Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Only One Ewe Retreat....

Greetings dear friends and readers!
I was just so very lucky this past weekend to attend my very first *stitching* retreat! AND I had a B*L*A*S*T!!!! The retreat was held by Jan Alexander of Tree of Life Samplings  and author of Belfonte Notes. Jan is a stupendous, kind, generous lady and she attended to our every need and showered us with goodies all weekend long!

In our retreat room.....we were lucky enough to have the Tree of Life Samplings Trunk Show present and let me tell you, we all OOooohhhh'd and AAhhhhh'd over the samplers that Jan's talented hands and imagination has created. If you look in the lower right hand corner there is a darling design entitled "Penny America" that she will be releasing soon. You can read all about it and a reproduction sampler (you heard right ladies... a reproduction!) at her newest entry on her Tree of Life Samplings blog HERE

Tree Of Life Trunk Show

The weekend was filled to the brim with stitching!!! But the best part of all (to me) was meeting people of like minds. They shared my love of stitching and were just as nuts as I am for not only stitching but for stashing!!! And we all did plenty of that in Jan's shop :)

Here's some photos of all the great people I met during the three day retreat:

Retreat 3

(l - r) Brenda, Jan, me, Kathy

Retreat  2

(l - r) Mary, Judith, me and Carol

Retreat 1

(l - r) me, Diane, Yvonne and Karen

We had a finishing class....and we learned how to finish the exclusive retreat design "Stitch Together" into a sewing box. Here is my box with the piece mounted on the top and a bit of primitive dyed chenille trim surrounding it. I had all the retreat ladies sign the inside of the box so that I could always remember our awesome weekend together stitching.

OOE Retreat Box

"Stitch Together Your Pleasant Thoughts"
Only One Ewe 2011 Retreat exclusive design
Designed by: Tree of Life Samplings ~ Jan Alexander
Stitched on 32 ct. Tree of Life Linens using GAST Expresso
Copyright 2011
I learned so much at the retreat....for instance I learned how to take care of my knick-knacks - I've always aired mine but apparently keeping them under wraps is the way to go ;o)  I laughed so hard I thought I'd wet myself when Carol stated to Yvonne, Diane and Karen:  "You girls are so slow, I could go through menopause waiting on you!" I shared smiles, chuckles and even shed a tear or two when I had to leave. Like I said, "It was a GREAT weekend."

Jan designed and gifted.....each retreat attendee with an exclusive retreat design and I had nearly finished it prior to leaving, but just slipped the final stitches in it this evening. So may I present, "Beauty and Grace" by Tree of Life Samplings:

Beauty and Grace 1

Beauty and Grace close up

Beauty and Grace top

Beauty and Grace 2

"Beauty and Grace"
Designed by: Tree of Life Samplings ~ Jan Alexander
Stitched on: 32 ct. Hazelnut Tree of Life Linens
Stitched with GAST
Copyright 2011

I simply cannot get this framed and hanging in my special stitching space. It is gorgeous in real life and these pictures do not do it justice *at all*. This special design will always remind me of my special weekend among my new bestest stitching buds having a great time on my "Mommy Vacation" as Ellie called it ~ who was not so happy I was gone and having a great time :o)

Until next time my dear friends.....join me as I continue to stitch keeping "my hands to work and heart to God."
Hugs and love,

Monday, June 06, 2011


Good Afternoon....
Yoo hoo! is anyone still out there?! I bet lots of you have lost *faith* in me and my ability to stitch or post to this blog, huh? Lets just say my desire to stitch is still as strong and ardent as it ever was, however my time is severely, severely limited as my children age and get more active and involved in their schools and our community. My number one focus is raising, healthy, happy, productive kids - so my stitching time suffers, however my time with my children is passing so quickly before my eyes, that I am happiest savoring every moment with them. Loving, laughing and sharing things with them gives me great joy and although raising children isn't without its fair share of strife and turmoil, I'm even happy to share that with them too - (OK, well not really, but that's life - right?!) My needle, thread and fabric are my oldest friends, and they await me patiently until I can pick them up and be with them again - from time to time.

I got to be with my buddies this weekend....
and here is the result - may I present a square for Love Quilts stitched especially for a sweet little beauty -  Ana Maria .

Little House Needleworks "Faith"

Little House Needleworks "Faith"

A Collaboration Threadpack from Little House Needleworks and Crescent Colours
Stitched with DMC in pinks to suit Ana Maria's favorites
Stitched on 14 ct. aida

My kiddos....
are still in school, due to our extremely bad winter weather. They will enjoy (and celebrate!) their final day of classes this week on Wednesday, June 8. All Mama can say is, "HOORAY!" I'm ready for a break and a change in routine. You know, we all get to the point sometimes where we need a fresh start, teachers need new faces, students need to see a new face, a different point of view, a change of pace. Although it hasn't been a bad school year, it hasn't been a stellar year either - I'm ready to wipe the slate and say goodbye to the 2010-2011 school year. Goodbye!

will find our rears parked on a lounge chair at our local pool. Well at least my rear will be parked there, my kids will be in the water - I'm sure ;o)

we'll all be loaded into our van and truckin' down the road on the way to our summer family vacation! WHOO HOO! I'll leave our destination for a future post, but I know we're going to have a great time :o)

In the meantime....
I cannot promise, but I'm certainly going to try (now that things that I commited myself to have been completed) to stitch as much as possible and update this blog more frequently. I miss you!

Until next time....
keep on keeping your "hands to work and heart to God" with me!
Hugs and love,