Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One of those days....

Hello Friends and Buddies! I'm having one of "those" days and although I think Wednesday is a 9 letter sure feels like a 4 letter one...........hrmph!

Today was laundry day and since I have to be in the basement usually is my "finishing" day too. So here are the latest squares from Fair and Square these were stitched by the lovely Marg (who doesn't have a blog). I finished them as a Cube:

how about that snazzy placement of the pearl headed pins?! I just came up with that as I was sticking them in...turned out pretty cute...a little flower and leaves :)

And as promised I made a Cube Tutorial for your viewing pleasure and it can be found HERE or in my sidebar under "The Twisted Stitcher's Tutorials" - *NEW* Cube Finish.

OK pardners that's all I got for you today....I don't want my foul mood to rub off on anybody so I'm coming in quick and fast! Although, since I'm an eternal optimist I shall say there IS one silver lining to every grey cloud and today's is this: TOMORROW is THURSDAY...*I think I CAN. I think I CAN* until the weekend! ;)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Hello Friends! Thanks for the nice comments on the Wool Needlebook and Fob finish....hopefully someday I can get a set stitched up for myself too! It is really cute and that primitive country that I love ;) I've had several e-mails asking if I would finish the stitched sets for people through my finishing service? And the answer is YES, I most certainly would. Just e-mail me and we'll work through the details if your interested. It's really a quick stitch 55 x 55....goes fast!

After dropping the kids off to school today, I had errands to run - library, grocery, Michael's, JoAnn's and my LNS :) so off I went...I didn't get too far, (only to the library) when my cell phone rang, oh - oh it was the school calling...Cripes! After Tuesday's accident, I get the chills answering a phone call from them...Well Katie had pleaded with me to let her go to school today so 1/2 hour into school this a.m. she started getting a headache and was in a bit of pain, so they were calling to have me come pick her up...I thought that she was pushing it, but the poor girl just does not want to miss school! So back to school to pick her up, I went. Back home we went, and I gave her the prescribed pain medicine. I was going to stay home, but the poor child is stir-crazy being at home and she talked me in to letting her ride around on the off we went again for a bit of retail therapy :) The pain medicine kicked in and she was a pleasant companion through my errands running and she enjoyed getting out a bit.

And since my anniversary IS coming up in a few short days....I decided to stimulate the economy a's what I got from my LNS (I was picking up finishing work they had contracted for me) so I felt a little know anything to make me feel better over my purchases! LOL!

Told In a Garden "Bookmark Collection"
Shepherd's Bush "Be of Good Cheer" and Button Pack
Shepherd's Bush "Pumpkin Hill" kit
M Designs "Sweet Spring"
Little House Needleworks "Night and Day" (I think this is the only chart I'm missing from Diane)

Then as I was looking at the linens...I saw that they had gotten in some Graziano....I first worked with Graziano Linen when Goldie gifted me in an exchange with a cut of it and I made THIS . It turned out so well...I decided I needed to get a fat quarter of it since it was there and all....and then I saw they had the sweetest blue Graziano I decided I needed IT as well....because I have an idea for a design stitched on is fabulous in my head ;) Hard telling what it will look like in real life! LOL! But here's to hoping it will be just what I think it will look like in my head ;)

Blue and Beige Graziano Linen and there lying in the middle is my new pair of Gingher "Freedom"! JoAnn's had them on sale for 30% off! Whoot! Can't beat that for a Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Well dear readers, I have to work this weekend at both hospitals....ugh!....does it seem that I've been chasing my tail for the past month? It sure does seem that way to me....I'm spent -emotionally and physically....BUT we have to pay bills (which is exactly what my DH is going to say when he sees what I spent today! LOL!) So off to work I go this weekend....

