
I have been stitching! Let me share with you what I've gone and done :)

~ Little House Needleworks - Fall on the Farm ~
I am stitching mine on 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha Lugana 1 over 1
using Classic Colorworks as called for in charts
and again my own border which you may find: HERE

I finished!
~ Oliver's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush ~
For Keith
Stitched on 18 count natural linen 1 over 2 using DMC and Week's Dye Works Pearl 5 cottons


Some close ups to see the bedazzling pack goodies on the piece:



I worked a couple of days on
~"Quaker Street" by Marjorie Massey ~
I'm stitching on 32 ct. Chalkboard Linen 1 over 2 using DMC Floche in Blanc

Then After I got done with Keith's Stocking I thought....
Now it is time to choose something for Vonna. So I chose:
~ Brown Swiss Dairy by Told in a Garden Marilyn Leavitt Imblum ~
I'm stitching this on 28 ct. Summer Khaki 2 over 2 using DMC as called for.

Here is my Start:
Brown Swiss Dairy_1

And here I am a few days in:
Brown Swiss Dairy_2

Before anyone asks...the side "tensioners" (that's what I call them) are my own invention - thus homemade. It is double sided "velcro" and mitten clips. I just put them on the sidebars of my Rolaframe and clip to the side of my linen. Makes it drum tight every time.

I've also done some finishing....
~ here are some of my favorites ~





This Bunny made as a stand up turned out wonderfully ~
I found out - thanks to a helpful follower and commenter - that it is from
Leisure Arts - Holiday Reverie 1997


This one is also from an older Leisure Arts Book - "Merry Christmas ABC's"



Finally - this is from Hobby House Press - A Cross Stitch Shop where the owner is designing and she asked me to finish her cover models for these two lovely projects.
You may find their website: HERE 


They have some lovely designs that are available for purchase hard copy or with PDF download. You may view those selections: HERE 

Alright friends...
That catches you up to date with the Pfeiffer Household!
We are alive and kickin' although maybe not kickin' as lively as usual...
we are taking our vitamins and we will kick this "that shall not be named" to the curb soon....
because we have a wedding to put on coming up fast June 4th.

Until next time....
all my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. I am sorry to are dealing with the aftermath of the thing that shall not be named. Praying for you and yours to be kickin' more lively in the coming days, dear Vonna. Your stitches are looking good and I am glad you started something for Vonna. Well done on the finishes you have been working on in the cave. Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

  2. I am still praying for you Vonna. I certainly think you accomplished a lot considering!

  3. Good Morning, I'm loving those stand ups and went looking for the book with the Santa and reindeer. Found it but looks like only the reindeer are in that book. If anyone knows in which book Mr. Clause might be hiding I would appreciate it as I would really like to do them. May you and your family feel a lot better soon and take care.

  4. Feel better soon!

  5. I have the crud too. Came down with it the middle of January and can't seem to shake it. It's a sinus headache that won't go away. I'm still coughing at night and seem to want to sleep all the time. Hopefully we will all be better soon. I've been stitching when I can.

  6. Beautiful stitching, beautiful finishes. Sorry to hear you all caught the and that it's kicking your butt. Speedy recovery and impressive progress on your stitching

  7. Sending good thoughts and hugs to all of...hope you will all feel much better soon.

  8. So sorry for what you have had to deal with the past weeks, praying for you and yours to full beautiful health. You have managed to do a remarkable about of stitching and creating during this time, so very beautiful. Love your hubby's stocking, very very nice. I expected to see another stocking for you, but the Brown Swiss Garden is lovely. Don't overdo in the beginning, your strength and stamina will return to you. You will need a little extra strength for the wedding and this event will be a sweet reminder of your life. Sending love and hugs and many prayers to you from Arizona.

  9. I am also just getting over THAT THING! I was gifted it by our 4 year old granddaughter - who was right as rain in a couple of days. Her parents were under the weather for much longer. Fortunately I've been vaxed and boosted, so I didn't suffer too badly, and even more happily my husband and son (who lives with us) did not get it. Stitching was just about the only thing, besides reading, that I felt like doing for about 3 days. The fatigue is very real! Lovely finishing, Vonna, as usual. I especially like the more oddly shaped stand-ups.

  10. Vonna, even when you not kickin' as lively as usual, you still put me to shame, LOL! The stocking looks great; who's stocking is next? Prayers for continued recovery for your entire family.

  11. Hope you are back to full steam quickly. Will keep you in my prayers.

  12. Hope you and your family get well soon.

  13. Lovely post , lots of lovely stitching all beautiful .
    Love the stocking and the bunny is just so loveable .
    Sorry you and your family are not so well.
    Take care it takes time .

  14. Sorry to read you have been unwell. I hope you get your energy back soon.
    Your stitching and finishing is lovely, as always.

  15. Sorry to hear your family has been ill. Prayers for healing and strength.
    Your stitching is so beautiful. I love the stocking you made for Keith. I look forward to seeing it finished.
    You have made great progress on Told In A Garden pattern, these designs are gorgeous.
    I always enjoy seeing your finishes for your clients. Beautiful work !
    Get well soon and enjoy the wedding planning.

  16. Beautiful stitching and finishing as always. Sorry to hear that your whole family has been suffering from this horrid disease. Hope you all feel better soon and can get back to "normal". Feel better soon.

  17. Hello Vonna: I hope you all are feeling better minute by minute.
    Lots of lovely designs in progress.
    Your finishing is beautiful on all the designs.
    Stay safe


  18. You have done a lot of beautiful stitching and finishing for someone who has been both caretaker and patient. Glad everyone is on the mend.

  19. Been praying for you. I totally get the exhaustion. I had it in July and it took several months before the fatigue subsided. I lost quite a bit of weight 20+lbs. I have kept it off but the energy did come back. Keep
    resting up and soon you’ll be all betterđź’ž

  20. Such wonderful eye candy. I hope you all feel better soon.

  21. Sorry the "thing that shant be named hit you and your home". It hit us just before Thanksgiving and the fatigue lasted forever. Still haven't been able to make it a full week without having to take a nap, but it is lifting. I pray you all recover quickly. Take the time to rest when you need to without any guilt. <3

  22. Ouch! The nasty thing found its way to your household! Get well soon! Don't overdo. Take one day at a time. I've got 3 shots, but I've exposed once. No symptoms so far. Luck has been on my side. I hope you recover soon. There's wedding ahead of you.