Thursday, August 27, 2015

Running down August...

~Greetings dear friends and stitching buddies ~
I'm really trying to keep this at least once a week blogging up :)
I don't really feel as I have anything good to share, but you never know...I might have something appealing to someone. At least it appears that many of you like to read my weekly drivel :)
And if you do not..then click away, my friend, to a new internet address. No need to stop and read any further. 

When we last visited...
I had shown you my current work in progress.

"Quaker Stocking"
by Carriage House Samplings
I am stitching it on 40 ct. Purely Primitive
using my own colors that I picked and substituted in reds/gold
I am using Classic Colorworks overdyed cottons:
Manor Red
Wild Berries

Here is what it looked like on our last visit:
August 18, 2015
Quaker Stocking 2nd Progress

I worked on it a little bit over the weekend and on Sunday evening it stood at this point:
August 23, 2015
Quaker Stocking 8_23_15

 I've been putting a new plan into work here at home, as I alluded to last post...
I barely have time to myself on any given day. I'm not complaining! I like busy! I have been having sleep issues recently ~ like I don't sleep. I'm high strung ~ plain and simple. I have a lot of nervous energy. I know many people are like that ~ have to have their hands busy at all times, running lists in their head, etc. I never have time, it seems, to just sit and relax or turn my head off. I am usually doing some sort of housework. homework, finishing, counseling, cooking, packing lunches...... (the list could go on and on) until bedtime. I know that is a familiar habit with most people, I'm no exception. I've gotten into a bad habit of running around doing all manner of things right up until 9 p.m. My husband and I get up at 4:30 a.m. So therefore we go to bed earlier than most, I believe. When 9 p.m. rolls around everyone is on their way to bed. So I hurriedly take a shower, tuck everyone in, say bedtime prayers, goodnight, I love you; then I fall into my bed trying to go to sleep myself, but my head is still whirring and I lay and I lay. In an effort to be proactive in making more "me" time, I'm quitting "work" after the supper dishes are done. Therefore...I've had some enjoyable evenings this week stitching. Here is where my stocking stands as of this morning:

August 27, 2015
Quaker Stocking_8_27_15

Like 100% of everyone else on the face of the earth...
I'm busier than busy, but I have to have one day where I run errands, make appointments, etc. With my work schedule being primarily on weekends and the days before and after them,  I have to have one day during the week to just run. Yesterday was that day for this week. 

I got up at my usual time...
and actually put on make-up! Here's a picture to prove it:

Vonna August 2015 Polaroid

Most of the time I go around looking like Hagatha because I walk my daily 3 miles right after I walk Ellie to school. I'd just sweat make-up right off if I put it on in this hot/humid weather, so I don't put it on most days. But yesterday....I had a meeting at a new local senior health living campus as they just opened and there are around 5 Catholics there and I and my partner Eucharistic ministers will be taking the Eucharist we had to get introduced to the staff and meet our new people. The priest came and blessed the facility and it was just a very nice time. Then I ran to my LNS (Fancy Works) and picked up my order waiting for me. Then I had to do the mid-week shopping we shop twice a week because our kids are eating machines. So I went to SAMs. By the time I made it there it was 1 p.m. and I was hungry! So I decided to treat myself to lunch at SAMs. And it was a perfect time to slobber all over my new stash!

Lunch @ SAMs

I got a "SAMs Slice Combo" which is a slice of pizza and a soda and I hadn't treated myself to my favorite frozen yogurt sundae in a long, long time so I got a triple berry sundae! YUMMY!

The stash was:
Heart in Hand "Woodland Peace" limited edition kit
Lizzie Kate "Tiny Tidings XX" and "Night Before Christmas Sleds"
La D Da "And Rudolph"
and Plum Street Samplers "Lesson Three Serial Bowl" I have all the lessons. Waiting...

Then I got home...
Unloaded Sally and put everything away. And laid out a new quilt square that I'm donating to our church for the new choir practice room. Since this one will be an inside quilt, I'm doing it on canvas. It is 4 x 4 feet. Here is the layout: 

Canvas Quilt Square

and I promptly went out into our garage and started painting it:
Canvas Quilt in progress

After I saw how lovely it is coming out on a canvas...
that mind of mine, you know the one ~ that never turns off, well it started thinking of all the wonderful small canvases available and I thought: 
Wouldn't small "seasonal" quilt canvases to scatter throughout the house seasonally in seasonal colors be wonderful? 
While supper was simmering I started looking...
and found these patterns:

Yeah...stay tuned....I think I am...