I shall leave you with a picture of the young, happy couple we were 12 years ago....I guess at 37 (almost 38) we're still young (a few more wrinkles though!)...and we're still happy : ) Life throws curves and issues come up but the joy of marriage is having a partner that overlooks your faults, understands your weaknesses and loves you anyway. But at the end of the day despite the occasional disagreement and different points of view in certain instances, I not only married a man that I loved, but was he was also my best friend. I still feel that way today. I'd rather spend time with him then with anyone else in the whole world. Maybe we work out so well because we are exact opposites - He's quiet and reserved and there's nothing quiet or reserved about me. Our first date proved that...we were out to eat and he nursed a beer and shook his head while I yammered on and on...LOL! I don't know...but anyway Happy Anniversary Keith, you are my heart and love!

Keith and Vonna - April 27, 1996

Until next time friends - I'm done yammering :) .....have a spectacular weekend and stitch with joy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring House exchange for AmySC

Last week you got to see what AmySC stitched for me for the SBEBB's Spring House Exchange...luckily I got to return the favor because I was HER partner too! :) Here's what I stitched for her:

Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
Wool Needlebook and Fob Set

Inside Needlebook

Back of Needlebook

Wool Needlebook and Fob Set

I believe she likes it, it was stitched with love and her in mind! She actually thought that it was the fob I stitched for Diane! LOL! Nope that one Diane has herself ;) I'm going to have to stitch myself up this set because it just is cute as can be!

I didn't use the Weeks Dye Wool as called for...nope I used material (that Sylvie gave me in my Spring Exchange - Thanks Sylvie!) and I really am glad I did because AmySC is allergic to wool! Yikes! Anyway....I was pleased with the set and how it turned out. Hurray!

Now off to fold some laundry and hopefully get to work on some stitching, I've not stitched since Monday, when I was finishing the final touches on this exchange.

Thanks for all your lovely supportive comments about Katie - she is doing wonderfully and has talked me into letting her try to go to school tomorrow ;) Thanks too for your friendship and visits....without you kind readers - I would be lost amid the waves of life! Until next time...stitch happy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A wish fulfilled and update on Katie....

Hello friends! today I received a most excellent surprise from sweet BeckySC. She is hosting the Make a Wish Exchange Board and today she granted my wish!

My Wish: La-D-Da's Polly Wolly Doodle as a pinkeep
My Wish Fulfilled by: BeckySC

Becky also included a Barbara Ana design that I've been seeing all over blogland and some pins that I had admired on her blog. She's such a sweetie :) Thank you Becky! I've got the Polly Wolly Doodle pinkeep in my foyer next to all my treasures from stitching friends I get to look at it and smile everytime I walk through!
Next UP: THANK YOU all for your overwhelming response to sending Katie a few words to make her smile. She's smiled a lot today after she got up and got going. She had a nice shower that made her feel much better...she just wasn't up to showering last night before bed. Today after breakfast she read everyone's comments and she's read others as they came in through the day....she's doing better.
Today she got a surprise from her MeMe (my Mom - her granny), here it is:
Katie modeling MeMe's get well bouquet of balloons and purse filled with candy

This was a picture snapped next with Ellie weilding a scissors saying "Kaie (she leaves out the 't') let's get that candy!" see she means business, she was jabbing the purse with the scissors.
Ellies' been having a rough row to hoe over Katie being the center of attention - I'm sure you all can tell that she's the princess in the family and used to being #1 in everyone's eyes...well I've been taking care of Katie and she keeps asking me to hold her and she's been very's sad to be knocked off your pedestal! LOL!
Finally...I have to tell you because this is REALLY funny....Katie is much like her mother...a worry wart when she thinks she's letting people down. Well she's fretted since yesterday afternoon about missing school. This is her first "sick" day for the year today...well she won't be returning to school until Monday...and she's pretty much bedridden because she can't sit too well...but she was REALLY upset when she knew she was going to miss the spelling bee in her classroom today...see they were having spelling bees to make it to the big end of year school wide spelling bee. She's represented her class every year. Her teacher must have known that Katie would be crushed to not get a chance to compete in at least making it to the finals, so she asked me this a.m. if she could call Katie and let her compete in the classroom spelling bee via "conference call". I laughed and said we held off on her Lortabs and she participated in the spelling bee this afternoon...AND she WON!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!! Mama had to keep Miss Ellie busy so that Katie could hear everything, and she spelled the words finally, village, window for the first three rounds....and the last round it was Katie and 3 other students. The three others mispelled the word excellent and Katie spelled it right and WON! HURRAY Katie!!! Afterwards she looked at me and said, this day keeps getting better and was the first real smiles I've had out in 24 hours. What a wonderful teacher she has to recognize that Katie would be disappointed without getting a chance to participate in the school spelling bee. So on to the finals she will go...which occur in she'll be all healed by then.
Until next time....stitch with joy and again my sincere appreciation to you all for your outpouring of love to Katie :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little prayer....

