Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday....after much discussion my husband finally agreed to get a furry member to join our family - because our kids longed for an animal to cuddle.

SO before he had a chance to change his mind....I made a dash to the Humane Society. I had specific ideas (being a previous kitty owner when I lived at my Mom's house) - I wanted a shorthair, adult, Tom cat that was neutered at a young age. So off Ellie and I went to see what they had....they had three rather large "cat colonies" and the first two we went into - well no one was interested in us....the last one I went into there were 5 cats interested in me all male and all around 3 years old. I pared it down to two choices and after school took all the kids back to make their choice. After handling both cats the decision was unanimously agreed upon to adopt "Chatter Box" which I am shortening to "Chatty" (Chatty was my choice too - but I didn't let them know before their own vote). Here he is:

It was Chatty's lucky day! He came home to a big house with 4 very admiring youngsters to play with, a big scratch pad, a lovely kitty pi to sleep in (which he never has) he rather sleeps in my antique chest :o) IAMS and Fancy Feast food, new dishes, a sporting new collar with tags emblazoning his name and our phone number in case of emergency, toys, a brush and a couple of large kitty litter pans - what more could a fella want?!
Chatty's got a cold, and a follow up vet visit today. But he is the most darling boy....sweet natured and loving and yes...he's a bit "chatty" - I see how he got his name! Last night he did good....of course he wanted to sleep in bed with Keith and I - Keith won't have that, so I took "my baby" downstairs and we slept on the couch. Tonight I'm going to put him down in our basement to sleep because he got a bit playful last night from 1-3 a.m. So today it's off to get another scratching post and make up a cozy box for Chatty in his new bedroom :) I hope we have many happy years and treasured memories with our big boy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Down in the village....

where the green grass grows.....
or maybe I should say: "Down in the village at the bottom of my trunk...." because the Good Lord knows this poor thing hasn't seen the light of day since Feb. 14, 2007!!! Yep, you read right almost 2 years ago, was the last time I stitched on this...I feel like retching, as I really do love this piece.

But a new shiny idea - thanks to Becky and her forward thinking when it comes to motivating stitchers! Becky's opened up the Let's Stitch blog, and I feel really, really motivated to get out my old WIPs...not to mention all the blogs that I've read this year about cutting back, refocusing, stitching old projects.....I mean you had to love them once, right? To start them I mean....

And we all know how I fall off the wagon when it comes to exchanging..*EVERY TIME*......but since I've cut *most* of that out of my stitching world (although I still do some personal exchanges and my ornament swap exchanging)....but really I have majorly, MAJORLY cut back on exchanges in the past 3 months. So this motivation is great for me to get my mojo going! Plus I read just the other day on Cathy B's Blog how she finished something for herself and she wrote "it feels good"! Not that I don't love to stitch for others...I DO! (too much!) but I have hardly anything of my own, made from my own hands that is - in my own home....I want to stitch for me for a bit - and like Cathy says - it feels good! Plus I think enough people know me and would be happy to exchange with me sometime if I need to scratch an itch - ya think?

But anyway I digress....back to the village.....

LOVE is what I have for the Village of Hawk Run really is - I would love to get this one done and start the I love that morbid verse it has on that one....but *sigh* I won't start that one until I get this one out of the way. I started the villiage *I think* in August of 2006. This is what I have finished: I have block #1, Block #2 and all 12 outlines done. I am presently working on Block #12 because it is seasonal and Halloweenish. So during the monthly Hawk Run Hallow SAL over at the Let's Stitch Blog (this was the first 3rd Tuesday that we SAL'd) I went from this:

progress from 2/14/07

progress made 10/21/08

Nothing earth shattering, but progress none the less! :)

What else is going on? Well....still fighting this cold....ugh....and I've resorted to taking DAYQUIL and NYQUIL and if you know me I try NOT to take that abhorrent nasty stuff at any time....GROSS! But bad is bad...and you gotta do what you gotta do....*sniff*

So until next time my friends - keep on keepin' on!

***GRATEFUL GRATITUDES*** blustery autumn days, my girl going off on her first camping adventure with classmates and the quiet solitude of stitching by a window in the sunshine

Monday, October 20, 2008

Maudy Monday...

Hello friends! Short and sweet post today!

I had the weekend off and it was a gorgeous, glorious weekend! Too bad I am a little under the weather...I had to go to the clinic on Saturday because I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) - I think its been cooler so I haven't been as "into" drinking my 6-8 glasses of water per day. Let me tell you after this weekend...I'll be drinking that darn water and remembering how I felt on Saturday - not good!

I'm also happy to report that 7 days ago I and my husband received our flu shots - and 5 days later (Saturday) I though throat feels a bit scratchy - said something to Keith and he said, "mine is too"....which turned into Sunday being totally clogged up and unable to breath through my nose and my ears are full of fluid today - Keith says he's the same. Great! Being that I work in hospitals, I have to get a flu vaccine every year no matter what....and they always say - "oh you won't get sick" but every year about 5 -7 days after my vaccination, guess what?
I am happy to report that my LNS called my frame for "Something Wicked" came in! Whoo Hoo! And I acted like a big girl and framed it myself....whoops, small problem, I ordered it too small....yikes...was a little upset, but then figured, I can frog the black box around it - that I did and lookie here - I think it almost looks better without the black box and really tight up against the frame edge (picture should be clickable):

"Something Wicked" by La-D-Da

(stitched on 35 ct. Havana Weeks Dye Works linen and in Eastside Moulding Frame as called for)

So this weekend I stitched on a Thanksgiving piece for a personal exchange...nearly done, and I don't think I want to send it away! LOL! I'm really happy with the way it is stitching up :)

I also kitted up 4 other projects, that I have to stitch and get out of here fast, two are RR's (Halloween and Hello Neighbor) and one is the ornament for November's recipient...and the other is....I can't remember...but something....LOL! :o)

Ok buddies and friends, take care! Until next time.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The "Cap of Destiny" Speaks....

Hello Friends! Was going to do "the pull" tomorrow...but I've got a full calendar tomorrow start to finish so did it today :)

I had 88 comments, not everyone wanted in on the draw for the "Something Wicked" chart but I had 2 1/2 pages of names.

Here they are all handwritten and ready:

After their "cut and curl" they got thrown into the "MASON of mixing":

Then they got tossed like a salad into the awaiting CAP OF DESTINY:

Hanging out with friends for a few minutes more:

Then they were offered to the Toddler of Choosing:

Who handed it to the Mommy of Mirth (she looks a little strung out - but I think Camera of Memories caught her mid-blink):

And the winner is: Kathy A.! HURRAYY!!!!

Back you go "cap of destiny" until the next time you are needed:

Thank you one and all for visiting my blog, your comments bring a smile to my face and a bit of joy to my day! I hope that I in some part bring a little sunshine to you.

Until next time -

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Something Wicked Finish and Chart Give-Away!

Hello Friends :o)

I'm so proud I got my Something Wicked finished just now - so hot of the Q-snaps here it is:

