Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloggerversary WINNER is.....

The randomizer at random.org has spoken and


is the winner of the grand prize!!

Wish I could say it was a million bucks....but sadly it's just a wee little ornie made from my own two hands :o)

A special word of thanks to each and EVERY one of you that loyally visit my blog and comment or no, share my life in some way. My words are inadequate, but my feelings are true...thank you!

I'm grateful for you all!

p.s. see my little gnome there in the corner :) He's keeping an eye on you!

Ornament from Edgar

Hello Friends :o)

Last week I received the most gorgeous ornament from the sweetie of blogland Edgar :

Ornament stitched by Edgar
The Prairie Schooler ~ Santa Rides
Totally awesome, yes?! This is the first piece I own from Edgar and although we belong to many of the same exchange groups, I've never been lucky enough to be paired with him. And the raves about his stitching and finishing are not in vain...this is stupendously stitched, finished and will be a treasured heirloom for my tree. Thank you Edgar...I LOVE it :) a lot!
AND I finished an ornament for Edgar today! Hootie hoot hoot! I got it all packaged up and will mail it tomorrow, so soon, Edgar soon....AND soon my dear friends soon...I'll get to show you what I stitched for Edgar.....it is so cute and I like it so much....I see more of these ornaments in my future...
Thank you for all the kind, sweet words on my Breast Cancer scissors slide in memory of my Aunt Sarah. She was an incredible person, my family misses her deeply.
Tonight is THE night that my children will pull the winning name of my "BLOGGERVERSARY PRIZE". I finished the ornament up last night and its sweet. GOOD luck to all the participants - I hope you win! in fact I wish ALL of you could win...but I'd never get to stitch for myself....
Well I guess that does it for me today...I walked extra today because I've been a bit bad lately...and I smell like a pig farmer...so I need to hit the showers! Until next time - FLOSS ON!
***GRATEFUL NEEDFULS*** a cool breeze fluttering turning leaves, a big pot of chili, and a good book

Friday, September 26, 2008

October is.....

breast cancer awareness, and because breast cancer touched my life, I decided to stitch the new Dinky Dyes and Cat Whisker's Scissors slide for the the Kelmscott Breast Cancer awareness scissors and here it is:

But I changed the back in memorandum of my mother's sister, my aunt - Sarah Weber - who passed from breast cancer in 2003.

The back says: "In Loving Memory Sarah Weber 1952 - 2003

She was my Aunt, yes....but she also was:

my friend.......

My maid of honor ....

My first baby's God-mother

God Bless you Aunt Sari, I love and miss you terribly. One day we shall meet again....

Dedicated to you with love,hugs and kisses ~ Vonnie

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bloggerversary Prize Sign Ups!

Hello Friends! In celebration of my two year "BLOGGERVERSARY", I finished a small square that I will finish into an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree this year. Here it is (unfinished of course):
The Prairie Schooler ~ "Up on the Housetop" #25
Stitched on 32 ct. Sassy's Fabbys Creamy Cocoa
Fibers: DMC
Will be finished as an ornament for your 2008 Christmas Tree
If you would like to sign up for a chance to win this piece to help me celebrate my 2 year Bloggerversary, then please leave a comment on this post only from now until October 1st. A winner will be drawn at random on October 1st.
In the meantime, please know that this is just a small token to give back to my faithful community of readers, even if you comment or not, you have enriched my life. Blogging has really changed the way I think about my stitching life and my personal life. I have found friends, I have found a community that shares my love of stitching, I have learned so much from you all. We share our joys, together carry the burden of our sorrows, we listen to each other when we are angry, we disagree with each other at times.....just like in a family. My life would not be as full as it is presently if I had not embraced this when I stumbled upon it. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my love of cross stitching and my life with you! I shall be forever in your debt.
Until next time ..... sign up!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ornies GALORE!

Hello dear friends :o) How's it?! Things are brightening in this part of the universe...I've had a really great week so far. The hubby has taken a couple of days off and we've spent some much deserved time together.

I've had a really great mail week this week so far too, so I'll share with you what I've gotten - caution!! You'll be seriously jealous when you see them:

First off my ornament from the Christmas Ornament Swap from sweet Cathy B:

Prairie Schooler - St Nick from the St. Nick leaflet #20
Totally divine isn't it? I've been wanting to get my hands on that leaflet for a long time and now I own one of the little fellas. You always know its gonna be a good mail day when you have a package in your mailbox from Minnesota with Cathy B's return address on the label. You almost want to break out in a Alleluia chorus :) Thank you Cathy ~ I love it!
Up next is Carolyn's Ornament:

Homespun Elegance ~ "Ho Ho Tired"

Isn't this cute?! Ellie loves it...she took to it right off the bat (or out of the package). She keeps telling it that she wants a "roll over my puppy for Christmas"...and a petshop fitness center, and a water babies, and a cuddle soft tiger, and a cupcake maker, and a........they learn fast don't they? Anyway Carolyn...I love it! It is so sweet and I (and Ellie) will find great joy in hanging this cutie on our tree this year!

