Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quaker Virtues part 1...

Good Day Sweet Friends...
I finally finished a page on my new work in progress! No thanks to the frogs. I tell you, they've been hopping all over the place at my house of late. riiiibbbbiiiitttt!

See that huge geometric, double line Quaker motif? I stitched that twice. And still those hoppers were not done with me. But I worked it all out and last evening while watching the boob tube with my homies, I slipped the last few stitches in on a full page. So one down and eleven to go....should be a beauty when it is all done though (if that day does indeed make it here).

Without further ado...
please let me introduce Quaker Virtues:

Quaker Virtues 1a

Quaker Virtues 1b

Quaker Virtues _ close up

Quaker Virtues
Designed by: ByGone Stitches ~ Gail Reinhardt
Stitched on: 28 ct. ivory linen
Stitched with DMC 310 and 815

that does it folks for me today. I'm going to scramble off of here so I can plant my bottom and get going on the next thing I want to work on....hmmm....what will that be?

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work while my heart is to God. Join in with me!
Hugs and love,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snow Friends...

Happy Hump Day!
I'm glad we're on the backside of this next week my kiddies have a much needed fall break! Whoo Hoo!

Over this past week...
I started a new project. Please let me show you all my start:

Snow Friends

Snow Friends 1

Snow Friends 3

"Snow Friends"
beginning border for "6 Fat Men"
Designer: Lizzie*Kate
Copyright 2011
Stitched on 28 ct. mocha linen
Stitched with Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colours as charted

doggone cute, isn't it? I fell in love with this whimsical, sweet design as soon as I laid eyes upon it. Its cute and will be a happy seasonal stitch to add to our winter decor. I'm looking forward to the next square. But because I have SADD...stitcher's attention deficit disorder....and I let my fingers do some clicking in webshots, photobucket and flickr over the weekend looking at people's stitches....I'm starting a NEW project this evening! WHOO HOO! :)  you'll just have to wait to see what it is.

I'm finding...
that working on something until I get to a logical end and switching it with another project is working for me right now. I tend to be a "one at a time" stitcher, but I was losing my mojo recently and the tantalizing thought of stopping and starting something else to go back and pick up where I left off is working for me right now. We'll see....

So until next time...
I'll be keeping my fingers busy stitching with my hands at work and heart to God!
hugs and love,

Sunday, October 09, 2011

76 days and counting...

until the big man makes his yearly appearance and let me please showcase a couple of cuter than cute designs for your stitching pleasure.

First up...
Diane's next sweetie that I stitched and finished for her:

"Snow in Love"
Stitched on 30 ct. Weeks Cocoa

Tanya over at The Scarlett House asked me to finish this sweetie: It is SO CUTE!!!

Designed by: Tanya Brockmeyer at The Scarlett House

So run...
stitchers, run to your favorite needlework store now and get these darlings! Avoid that holiday rush ;)

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my fingers stitching while my hands are at work and my heart is to God!
Hugs and love,

Friday, October 07, 2011

Merry Christmas Ornaments...

Hello again...
my friends and readers! I hope you are all happy and ready for the weekend. The good Lord knows, I am :)

I have...
something to share with you all again today. I am always shocked when I have a designer approach me to stitch and/or finish for them because I'm just like anyone else out there that stitches. However that being said, Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks  put her faith in me again to stitch and finish for her. Early in the year I stitched her submission for the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue entitled "Merry Christmas Ornaments". Later in the summer Nikki asked me to stitch and finish a complimenting design to Merry Christmas Ornaments. I thought the ornament was the cutest thing so I knew I'd love the bigger design ~ I accepted the request. While I was stitching this design, the entire time I was envisioning the beautiful curve at the top of the design. I asked Nikki if I could "try" to mimic it in a cube. She agreed and after an afternoon of mathematics and carving into a foam block. Here's the result:

CCN Merry Christmas Ornaments 1

CCN Merry Christmas Ornaments 2

CCN Merry Christmas Ornaments 3

CCN Merry Christmas Ornaments back

"Merry Christmas Ornaments"
Designed by: Nikki Leeman ~ Country Cottage Needleworks
Copyright: 2011

I love...
this design from top to bottom and plan on recreating one for myself. Pinks, whites and greens not your color palette for Christmas? No problem! Choose three different colors that suit your home decor for Christmas and start stitching! It will come out perfect!

out Nikki and her designs at the links listed'll be glad you did!

Until next time...
I'll keeping my fingers stitching while my hands are at work and my heart is to God!
Hugs and love,

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My Creation....

A warm welcome...
to my stitching buddies and good friends! I hope that this finds you all well and you are busy with needle, thread, linen and creative ideas.  I have been. Please let me introduce to you my latest finish:

BBD Stitching Box Top

Summer House Pincushion
Designed by: Blackbird Designs
Copyright 2010
Stitched on 30 ct. Weeks Dye Works Straw linen
Stitched with GAST: Mulberry 

Is it still on the hoop?!....
heaven's no, now let me introduce to you my new creation:
BBD Stitching Box Side View

A Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box
Designed and Created by: Me

I read a lot of "junk"....
well not "junk" actually, "junk blogs". You know the kind Shabby Chic, Vintage Style, Cottage, Primitive blogs. And on one of the blogs, this ingenious "thrifter" had found at a tag sale, a box of old, used embroidery hoops. Now this creative lady took the hoops and an old cookie tin, and had the hoops tightened on the tin and created a "vase" for a potted plant. Very cute! I saw that and for two weeks now I've been thinking. And thinking....and thinking some more. Last week, I couldn't think any more and put my thoughts into action at Hobby Lobby. I purchased some hoops and a wooden plaque, came home and went to work.

I got the basic...
design and structure figured out (thanks to some wood glue) and then got to stitching the perfect design. Today, hot off the q-snaps came the sweet Summer House Pincushion design (slightly modified to be monochromatic) and out came my drill, some hardware and a little finishing touch here and there and all that thinking and dreaming and figuring, panned out to better than I even originally envisioned!

BBD Stitching Box Front View

BBD Stitching Box inside

BBD Stitching Box

I have a perfect "house" to put my pincushion when I'm done stitching for the evening so my kids won't push them down into the arm of the chair. My cats won't bat the cushion on the floor for me to step on in the dark of the morning. Owie...

there was one more issue - my scissors. I don't own one of those flower frog deals, in fact although they are gorgeous, my house is a little more "primitive" in style and decor and a pretty flower frog doesn't fit in my primitive country home. But this idea does:

Hoop Scissors Box

Embroidery Hoop Scissors Keepe
Created and Designed by: Me

I went back to Hobby Lobby this weekend and with a little help from Mr. Pfeiffer (to clean up my shabbily drilled holes and make them bigger)....I made the Embroidery Hoop Scissors Keepe.

here are my new creations with each other in my work room....a.k.a. my stitching laboratory.
My Stitching Table Set

Vonna's Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box
Embroidery Hoop Scissors Keepe
created and designed by: Me

here they are awaiting my next stitching session, in my stitching spot.
My Stitching Spot

perfect, don't you agree? I'm so tickled pink, I feel like a giggle and a wiggle, maybe two :)

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my fingers busy while my hands are at work and my heart is to God. Thank you so much for your visit and a special hug to all those that take the time to leave a comment or e-mail with me personally. Your efforts in leaving me a kind word or two bring much joy to my heart! Thank you!

Hugs and love,