My kiddos are in the midst of Cross Country Season...
here they all are at their meet last Saturday at LaVern Gibson in Terre Haute, Indiana

Jacob ~ All time career Personal Record 21:08

Ian ~ 21:34 Course Personal Record and Season Personal Record


Katie's picture was taken about 5 minutes before she collapsed. I'm not being dramatic. She was running great, started off the race fabulously and would have made a huge PR. But she had been struggling all week after work-outs with feeling bad, exhausted and aching legs. We figured out what it was: electrolyte imbalance and she had gone into heat stroke, basically. She was white as a sheet and not sweating at all. Thank God, going into the last K, I noticed she was not looking right. So I started running down to the finish chute. She didn't come and she didn't come. Finally, I saw her in the distance falling. She got up and would fall again. When she got up the last time, she was holding onto a fence and was like stumbling, and I could see she was incoherent. So I started sprinting and screaming to: "pull her off course, pull her off course!" But people were just looking at me like I was an idiot and staring at her ~ not doing anything. SO I sprinted the rest of the way there, and pulled her off myself. She immediately collapsed and was not awake at all. Three people came to help me, and they got ice and I got her shoes off and her watch off and we started putting ice on all her pulse points. Someone brought water and a Gatorade, but at first she'd choke...then finally she roused enough that she could swallow. When I got to her, she was saying (well sort of whispering/gasping) the Hail Mary, over and over. I knew she prayed when she ran because she says it gives her strength and diverts her mind from the race and how she might be hurting. Being a distance runner takes a strong mental attitude. That's why I encourage my kids to do it. It makes them mentally tough and physically strong. Anyway...little did she know that we needed to say that prayer, because she was in a bad way. 

They all run this same course, this weekend in the Indiana All Conference Meet. Will you please, please pray with me, that she comes out strong and stays well the whole race? That all of them do? Makes me a nervous wreck...and I can't be there this weekend because it is the weekend I work. But I told Keith to be ON TOP of the race and go along the course at various points to make sure she's A-OK! No professional help got to us until 20+ minutes last week. It was a nightmare, really. But the good news is: She's fine and I saw the best out of three people and their kindness and compassion while helping me. I was solid all the way through taking care of her, but once the professionals arrived, I fell apart a little. I really can't think about it without crying. So I'm not thinking about it.
God was with us, that's all I have to say, He was with us. 

Here's the finishing I've done for this week...
There was a huge order for custom project envelopes, iPad envelopes, needle envelopes....

Project Envelope Custom Halloween Custom Envelopes Fall Envelopes Dr. Who iPad cases Comic iPad cases


DTS_Nancy Stocking DTS_Amelina Stocking

Tooth Fairy Pillow...
I do like the tooth applique on the tooth pocket on back :)

JP_Tooth Fairy Pillow Front JP_Tooth Fairy Pillow Back Pocket

and I really loved the bold choice of fabric on this one!

JP_Gingerbread Boy

that does it for the run down for the last week in August!
After today I work Fri/Sat/Sun, I'm "off" on Monday (but that's laundry that's really not being "off") and then work Tues/Wed next week. Have I mentioned I've picked up a few more days work each pay period?

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work,
my heart to God, 
while treating my neighbors with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
I stumble and I fall, but I pick myself and remember:
To thine own self be true. 
Loving my neighbor as myself. 
Let's all try hard to show love and kindness to our fellow human beings in this world.
From the headlines I read, to the demeanor of many people I meet ~ this world needs a change. A big change! And the only way its going to get there is if each and every one of us make the effort to be what we ourselves preach in our own heads. And don't we do it? If we are honest we do.
So be the change you want the world to be. Practice it and let it shine.
Grass roots people...grass roots! 
Let's make this world a better place!
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stitcher's ADD...

~ Greetings dear friends and my stitching buddies ~

I'm on a roll here...
have you noticed? Posting each week, even multiple times each week :)
I'm trying to take more time for me, each week. I'm going to be honest, that's a little hard with four kids, a job outside the home, and all the other stuff life throws at you from time to time.
 my stitching and...
 sharing my stitching and....
sharing my finishing...
 brings me joy. 

You reading and commenting on my posts...
 brings me joy.

