Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Catching up on a couple of good weeks...

~ Greetings my friends and stitching buddies ~
warm welcome to you!

What happened?!....
I was so proud of myself and on a roll with weekly blogging and...
it happened again. I went and got busy.
Actually, my colleague at work decided to move, sell his house and some other stuff that he needed off work for (at the last minute...)
and guess who gets to work those hours?
I'm not complaining (OK, well sorta), but its a job and I'm thankful to have one. A little notice of working for days on end would be nice. When my colleague is gone, that means I work his hours and mine too. So that's a whole lot of hours/days to cover....but its extra $$$ and with a kid going to college next year, what is not to like about extra $$$.
So I'm sucking it up, buttercup!

Fall decorating went and happened...
~ Welcome to our home ~
Fall Outside

Inside Fall Collage

I love fall ~ the rich reds, golds and oranges....just yummy!
The smell of wood smoke and crisp falling leaves crunching under your feet. Its dry here in my part of Indiana and the trees are already dropping their leaves...so during my morning walks leaves are scuttling around every where. 

Speaking of my morning walks....
I try to walk 3 miles at least 5 days per week. I have foot issues (or I do when I am not very, very careful about my footwear)...I get plantar fasciitis very easily. I have really bad heel spurs too from the plantar fasciitis. But because I started wearing exclusively Birkenstocks and Alegria shoes...I have healed my own feet. My podiatrist is amazed that I don't have to go see him for my 4x a year cortisone shots anymore :) I'm happy about that myself as they were not very much fun at. all.

I started wearing Birkenstocks...
16 months ago (to the day almost).
My first pair of Birkenstocks were these Mayari's. I roughly calculate that I have about 700 miles logged in the ones on the throw rug. They are nasty...the soles are worn horribly and the bottoms are about worn to the cork in places along the heal and across the toes. But they are so molded to my feet that I can stand in them for hours and my feet never hurt. But I slipped when it was raining a couple of weeks ago and so that made it dangerous to wear them. I had to break down and buy a new pair. But I can't bear to throw my old ones out.

Here is today after my walk...
my new Birks have about 45 miles on the. I walk roughly 15 miles a week...I've been wearing these 3 weeks. I love them. But they aren't as broken in as my old pair. But they will get there :)


When I walk...
I track my mileage on Runtastic, wear my sunglasses (because I'm vain and I have zero make-up on), have my house key on a rope and I pray my rosary. In 50 minutes of walking I can pray 3 full rosaries. That's what I call a power walk! I pray for all my friends and their intentions that they lay on the Lord's heart. Whisper your intentions to Him and know that I am praying for you, every morning from 8 until 9 a.m.

Walking kit

Thank you...
for all your well wishes for Katie. Her XC season has been a little heart breaking. She's not had a collapse like the first meet, but she's just not ran like she was hoping too. Come to find out, she has low iron and folate. A common problem with distance runners. So I put her on a regiment of vitamins, minerals and a mega dose of iron and she's rebounding. Sadly her last meet for her career is next week. Its been a great, life-changing experience for Katie to be a distance runner. Now she will just run for fun and health. She plans on participating in many 5K in her future just for fun. 

Here she is pictured the day she got her college acceptance letter. She is going to attend IUPUI (Indiana University ~ Purdue University of Indianapolis). The best of both Indiana schools combined into one in the heart of the city. She will be studying Electrical Engineering (following her Daddy's footsteps). The best thing is: She was awarded an academic scholarship (already!) of  $24,000 ($6K per year for 4 years) based on her academic work and SAT/ACT scores.

WAHOO! Katie!!!

Katie's a Jag

Katie also holds...
a part-time job, where she's worked for the last 2 years. She came home Sunday night to tell us that she has been promoted to Manager!!! 
Could a parent be any more proud? Nope, I don't think so...

Manager Katie

My Dad and Stepmom...
is on a 8 week cruise. Here is a breath-taking photo they sent me from Flam, Norway. 

Flam, Norway

I've been busy...
enhancing my stash...

Limited Edition Kit "Gobble Gobble!"
from With Thy Needle and Thread by Brenda Gervais
(it had me at "LIMITED EDITION")


Gobble Gobble WTNT

The ladies at Fancy Works...
my Local Needlework Shop, are always grinning like Cheshire Cats by the time I leave...
Brenda Gervais does the best witches...who can NOT like them?!?!
 I'm not even a big fan of Halloween, but I adore those witches! 
and I finished "Hallow Day Inn" last year, and these compliment it ~ 
justify your purchases people!

The odd man out is the Lizzie Kate 2014 Santa 
(*hint* you'll see the reason why he's in the lot later on...)


And being on-line, is particularly hazardous to one's pocketbook when you turn on your Facebook news feed and see this:

"Heaven and Nature Sing" by Kathy Barrick
yep, my finger got all itchy and clicky this morning. Its on its way!
(this had me at: well hello (did you see that) DEER!)

And Heaven and Nature Sing

I can't buy all that stuff without actually having something finished!

So I went and finished:
"Quaker Stocking"
by Carriage House Samplings
stitched on 40 ct. Purely Primitive linen 
1 over 2 
using my own colorway of reds/gold
in Classic Colorworks Cottons. I used:
Manor Red

Didn't it turn out lovely?

CHS Stocking Finished

CHS Quaker

of my stockings on my mantle!  
(my next stocking to stitch will be: Pennsylvania German Stocking. I have the 40 ct. Tin Roof WDW linen all ready to go! But likely not to be started until 2016
One day, I hope I have a whole mantle FULL of the CHS stockings. I have all the patterns. 
(of course...)
Both CHS Stockings

If you read my previous blog...you saw I had purchased this in my last stash enhancement.
I didn't care for the linen in the kit (as it was a Limited Edition kit). Sort of loosey goosey mesh type linen...Don't care for the way my stitches look. But I have lots of thread left and it was a quick stitch so I think I'll stitch it again and have two ornaments. 

Heart in Hand Woodland Peace

That's all I have to share about my family and stitching...
but in my other "hobby", I have to share these sweet Chihuahua cookies that Rico asked me to make for our stitching pal, EDGAR!
I've been friends with then for a long time and when Rico wanted a surprise for Edgar, I told him to send me the cookie cutters and I'd take care of the rest. 

So I made 28 big and little pups and sent them on an airplane to San Francisco :)
They turned out pretty good, although I was worried they weren't up to snuff. But they do look awful cute!

I have been finishing for my clientele....A LOT!
and here is a few sampling shots of what has been running across my desk lately.
(to see my whole year of finishes you are always welcome to click on the tab above and then inside the tab click on the 2015 link. This has been a very productive finishing year for my clients!)

JG_CCN Home Sweet Home JG_LHN Needle Bed JG_PS Stitching Santa LO_LHN Season of Love LO_LHN Merry Christmas
LO_LHN Gingerbread Man

(*answer* of why L*K 2014 Santa was purchased)

KB_LK Santa

LO_CCN Angels LO_CCN Paris LO_TIAG Bell Pull JS_Colonial Gatherings Club Pieces JS_LK Flora McSampler Stockings 2

Alrighty Folks...
That does it for me today!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work,
my heart to God, 
while treating my neighbors with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
I stumble and I fall, but I pick myself and remember:
To thine own self be true. 
Loving my neighbor as myself. 
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx