Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to the shores...

Did you miss me?
Hahaha...I got busy *again*...
And with all the changes in Blogger and losing Google Reader, I'm having a bit of a hard time finding my way. But I love blogging too much to throw up my hands and throw in the towel. I'll find my way and figure this all out soon   :)
Even though I've been struggling with a full schedule, I was trying to stitch through my "busy-ness"....and I finally finished Block 1 of Shores just last evening. And here it is:
Block #1 ~ "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow"
By Carriage House Samplings
Stitched on 40 ct. Autumn Gold
Stitched with DMC
Shores Block 1
This close up shows the rocky beach...
with the little rivulet of water there by the seagull's feet.
Can you imagine the rush of the water, the salty spray, the smell of the ocean, the balmy wind blowing against your face?
I can....
Shores Block 1_close
And the sun....
well it wasn't supposed to be outlined in black. No, it was to be outlined in a dark orange/rust/brown color. But I have always (for some strange reason) loved the sun in "And It Was All for an Appil" .
So I decided to make my sun outlined in black. I like it!
Shores Block 1_sun
My shores is a month behind schedule...
I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with my plan, but....maybe I can get caught up in the next couple of months (don't make any bets!)...I should be finishing block two today, rather...I'm just finishing Block one. (My plan was to stitch one block a month...) January and February was the big block in the center (which is blocks #6 and #7). March was block #1 and April was supposed to be block #2....ho hum...
But never~the~less...I've got good looking project going on, here is my Shores to date:
Shores as of April 29
What have we been busy about?...
Well we are getting close to the end of the year, so there has been lots of school programs to attend. I attended Ellie's Musical at school and was able to go back to her classroom where she read me a book and then I got to eat with her in the cafeteria. Here's a picture of us at her desk, that day:
Ellie and Mom
We couldn't be more proud of Jacob...
He was awarded "Lunch with the Principal". His English teacher Mrs. Pauley nominated him for the award by writing in her nomination of him:
"Jacob is a fine, hard working student in my English class. He is great about getting his work done and turning in thoughtful answers. He doesn't complain if I ask him to redo something to show me better quality work I know he can produce. He is always polite, cooperative, and respectful in class. I appreciate the good role model he projects."
Here is in the picture I made him take with his nomination form and winning invitation from the principal:

And Ian has had so many accomplishments of late...
we couldn't be more proud of him either! He won the City of Bloomington's Black History Contest for his age level. Here he is pictured with Mrs. Pauley (who apparently likes the Pfeiffer boys because that is who nominated Jake above!)
This is a photo I swiped from our local newspaper, who reported on the essay contest.

(l - r: Mrs. Pauley, other student, and Ian)

Then unfortunately there has been a lot of injuries, doctor's visits and Emergency Room visits, x-rays and scans in the last 6 weeks. Luckily nothing serious and all were handled...but poor Ellie has been drug from pillar to post (as usual) and she always adapts so well. Here is a photo I snapped of her (with my new iPhone!!)...we were waiting for Katie to get done with her Physical Therapy appointment. We get to go 3 times a week 1.5 hours each visit. Ellie has learned to take lots of activities with her :)

Ellie Office

We took time out...
to save the life of a turtle stuck in the parking lot at Katie's High School. I was waiting for track practice to conclude and I saw something walking along the fence line...stuck...and luckily I had my turtle bucket in the van (I keep one in there for occasions such as these). Katie grabbed it and we took it to the woods by our house. We are sure it will live a full and fruitful life now! :)
The kids and I have saved, I bet 25+ turtles over the past 15 years together! And as much rain as we have had this spring...they are on the move!

Katie Saves Turtle

Ian was a featured youth jazz performer this weekend...
At the "Future of Jazz" concert held this weekend on IU's Campus. Here he is after a long day playing his Sax. He performed on Sunday April 28, and had lots of solo performances. He was fabulous! All of my children are accomplished musicians, but Ian does have a special talent. His picture isn't that attractive as he was so tired (he played from 2 - 7 p.m. -  off and on)....and he had an accident 1 week ago, so there are some scabs on his face....but here he is, anyway, our sweet alto sax player:

Here's his name as it appeared in the concert program:

and here he is in concert during his jazz combo:

Ian Jazz
And finally...
after three longs months of Sunday driving and classes (starting at 2 p.m. and going until 8 p.m. every Sunday...) Katie passed her written and driving part of Driver's Education this past Sunday, April 28! And she also took the Indiana State Driver's test and passed that too! WHOO HOO! On June 9, 2014 (that's one year and 40 days...she informed me.), all she has to do is go the BMV, take her picture and get her license. Here she is showing her "diploma" from Driver's Education:
Katie Driving
So, see....
A little busy! But just a little, and one day they will all have flown from the nest and it will be empty and I will be a little devastated ~ but so very proud of the boost that Keith and I have given them to go off and start their own nests. And plus, looking on the bright side, the Granny and Gramps birdies will get to visit, God willing...
Until next time my friends...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always :)
Hugs in stitches,
Vonna  xxx