 I'm trying to allow more room for my own fun into my day/week/month. 
Life is all about learning.
I, a lot of times, deny myself a moment to just breathe...I'm usually doing/caring for someone else. I deserve some fun too, every now and again. And its OK. My husband has been telling me this for years. I really don't listen. He's like the Charlie Brown teacher in the background.
But, with age, comes wisdom.
 I turned 45 in July, I at times have just burned myself up for everyone else, and not myself. It is OK to have some "me" time. I've learned it is not selfish, lazy or anything else ~ just refreshing and something I deserve.
See...age = wisdom!

OK, onward to the fun stuff!

After my jubilation from finishing....
the Carriage House Samplings ~ "A Primitive Stocking"
that I shared with you last week. I was on a roll and basking in the afterglow of stitching and finishing harmony. And thinking about, "golly gee what was I going to stitch next?!"

About that time...
My BSB (bestest stitching bud) Carol, who needs to start blogging again (!) 
otherwise known as Linen Stitcher stitched three of these stockings:
A Primitive Stocking
Quaker Stocking 
Truth and Virtue Stocking

I finished them for her earlier this year: 
Well anyway...
when we get together and stitch, its like a free for all with the:
have you seen this?...
so and so stitched this and it was beautiful, have you seen it?....
I saw (fill in the blank) on the blog (fill in the blank), here let me pull it up so you can see...
do you have (fill in the blank) pattern?....
do you know so and so? Well they are such gorgeous stitchers and they are stitching (fill in the blank) and I saw it, well here let me show you...
we need to stitch (fill in the blank)...
why, are we not stitching (fill in the blank)...

Yes, the talk goes on a lot more than the stitching! HA! and we are always diving in to our stash, looking up things on our notebooks/phones to show each other. And even though she lives an hour away from me, we still are texting pictures and messaging and talking about getting together (because I can't seem to get my act together to actually GET together), and dreaming up projects. goes on and on!

With a personality like mine...
which is a little scattered and all over the place, especially about stitching. I am easily (very easily) distracted! Well on August 1st, Carol was texting me about starting a very BIG project by Shakespeare's Peddler entitled:

"Ragamuffin #2 Quaker Sampler"
a reproduction from a sampler in the personal collection of Theresa Venette

so Carol sent me a picture of it. Then she sent me a pic of her start and...
 I looked at it and I thought..."wow, so beautiful!"
 Then I thought..."I have never stitched a Quaker."
Then I thought..."Maybe I need to buy that."
Then I texted to her saying: "I think we should have a SAL." 
then Carol texted back and said, "That'd be great!"
Then I said, "I've never stitched a Quaker before..." 
and Carol texted back saying, "Perfect time to start your next CHS stocking"
and in my head I was beginning to get all clicky-fingered and just chomping to looking in to buying the Ragamuffin #2 sampler... because what is better than kitting up a new project?!
Carol talked me off that ledge and brought me to my senses and I stash dove and came up with:

"Quaker Stocking"
by Carriage House Samplings

The original color way of the pattern can be stitched in either blues/gold (as Carol stitched above) or browns/gold as can be seen in this side by side picture LINK HERE

my house isn't blue, and to be honest I had the rage for blue about 20 years ago and I'm done with that color scheme, and I would have done brown, but I thought...hmmm...brown may get dull. So I chose to pull my own colors and I came up with:
and here is my start!

Quaker Stocking Start

Here is my progress first progress picture....

Quaker Stocking 1st progress

and here is where I am today:

Quaker Stocking 2nd Progress

I am stitching it on 40 ct. Purely Primitive Linen 2 over 2 using one strand of
Classic Colorworks overdyed cottons in the colors of:
Manor Red (darkest red)
Wild Berries (medium/light red)
Honey Comb (gold)

I am REAAALLLLYYY in love with the variegation to the floss and when you stand back and look at it ~ well head over heels! I really HEART how it is turning out!

The stitching is S-L-O-W though....or at least it seems that way to me. 
But I do love it! And am very hopeful by September 1st I'll have a second stocking gracing our home!

so you can see that I have a little Attention Deficient  Disorder 
when it comes to stitching. One of my children has ADD and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I'm pretty certain that I have ADD too, in some ways. He is nervous, I am nervous. He gets overwhelmed and panicky and I do the same. Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees and he gets that way too. Its not daily, its not all the time, but it happens and on especially stressful days/situations we both can get that way. God made us how we are and its all good!

