Thursday, February 03, 2022

Here's February....

 ~ Welcome Friends to my blog ~

It is a snowy and icy Thursday here in good ol' Bloomington, Indiana. They predicted 8-12 inches has been lowered to 6 inches and that's fine by me :) But pretty much we have ice and now it is snowing so - as can be imagined everything is pretty much cancelled and people are staying home. 

I love days like these. I got my lawn chair out this morning (it is before 7 am here right now) and I sat on our front stoop to just listen to the quiet. How I love the muffled stillness of a winter snow day! Magical! During those 15 minutes of just immersing myself in the still (and the cold) I gave thanks to God for my blessings and new day before me. It's one of my 3 positive things this morning..... I am practicing writing down 3 positives every morning and every evening before sleep...I used to mentally do it every night before bed as a sort of reflection of conscience and to remember all the good in my life. But I must say, writing it down is more reflective (in my own opinion) and gives it more importance (again my own opinion). I know that many people practice this and there are many ways to do the same thing, this is my way and I have enjoyed it as my "new" way to focus on joy, every day and try with all my might to remain and be: positive.

So let's get down to why you are here....
I've had a major uptake in my cross stitching life. I think it is because of what I am choosing to focus on this year: Christmas
yes, I'm pretty much keeping Christmas in my heart all year long. 
Christmas is my happy place.

This past week I finished: 

"The Watcher" ~ Camille Harrison
This is found in the 2001 Better Homes and Gardens "A Cross Stitch Christmas"

This sweetie is stitched on 32 count Belfast linen using DMC as called for and retro dated to Ellie's 3rd Christmas (because that's what she looked like back then) I think in my last blog post I shared why I stitched this a second time....because I missed it on my tree after giving it to Katie to put on her Christmas tree in her own home......I missed it as I LOVE this ornament. So I re-stitched it for myself and as I was stitching it I thought: Ellie looked like this too at 3 years I put her name on it. However, when she's a big will be gone. I sort of lamented about this on an Instagram post and  some sweet person on Instagram said I should stitch it again with my name and year that I was three years know what?! I am going to do that! So at some point you will see this again. :)

Then I also finished the sweetest little Santa... I loved him from the very first moment I saw him.
From: "Merry Duo" by Emily Call of Salt & Pepper Stitching 
It is an Etsy shop and you can find it HERE 


I stitched this little darling on 32 count black Belfast using DMC 2 over 2.
this was #2 ornament in the challenge that I decided to join (since I bought a 5th Christmas tree on the after Christmas sales) I have so many cross stitch ornaments that it was getting a little ridiculous (Keith's words... ha ha!) so I was going to stop stitching ornaments, but that made my heart sad, so....I bought another tree! Ha!
Anyway this was ornament #2 in Carol of "Stitching Dreams" 2022 ornament challenge. I know every one knows Carol's blog: HERE  Last year she lead a very successful and enthusiastic group of stitchers in Instagram stitching 12 ornaments in 2021. So successful that she was asked to continue - so this year I am participating in #12in2022ornamentstitchalong, but you know me....I've decided I'd like to do: #22ornamentsin2022
 because: goals.

~ I also got a lot done on my first block of "Fall on the Farm" by Little House Needleworks ~

I'm stitching this series as one piece, on 25 count lugana Vintage Country Mocha one over one using called for Classic Colorworks.
I also created my own "frame" and it is in the link in the previous post OR you can find the link in the tabs above under "Fall on the Farm" Frame.

I also worked on my "Oliver's Stocking" by Shepherd's Bush....
here's where I was....
"Keith" in the alphabet that Shepherd's Bush provides for the stocking was an odd number of spaces and the stylized alphabet is meant as a little wonky... I "centered" it with the" I "off center because that was closest to center of an odd numbered, spaced name.


I should have known after the first couple of comments that some-ones must have thought it was off center....but the coup de grace was last week when asked if I knew it was off centered publicly, on my Facebook page. I was embarrassed and I'll admit I was upset, so I deleted all posts about this stocking on Facebook and Instagram and took an afternoon to pick Keith out and I made sure to end the K and the H exactly on the beginning and ending leaf patterns and I just oddly spaced the E-I-T so that it appears centered - I hope that those concerned about it (and discussing it apparently amongst themselves, I was told) can feel relieved that I have fixed it to their discerning tastes. I don't mind being corrected, however I'd have preferred being contacted, if compelled to do so, privately. It's always disappointing to me when I give a lot of myself to the world and it seems like to me that people like to beat me up or point out my errors. I talk to my husband about this and really there is two options: take everything I have every done, written, given, filmed off and delete it - or roll with it because as Keith likes to say: "You are a nail head sticking up and there will always be someone that will want to hammer you down, because you stick out."
God love Keith, he has a zillion quotes to try to buoy my spirit that he repeats to me frequently. Another one he tells me is: "you can be nice to the lion, that doesn't mean he isn't going to eat you." Or when I'm so behind on everything he will say, "it's like eating an elephant, you get it done one bite at a time." 
😂😂😂😂's centered now, I suppose - well at least to the eye it is centered. 


I also was compelled to start a pattern that I have long loved:
"Quaker Street" ~ by Marjorie Massey
I am stitching just 30 minutes first thing in the morning (if I can swing it) per day. I have only gotten 3 days in as you will see:



I am stitching this one on 32 count chalkboard by Wichelt 
using DMC floche 1 over 2. 
Floche is a fiber by DMC dyed in the same colors as regular DMC cotton embroidery threads (albeit they do not have the range of colors as the embroidery cottons). It's a lovely fiber to work with. AND if you love to work on 28 or 32 count fabrics over 2 it is fantastic as you only use one strand to stitch with. It has a lovely luster and sheen to it. 
One strand of Floche is equal - in my book - to 2 strands of embroidery floss,
 however DMC says:  1.5 strands embroidery floss. 
The photos above show the coverage. It's fantastic!

My bestest long-distance bud - Joanie Lintz from New York, is starting a new retirement business of painting - it's been a dream of hers to open a folk-art/decorative painting business. She and her husband are a dynamic duo - he cuts the surfaces and she paints them. You may remember my Jolly Old Soul from Christmas? Well this guy: Mr. Frostbite is Joanie's newest creation. 
Interested in owning one? 
Interested parties my contact on Facebook Direct Messenger:  Joanie Lintz 
or on Instagram: joanie1ny
to get on her list for these little guy(s).


Ellie is a skating queen every Thursday night at a local roller rink. Makes me smile - I loved to roller skate when I was a preteen and teenager....roller skating to all the 80's songs :) 
She loves to skate and she's really good!


and to end this chatty post....I am leaving you with~
 a beautiful sunset:


a snowy view:


and a kitty pile:


These are Katie's cats - my grandkitties and she sends me pictures every day of them. This was yesterday's :) Little darlings!

~ Until next time ~
I leave you with my favorite quote from a man I greatly admire and is sort of my life's motto ~
"By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach." - Winston Churchill
Why? because "sticks and stones" DO break bones. Be the change - I'm trying very hard to be. 
~ Always, always kindness ~
everyone has opinions and it's OK to share them, but not at the expense of others. It is also a plus if opinions can be communicated in a kind way. And if you can't think of a kind way to communicate, it's better left unsaid. This world....has a problem of beating each other down. Turn on the TV, go to the store, drive or walk down the street, heck even stay in the privacy and security of your own home and people will go out of their way to get their own point, their own agenda, their own way of thinking across to you. I prefer kindness. I try to share only kindness. And although I fail, I am blessed if granted a new day, a new hour, a new minute, a new moment to start over and try again.
All my love, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Happy February, Vonna! Your finishes and WIPs look incredible. I think Keith's stocking is looking good and I am sorry that people felt compelled to rain on your parade with their remarks. I would have joined you on your front stoop to bask in the snow's stillness. We are having rain here versus the snow and ice/sleet. I love Keith's expressions. Enjoy your snowy day!

  2. You do you, Vonna, because you do it so well!! It doesn't matter other people think - only you, because it is your work that you are creating with love. My best to you 2022.

  3. In this age of social media the most important thing for us to impart to our kids (and to practice ourselves) is to not let the opinions of people who DO NOT even know us have a place of importance in how we live our lives. Sometimes I like to add a little whimsy to a pattern. If it's slightly out of kilter, who cares? As long as I don't care that's the important thing. Your stitching is so beautiful Vonna, don't let others rob you of that joy.

  4. I think your stitching is beautiful and I enjoy seeing everything that you are working on. There will always be those who feel compelled to criticize-I guess it makes them feel better about themselves. Try not to let them get you down. As we say in the South-"Bless their little hearts"!

  5. Don't let the turkeys get you down! ;) I love your ornament back-dating idea; I looked like that also when I was little, I just might make that ornament for myself dated 1972! <3

  6. Lovely blog post, lovely projects. Your husband is wise with his words -- do your best to let other's ridiculous, thoughtless comments impact you. You can only control how you react to said nonsense. Keep on being you, you are very talented and are very generous is sharing your talents and knowledge with us. Keep on stitching and making and God Bless You!

  7. You have to just laugh and say "everyone has an opinion about everything". And a big loud "I love it" with a huge smile. I have a couple of quilts with some huge errors, but to me they are a big laugh and any "poor" comments just tells me a lot about the commentator's mindset. In my case it is the quilt police and in yours the cross stitch police. haha.

  8. Vonna, thank you for all that you share with us in the stitching community. Those Keith-Quotes are fabulous. Next time I'm overwhelmed at work, which happens quite a lot, an elephant will come to mind.

