Sunday, December 06, 2020

Merry Days, Entry 4....

 Greetings and Warm Welcome 

~ to my blog, where I share my love of all things needle and thread ~

Entry 4....
Today we light the second candle on our Advent Wreath...


The first candle stands for: Hope with the "Prophet's Candle" being lit.
The second candle which we light today and all this week symbolizes Faith with the "Bethlehem Candle".
My prayers for Hope and Faith stand strong and united with all faiths during these times.

I recently shared a new start to my YouTube channel of personal stitching and life stories - much like this blog except me really there talking - I'm calling it "Cave Tales". My crafting area is in our unfinished basement. I've worked this summer on really cozying up my "cave"(as I have always called it) since it is too primitive to call it a "studio" which all the cool girls call their space.
You can watch me on my new launch of my channel HERE my channel is Closed Captioned so hearing impaired can participate as well. 

My Tale 1 is all about a few of my favorite Christmas Ornaments and the stories that accompany them. I invite you to take a look, subscribe and ding the bell so that you can be notified on when I upload new content. 

Friday was my twin boys birthday!
here they were when they really liked me on their first birthday: 

Mommy and Kids_December 2000

Here is Baby A - Ian - yesterday when we celebrated his birthday with pizza and his favorite: Cookie Cake with a Mario Bros. Theme since he has been playing Mario Carts in the last few weeks non-stop.  (note: it is tradition in our family to get each other funny cake decorations...for instance when they got their driver's license on their birthday we got them Pixar "Cars" cake toppers. This year Keith ordered a 50th wedding anniversary cake because in his words: we are celebrating 50 years since your birth. Ellie got Karate Kid this year because she's into Asian pop bands.....see the themes? It is our family "inside joke" others don't understand it - but we think it's funny, and truly that's all that matter, isn't it?) 

Today we celebrate Jacob....
he is getting a baby Yoda cake 😂
and his special meal of choice is: BIG BREAKFAST which in Pfeiffer terms means sausage, bacon, eggs, buttermilk pancakes and fried potatoes. Jacob LOVES fried potatoes. 
I'll be sure to share a photo of Jake and his cake next entry.

Today is also St. Nicholas feast day! 
we left out our socks and he stuffed them with $20 bill for each child - he knows we are watching our weight and candy AND 2 birthday cakes was a little much. St. Nick he's smart that way.

And since it is St. Nick's Day how about a little Stitching Share:


stitched on 32 count natural linen in called for colors except for skin tones
one finished in a pillow style ornament and the other finished in flat style ornament. 
They turned out sweet and are on their way to new homes to live and I hope the recipients 
think of me when they hang them on their trees.

Until next time...
keep a smile in your heart and one on your face and you just can't go wrong!
smiles, hugs and love to you all, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Hi Vonna! Happy Birthday to the boys! What a cool and unique tradition the cake ideas are. How fun. Do you make those cakes? Pictures? You all are full of fun traditions. Love it! I am loving those ornaments. That design has a unique look to it. Someone got lucky to receive those. Thx for the great videos and posts! Happy Holidays.

  2. I loved your Cave video and look forward to more.
    Happy birthday to your boys......well men now. I like your birthday cake themes, such fun.
    Beautiful finishing work. I never tire of seeing the treasures you create.
    Have a wonderful day !

  3. Happy Birthday to your sons!

  4. I enjoyed your first edition of 'Cave Tales'. Some of your tales brought tears to my eyes.
    Both finishes of 'Winter's Eve' are beautiful.
    Have a good week.

  5. Wishing Ian and Jacob the happiest of birthdays! Will check out your Cave Tales video, Vonna. And thank you for taking the time to add the closed captioning option to your video. It is so very appreciated.

  6. Me again! I forgot to say the Santa ornaments are darling.

  7. I love your patterns! Where could I purchase one? Also I love the cloth color they are stitched on.

  8. Loved Cave Tales, many smiles and a few tears, I really love that you are doing some of the videos and blogging. Don't overdo, stay safe and well and with a happy heart.