Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The last ornaments of January...

I kept my promise to myself to stitch 4 ornaments for next year's Christmas tree this January! Yesterday I stitched my 4th ornament and today I finished both #3 and #4. Without further ado, may I present to you:

Bent Creek Noel backside 
designed by: Bent Creek
copyright 2003
design found in the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Magazine "Special Ornament Issue"
Stitched on: 28 ct. Mocha linen 
using Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works Threads
Finished as a mounted flat ornament

 The ornament I stitched yesterday is this cutie:

Heart inHand Home for Christmas Heart inHand Home for Christmas backside
"Home for Christmas"
designed by: Heart in Hand
Copyright 2003
design found in the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Magazine "Special Ornament Issue"
stitched on: 32 ct. R&R Candlelight Linen
stitched with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works
Finished as flat ornament

And may I show you...
my basket of ornaments that I have stitched since December! If I keep this up I'll have a loaded basket, right?! Exciting stuff!

2012 Ornaments thru January

2012 ornaments to date

February is a shortie month and also because I have two Love Quilt Squares to stitch in February, I'm challenging myself to stitch only 3 ornaments in February. Fingers crossed that I can meet my goal!

Until next time...
my dear friends and blogging buddies, I wish you happy stitches and warm smiles while I'll continue on keeping my hands to work and heart to God!

Hugs and love,
Vonna xxxxx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Evan Cheryl...

Hello sweet friends and blogging buddies!
In December my brother added to his family with a sweet baby girl. She was named Evan Cheryl and today I finished up the stitching and finishing of her baby sampler. May I present my new niece's baby sampler stitched for her with love by Aunt Vonnie:

"Baby Line Up"
Designed by: The Trilogy
Copyright 2010
Stitched with: Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and Week's Dye Works as charted
Stitched on: 32 count Vintage Light Examplar
Finished as a Wall Hanging

I just love...
how sweetly it turned out, and I hope that Evan's Mommy and Daddy love it. Congratulations to my brother Jeremy and my sister-in-law Ryan!

I've got...
two more days left in January to stitch one more ornament (I'm shooting for four this month). I've already finished the stitching on #3, I have #4 kitted up and if I get him knocked out by Tuesday, I just have to finish-finish them into final ornament form. So wish me luck!

We've had...
a very mild winter here in good 'ol Bloomington, Indiana. I sort of miss the snow, as we sure haven't had much. This morning on our way to Bible Study, I commented to Keith that it sure looked like Spring. I know we're not out of the woods yet as far as winter weather goes, but it is supposed to be 57 balmy degrees here this week. I guess I'll be able to do my walking with out freezing my hind-end off.

I suppose...
that does it for me for today my friends. May you all stitch in good health and happiness and until next time, I'll be keeping my hands at work while my heart is with God.

Hugs and love,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February's Cottage...

Happy Hump Day to all my blogging buddies and stitching pals!
I had a finish over the weekend and thought I'd share with you:

"February Cottage"
Designed by: Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
Copyright 2011
Stitched with Crescent Colours and DMC

Here is how...
both of my cottages look on my big piece of 32 ct. Toasted Almond linen:

CCN_Jan_Feb_Cottages Jan_Feb side shot

I'm really pleased...
with how they are turning out so far. I've stitched them over two linen threads, and put two stitches in between the months. But since now I'm looking at my picture....I see that I've made a big faux pas....look at my bottom row, I'm off one stitch - I put it too close to my January cottage, so guess what?! Ribbit...I guess out comes the seam ripper!

Until next time...
whilst I rip and re-stitch, I'll definitely be keeping my hands to work and heart to God!

Hugs and Love from your resident dimwit,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Ornaments...

Happy Thursday blog buddies and stitching friends!
I've been busy trying to kick a week old cold, and much to my regret I'm on the losing end of this battle. Alka-seltzer and my rear end growing roots in my stitching chair has been the only comfort I've had these long days. So I've put myself to good work making lemonade with my lemons.