  9. Vonna, you have a genuine treasure in that wonderful husband of yours!! You are so blessed in so many ways, husband, children, and talent without end. Some of us (especially me) would love to be 1/10 as talented. I, agree with Jan's statement, I think certain people
    criticing others to make themselves feel better about themselves. How that makes them feel better is a mystery. Vonna, do what gives you joy and contentment for your heart, we love you.
    I am in love with your sweet kitten pile of furrs, reminds me so much of my beloved furr babies. Sending much love and calming thoughts with many hugs to you from Arizona.

  10. Vonna, your fans are tenfold and your critics are few. It's just that the few get in our heads, don't they? You are so generous with sharing your talents. Thank you!

  11. Vonna, thank you as always for being the kind and generous person that you are. I am so sorry for the very unhelpful and unnecessary comments.

  12. I think all the folks quick to attack you are jealous of you and your life. You are someone they could admire and learn from. Instead they would rather point out your flaws to make themselves feel better. That's really sad.

  13. Loved your post today .
    The little girl is just beautiful . so is the other Santa stitch.
    I don't do FB I just use blogger , I like to get to know my followers and that they are like minded friends .
    Who help each other and build friendships .
    FB can be very hurtful to many . I like to stitch and encourage others.
    Have a lovely day .

  14. I think your stitching is wonderful and you should ignore those who are so critical. My goodness, some people. Well, Bless their hearts they don't have anything better to do than to pick on someone. I love your stitching and have always thought it was wonderful. Good Lord bless you and keep you.

  15. Dear Vonna, I just wanted to let you know that I watched one of your Cave Tales during a hard time last year and you inspired me to start stitching a large, detailed, colorful Nora Corbett that had been in my stash for a long time... Gathering Eggs. I've been stitching many smalls the last couple of years, but hearing you talk about diving into a more challenging piece (a Santa!) and working on it a bit at a time mixed in with other projects just helped me make up my mind to just do it! Thanks for that extra bit of inspiration... why not stitch and sew EVERYTHING that makes us happy?? Your videos are full of good advice and tips. Thanks for sharing SO MUCH of your work with us!

  16. Vonna remember your talent far exceeds most other peoples. The people who criticize you are jealous of your talents and don't deserve your attention. It is a shame that they have nothing better to do with their lives. Your stitching is beautiful as always.

  17. I so enjoy seeing your beautiful stitching and the love that goes into everything you do. Here's a suggestion on how to deal with negative people taken from my experiences in the corporate world - sort of the "you complain about it, you own it" theory. They may have thought they were being helpful in a "in your face" kind of way. So you could go back with: Thank you for expressing your concern. On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does the off center name see to be? Do you think it is worth ripping out and doing over? How would you approach re-centering the name, etc. Let them know if they are going to offer an opinion, they will need to be prepared to fix it or have a solution in mind. And it may be fun to mess with their minds a little in a nice, polite way. Keep smiling Vonna - you are truly a blessing to all of us.

  18. Hi Donna, I want to thank you so so much for the little house border pattern I love it and if I finish it I will of course say where I got it. You can thank Jennifer from Jens Stitching Niche she recommended it, for once I am glad I hadn't started on time. Now just as important I want to say that everything I have seen you do is so adorable beautiful and darling, don't let a bad apple ruin the basket and I love love your husbands comment you are a nail that sticks up and thats why you get hammered down, that is the best I have heard and I hope I can remember it when needed and I am giving him credit starting now. I really don't understand why people make comments that are hurtful hateful rude and mean on social media I can't imagine being home and only having time to do that or put a thumbs down on a YouTube, honestly it takes a brave person to even make a YouTube. I have even commented if you don't like it just move on but don't be hurtful. Just remember when you look at likes think of it as more nice and good people than disgruntled folks. Don't let them run you off, keep doing it for yourself and those of us who love you and what you do. Hugs and thank you again for the border.

  19. Please all and you'll please none. Don't let criticism get under your skin. People never cease to amaze me at how ridiculous they are.

  20. Vonna, Keith is spot on with his comments. I don't get why people feel the need to be unkind. If they are trying to be helpful, a private word/message is usually enough. I love seeing your work. It is to be admired.

  21. It is so discouraging to hear that people can be so judgmental and hurtful. I don’t think they represent the opinion of most of the stitchers that follow you. You are a wonderful person with many superior talents!

  22. Love your stitching and positive out look on life. Sorry you have to deal with petty people, but I for one find your stitching beautiful and inspiring. I wish you the very best and always enjoy a look into your lovely life.

  23. We are all blessed that you open your heart, home, family and skills to us. Thank you for sharing all of it.

  24. Aww, 3 little purring friends! Scratch the neck of those sweeties! I love cats, and it seems the cats sense it somehow, but I can't have a cat anymore. My lungs refuse accepting cats, although my heart loves them. But one must think of one's health, and that's why I have to ignore the siren song of my heart, no matter how much I'd love to give a home for a purring friend.