Monday, May 05, 2014

May is here...

~ ~ Warm Welcome to my readers ~ ~
and greetings!

I fell off the face of the earth, just like I feared I would following the surgery and subsequent recovery of my colleague. Last Friday, May 3, was my last day to work on the day after day solid stretch. I am "on call" now for filling in if needed as my colleague returns to work. I am aware, he may need to have a day off now and again, as he gets back to health. It was a long month...but I am happy to say:

Somewhere in there we...
celebrated Easter Day!

The Kids _ Easter 2014

Pfeiffer Kids Celebrate Easter...

Keith and I....
celebrated our 18th Anniversary of wedded bliss on April 27. As I recounted to my friends, on that day I married my Prince Charming and have lived a fairy tale ever since!


On our anniversary...
Katie and her quartet companions were featured in Bloomington's Celebrate Music Day at a local spot called Rachel's Diner, think the coffee shop on the old TV show "Friends"... quaint, improv style entertainment and dining. She did fabulous as always!


In the mail....
I was the surprised and happy recipient of Annette of California's super duper RAK gift!
How functional and beautiful is that zippered pouch and needle wallet? Darling! And all the sweet things to adorn a pretty of my own making and a seam ripper tool that I am in love with (see the green nubby headed tool in pouch...SUPER!). Thank you so much Annette!

Annette's RAK

As for stitching...
I completed:
Shepherd's Bush - "Naughty or Nice" 

Shepherd's Bush _ Naughty or Nice

I had finished this same design for a client into an ornament and secretly coveted doing the same for myself. The client generously gifted the chart to me and I made a replica for myself :) I just love it! It makes me smile. 

I also finished:
Lizzie Kate's - "Song of Spring"

Lizzie Katie_Song of Spring

and in honor of Easter, I finished:
Lizzie Kate's - "A Little Easter"

Lizzie Kate_ A Little Easter

that does it for my stitching for the month of April.

Just this past weekend...
we celebrated the First Holy Communion of our sweet girl, Miss Ellie!
We had a most gorgeous day in family fun and celebration!

Here is the photo of the whole Communicant Class:

Ellie First Communion Group

here is Ellie with our priest, Father Daniel Mahan:

First Communion1

Here is a sweet photo of all our sweet babies:

Ellie First Communion_siblings

and I'll end with a photo of my last *sniff* baby, at dawn, all dressed and ready to go to church and receive the Eucharist.

Ellie First Communion 3

Such profound joy I feel as a Mother to these little darlings, these blessings from heaven sent to me to care for here on earth.

I will leave you all with a framed:

Little House Needleworks - "Hands to Work, Heart to God"

Little House Needleworks_Hands to Work

Stitched with the colors as charted on 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha over two threads.

I stitched this for my dear, dear friend and colleague - Ann. At 73 years young, she has been and is such a blessing in my life. She listens to my hurts, counsels me, shares my joys, she is the best example of true friendship and of true Christianity I have ever met. She is simply one of the best people I have ever had placed in my path. And I know that God put her there - smack dab in the middle - for a reason. She is a gift to me. So I stitched this for her, my tagline (ha ha!) and gave it to her when she came to see Ellie, yesterday. Ann is a woman after our own hearts people! She crafts like the best of us, is a hoarder at heart, owns 8 (yes 8!) sewing machines and you put she and I together and we can sit and talk for hours and it feels like 10 minutes. I love her and I hope she knows it! :)

I have been so lucky...
so many good and true people have reached out to me in friendship over the past years. Some from here in my "real life", others resulting from this little piece of cyberspace. I've been really lucky in so many ways. So let me take this opportunity to thank you - my readers and my friends - for being placed in my path. For those of you whom I have formed bonds with, I treasure you and value our friendship! Thank you!

And with that...
my dear friends, that does it for me for now!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always. Join me!
Hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx