Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fifteen years ago today....

I said: "I, Vonna Marie, take you, Keith Allen, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."


Then Father Francis Schroering blessed our rings and,

Keith said:  "Vonna, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

and he slipped these on my finger....


and made me the happiest girl in the world!

Today Keith said: "Happy 15th Anniversary, I love you!"

and he slipped this on my finger....

To which I said:  "Oh wow!..."  and I'm still the happiest girl in the world!

I thanked God then and I thank Him now for the man he made me for and the man he made for me.

Until next time,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Stitcher's Prayer...

Good Day Friends!
I eeeked another finish out this week! WhooHooo me! :)
Without further ado, I'll let the pictures do the talking....

LHN_ A Stitchers Prayer

LHN_ A Stitchers Prayer 2

"A Stitcher's Prayer"
Designed by: Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
Copyright 2003
Stitched with DMC on 28 ct. Lambswool

I've always....
had a little "thing" for this design, and I've even stitched the stitching lady a couple of times over 1 for a tin box lid, however never for myself. The other day I was rummaging through my patterns and thinking (always a dangerous thing for me to do in said situation) and thought...why not? - I could bang it out in no time. AND I did! This one will be put away until I can get it framed. I love the colors, the "prayer" and every thing about you? It's an oldie, but a goodie!

The stitching lady....
reminds me of myself. Let me set up the scene: I'm sitting in my stitching chair with my shower cap and ratty night gown on, listening to my audiobook and one of my kids come in and say "MOM!"....
to which I jerk my head around and say:




Until next time....
Have a blessed Easter, hunt some eggs and keep those hands to work and heart to God!
Hugs and love,

Monday, April 18, 2011


Happy Monday to all my dear friends and readers!
I have a finish to share with you, this cutie will also be going to Love Quilts for Mr. Andrew . Last post I shared with you, "Boys and Bugs" also for Andrew's quilt...this will be a nice accompaniment I hope.
CCN_Lemonade Stand

"Lemonade Stand"
Designed by: Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
Design found in: Hoffman's 2009 Summer Showcase Collaboration Pack
Copyright 2009
Stitched with DMC on 14 ct. Aida

I finished the last stitch last night and I have a new project loaded up and rarin' to go! You'll have to wait to see what it is one that I've been wanting to do for myself for a loooooong time....

This weekend...
Katie celebrated the culmination of Indiana University's 2011 Young Winds Program (she celebrated because for the last 4 months she's had to get out of bed at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings). The culmination included a concert of the beginning, advanced and combination bands, including sectional performances. The amount of music that they learned during these four short months was astounding. Katie and two others were featured in a clarinet sectional called "Gaga Wars" which was a piece that combined the theme from "Star Wars" and also Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" Sounds weird, but honestly it was really great. Anyway here's a snap of Katie, her clarinet instructor - Yugi and Katie's other advanced clarinetist (sorry I don't know her name). Anyway these three carried the clarinet section playing first and second clarinet parts alone. Katie played fabulously! Yay Kate! (which considering how much $$$ we've spent on private lessons....that's a good thing!)

Katie and Yugi

Katie, Yugi and other advanced clarinetist
IU Young Winds
April 16, 2011

That's all I got today folks...
if I don't post prior to the end of a week...may you have a wonderful Holy Week and a Glorious Easter Sunday!

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Boys and Bugs...

Hello to all my stitching buddies!
Long time no blog....*again*. I'm rearranging my life, so perhaps soon, blogging will be more frequent with more things of value to show you all. I know I've been mighty sparse on the stitching and blogging for the last many months, but fingers crossed and God willing things will be a'changin' round here.

What I have to share with you today is...
my recent finish of a Love Quilts square for a darling little boy Andrew. I couldn't resist after seeing his big brown eyes, plus I had a pattern in mind for his "kids being kids" theme. I know my own boys do this A LOT, so I figured maybe Mr. Andrew knew a little about this too. Please let me present Andrew's Quilt Square:

CCN_Boys and Bugs

"Boys and Bugs"
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
Stitched with DMC conversion of my own making
Stitched on 14 ct. white aida
copyright 2008 CCN

I think....
that it turned out nicely and am anxious to send it in. However, before I do that I have another square to stitch for Andrew, his theme stalled for a bit and there was one spot left for many days and I asked if I could stitch a second square for his quilt. The good ladies at Love Quilts agreed so, I'm pulling a pattern and thread later on today to get started on my second square for Andrew. I believe in a post late last year, I wrote that I was hoping to stitch 4 squares per year for Love Quilts, because it was such a wonderful cause. Well friends...that soon went out the most things do where I am involved. Moderation is not in my vocabulary apparently as Andrew's square is the 6th square I've stitched for Love Quilts since December. I read these children's biography, I look into their eyes in their photo and.....I'm. just. plain. sunk. I know that yes, I have to stitch on Aida. And I know a large percentage of people dislike aida. I do too. I know that it is "kiddie" themes and that these sorts of themes do not appeal to most. But in my own opinion (and defense), stitching on something - be it fabric or design - that I wouldn't necessarily choose is part of the process. To give and give with the heart, I think it should hurt a little, or be a little untasteful. A little struggle on my part, to bring happiness to someone that is struggling in their life, well it just makes good sense to me - because these kids sure didn't choose their disease, did they?

And all this square stitching eventually leads to finished quilts! And I know these have to bring a little comfort, a little warmth, a little love and big smiles to little faces. Here's the first three quilts that I've stitched for:
Payton Quilt

my square is the very last one in the second row
Little House Needleworks "Believe" princess

Kirin's Quilt

my square is the very last square in the second row
Little House Needleworks  "Dog House Sampler"


my square is the second square in the third row
the Mama and baby dolphin by Dimensions

Beautiful quilts for beautiful kids! I'm glad I was able to be a contributor to the big picture in a very small way. Heck these quilts bring smiles to my face :)

Speaking of kids....
Here's some recent pictures of my brood doing the things they like to do best...hanging out and playing.


Katie and her "homies" (as she calls them)
when I was in school they were just "friends" or "pals"


Ian (on rock) and Jake (with plastic gun) playing on "the rock" at our neighbor's house...


Ellie on "the rock" which is a popular play destination apparently...
the boots need to be thrown in the trash (look at the toes) but they are good "stoppers" when she's on her she says (and I can see every time I look at those pitiful toes)

Ok my dear friends....
that's all I got for you today! Aren't you glad? :)

Until next time....
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God!
Hugs and love to each and every one of YOU,