Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where did the time go?

Greetings dear friends!
Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday was the first of December and blam! now Christmas is over and we are moving fast toward the first of the year. Lots of things happen in December around this household (as I know it does in every other household around the world), but here's a few of the things I've done in the past 29 days:
  • Celebrated My Twins 10th Birthday (Dec. 4)
  • Solo Parenting: my Husband was gone for travel for 1 week (Dec. 7-11)
  • Hostess of the Christmas Staff Luncheon at my children's school (Dec. 9)
  • Celebrated Katie's 12th Birthday (Dec. 11)
  • I have been sick since Dec. 12 (still ill...doctor thinks it is the H1N1)
  • Traveled to Haubstadt, Indiana and celebrated holidays with family (Dec. 18 - Dec 23)
  • Purchased NEW VAN a 2010 "Salsa Red" Toyota Sienna (Dec. 21) !!!!!
  • Got 6 inches cut off my hair and have an entire *new look* (Dec. 22)
  • Returned to Bloomington Dec. 23
  • Celebrated Christmas Dec. 24 at our house
  • I worked the holidays Dec. 25, 26 and 27

what a whirlwind month. I know it is the same for all of us and I enjoy the hustle and bustle, I just wish I was feeling a little bit better during all the running around. But I think *fingers crossed* I may be feeling a little bit better. Let's hope anyway....

has been a flurry of activity in my mailbox. In fact a real party has been going on in there and I have felt blessed to be the recipient of such lovely gifts from dear friends. First up is a lovely ornament from Nancy H (no blog) from Washington State. I was stunned to receive this gorgeous beauty - I did a very small favor for Nancy and it was of such a small consequence that it deserved nothing as grand and wonderful as this. I have been wanting to stitch this for myself for some time, thank you from the bottom of my heart Nancy, I shall cherish it!

Blackbird Designs Ornament from Just Cross Stitch yearly ornament Magazine

that sneaky elf Marie P landed these pretties in my mailbox too! Imagine my complete shock and utter amazement when I opened to find this tremendously CUTE penny rug themed for my winter decorations:

Winter Penny Rug handmade by Marie P.

and as if that wasn't enough Marie also packed in a handmade ornament of little red underwear and a totally cool tuck away tote (a large bag that folds up for easy storage). Marie, once again you astonish and amaze me. A big shout out for Marie too, because her birthday is TODAY (Dec. 29)! Happy Birthday sweet Marie!

Marie's goodies sent to me

the sweet and kind Harmien, flew this lovely over the oceans far and wide to wish me a Happy New Year 2010, isn't it pretty?! I love it and it is gracing my tree front and center now :) I shall toast the New Year on Friday Morning with a big glass of Diet Mountain Dew and think good thoughts of you dear Harmien. Thank you so much!

Harmien's New Year 2010 Ornament to me

I have been stitching so please humor me and let me dazzle and amaze you with the efforts of my own personal stitching:

Little House Needleworks ~ Pear Tree
stitched on 40 ct. Silkweaver's French Vanilla Linen using DMC (for my tree)

Little House Needleworks ~ Fa La La
stitched on 40 ct. Silkweaver's French Vanilla Linen using DMC (for my tree)

Little House Needleworks - "Fa La La" part two (for a friend)

Homespun Elegance 2007 Santa Ornament "Merry Stitches"
stitched on 32 count random linen using GAST and DMC (for my tree)

my friend Cathy B had a birthday in November. She was one of the first bloggers that embraced me and welcomed my friendship when I first started blogging and I have never forgotten it. She has been generous and kind with me and I wanted to acknowledge her selfless spirit with a special gift in celebration of her birthday. And although it was late, I hope she liked it, for I thought it was perfect for her:

Blackbird Designs "Friendship Sampler" Wool Applique made into a pillow
*notice I put our initials on either side of the birds*

I guess that does it for me, for right now. I am currently stitching on *the* Prairie Schooler ABC project of which much hype has gone round. I started it just last night and so far, so good. I probably will not be back prior to the new year...so please know that I wish with all my heart that you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! May blessings abound around you and may your heart be free. Hugs and love from me to you with warm welcome to the New Year - 2010!
:) Vonna

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Surprises galore...

Howdy friends :)
My mailbox has been getting a lot of unexpected action lately. Like this little beauty that I found in there earlier this week:
Handmade needle case from: Goldie

Isn't this darling? Talk about surprised! Thank you Goldie for such a sweet and useful gift. I will use it and think always of you! THANK YOU!