Up next: AmySC touched my heart deeply when I opened her box and found this:

Prairie Schooler's ~ Christmas Strawberries

Isn't that just about the best thing?! Amy wrote that she knows I like quilts and Prairie Schooler so she came up with this strawberry. I can't tell you how pleased and happy I was when I saw this. It is perfectly finished and I love it! THANK YOU Amy!!! It's gorgeous and I will always think of you when I hang it on my tree :o) My sweet friend in SC.

Next up: Have you all seen this??????:

Well guess who's stitching it?! I've stitched to date (just started last night) the "g" in something and all of Wicked, Comes and Way....not enough to show yet...but I hope I can get some wacked out soon so that I can show you...I want to finish it as a quilted wallhanging for my entry...that's a TALL order because I've never quilted...but I bought a book and I figure since I've become a sewing dynamo with my finishing service, I just may be able to quilt?! Maybe not, but I'm going to give it a shot.

And finally, I leave you with a picture of my three youngest babies:

What sweeties, huh? Ian, Ellie and Jacob....you know people always say how much we all look alike - all 6 of us and I never think so...but looking at this picture, it's pretty funny isn't it...the similarities...goofy grins and all!

Until next time - stitch in the light and may the floss be with you! :o)

***GRATFUL NEEDFULS*** days to cherish, goofy grins and my daily walks

Monday, September 22, 2008

Be of Good Cheer....

Hello Friends :o)

Last night after finishing the square on Debby's RR, I started something new, Shepherd's Bush "Be of Good Cheer", seems particularly compelling since "good cheer" has been out of my grasp of late in more than a few areas of life....so I settled in last night and got busy, finishing up the last few stitches and then finishing it into a door knocker (door knob hanger) just a few minutes ago. It shall hang from the door to my downstairs bathroom to always remind me to "be of good cheer"!

Here's my finish:

Shepherds Bush
"Be of Good Cheer"
Stitched on 10 ct Tula - natural
DMC Fibers
Finished as a "Door Knocker"

Another thing that is "of good cheer" is that I'm listening to "Blood Brothers" by Nora Roberts on my MP3 player. I am a huge Roberts fan, have been since she wrote for Silhouette Romances...and as she ages, she just gets better like a fine wine. This newest series...is paranormal, and she writes a mean paranormal.

As a matter of fact I have my MP3 player filled up with a lot of great books....I've got Stephanie Myers - Book #2 - New Moon, Johanna Lindsey's newest Matter of Seduction (I think), I've got that Skipping Christmas book that I've always wanted to read by Grisham (I think)...I've got Culture Warrior by Bill O'Reilly and a whole lot more that I'm forgetting here. An eclectic mix and varied genres and subjects....can't wait to get into them all....I am SERIOUSLY enjoying this MP3 player, a good friend of mine told me her MP3 player changed her life...I laughed thinking she was being nutty, but I seriously understand now....

So that's it for me today, until the next time have a great day and "be of good cheer"!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello Neighbor for Debby

Hello Neighbors! Today I finished my square on Debby's RR - I was only 3 weeks late and a few dollars short....

My Square for Debby's RR

The Whole RR

Looks good doesn't it?! And only one little square left to fill. Yep, it is drawing to a close and I can't say that I'm upset that it is. It's been fun, a little stressful and the deadlines are getting to me. I'll be happy to have this wrapped up....and happy to get my hands on my own RR when it returns.

So short and sweet post today, because I'm off to start a NEW project for my BLOGGERVERSARY prize, which sadly was about a month ago....but hey! I'll get something whipped out in no time, fingers crossed :o)

Until next time, may the floss be with you!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candy and Stars...

Hidey Ho Neighbors!

I have two more ornaments that I've received from the Christmas Ornament Swap that I am in and without further ado, here they are:

"Star On Top of the Tree"
by Blue Ribbon Designs
Stitched by Jill F.
Gorgeous isn't it? Jill did a spectacular, beautiful job from the top of the tree, to the hanger to the beautifully beaded edge :o) Love it Jill! I will cherish this always.

Ribbon Candy stitched by Joan S

Cute isn't it? Just like old-fashioned dime store candy! And all decked out to grace my tree forever and ever :o) Thank you Joan!