Nothing stitching related here today, but I wanted to share just a few words about my daughter Katie.

She fell today at school and injured herself, pretty badly. Let's just say she was standing on the monkey bars and someone jostled her and she fell - straddling the bar and then fell to the ground. The fall to the ground is not what hurt her, it was the straddling part. A frantic call from school, a frantic drive to the ER and 10 stitches later in area that shouldn't have trauma until babies are born....well...that sums it up.

She's resting well now, but she's bedridden for the rest of the week. Would you all be so kind as to leave a comment to cheer her up? She's in a lot of pain and I know a few bright notes would make her day.

My sincere appreciation,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Home from AmySC

Hello dear friends, post number two for today! But I couldn't let this one wait....I had a special package when I arrived home from work today! It was my Spring Home for the SBEBB from sweet AmySC. Here's what she stitched for me:
Country Cottage Needleworks Cottage Thread Pack
Modified to add Sheep (my favorite) and Yellow flowers (yellow and blue = Vonna's favorite colors) and she added my name....isn't it cute?! I love it so!
And she finished it in my FAVORITE finish....the pinkeep :)

The back with lovely yellow and blue fabric!

The whole "kit and kaboodle"!
Amy sent me lovely cards, a "V" magnet, some John James gold needles (never tried these bad boys!) and two hanks of linen in a lovely green and blue colors. I've already got projects figured out for the linen!
Well Keith and I did the 'ol "Tag your It" when I got home from work, he's now at work and will be until 11 p.m. tonight. It's 4 p.m. here now, so that means I need to make supper, finish homework with the students, load 'em up and haul 'em to baseball practice at 5:30, then back home at 7 p.m. just in time to get baths and into bed by 8 p.m. Then maybe Mama can get some stitching squeaked in before bedtime...fingers crossed!
Until next time....keep stitchin' and smilin'

Earth Day Friendship Squares

Hello dear readers! Hope your week is going well! I need to show you some SUPER lovely squares I received from Marg F., who resides in Australia: Prairie Birds - Prairie Schooler - Robins
Stitched for: Vonna for the Earth Day Holiday Round at Fair and Square Friendship Squares Exchange
Marg sent me a lovely handkerchief with an Austrailian Bottlebrush Plant on it, two patterns and a skein of was a super package to receive : )

Here's what I stitched for Marg:

Country Cottage Needleworks - Cottage Garden from the Thread Pack Cottage Series
Stitched on Sassy's Sugared Coffee 32 ct lugana using Crescent Colours as charted.

Fair and Square is going gangbusters, when all this started I never imagined that it would have the following that it does. We have, as of today 130 members. I think the beauty of Fair and Square is that there is: 1.) No finishing involved 2.) You can finish as YOU like it 3.) and you can join as many or as as little rounds as you want. I threw in "Holiday Rounds" recently because I (for one) love to decorate for holidays and seasons, I figured that others did we started out with Earth Day that is celebrated on April worked well...the next Holiday Round is for US stitchers (or any member that wants to stitch) for the 4th of July. If anyone is interested in joining us....go on over to blog and take a gander at the rules and see if it is something for you. All are welcome, the only thing I ask is that people that I admit to the blog are: conscientious and will mail on time and that they pay attention to their partners likes and dislikes and stitch something that is compatible with them. Other than's in your court.
On a side note, my job is going well....I think I can get myself "trained" by Friday, so I won't have to piddle around training longer. Fingers crossed....
Until next time, stitch with JOY!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here's to Ewe for Me :)

Hello Friends :) Thank you all so much for your kind words on the last two nice people sure do know how to make a girl feel good about her hearth, home and family! Thank you!

