Friday, April 04, 2014

Cinnamon Hearts...

~~ Happy Friday! ~~
to all my friends and stitching buddies!
I had a sweet little finish to share with you, may I present:

"Cinnamon Hearts"
Cinnamon Hearts by Threadwork Primitives

Cinnamon Hearts backside by Threadwork Primitives
designed by: Nan Lewis ~ Threadwork Primitives
this was a special kit that is available through Nan's blog, you may read about it: HERE

*All the sweet little bits and goodies came provided for you in the kit. It was a quick and fun stitch! It is so darling and and is hanging on the back of our front door.
Love it!

in the last week, I've been working more outside the home, like I told you in my last post. Plus I've done finishing for some clients. Its been a busy week, and luckily I have this weekend off! YAY!

Katie will run in her first track meet of the season, we are hoping for her to break her PR (Personal Record) and make a new one. She's struggled a bit this year with her ankles, so if you all could send good thought, wishes and a few prayers to heaven for her to have a successful run tomorrow, I'd appreciate it. Katie is a distance runner, so she's competing in the 1600. Run Katie Run! Mom and Daddy will be rooting for her in the stands of course and we have planned to go out to eat later that day as a treat for our family - we don't do that much. So a pleasant weekend is on the horizon!

May your weekend and upcoming week be filled with sunshine and rainbows and everything that you desire...not to mention a few moments spent with your needle and thread...

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God just like always!
hugs in stitches,
Vonna xxxx