I guess I'm a little short on typing today....I have a lot on my mind. Multiple things have been going on here on the home front and otherwise...but defiance is a word that comes to mind that is perfect for things that have been happening recently. Seems nobody wants to follow rules, laws, regulations - isn't that what brings order to the universe? At least that's what my mind says, but I'm a simpleton compared to most. Although in my college days I learned all about Mr. Murphy and his chaos theory. ORDER will quickly go to DISORDER nothing is static. And I definitely could point out about 12 random things where this is clearly illustrated. I guess any mother can tell you that without the help of dear Mr. Murphy. But sadly none of this defiance is due to my children....no, sadly that is not the case - its all "big" people. I'm ready for this week to be over! Come on Friday!!!! And I have a chair with my name written all over it, I plan on buying a gallon of super glue and melding my fanny to the cushion. You can depend on it!

Until next time, I'm taking some happy pills (ibuprofen - not anything stronger...but I wouldn't be against something stronger at this point) and a couple bottles of beer. Its five o'clock somewhere......

***GRATEFUL NEEDFULS*** a weekend off, rolling rock brewery and my pima cotton Land's End nightgown

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Ornaments :)

Good-day Friends! Hope you all are having a lovely day. Today is laundry day for my household - ho hum....
But the day went from GLUM to GLAM when the mailman came because he brought me these ornaments from Our Christmas Ornament Swap:

"My Christmas Pear"
by Hands to Work
Taken from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue 2005
32 ct. belfast cream linen
Stitched by the lovely Staci

Isn't it lovely? Isn't it perfect? I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you sweet Staci for this treasure!

Next Up - look at this:

Snowman and Cardinal
by Prairie Schooler
taken from Santas and Snowmen Leaflet
32 ct. Summer Khaki
Stitched by the lovely BeckySC

Isn't it CUTE??? I love the strung red beads that Becky used as the hanger...it reminds me of sweet, juicy cranberry garland hung on a tree! I LOVE this one too! Thank you Becky!

Both of these additions will be lovely treasured heirlooms to hang on our tree this year! Thank you ladies!!!!

Have you gotten the newest Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine for this year????? I have and I've already started an ornament last night....care to guess which one?! Hmmm??? Let me say this about the ornament I'm stitching: It's a deviation from what the designer usually submits for the magazine. And I love it and I have a fabulous idea for finishing it.

AND I finished my "carry along" WIP last night which also happens to be a Christmas Ornament....I hope to finish it today/this evening and show you soon :o)

I was just called to go into work tonight....that STINKS!!! Now I have to scramble to get everything in order for the kids to function prior to their Daddy getting home. I think this may be the beginning of the end for the person that called in "sick". I think he doesn't like the job and is interviewing with someone else...if that is so, then I am in BIG trouble....there are just not any Microbiologists that want to work in the Clinical Laboratory, so since we are few and far between and I'm the only one...that will mean daily working (I'm not kidding) if this guy leaves. Oh, the horror...and since we're a Clinical Lab (Hospital) that means we never close....so 7 days a week. It's already just me and this other guy (my supervisor) that works in there....if he leaves (which I think he is or will soon because of his unhappiness).....I'm up a creek so to speak....oh well as Scarlett O'Hara said, "I'll worry about that tomorrow..."

Until next time my dear friends - remember to floss daily! :o)

1. My job - I really DO love being a Microbiologist
2. My washing machine - can you imagine doing laundry like the old days?
3. My husband - even though I got mad at him this morning he's mine and I love him - most of the time ;o) Just kidding!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday here again....

Hello Dear Readers...once again...long time no blog.

Where does time go? You know, I've read a lovely post about time a few days ago (Or was it weeks?!) here. Tanya had a lovely take on it, just about the same as I feel about it. Time can be your friend or your foe, depending on the day, I guess, that you are thinking about it. I think it is my foe when I look in the mirror and see tiny lines forming around my eyes, and mouth, seems like my whole face is sort of sliding south....and I rub this miracle pink cream into my face night and day....thinking that tomorrow I'll wake up and look like I did when I was 21. Ho hum....not so....but then again, without the time that has passed, I wouldn't be who or where I am right now, today - so maybe time is my friend. Then I look at my babies, and one is nearly as tall as I am and growing into a young lady, then my two young bucks and my sweet angel growing. All getting bigger and less time for Mama and Daddy....but then the exciting things I see them accomplish and know that perhaps my fretful, hair-pulling days had something to do with their success. Maybe my guidance isn't down the wrong road? So I've decided that although it is fleeting...my time is sweet and I will live every day to the fullest (or at least try as hard as I can to do that) before my time slips away....