I'm all settled in stitching on the Quaker Stocking and I finish this ornament for a client
(this illustrates the title of my post...)
I love it!...
Its one of my favorite Christmas Carols....
Where!? Did she get this?....
Who designed it?...

So it began...

KH_Three Ships

and I came up with the name of the designer: Jane Timmers of Fancy Work
and after a lot of searching a friend found it for me at The House of Stitches 
and they arrived the other day in my mailbox!

Fancy Work

Then I was doing my usual daily perusal of my favorite blogs, Facebook groups, Pinterest. 
And I have seen this pattern before but it never truly spoke to me until I watched it grow on Margaret's Blog Days of a Sampler Lover
Well...she recently got it back from the frame shop and 
OH MY WORD!...go check that out!

And then I got home from the fair with my entries for this year...
(we shall not discuss those!!)
and then in a group that I belong to on Facebook, I saw this second stunning framed finish of the same sampler that I watched grow on Margaret's blog. 

Then I saw it on another blog...
then I saw TWO MORE finishes in another group that I belong to on Facebook....

and then I thought...that is one BIG beautiful project that would be...stunning, magnificent, awe-inspiring, stupendous, and wonderful!
Maybe if I stitched it... (yep, here goes the mental conversation again...)
 I would finally get the nod at the fair?
Could I stick with it?
Could I get it done?
Should I do it on the called for fabric?
how much is the pattern?
Oh golly, 40 ct. or 32 ct.?
Is bigger, really better?
Oh Vonna, you are being silly...
are you serious?

I must have been serious because....

His Eye

Then over the last few weeks...
I have seen this pattern. I saw it when it was released, the time didn't really think much else about it...
I saw it on a blog finished...
then I saw another blog saying they just purchased it...
then I talked to a person I greatly admire who was going to stitch it...
then I saw one of my most favorite people to follow on stitching currently stitching it for her 25th Anniversary....
and my 20th Anniversary is next April....

NOPE...not yet...
 but again I have clicky fingers.... and this itch....


"Love Never Fails"
by Barbara Ana

Love Never Fails by Barbara Ana

the struggle! 

I've been busy in the finishing studio...
I'll let the pictures do the talking!

CB_Parker Birth Flatfold SF_CCN O Come Ornament SF_CCN Birdhouse Ornament SF_CCN November Cottage Flatfold SF_CCN Cottage December Flatfold CS_1802 Punchneedle Bag CS_Black Cat Punchneedle Bowl Filler CS_Colonial Gatherings Club pieces LW_Be a Witch LW_Three Witches Hats LW_Halloweenies LW_Turkey Sausage SD_LHN Seasons Greetings Postcard Ornaments

That's a lot isn't it? and I've got a lot more waiting...
So I had better get my rear in gear!

Until next time my dear friends and stitching buddies....
I'll be keeping my hands to work,
My heart to God,
while trying to be the best ME I can BE,
trying to be kind and loving to all I meet.
Loving my neighbor as myself.
To thine own self be true.
Join me!
Let's make this world a better, more kind, non-judgemental place!

Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Primitive Stocking....

~ Greetings my dear friends and stitching buddies ~

On July 23, 2015...
I started this project, Can you tell what it is?!

DAY 1:

A Primitive Stocking TOE

See I had a friend that has stitched three of these...and I had finished them for her, I had the patterns so I thought...WHY NOT?! WHY HAVEN'T I?!

So I did!

Here's DAY 2:

A Primitive Stocking Day 2

DAY 3:

A Primitive Stocking Day 3

DAY 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 7

I snatched that puppy off my floor stand and literally RAN down the stairs and even missed the last three and fell...
*I get a little over excited....*

and twenty minutes later....

A Primitive Stocking Front


A Primitive Stocking Back

Hanging on my hearth...
CHS_A Primitive Stocking

Oh heck...I like it so much I need to show it up close....

CHS A Primitive Stocking

"A Primitive Stocking"
by Carriage House Samplings
stitched on 40 ct. Harvest Gold Linen 
one thread over two
using DMC colorway as printed on chart

start to finish and you too can build yourself a stocking! 
The Lord built the world in seven days...
and we can build a stocking!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my heart to God,
my hands to work,
while trying to BE the best ME,
and being kind and non-judgemental to all my neighbors.
To Thine Own Self BE TRUE,
loving my neighbor as myself.
Let's do it together, making this world a more kind and a better place!
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx