Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little something to share....

Now I didn't stitch this, but I did finish it....and I have pulled out my pattern in hopes of finishing my OWN someday soon:

Designer: Carriage House Samplings
Design: Pincushions and Berries
Stitched by: Client of my Finishing Service (Bonnie C)
Finished by: me
I don't often show client's work on my blog, but I was just bowled over with how cute this turned out....and I have to share those! Plus I have a shameless pitch now....if you are looking for that "special something" for a "special someone" The Twisted Stitcher's Finishing Service now has Gift Certificates available! These can be sent electronically via e-mail or by post (with a 50 cent charge for mailing).
Ok, now on to my regularly scheduled programming.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A last minute finish...

Hello Friends! I have a last minute November finish to share with you.....I've been wanting to stitch this little beauty since I saw it and here it is all finished up:

front again:
Designer: Tanya Marie Anderson ~ The Sampler Girl
Design: At Plimoth
Fibers: DMC (my own choices)
Fabric: 25 ct. Oatmeal
Finished as: Embellished Pillow

I was just...pleased as punch to have this stitched and finished all in one day! And I think it turned out lovely, a special little remembrance of a lovely Thanksgiving Day spent with family and sharing our many blessings bestowed upon us. God has richly blessed me in life, and I really appreciate Thanksgiving and the time it allows us to reflect on our many blessings.

In the sweet husband purchased for me (an early Christmas gift) an Sole Elliptical machine so that I can exercise in our basement in the morning rather than get out in the black of early morning and walk. I got scared a couple of mornings recently and decided that perhaps walking in the daytime would be better. BUT....time??? So....Keith and I decided a machine in the basement so I can continue getting up at 4:45 a.m. to do my work out would be best. That way I can do it in the privacy and safety of my own home. Let's hope this elliptical turns me into a super model! :o) Ha....Ha....Ha...

So I guess that.....does it for me today. I'm am so behind on my google reader that today when I logged in it said 1000+....oh heavens....I'm trying to get round to you all...know that I am trying.....

Until next time....count your blessings and your stitches!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hidey Ho Neighbors! Here is is Tuesday and the day before I'm supposed to have 6 people ready to travel for the rest of the week....not to mention that I have a stack of finishing I MUST get done today! So time is short.....*as always* and for most of you too, I'm sure :)

Well I received my lovely squares from the latest Fair and Square Round from sweet Milly. Milly and I became acquainted when I joined her LHN/CCH Yahoo group and she's a fantastic lady. She's also a model stitcher for Diane and everyone's friend and neighbor!

Squares from Milly

And Lindsay of the Caring Stitcher Blog held a contest and I won these delightful scissors (one more for my board!) and then she sent this lovely beaded snowflake ornament along is totally gorgeous and I don't know how she did it, but I love it and it shall have a place of honor on our tree (really soon!). Thank you Lindsay! You are a sweet heart and I love, love, love the scissors and ornament!

Breast Cancer Awareness Scissors and pretty pink beaded snowflake from Lindsay

I guess that does it for me I said...LOADS of finishing, even more LOADS of laundry, gotta fit in some stitching somewhere...then it will be on to some packing for our road trip. I also have to apologize for not being a more frequent visitor and commenter on everyone's blogs. I have been working, volunteering at my kids school and dozen other things....I've saved everyone's posts in my reader and I am hoping to get a few moments to go through some of them soon. So don't think I'm ignoring you, I just am playing "catch up" on a lot of things!

Until next time.....stitch til you're little heart is content!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Solution to a Problem!!

HEY, HEY, HEY friends, it's me again! (I would say Fat Albert...but I AM trying to diet! and don't forget I'm hiking my HINEY all over God's creation!)

