Friday, August 12, 2016

The Big Save....

~ Greetings Friends and Warm Welcome ~
I first want to start off this post with a very sincere


to all of those that left positive notes/comments or personally sent me positive notes/comments.
You do not know, how much your kind, considerate, thoughtful concern touched my heart.
I was struggling, I truly was, with a multitude of things that occurred over the last 2 months and it wasn't just Katie's move to college, albeit that was a very large concern.

You see...
I also resigned from my position outside the home.
For the last 23 years, I have juggled a job, a home, a family, volunteer positions, a job inside the home...and I found it very fulfilling.

8.5 years ago....
I started working at this small county hospital here in my city. What I thought would be the perfect set up, I soon realized was much the opposite. A very difficult to get along with coworker, who was in a place of authority, coupled with the fact that the hospital (due to the healthcare climate in our country) changed ownership 5 times during the last 8.5 years - spells n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e. That meant, any counseling, any write-ups, any issues at all in a person's HR file was wiped clean with every change of leadership. The perfect storm to cover up a perfect problem employee. After a very critical situation that I was once again placed in because of this person, and the resulting "our hands are tied, we can't do anything about this" being told to me yet *again*, I resigned. You see my job outside the home, which was in a part-time capacity, with part-time hours, and although I begged for years to be put into a  "position"..... I was never granted one. Why? Because it looked "good" on paper. I was the cheapest person on the books, because they kept me (who was working regular, part-time hours for 8.5 years) as a Per Diem employee (PRN).  What does that mean? It means: I was never paid for holidays, never got paid vacation, no sick time, no leave, no nothing. 
Zip. Zilch. Nada.
What were the benefits for working? A lot of hell and a lot of stress.
So...starting a new chapter of life. 
My last "crash and burn" blog...
was written 2 days after I had worked my last shift at the hospital. 
Yep, I didn't walk out. I had agreed to cover the vacation of a co-worker who was taking a 3 week vacation. So...I kept my word, my dignity, my values...and worked those agreed to days.
I left with my pride and my dignity.

Not only did all that happen...
but I'm also the "funeral luncheon lady" at our church Starting June 30 and continuing the following 3 weeks our parish had unprecedented deaths. 6 deaths in 3 weeks. The last week I had 2 funerals in one day and both families requested me to sing the Funeral Masses. So that meant 2 meals to plan and execute (garnering donations for the meals, ordering fried chicken, setting up, cleaning up, etc) and 2 choral practice sessions as well as 2 Masses. Katie and I arrived at 8 a.m. and left at 7 p.m. 

Some of you may be thinking....
WHY? didn't she have help? Well I did have help and donations were given, etc. However smack dab in the middle of the 6 funerals, my co-chair quit and so where I would have leaned on her, I was left to stand alone. But I got it done. I have recruited NEW CO-CHAIRS (I refuse to be the only ONE in future left to deal) and things have calmed down.

I have been learning to say NO!
I'm not good at it...but I am learning.

On to Katie....
She was delivered to college safely. 
We had a fabulous, spectacular day. I could feel of you who were praying for me. I was calm. I was cool. I was collected. Not a tear was shed in her presence. We left her in high spirits and she has continued in her little college world just as I knew she would. 
Here is a pictorial review of the 

"Dorm Day"

Katie's Room 

  Dorm desk

Dorm Panorama

Us all together one last time before we left....

Dorm Day

Katie sent me this picture the very next day....

Dorm 2016

Katie on the Canal

Katie's Scavenger Hunt Team

She is attending...
Indiana University - Purdue University of Indianapolis
She is majoring in Electrical Engineering (EE). 
She is the only female in the 2020 class of Electrical Engineering (thus the boys above)...apparently EE is one of the hardest engineering disciplines and not as popular with females as Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering, which both have high female percentages. Because she is the only identified female in the 2020 EE class...she is garnering LOTS of attention from the Engineering Dean and Professors, as they want her to be a success story for the program (and thus a sort of feather in their cap). 
Could I be more proud? 
Probably not.

I also want to highlight....
that God provides. Katie has been struggling with the fact that it may be difficult to get to Mass. She's in downtown Indy (not known for it's safety) and the Catholic Church is quite a hike, straight through the middle of downtown Indianapolis. There is not a Newman Center on Campus that holds Mass on the weekends. I have been praying about this.
Wednesday I got a text from Katie with a GUESS WHAT?!
Well, it turns out...the young lady with the glasses in the picture above is Catholic, she doesn't consistently practice, but was raised as Catholic. She saw Katie's prayer books on her bedside and crucifix and asked her Wednesday if she could be her "Mass Buddy" because she said: 
I want to practice my faith and grow my relationship with God.
If that is not an answer to prayer, I don't know what is. 
Prayer works...

In the meantime....
my other three kids started school on Wednesday, August 10. 
Here is their yearly: First Day of School Picture

First Day of School 2016

They are growing and thriving. The boys are becoming very "manly" if I do say so myself :)
Ellie is in 5th grade
Ian and Jacob are Juniors /11th Graders.

We recently celebrated Ellie's 11th Birthday, right before Katie left for college on August 5th



I've been busy in my Finishing Service...

MB_LHN Loving You HC_Brittercup Designs Kitty Tree HC_Brittercup Designs Britty Kitty HC_Brittercup Desgins Poinsettia GS_CCN Snow in Love GS_CCN Holly Jolly GS_Angel Star NS_TLS Cardinal NS_Land of Liberty bag NS_CCN Happy Holidays LW_Bowl Fillers DH_LHN Under the Tree DB_TSH America Class Set DB_Dried Marigolds DB_PSS Bowl of Scaries 1 CS_PSS Serial Bowl CS_PSS Daily Labors of theBee

This isn't even all of the finishes I've done in the last couple of months...but you get the idea ;)

Until next time...
I'm marching on, feeling good, and being a supportive, good neighbor to those that need a shoulder to lean on. Because the good Lord knows, that when I needed positive, kind words most of you were there for me and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx