Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Show Notes FlossTube #19, February 28, 2018...

February 28, 2018 Video ~ FlossTube #19 may be viewed: HERE

Plum Street Samplers "Merry Friends" stitched on 35 ct. Weeks Dye Works linen color: Straw. I stitched it 2 threads over 2 threads

My 2nd Quilt Finish Jelly Roll Race quilt, using Kansas Troubles "Thistle Farm" Moda fabrics. Tutorial for Jelly Roll Race 2.0 can be found at this link: Missouri Star Quilt Company 

My 1st Quilt Finish: Completely quilted by: Patty Hughes of The Finished Quilt ~ Long Arm  Quilting Service. Contact Information: E-mail:  Phone: 419-334-7752 On Facebook: The Finished Quilt Long Arm Quilting Service

ETSY SHOP for gifted needleminder: ETSY SHOP also available on Facebook


Vervaco "Jesus Face" stitched on 18 count ivory aida

Flag Day in the Potting Shed by With Thy Needle and Thread by Brenda Gervais, Limited Edition Kit for 2016 stitching on 32 count flax using Classic Colorworks Threads

The Twisted Stitcher in Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine starting summer 2018!!  SUBSCRIBE!! HERE TODAY!!!!!!!

1. Quilting: "Quilt As You Go Made Vintage" by Jera Brandvig buy book: HERE

2. Linda Bird needlework adaptations of Betty Caithness paintings:
   "Skating at Sunset" found in 2017 Keepsake Calendar
   "Late Summer Village" found in September 2010 Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine

3. The Gold Collection - Dimensions Kit "Christmas Village Ornaments" I found mine on Amazon HERE

4. Just Another Button Company (JABCO) "Button of the Month Club" learn more about it: HERE

5. Matthew Kelly for Dyanmic Catholic  and find the program, Best Lent Ever HERE


7. Down Sunshine Lane: Michelle Palmer one of a kind Needleminders: HERE
    Michelle Palmer Etsy Shop: HERE 

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

So this happened yesterday...

and it is a win for all of you ~ my fans, friends and followers!

Thank you for being my friends, for supporting me, for letting me share my love of needlework with you. This is my 14th year authoring this blog and through this blog I have become friends with many of you. True friends. 
May we all continue to grow in our love and art of needlework because the stitches we lay bind our hearts in friendship!

Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Monday, February 26, 2018

What happened in February 2018...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to all ~

What happened in February?....
that's what happened. Sometimes life has a way of getting the better of you, doesn't it? The month started out on an upsetting note, and sort of carried throughout the month for me. As a family we had a small, but nonetheless upsetting event. I'm sure many of my long-time readers are aware, but for newer readers - I am a very emotionally sensitive person and when someone in my vicinity is struggling emotionally, I struggle emotionally - particularly if it is a person who has a very strong connection to me. So I had that going on and then had layered on that issues brought to my attention through an acquaintance of mine. I am sure all of you have experienced something similar: you are innocently living life and then someone (out of the blue) tells you that a couple of people are speaking ill about you. So what do you do during times like these? I didn't say or do anything at the time outwardly but on the inside I was hurt and upset, at first. Then as I processed it I remembered to: hold my head high because, those that truly know me, know my heart and know my character. I don't have time for petty, childish, high school drama from people who are old enough to know better. Nope, I don't have time for that.

February also had a few volunteer events that I was in charge of at our church....
Funeral Luncheon to coordinate, plan, set-up, execute and clean-up (always a 3 day investment of time)
Singing the Funeral Mass
Mardi Gras Pancake Supper 
Singing Ash Wednesday Mass

Which brings me to Lent...
Struggling emotionally already, I was bound and determined to bring myself out of this emotional "funk" I was in. So I was determined to have the "Best Lent Ever" so I again signed up with Matthew Kelly over at Dynamic Catholic for the "Best Lent Ever" program. This is my 3rd Lent using his series as my main focus for Lent and once again just 11 days in I can tell you he is delivering a powerful punch and helping me to do just what his program says: Live my BEST life. The only thing that pulls me through life is God, without Him, I am nothing. 

What else has been going on?
Work, lots and lots of work.
I've stitched 3 models, sadly I cannot share with you the stitching or the finishes. Sorry. You will see them eventually, and when they show up later this spring and summer - just remember I was creating them in February when I couldn't share them with you.
But I can share with you - I know you are here for the stitching - what has flown out of my finishing cave for my clients these last few weeks.
Please note: if I know the designer and the name of the design, I always put it on the photo at the top. If it is not there - I do not know it. I also do not know fabric color or counts - I'm not the stitcher, just the finisher. 

EA_Durene Jones_Tooth Fairy Plaque_Bed Pillows WH_Shepherd's Bush_Oliver's Stocking for Beck WH_Shepherd's Bush_Thomas Stocking for Logan LHN_Farmhouse Christmas_Little Red Barn JG_Shepherd's Bush St Patrick Trifles JG_Shepherds Bush Winter Trifle JG_SB_I'm Dreaming JG_SB_Little Red House JG_SB_Up on the House Top LC_BC_Love You Mom LC_WTNT Spring Time Social LC_WTNT_Snow For Christmas AL_JBW Designs_Bicycle AL_LK Land that I love AL_LK Stitching Forever AL_LK_3 Words_Never Give Up AL_LK_Dogs Leave CF_Satsuma Street_Alpine CK_SB_Flock Pins LH_CC Home of the Brave LH_CC_Land of the Free LH_CC_Long May She Wave LH_CC_Patriotic ThreadPacks LH_Custom Project Envelopes HC_LK_Pilgrims WF_Little Stitcher Warm Hands Warm Heart WF_LK Red White Beach WF_LK Tiny Tidings 21 WF_LK Wise Men WF_LK_Jingle PC_VS_Stitcher Garden Pocket DW_LHN Liberty Belles DW_SR Bless This Family MS_WTNT_Tisket Tasket RP_Brightneedle_Lo How a Rose KB_LK She Believed KB_Jardin Prive_Quaker aux clefs KB_Little House_Busy Needle KB_Lizzie Kate_Stitch Day HM_LK Three words KC_DWT Be Mine Drum

All of these done in February and I still have 3 full days....
and lots more packages waiting ;)

Thank you for your patience with me.
Thank you for sharing my life.
Thank you for coming to my little slice of the internet and all the places where I share to support me.
I wish a fantastic week ahead.

Until next time...
I'm going to keep a smile in my heart and one of my face because that sets the tempo for me to march to the beat of my own drum! 
Hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, February 01, 2018

An Honor....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome Friends ~

I have to share some most wonderful news that I've had to keep my mouth zipped about for weeks.

Vonna Announcement PNPS 2018 Spring

If you aren't a subscriber to Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine click on the name and it will hop you over there to sign up!

Its a beautiful magazine filled with beautiful designs for punch needle and stitching! Now in upcoming issues it will feature a little slice of The Twisted Stitcher and her finishing ideas. I am just so filled with gratitude and pride that my work was considered good enough to be approached by the editor. 
Speechless Happiness! 

I've said it before...
and I'll say it again, to Him goes the Glory that made me and graciously blessed me with many, many gifts and treasures. 

With humble gratitude, 
Vonna xxxx