Yesterday I received a HUGE box in the mail and when I saw the return address I was thrilled to see it was from a hugely talented stitcher, Stephanie!!! Just look at the gorgeous items the sweet lady made for me for the "Here's to Ewe Exchange" in the SBEBB:
Drawn Thread "2 Friends"
Finished as a tin

look at the bottom Stephanie fitted it with a fabric that is just like the coat on a sheep!

and as if that wasn't enough sheep goodness - look at this sweet stuffed sheep she made me - Ellie has named her "Mama Sheep" and has slept with her for the past evening and two naps!

On my wishlist was AMAP's "A Perfect World" - well Stephanie got me that pattern and if that wasn't enough gave me all the Vikki Clayton silks that it is charted for to boot! WOW!

AND then she sent me a wonderful smelling bath salts cake, pearl headed pins for a pinkeep, a roll of ribbon, two empty tins to use for finishing, a cute fat quarter of sheep material, a tin of mints and a HUGE chocolate bar! I'm embarrassed at this HAUL I got!!! Stephanie certainly outdid herself hitting heavily on my wishlist and her generosity is flabbergasting!!!!
Thank YOU Sweet Stephanie for the love, thought and more than generous gift and exchange you made for me :)
This parcel came at a great time too....Yesterday I started my new most of you know I already have one job and I'm adding this second one because A.) it is FLEXIBLE and heaven knows with 4 kids I need flexibility! B.) They made me a financial offer that I couldn't turn down and isn't it funny how money always makes you overlook drawbacks! LOL!
So anyway, we all know the stress that it brings to start a new don't know what your walking in to, you have to be on your toes, new procedures, new environment, new people, on and I just was coming off a week of high stress due to my boys celebration (and all the cleaning and cooking) - so when I got up bright and early Monday morning to drag my tail to work (Keith my DH is staying home during the day so I can train at the new job - he got special permission to work late in the day and through late night) - I was dead tired, burned out and a little apprehensive about taking on extra work. So after 8 hours of listening to a bunch of people tell us how great it is that we took jobs with this new hospital and how we're serving the community, etc....I had a Girl Scout Meeting (just two more before I hand the reigns over to the new leaders). So....10 hours at a dead run and I come home to this huge package that was obviously filled with much care and concern for the recipient....well a person couldn't ask for a better ending to a stressful day! Perfect timing Stephanie!!!! to brush 4 sets of choppers, give 4 baths, lay out 4 sets of clothing, take a shower myself, brush my own set of choppers and maybe - just maybe I can squeeze in a few minutes of stitching until this "working" girl shuts it down for the evening. I'll be glad to go back to my "housewife" status after Friday! :) Let's hope I impress my supervisor enough to think after 4 days of training I'm able to go it alone....I don't want to train next week too....
Until next time....stitch with joy!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Communion

An eventful, successful, celebratory and touching day all rolled in to one! Mama's bushed so I shall let the pictures do the talking:

Ian with Father Mike

Jacob with Father Mike

The Pfeiffer Boys

The Party Pack with the Lamb Cakes
And finally I shall leave you with a few chords from beloved song about Holy Communion that I learned as a little 6 year old girl making my First Holy Communion and still to this day reminds me of Sister Annelle my teacher and brings tears to my eyes.
Oh Sacrament Most Holy,
Oh Sacrament Divine,
All Praise and all Thanksgiving,
Be every moment Thine!
Fitting words for a most Blessed day in the life of a Roman Catholic. Congratulations Daddy and Mama's most precious boys!
Until next time, my friends, I hope all your days be Blessed as ours was this day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Plumb Tuckered Out!'s been one week or 7 days of nothing but work...and I'm just what the title says - "PLUMB TUCKERED OUT!" But I got a lot done....nothing to do with stitching, but here's what I DID do the last 7 days - Welcome to the Pfeiffer Home care to take a tour?