"Something Wicked"
Designer: La-D-Da
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 35 ct. Havana
will be framed at later date using called for frame
I absolutely love it! I'm usually not much on Halloween designs - but this one and that little ornament in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween Ornament Issue...just spoke to me. I loved every minute of stitching this and shall proudly display this each Halloween. I love that curly Q boot. Some things I didn't stitch are: the spiders that were on the shoe and on the stocking...I didn't like the look of them, they reminded me of Star Wars fighter ships or something...and the web under the shoe...didn't stitch that either because I like the shape of the shoe and felt that the web under the heel detracted from the shape of the heel. So there ya go...
Now IF you would like to add this chart to your stash and maybe stitch it up this year?! Just leave me a comment (in this post only!) specifically saying that you'd like to have your name put in the "Hat of Destiny" (sorry Edgar!) and my Katie will pull a name on Friday evening 10-17-08. It's a wonderful design and I'd like to share it with someone that would stitch it. If I don't "know" you please make sure you put your name and e-mail address in the comment so I can contact you if your the winner. Thank you!
Shout out to my BFF Marie P, who sent me a pedometer that has an ALARM on it so that I can walk safely (and know my true mileage) and scare the underpants off critters and nasty people!!! Marie, today when I opened up the mail and I read your note....I laughed and then shed a few tears...your thoughtfulness just is astounding. You sweetie, love ya!
**Walking Chronicles**: still hoofin' it to the beat....or book whichever I have on my MP3 player :o) Lately it's been "HIGH NOON" by Nora Roberts...
So until next time my dear readers - keep on keepin' on....
Grateful Needfuls: a finish I love, good friends and a brand new week to get everything right

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Edgar's Ornament...

Whoa...another post today...Edgar e-mailed me to let me know that my ornament arrived on his doorstep yesterday! Hurray! Here is what I stitched for Edgar who is the October recipient for the Christmas Ornament Swap:

Blackbird Designs
2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
32 ct. Hand-dyed (by moi) linen
DMC fibers
I absolutely LOVE this ornament and can see a whole bunch in my future (like 6 - one for each of my family members) all hanging on our Christmas Tree :o)
Thanks for coming to visit again! Hugs to all....

What a day!

Hello Friends...the Pfeiffer Clan had a great, good time at Joe Huber's Family Farm and Huber's Winery on Saturday. Sunday was spent recovering from the wildly fun day....and yesterday was spent starting the new week. So Here's some photo highlights of our outing on Saturday:

Here is Ellie and Bradyn (my nephew) waiting to take off in the Cow Train:
Here they are....

and off they go....notice their hand held up like they are on a roller coaster :o)))) *my Mom is the "orange" lady in the corner of the fenced in area*

Now Keith and the kids are loaded onto the Farm Animail Feeding Wagon for a wagon ride and farm animal feeding expedition:

There they are.....

Here they are all back from the feeding...and wagoning experience....

Next Ellie wanted to ride the pony:

Giddy up Cowgirl....get along little doggies....Yippee Kie Yay....

Next they all are loaded up onto the Corn Maze Wagon....

Off to the Corn Maze....

At the petting zoo with farm zoo animals:Baaaaa...Neighhhh...MOOOO.....OINK!

Loading up the school bus:

There must have been a wreck....because look at the heads hanging out looking at the devastation ahead.... *MY silly brother (Bradyn's Dad) is in the window between Jake (hanging wildly out the front bus window and Katie....his name is Adam and he's a dork* LOL! just kidding, I love him to pieces....

One exhausted Pfeiffer family on the walk back to our van:

We sure are glad we came....but whew! we're tired:
Thanks for looking! Stitchy update soon :o) Until next time come back and visit real soon!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A RAK and a SAT...

Hello Friends and dear readers :o)

Hope this finds you all well! Yesterday I was RAK'd by the lovely and most generous friend of mine, Rachel. It was a total and complete surprise and here is the contents:
RAK from Rachel - sadly the chocolate was gone within about 5 mins. after this picture was taken...I did not share

Here is the lovliest of floss tags - it has a magnet on the inside so that my needle stitcks to the backside
Made from BBD designs Friendship Booklet

GORGEOUS isn't it? I love it Rachel and your sweet, kind words in the card made me cry. Thank you!

Next Up: last night was the Friday night SAT with Becky's Let's Stitch group and here is my progress on Something Wicked:

Something Wicked by La-D-Da

I didn't get that gol' darn thing done...but I did get that shoe done...doesn't look like a lot of stitching, but it is - I've nearly gone through a skein of black 310! All I have left is the words and the black box around the whole thing....maybe a couple of intense sessions and it will be finished. I did however order the frame that it is modeled on the cover in from East Side Mouldings yesterday. EXCITING......Soon my pretties...soon.....(*rubbing hands together* and cackling)....

