Sunday, August 05, 2012

Home from the Fair...

Hello to my blogging friends and stitching buddies!
I just got home from the fair and I'd like to share my handiwork and the ribbon awards I won. I always love a good fair. In Indiana, you can always count on sweating like a pig in the sweltering heat and humidity, but you forget all of that when you hit the grounds and inhale the smell of cotton candy, manure, sweat and stand in line awaiting the sweet allure of a lemon the anticipation of seeing the results of my stitching. I never tire of the pleasure of the fair, and I await it every year with bated breath thinking this is the year...let's see if it was:


Adam and Eve
 Framed Cross Stitch Class: 17-48 sq. inches

LHN_Adam and Eve

First Place Ribbon
Judges Comments: Nice stitching. Tension fairly even. One stitch going the wrong direction.

Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours Collaboration
From See to Shining Sea
Framed Cross Stitch Class: 81-864 sq. inches

LHN_From Sea to Shining Sea

First Place Ribbon
Judges Comments: Make sure the ends get tucked in so you don't see them through the fabric. Nice Job! Watch tension.

Sticher's Prayer
Framed Cross Stitch Class: 49-80 sq. inches

LHN_Stitcher's Prayer

Honor Ribbon
Judges Comments: Some of the end threads need to be tucked in.

When Witches Go Riding
Creative Items Class: Holiday Special item other than Christmas

PS_When Witches Go Riding

Honor Ribbon and Champion Ribbon
Judges Comments: Very nice presentation! Tension a little tight.

Fall Wool Applique Hearth Rug
Creative Items Class: Hand Appliqued Needlework

Fall Pumpkin Wool Applique

First Place Ribbon
Judges Comments: Right side pennies not spaced evenly.

2011 Limited Edition Santa
Christmas Needlework Class: Christmas Picture

PS_Limited Edition Santa 2011

First Place Ribbon
Judges Comments: Nice Stitching. Try to keep mounting straight. Blue for stitching, Red for mounting.

Poinsetta House
(ornament set that I came up with using design elements)
Christmas Needlework Class: Set of Tree Ornaments

LHN_Poinsetta House ornies

Champion Ribbon
Judges Comments: Tension tight on the name ornaments. Beautiful.


Little by Little
Bird Sleigh
Ornaments Class: Single Ornament

Single Ornament_Bird Sleigh

First Place Ribbon and Honor Ribbon
Judges Comments: Well made, lovely design.

Bent Creek and Heart in Hand
Ornaments Class: Related Theme (I chose Home as my theme)

Related Theme Ornaments_Home

First Place Ribbon and Honor Ribbon
Judges Comment: Lovely, well made, good use of materials.

2011 Yearly Santa and Nutcracker Freebie Santas
Ornaments Class: Santa Ornaments


First Place Ribbon
Judges Comments: Very good stitching and overall craftsmanship; lovely.

Ornaments Class: Angels

LHN_Angel Ornaments

First Place Ribbon, Honor Ribbon and Reserve Grand Champion Ribbon
Judges Comments: Good detailing; lovely.

there you have it. 2 Champion Ribbons, 1 Reserve Champion Ribbon, 5 Honor Ribbons and 8 First Place Ribbons.

Other than not being able to do the correct type of TENSION when I stitch (I've been dinged on this both last year and this year); then not getting things MOUNTED straight (when I just took a ruler and went all over it and it is darn near perfect on all sides centered - but I think it is the gingham material that draws the eye and makes it look wonky and it is messed up/off line gingham wise on the bottom left corner. NOTE TO SELF: never use gingham material to mount on again!). Other than those things...I guess I stitch ok. Maybe? I received lovely ribbons, and high ranking ones too...its just hard to read what comments on something that you pour your very heart into and take it with a smiling heart.  Sometimes I think...maybe I should just sell my cross stitch off and forget it.

who am I kidding? Instead I'm gonna get serious and methodical in my approach. You think I'm kidding? Oh no you don't! I'm gonna nail this tension deal down and I'm going to stitch my pants off!

And just like Scarlett O'Hara said:
"If I have to lie, cheat, steal or God as my witness, I will win that Grand Champion Ribbon!"
Someday...maybe next year...