Then the needlecase was joined by this beauty:
Sudberry House needle pincushion, a set of JABCo pins and a lovely lapel pin from: AmySC

You'd think....
that would be enough, huh? Well yesterday, I went out to my mailbox and an envelope from Waxing Moon Designs was in there. What?! I had just been talking to Amy about a Santa that I had admired on BeckySC blog and then lo and behold the pattern for said Santa appeared in my mailb. The accompanying note from the designer told me that Amy requested it to be sent to me. THANK YOU Amy! What a sweet friend and sweet surprise :) THANK YOU!

My husband...
is on his way home at this very minute (!) from his business trip. He got done early! SWEET! And soon our family will be back to normal! I'm glad for that. I don't like it when Daddy is away :o(

I'd like to share with you a fantastic home business. My neighbor and dear friend, Christy, is a graphic designer (and a Mama too). She has a wonderful business where she creates the most beautiful stationary, cards, invitations, YOU NAME IT at very reasonable prices. If you are ever in need of something custom and designed JUST for YOU, then give Christy a call or drop her a line. She'll help you out. Being the recipient of many of her creations, I can tell you that they are top notch and very beautiful! Christy is a fabulous person and I'm giving her business a shout out! Hi ya Christy :) So try Creative in Bloom for all your custom printing needs! (Her link and logo will remain in my sidebar for future reference)

HO Ho ho...
until next time ;o)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Ornaments...

Hello Friends!
This year I drastically reduced the number of exchanges I did, however the ones I did participate in were of a personal nature and I was thrilled with them all. My final exchange of the year was with Kim B. Kim stitched me the sweetest little candy that she wrapped in cellophane with jingle bells to hang on my tree isn't it cute?! And it looks so pretty on my tree:

She also sent me some really super wonderful goodies: two spools of Christmas ribbon, a Christmas button for a special project, a skein of Sister Scarlett Belle Soie (love, love, love this!) and the present that made me cry when I opened it, a St. Therese medal prayer card and a St. Therese finger rosary - Kim remembered that St. Therese was my favorite Saint so she being a fellow Catholic sent me a most special parcel.

Kim for such a lovely exchange. You touched my heart. Thank you!

Here's what I stitched for Kim:

Prairie Schooler's Booklet #42 - "Angels"
stitched on black 32 ct. evenweave with DMC as called for
finished as a flat ornament

This is the second one of these angels I've stitched from the booklet and let me tell you the picture on the cover does not do the actual final stitched product justice. They are amazing and it isn't my stitching I cross the X just like anyone else - it is just the simple color palette and excellence of the designer - sheer and utter gorgeousness! Prairie Schooler makes us all look like great stitchers.

Well what else up?
I'm trying really hard to keep afloat, but my google reader tells me, I'm kidding myself if I think I'm floating....ha, ha, ha! I'm sinking and like a stone. Friday was the twins birthday, tomorrow is the Staff Holiday Appreciation Luncheon that I'm coordinating at my children's school, Friday is Katie's birthday and this week my husband is out of town again, this time he's in Norfolk, VA. I told him if he DARES go to Williamsburg to see Christmas I'm going to clobber him. BUT if he does go, get me some saltware pottery and a William and Mary sweatshirt! :)


now I see as I glance in the corner of my computer screen that it is 7:19 a.m. and I must dash to get breakfast on the table. So much for Mommy time and I still look gross and smell like a pig farmer from my elliptical workout. I guess I won't be impressing anyone today....oh well...tomorrow...

Until next time....
love and best wishes, as you count your blessings and your stitches, from our house to yours!
Today on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary - she born without original sin - may we always in our hearts and minds shout a resounding "yes!"

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

THE 2009 Pfeiffer Christmas Card...

I have been laughing my rear end off all evening. Tonight was *the* night for doing our yearly Christmas card picture.....my kids were thrilled to say the least. But the boys soon got in the spirit when I turned around and found them with those things under their noses. Funny! So it started off really good... I let them keep it on, because if you knew my boys....well you'd understand the moustaches. This was one of the first pictures....pretty good! I had it as #1....

I started scrolling through the other 49 pictures I took (I know...) and I found this one and knew without a doubt that this was *THE* one!

Our Card Reads:
"From our Kitchen to yours...
Merry Christmas!
The Pfeiffer Clan
Keith, Vonna, Katie, Ellie, Mario and Luigi"


Maybe its just me, but that just makes me LAUGH. OUT. LOUD! :) and isn't that part of the season? JOY! FUN! LAUGHTER?! We think so and soon we'll get our 75 cards and spread a little among our family and friends. Consider yourself slathered in it!