Saturday, April 22, 2017

Catch Up!...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my stitching friends!
I hope that this finds each of you well, happy and enjoying life

I have been busy since we last met!

The retreat went well...
teaching 4 classes that took a little longer than what I expected, but feedback has been very positive and I'm proud to say all 72 students left my classes with  completely finished pieces to take home with them. I didn't want them to have partially finished pieces, I made the commitment that I was going to teach, help and do as much as I could to ensure that each student left with a finished piece!
I'm proud to say they did!

Here's some random shots from retreat...



peeps 4


peeps 2

peeps 1

my display

mouths wide open

Good shot of my normal life pose ~ My Big Mouth WIDE open :)

It was a great time! There IS going to be another retreat same time next year...stay tuned!

On to my stitching....

I have had a really great time stitching on "Let Freedom Ring Sampler"
by Lila's Studio
(information on what I'm stitching it on, with what threads, and more at TAB above)
Here is where it stands today:
LFRS April

I also finished the next in the Hands on Design 12 Days Ornaments...


Betsy Ross....
from Little House Needleworks new series "Early Americans" 
(information on my Early American SAMPLER ~ as I am doing it all on one piece and have created a border. Can be found at TAB above)
LHN Betsy Ross April 17

I also started something else new...
thanks to Michele of the blog "Striped Rose" fame...of which I followed devotedly for years...and now Michele is now doing FlossTube Videos at her Channel of the same name HERE

Michele has a FANTASTIC finish of Carriage House Samplings "As Life Wears Away Sampler" 
here is a still shot of her explaining it on her FlossTube Episode


Isn't that FANTASTIC?! 
I stopped the video right then and there...
I knew this sampler, and had never been intrigued until I saw Michele's version. I was gobsmacked right in the choppers. Stopped the video and ordered it smack dab, right there. 
It came...and here is where mine stands as of today:

CHS As Life Wears Away

I'm stitching mine in DMC on 32 count pearled barley from Lakeside
I am so in love with this sampler. SO in love! 
Thanks to FlossTube and all the people sharing their love of cross stitch. 

So that's all the cross let's talk family! 

We have been:

Celebrating Easter!

Inducted into the National Honor Society
because we carry a 4.2 gpa (Jake) and a 3.9 gpa (Ian)

Running Races... 
Track 4-17-17

Winning races!!!....
Jake WINS 4-17-17

A member of the IUPUI's Society of Women Engineer's all female Go-Cart Racing Team and have competed at Purdue University's Grand Prix!!! 
katie go cart

Making Cookies...
and eating cookies :)

 Celebrating 21 years of being married to a real SWEET gal :)

EAGLE watching! 

and winning Scholarships 
(she's up to $12K worth of scholarships for next year!)

Are ya still with me?! I'm barely still with myself! 

If you made it all the way down here...
Thank you, my friends! 
I've been finishing like a real banshee...but you can catch a gander of them in my FLICKR album located in the TAB above under My Finishing Service. I have finished 175 items since January 9, 2017 after reopening after the holidays. Yep, I'm busy. Yep, I'm blessed!

~All the Honor and ALL the glory goes to God who sustains me and mine~

Until next time...
Smile real big...
be a friend to all you meet...
be kind...
be humble...
think before you speak...
you don't know what others are going through....don't judge!

Love and hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hello There!...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~
to all my stitchin' buddies 

Today I have a quick share...
I'll be back with a new tutorial and my general life and stitching updates soon,
Scouts Honor!

I was honored to be asked...
to be an honorary member of The Fat Quarter Shop's monthly club of the month featuring Hand's On Design's sweet new series: HELLO THERE!  which features darling monthly designs that are the palette and backdrop for delightfully charming buttons from Just Another Button Company

My Hello April kit came in the mail and it was so sweetly packaged, I have to share:
Hello April

Isn't it darling?! 
You can click on the photo to enlarge it to see details, but included in the kit comes, a check off list, a sweet thread palette with all the called for colors, a piece of called for linen, the finishing tutorial pamphlet, the chart pack (containing all 12 designs), the button pack for April, a needle and a darling NEEDLEMINDER made from a JABCO button! 
pretty sweet!

So if any of you would like to join this club, and stitch along monthly with me...
please go to these links, as is appropriate for your stitching preference and join me! 

Until next time I fly in friends...
keep life simple..
stop and smell the roses...
stitch something beautiful...
Love in Stitches, 
Vonna xxxx