So stitching you say?! Well relatively little in the past two weeks - just as Rob can attest to...just ask her! The mail date was September 1st - pushed back from Auguest 1st due to some unforeseen road blocks - and here it still sits on my Q-snaps...I'm trying to fill in some bare spots around my square to give it more of a focal point. This is Debby's RR and she did such a lovely square on my RR that I'd like to do a extra special square for her:

Debby's RR to date ~ Motifs taken from Prairie Schooler's Daffodils chart

Up next you say?! Well thanks to all your kind thoughts and comments I raised $435 for the fundraiser at my children's school! Thanks to a few ladies that baked and helped me out - the Bake Sale was a huge success!! Yay!

I've not been stitching a lot, but I sure have been finishing a lot, not of my own stitching but of clients that are using my finishing service. Seems like this bunch that I had to finish had deadlines and they were close deadlines too...so that was some added extra stress to pour on the adrenaline. I've gotten them all done except one, which is a mattress pincushion finish and we know how long those take to assemble....and if you don't well LONG!

So, today is sort of a dreary day...I'm coming off of a weekend of work. I think I'm going to take a trip to Joann's to look at all the fabrics. I need to get some fallish fabric. Maybe buy something for me! I'm going to run to Joann's, then nestle inside my house, finishing my client's things and listening to a book on my MP3 player. The only thing that could be better would be if I were stitching on my own things.... :o)

**Walking Chronicles** - still truckin' !!

And I'm going to start something new on the end of my blog: "Grateful Needfuls"
I'm just going to list three things that I'm grateful for so that I can remind myself of God's goodness in my life. We had a wonderful sermon this week during Mass and then my children are studying a very important part of life in their religion studies - "Constancy in Prayer" and I need to remind myself what I am thankful for because He has all to do with that.

Thanks for reading my ramblings...I am so hopeful that I will have something stitchy to share with you soon....I'm getting mighty jealous of all that I'm seeing and nothing that I'm doing with my own hands :o(

Until next time - may the floss be with you!

**GRATEFUL NEEDFULS** cool weather, blowing breezes and my children's laughter

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Stitching Smalls Exchange - Biscornu

My last exchange on the SBEBB was received so I thought I'd quickly log in to show my stitching friends:

Good Luck Bircornu - "freebie" from Barbara Ana Designs Newsletter
Stitched using DMC as called for
Fabric: 32 ct. White (top stitched part)/ 32 ct. Red R & R Reproductions (bottom)
Finished as: Ruffle Edged Biscornu

Well off to finish my square on a Hello Neighbor Round Robin, since I'm late on my maildate....

Have a good Sunday ;o)

And may the floss be with you.....

Friday, September 05, 2008

A week later....

Hello dear readers and friends, long time no type, eh?!

Well a few words on that......everytime that I *think* that a little R and R is in my grasp (whether it be Rest and Relaxation or the R and R FABRIC type of rest and relaxation...) it is snatched away like a carrot in front of a donkey (or ass as it were) - me being said creature :o) But ONWARD readers to the "meat" of the this post!

First Up: I am the lucky, smarty pants that got my name pulled for The Christmas Ornament Swap and I received my very first ornie in the mail yesterday from the ever delightful Carol:

"My Christmas Tis of Thee"
by Lizzie*Kate
Isn't it just super-de-duper? I love it and am looking forward to hanging it near my Hallmark Patrotic Snowman I have on my tree this Christmas! Thank you Carol, I love it!
Next Up: My own stitching you say?! Hmmmm??? Well that's been quite non-existant. I've got it all set up...but nil, nada, nothing. Hopefully Monday? Tune in Monday to see kids!
Next up: I've gotten myself into some fund raising for the 5th Grade Class at the kids' school. Katie is in 5th grade and they always (for like the past 50 years) attend a 3 day commune with nature retreat at a camp called "Bradford Woods". They need to raise $3500 for in-need children to be able to go. We, the parents of 5th graders, found this out on this past Wednesday night. Last night I went to the PTO meeting and asked permission to hold a bake sale on this coming Tuesday to help fund the endeavor for the needy families. I was granted permission. So last night at midnight I was busily e-mailing parents and making a flyer to go home with the children today asking for donations of baked goods to the bake sale table. I'm a bit worried. But it has bothered me since finding out about it. I feel a "need" or a "calling" to do this, so I put myself out there - I just hope I'm not a laughing stock. I also feel that my family is fortunate enough to "have", I am hopeful that others will feel so as well and "give". We'll see...please wish me luck. fret...fret...fritter...fritter....*gnash* *gnash*

Walking Chronicals: Still Truckin'...... no critter encounters.....I figure I've logged near 50 miles.

Until Next time, my dear friends....may your floss never end and if it does, may the "floss be with you" (and not somewhere where you can't reach it!) :) :O)