Today the Pfeiffer gang is off to Joe Huber's Farm check out that food on the webpage...I walked an extra mile yesterday and I skipped supper and substituted some granola and a apple...I'm going to PIG OUT! *oink~oink*!! We're also going to Huber's Winery and Farm . Another Indiana point of interest and puts on display some of the finest things about Indiana. I'm excited to go....well really I'm just excited to go and eat, pick up a bottle or two of wine and then seeing the joy on my kids faces petting farm animals, picking apples, pumpkins, going for a hayride...those are just gravy on top of my well filled plate :o) LOL!

Pictures to come this week I'm sure on our farm family adventure! Until next time.....have a great day!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Something Wicked Comes....

Something Wicked
By La-d-da
35 ct. Week Dyes Work Havana Linen
DMC threads
My WIP to date...I started this just about a week ago today in fact...and it's coming along. I am going to wait to stitch on this until tomorrow evening and use it for my Friday Night Stitch~A~ Thon piece over at BeckySC's "Let's Stitch" blog. I *think* I CAN if I give it a really good try - perhaps finish it by the end of the SAT?! Ya think?!
I've decided when I finish this, I'm going to frame it...I was going to try to make a quilted wall hanging...but I don't think I want to distract form the cute curely cue a sort of decked out black antiquey looking frame. We'll see....
Keep your fingers crossed that I can knock this one will look fantastic leaned again my Jack-o'-Lantern in my entry way...yes?!
Until next time...stitch with a smile :o) I am.....

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My last ornament....

Hello Friends :o)

Today i received my final ornament in the Ornament Swap Club that I'm in....I'm sure gonna miss these packages :o(

Here's what sweet Julianne stitched for me....isn't it darling? I love it, and so does my Ellie who happily is carrying it around saying put up our "tistmas tree"! :o)

Christmas Reindeer Ornament from sweet Julianne

Don't you just love those Christmas lights around the perimeter? I sure do! THANK YOU Julianne, you did a spectacular job :o) as always.....!!!!!

So with a heavy heart I show you my spectacular basket of receiving time has come to an end :o) And I'm a hog to want it to last every month...but who cares?! Wouldn't you want it to go on forever if you received treasures like these?:

A tisket a tasket a filled to the brim wire basket

Well....what else is going on? Hmmm.....well I have some PIF's to get done, and I've decided what I'm going to do and what I'm going to stitch. for the stitching. Today I went to my LNS to pick up some 30 ct. linen as I didn't have any....and they had some R&R Creek Bed Brown *perfect* for some projects I've got on the "list".

Now that the only exchanges that I'm in are either my Fair and Square and the Ornament Swap, I'm getting much more time to pick and choose and finishing things for's a nice change, I'm glad I decided to do it. The next thing I'm going to think about doing is going a chart diet. I've got so much crap....I mean really cute stuff....that I want to stitch...but I just keep getting more and more and more and more....So I'm kicking around a slow down....we'll see.....

Did you see the Victoria Sampler's project in the Gift of Stitching? WOW! That's all I'm going to say...but I could see that working into my I have one....

Ok, well that's enough blathering for me today....until next time...keep reaching for your stitching! :o)

***WALKING CHRONICLES*** Still truckin' but I'm doing it during daylight...I got scared a few weeks ago...and I changed to walking the "loop" after I drop the kids off at school...its working and walking is walking, right? I think the "scaredness" came from the fact that I was reading a scarey book...and then I "heard" something and kept imagining all sorts of horrible things. So I ran home (no fooling) and told my DH that I would walk in the gone the dark side....

***GRATEFUL NEEDFULS*** my little boys, my sweetie girls and a daily rosary said with my husband for important intentions.