Sunday, June 17, 2012

Its the small things....

Greetings friends and fellow bloggers!
The older I get the more I realize that its the small things in life that I treasure most. Katie and I just returned from a weeks trip to the Washington DC area. It really wasn't for pleasure, as she was competing in a National History Day contest. It was a huge event that was housed at the University of Maryland. We had a lovely time and although Katie didn't place in her category, the memories and experiences that she gained will last a lifetime. There were 2800 kids competing this year (the largest number to date) and she personally was competing against 98 other kids in her category.

While in the DC area... we took advantage of a couple of days when we weren't booked with other things to do with National History Day. We started off Tuesday, June 12 in the rain.

Katie on the park bench waiting for our ride

Statue outside of the Free Trade Building

The U.S. Capital

Our main focus that day was getting tickets into the Archives,which we accomplished! It made me proud to be an American to see the real Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Magna Carta....the Archives was one of my favorite stops.

Another main place we wanted to see was GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES!! Yep, we got there and let me tell you we enjoyed our 1/2 dozen of cupcakes immensely! We didn't get to see Catherine, Sophie or Mommy, but we gobbled their cupcakes and they were AWESOME! Mark it off our bucket list because GC appeared on both my list and Katie's list.
(we also want to see Carlo's Bakery and Buddy Velasco, someday!)

We started off Wednesday, June 13 to a beautiful clear sky and sun!

While Mom was taking a pit stop in the ladies room Katie captured this gorgeous photo of the Washington Monument. Then we started our walk around the Tidal Basin.

The Jefferson Memorial

A random tree...

He had a dream and I know would be proud to see his Monument.

The World War II Monument.

I'd love to show you a picture of the Lincoln Memorial but sadly I was running (yes, running) trying to catch up with Katie, as she had seen our trolley pull up and we were late for a reception at the American History Museum, so I ran by Abe like a track star and ran to the Korean War Monument (at least a good quarter mile) to catch our trolley.

We were (astonishingly) a bit early to the reception so we walked over to the Natural History Museum to see the Hope Diamond...

141 birthday is coming up!.

Thursday we awoke early to pack and load up our van...then we trekked over to the Comcast Center for the Final Awards Ceremony.

The Parade of States:

The Indiana Delegation and all the students representing Indiana:

Now we were tired, hot and exhausted by this time, so we drove for about 3 hours over to Charlottesville, Virginia and stayed in a Hampton Inn that Thursday, June 14, night. Let me tell you after sleeping in a NON-air conditioned dorm room for 5 nights....I felt like I was the Queen of England sleeping in air conditioned, cushioned mattress comfort! That evening after supper, we went to the Downtown Historical Pedestrian Mall near the University of Virginia. We had the best time strolling, shopping and eating a couple of very good gellatos! I got goat cheese and peaches gellato and Katie got sweet caramel and strawberry sorbet gellato.

Friday we woke up early and travelled to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Here is a sweet picture of Katie outside his home:


We went to a colonial historical tavern down the road from Monticello, called Mitchie's Tavern. We ate there a lovely lunch, did some shopping and then loaded into the van and headed home. Here is a picture of Katie at a rest-stop in West Virginia:


We pulled into our garage, after 9 hours of driving, at 11:44 p.m. Whew!

Which brings me to my "small things"....
A few years ago, a fellow blogger, Terri, wrote a blog post about her Charm Bracelets (the link will take you to it as I bookmarked it those couple of years ago). I coveted such a bracelet, always wanted one, little memories of the things/events/trips you had taken along your road of life. Imagine my surprise when my Mom gave me a charm bracelet about a month ago. It had been my Grandma's (her mother's) and it had charms of places she had visited while on vacations. (and it had two charms of me as a little girl - Ellie thought they were pictures of her...haha!)

My Charm Bracelet 

So since I knew that I had a charm bracelet, I bought charms whenever I saw them at the places we visited. I bought:

Holocost Museum Charm 
A charm from the Holocaust Museum

Monticello Charm Monticello Charm_back

Mitchie Tavern Charm 
and Mitchie Tavern

Luckily Granny already had Washington DC charms on there: The Lincoln Memorial, The White House and a general Washington DC one. She also had a Monticello charm. But I added mine and here's how the bracelet looks now:

Charm Bracelet additions 1 Charm Bracelet additions 2

I'll leave you with a favorite photo of Katie and I in the gardens of Monticello enjoying a Root Beer:


That's all folks....we're getting ready to go on our family vacation in a few days. We're heading out to our beloved St. Augustine, Florida. Can't wait!!!!

Until next time...I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always!
Love in stitches,