As you know...
I mentioned that I would like to stitch at least one ornament per month in 2012 so that I can bedeck and bedazzle my Christmas Tree next Christmas season. I've made good on my promise to myself with this finish. Please let me introduce the 2011 Prairie Schooler Yearly Santa:
2011 Prairie Schooler Santa

2011 Prairie Schooler Santa_back

2011 Prairie Schooler Yearly Santa
Designer: Prarie Schooler
Copyright 2011
Stitched on unknown 40 ct. linen
with DMC as charted
finished as an ornament for my future Santa tree 

And since...
I'm OCD and always want to push myself to do better than I originally plan. I kitted up 3 other ornaments with hopes to finish all of them in January which would be four ornaments  (my math skills are amazing!) for this month. Well, I'm on my way because yesterday I finished stitching this beauty:

Little by Little_Sleigh Bird

Little by Little_Sleigh Bird_back

"Sleigh Bird"
Designer: Little by Little
Copyright 2003
Pattern found in the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Special Ornament Issue
stitched on 32 ct. R&R Candlelight linen
with GAST as charted
finished as an ornament for my Christmas tree

I have loved...
this little ornament since I first saw it, lo those many years ago, and never stitched it. I don't know why because this little fella is a cutie pa-tootie if ever I saw one. I wanted to remain true to the folksy, primitive feel of the design so twisted some jute to make cording and finished it simply. It turned out just like I had it pictured in my head. I'm please as punch!

Remember my idol...
Carol, she wrote me the most wonderful little note encouraging my quest for stitching one ornament each month, as I have watched her these past few years stitching her own ornaments each month (and of course many,  many other beautiful things) and her finishing....stunning! Well with her encouraging words I haven't floundered yet. See Carol! Let's hope I hold steadfast in my pursuit of that splendidly decorous, bedecked and bedazzled tree for 2012!

I'm on my way...
between these two and the three that I finished at the end of 2011. That's a total of FIVE for 2012 (there goes those math skills, again!).

Janurary 2012 Ornament set 1

until we meet again my sweet friends - as I sit witnessing a snow storm outside my window with my rump growing roots in my stitching chair -  I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always. Take good care of yourselves, it is getting to be cold and flu season, let me be the example to a healthier you.

Hugs and love,

Monday, January 09, 2012

Anniversary of My Heart...

Good day to all of my blogging buddies!
I hope this finds you well and hearty. Here we are already on the 9th day of the New Year, and I just finished my New Year Start (of course I have lots more blocks to go, but you understand). May I present, Snow Garden, the first in the Anniversaries of the Heart Series by Blackbird Designs:

BBD January AofH

January side

"Snow Garden"
designed by: Blackbird Designs
copyright 2010
Stitched with GAST/WDW/DMC as charted
Stitched on 32 ct. Toasted Almond Linen

I have...
officially stitched this chart twice, as I stitched it last year on a different piece of linen. Hated the way it looked, got disenchanted with the whole thing and quit working on it for the remainder of the year. Toward the end of 2011, I saw my forlorn Anniversaries of the Heart patterns all thrown in the corner, ignored and decided to take another shot. So January 31, 2011 had me putting my first stitches in. I'm pretty pleased with the way my new start looks and am looking forward to the next chart.

Now about my personalization...
I stitched this block and incorporated my paternal grandparent's names and wedding anniversary year. Here they are standing by their block. May I present my anniversary of my heart, my grandparents, Stanford and Frances Eleanor Epperson. This was on their wedding day - a snowy day and standing in a snow garden -  January 11, 1945.
January with S_F

I always think...
my Grandma had the most chic boots, and my dashing Grandpa was handsome and suave. My Grandfather passed 12 years ago when I was in the hospital having my boys. He got to see a picture of them before he passed away though. And my eldest twin, Ian, looks a lot like him. My Grandma is alive still, and not a strand of grey in her hair. She is a tough old bird and she'd be the first to tell you so! :)

So to my paternal grandparents...
the first block on my trip of my anniversaries of the heart...

I've got more stitching left to do today...
so until next time, I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, just like always!
Hugs and love,