Do you ever have....problems sleeping at night? Seems the older I get the more "wake" time I have....And what do I fill that "wake time" with? Why thinking about stitching of course! LOL! What else?! :o)

So my latest problem....that came to mind was my ever growing Scissors "collection". I think I'm at that point now that I need to call it a collection.... :o) Well I have a beautiful box that I have been keeping them in. But when you spend money on such beautiful designer Gingher Scissors and other gorgeous gold, black, silver, antique scissors....don't ya want to show 'em off? I certainly do! So there was "the question" in my mind the other night and round and round it went whirling, tumbling, sifting through - until I had a plan. armed with my 40% off coupon of one "regularly" priced item, some finishing money that I had earned transferred to our bank account to cover my expenses (to keep the hubby happy) - I sat out on my quest to Hobby Lobby. I purchased a Framed Cork Board (or message center), bought some lovely brown on cream toile fabric (30% off!), got some of the long 1 1/2 inch straight flathead pins and came back home and created this (better if you click the picture for a closer look):

What'd ya think?! I'm thinking SPOT ON PERFECT! I think it turned out a bit better than what I had anticipated. It's hung behind my stitching chair and high enough that little Miss Ellie cannot get Mama's Scissors, because 2 days ago, I heard - "I think it's time for a hair cut!" I started running but wasn't quick enough because there on the floor was about a 2 inch platinum blonde curl :o( With this solution - Little Miss Ellie can't get Mama's Scissors....I have a pretty "picture" of my pretty scissors and I can choose which ones I want to use for the day and then hang them up when I'm done! Hurray! I love it when a plan comes together!

Until next time my friends.....get creative!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow, wow, wow, WOW!

WOW....can you tell that is all I can think....and type?! Today I received a personal Thanksgiving Exchange that was arranged between some stitching friends and WOW! (There it is again) I received this most spectacular exchange from Sharon. I honestly am gobsmacked....and over thrilled with the box and its contents. Here is what I received:

A divine Flatfold (LOVE THEM!)
Designer: Brooke Nolan
Design: Autumn Cupboard
you can't really see all the embellishments on this photo that Sharon stitched in, but let me tell you there are gemstones in the corners for sparkle, beads ands buttons. This picture does not do it justice, I tell you - it is divine. Utterly divine!
Backing fabric of the flatfold - perfect isn't it?

Here's the front again with some super pumpkins that Sharon sent along to accompany the ride to Indiana!

And then here is the whole "kit and kaboodle"!
Astonishing....I see Sharon studied AND took notes on my wishlist!
She sent me finishing ribbon, TINS(!! - we all know my affinity for those!), the newest leaflet from the Cross Eyed Cricket that I fell in love with "Rest and Be Thankful", of course the pumpkins and the divine flatfold AND can see it there on top of the chart....a pair of CHEETAH Gingher Scissors....oh pitter patter my heart! I've wanted those so long!

Do you ever feel that words are inadequate, that maybe your a whole lot unworthy? Well that is how I feel today after receiving this utterly gorgeous, generous and GREAT exchange with Sharon. First yesterday and the totally unexpected RAK from Hannah, and then today and this beautiful exchange. I am humbled and thankful that it seems some lovely people like me, they really like me....*I HOPE* anyway :o)
Thank you for visiting! Until next time.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A sweet Random Act of Kindness...

Hello Friends! How are you all doing this fine day?! I have a special Random Act of Kindness gift from the sweet Hannah isn't it sweet?

Random Act of Kindness from Hannah

Hannah told me she used my tutorial for finishing an altoid tin. She did a lovely job! Thank you so much Hannah, you are such a kind and generous friend. I shall cherish it always and it sits beside my stitching chair housing my "scissors of the week". Thank you so, so much!

Speaking of do you like those black antique scissors? I got them from Anita's Little Stitches I love them! They are my new favorites!

Finally I shall leave you with some funny pictures of my furbaby kids were jazzing him up today and this was the result:

"My future's so bright...I gotta wear shades!"

"Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willace?"

You can the top picture his bandana around his neck...that isn't a dress up bandana, no rather I've been using it to try to detour him from scratching his neck. I took him to the vet twice about his neck and nothing that told me has worked, so I've been "doctoring" him myself. I bought some hypo-allergenic cat wipes and I wipe him down once in the morning and once in the evening. After I wipe him down, I dab his dermatitis area with peroxide (I'm doing this so it dries it and kills any bacteria present) and then I pat the area dry with guaze. Finally I use Cortaid (hydrocortizone) on the area to help heal it and help with the itch. It's looking the best its looked since it appeared. Finally the bandana is put on so that he can't damage the area. I've clipped his nails, but still if I would let him, he'd make himself bleed - hence the bandana. Funnily enough he leaves it on....I've been calling him Poncho and Lefty :) LOL!

Until next time....have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Terry's Halloween RR...

I'm in a Halloween RR Witching for Stitching and this is our second round. This round I stitched on Terry's RR. And this is what I did for her:

Designer: The Prairie Schooler ~ Witches Go Riding By ~ Book 148

This is the whole RR Layout:

Don't you love the fabric? It's called "Witch's Brew" and is by Enchanted Fabrics. I had a great time stitching this for your Terry! I hope you like my addition to your RR. on to stitching for my ornament swap :)

Until next time my friends - stay warm!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seasonal Ornaments SAL open!

I had quite a few people contact me that wanted to join a Seasonal Ornaments SAL, so I contacted BeckySC about having a weekend on the Let's Stitch board. Becky was such a dear and was going to let me have a weekend to do it over there on her lovely board, but I had many people that wanted to join that wasn't in Let's Stitch. So I decided to open a blog separate for just stitching along with other members of the Seasonal Ornaments Blog. Many, many wonderful praises for Becky letting me be undecisive and saying ok and then no I changed my mind. I'm sorry Becky and thank you!

I hope that their may be a few people now that are interested in joining me at Seasonal Ornaments SAL. It is not a high stress situation, I've got the general idea of how it will be "ran" listed over at the top of the blog, but essentially, I'll post Themed Challenges every two weeks. You stitch a ornament within the alotted time and post a picture of it and I will add your name to the completed challenge list. Every now and then I'll pull names from a hat and award prizes of some sort.

Intersted? Well mosey on over and take a gander and join me! The first challenge is listed and we have until Nov. 30 to complete it. If we stick to the schedule and motivate each other we could have around 24 ornaments next year this time! WOW!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stained and Decorated!

**EDITED** Tutorial for the Dowel Tree can be found HERE Enjoy!

Welcome Back Friends...... here it is my stained and decorated Dowel Tree ~ just some various shots from different angles around it:

I'm pleased as.....punch with the turn out. It's rather bigger than what I thought it would be...but honestly, I think for a first try they turned out great. Only had enough ornaments to fill one tree. So I guess in between the bazillion other things I want to stitch...I'm going to have to start stitching some seasonal ornies too! Maybe I need to set up a some sort of goal list for myself. Say once per month I need to stitch an ornament...LOL! Oh heaven's I don't know...too much in my frying pan! I know there is a group of ladies that exchange seasonal ornaments here, but I'm thinking just something "loose" - something where I stitch and keep my own ornaments. I guess that would be a Me, Myself and I Seasonal Ornament Stitch Along :) LOL! Maybe I need to ask BeckySC to incorporate a seasonal ornament SAL once per month on the Let's Stitch boards....hmm.....maybe I should just open up a Seasonal Ornamenet SAL Blog myself, even if there were only one or two of us...that would be some cheerleading...any ideas, opinions, people that would like to stitch seasonal ornies and keep them yourself?

Well before I start laundry.... I guess I need to tell you goodbye and I'll leave you with a little piccie of my mistreated Prince......

......isn't life hard? :) :) :) Although the little Prince has a "dermatitis" issue on his neck. Last Friday I had to take him to the vet because he came upstairs with a "hole" in his fur and his skin was all bloody and seepy where he had scratched himself. I got really upset thinking something horrible was wrong...but the Doctor wasn't upset when she saw it. just shaved the area around it and gave him some antibiotics. Really no advice just said it was likely some sort of allergy. So we changed Kitty Litter brands to a non-fragrance, non-dye kind. We'll see if that helps. I've been wiping him daily with kitty hypoallergenic wipes and then I got this "hot spot" itch spray stuff that is supposed to help. So luck...any advice from you feline Mommy's and Daddy's out there?

So I guess I'll close now.... and keep looking here, I'll try to post a tutorial for the Dowel Tree sometime soon. It's really easy friends, honestly it is. And the whole deal only costs about $35 and that was for 2!

Until Next time.... reach for your needle and thread every chance you get!

BIG Hugs and warm regards!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look what I made today!

Have you seen Ornament Dowel Trees? Well I've been lusting after them for some time, never could find one - so I decided to make one myself. Here's what they came out like:

Ornament Dowel Trees

Pretty handy, aren't I?! I'm just thrilled to BITS with how they turned out! :) The only thing my husband did was cut the square of wood for the base other than that I drilled, sawed and glued everything else myself.

Why did I make two? Well I made two because I couldn't purchase just one finial (the top part of the tree). They came in a bag with two, and I thought well if I have two I'll put one in my entry way and one maybe on my hearth or as a centerpiece on my table to hang seasonal ornaments. I did take some pictures of the steps that I did to make them...maybe I'll make a tutorial? Don't know, have to think about it.

Now tomorrow I need to stain these babies up and let them dry....more pictures to come when I have the finished product all stained and hung up with some ornaments.

Hugs to all :) Until next time.....

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Mama is Famous!

I found a blog this summer and just fell in love with it....I introduced my Mama to the blog and she fell in love with it too!

SO if you love primitive, country, cozy, shabby chic things....and recipies of the MOST divine nature ~ then Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage is the gal for you!

Today my Mama's recipie for "Gooey Bars" is featured on Tina's Blog!

It's worth the trip to mosey on over and get the recipie and take a look around Tina's gorgeous blog and home :)

Kids just want to have fun!

Hello Again Friends!....I'll let the pictures do the talking....
Halloween Night
Trying out our options....

what about a smooch?

girl, you have GOT to try that nail polish!

who loves ya babe?!
BIG girls wanna have fun too!.....

and you all know I'm king of the jungle!
WHO?! me????
Until next time......

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thanksgiving Exchange

Hello Friends!

I just found out that my partner for a personal Thanksgiving Exchange received the package I sent to them. My partner was Goldie and here's what I stitched 'specially for her!

I stitched Prairie Schooler "Harvest Time" Sampler's central motif for Thanksgiving seen above and I turned it into:

A Flatfold!!
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Design Leaflet: Harvest Time
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct Hand-dyed "by moi" evenweave

I added the leaves in the corner to give it a little UMPH! and I think it turned out great! The little Tom Turkey sitting there to the side is a little extra fella that went along for the ride :) GOBBLE * GOBBLE I also sent Shepherds Bush "Be Thankful" pattern, JABCO buttons for the pattern and a nice cut of 10 ct. Tula from Silkweaver in "Days Gone By" color for Goldie to create another fantastic pillow for herself (She's made one prior that was stunning!)

So! that does it for me for today....changed up my blog a bit...actually I worked on it all day...I'm trying to make it cute....we'll see how it works out....

Until next time...... always reach for your needle and thread - it will bring you comfort!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Final Round Done and Dusted in Hello Neighbor!

Hello Friends! I'm doing a jig tonight! *Tippity Tap - Tappity Tip*

Because I finished the final square on the Hello Neighbor Round Robin that I've participated in since June 2007! Whoo Hoo! Done!!! I don't have my neighborhood back yet, and it won't come back complete because we hit a road bump along the way....but I'm proud that most of the RR's in my group are going home completed and I'm happy that Rob's is complete because she is the hero that rescued my own round robin piece.

Here's what I stitched for Rob's Seaside Neighborhood:
Design: Block #5 taken from Carriage House Samplings
"Shores of Hawk Run Hallow"
I fancied this block because it had the "widow's walk" on the house with a lady looking on the seascape....I can just imagine her surprise when she saw the mermaid next door :)
And you will too when you see the entire Neighborhood here:

It was a fabulous experience - I can now say I participated in a Round Robin. Don't know how soon I'll sign up for another of these (or if I'll ever be asked again for that matter) but I did enjoy it while it lasted. I'm looking forward to not having this Neighborhood hanging over my head....another thing to mark off my list!

We had a fabulous weekend! On Saturday we sort of "winter-ized" our landscaping. I put up the Halloween Decorations for the year. Then on Sunday we went to a local state park and it was a beautiful day - the maple trees were just stunning!

Thank you for all the sweet comments on Chatter Box. He continues to thrive and fit in well with our family! He's learned to hide himself *really* well when he wants to get away from the attention. But he's a sweet natured fellow and is 9 times out of 10 in the middle of the fray! LOL!

I guess that's it for me today....on the eve of this major election, all I will say is: please take the time to educate yourself on the major issues of this election year - it goes much, much deeper than just the economy (although that's deep enough to hurt!)....I'm proud to be an American and I will use my vote tomorrow to uphold the morals and values that I cherish, and by living in this fine country - "the land of the free" - we are all able to vote our own views because of those men and women that have bravely protected and served our country in order that we can remain free. Don't squander your vote! It's too precious of a commodity to take for granted!