Front Walk and Door - I dug out all my pretties from storage and re-mulched all my landscaping
My pansies, bluebirds and elf

My other Elf and more of my birds and pansies

And my favorite of all my wheelbarrow (always holds something seasonal) - right now the Easter bunny is using it...and see my other elf and my bullfrogs :) can't forget those guys - as long as they stay at the door and don't come inside and stay awhile whilst I stitch - RRRR-ribbit!

Here's our entry looking down from our loft or lookout or whatever you call it? from the second floor

Next we go to the office - my Granny's old wooden ironing board with a quilt slung over it holds her special tea cups and my pretties, I've got my treadle sewing machine light and table and of course my computer
My piano and some more of my pretties

My Granny's old suitcase with more pretties snuggled inside :)

Next we step into my kitchen and dining room area - Got my cake plates out for some special cakes to be made tomorrow and my milk glass bowls and platters

Yep, the hens, chicks and roosters are all dusted and roosting :)
The milk bottles and graniteware have been washed and dusted can see I'm already cooking because of the MESS on the counter top....oops!

Here's where it all happens in the Pfeiffer house...right here on this big ol' country table with mismatched chairs ;) All the strategizing, homework, bill paying, meals, games, even some crafts get done right here!

My favorite spot in the whole house

Now we get to the family room - there's my stitching nook all set up and ready to go, sadly I haven't crossed one X since last week sometime :( time flies when there are cobwebs and dust bunnies to chase down.....

And I see Mama's destroyers have messed up my perfectly clean living room...ahhh well a little toys and a few pillows thrown on the floor just adds charm, right? You had better of said, "right!" :)

Go on upstairs and you come to this beauty - a bureau from my Great-Grandmother Epperson - I've got her loaded down with the quilts passed on to me from my Great-Grandmother Weber, my Great-Aunt Katie and all the beautiful quilts from my MIL that she's made my DH over the years and a one she made especially for me :) On top is my Grandma's bowl and pitcher I used to sneak and "play" with it when I was little...shhhh!!! Now I can play with it any 'ol time ;)

Next is my treadle machine with it's stately box on top - you see Ian and Jake's room locked down for security reasons - Miss Ellie gets in there and wreaks HAVOC on Lego creations...they lock themselves out of their room everyday, they have a key hidden on the treadle machine so they can "break in" afterschool...LOL!

Now I guess you can see why I've not been around very much. Why no stitching has been done. And why I'm "PLUMB TUCKERED OUT"! You could eat off my toilet seat this house is so clean. This house is so clean when I step across the floor soap bubbles come floating out the back of my heels. This house is so clean it smells like a green mountain meadow, or on second hand is that Febreeze? Do I need to go on? Well listen folks, I thank you for sticking with me to the end here. Now you all have a great weekend and I'll be back with a food, family and fun report on Sunday or Monday when the First Communion festivities are over and Mom can sit her bottom in a chair!

In the meantime, I'll be cookin' up a passel of good things to eat, we're having Fried Chicken, Slaw (vinegar type), Orange Dream Jello Salad, Cauliflower Salad, Green Beans, Hot German Potato Salad, Homemade Bread, Cake, Ice Cream, Lemonade and Sweet Tea. Whew...makes me even more tired reading what I've got to cook yet...but I'll "git 'r done"! Where's my Aleve bottle? (or maybe just my whiskey bottle?) Geez...what is it going to be like when one of them gets married? YIKES! They'll have to put me out to pasture!

Until Next time, that's all come again real soon now, ya hear?!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Rainy Fridays...crafting time...and some good hints....

Happy rainy Friday from the state of Indiana! Well Fridays usually mean a day I kick up my heels a bit by shopping for crafting "necessities"....and folding the underwear and PJ's from Wednesday's laundry day....uh oh...the cat's out of the bag now!....people know I'm not Suzy homemaker.... :))))

Well my crafting expedition resulted in me finally finishing my Fair and Square friendship squares. Here's what I did:

Friendship Squares from Laura made into a cube

This is the second cube I've made - the first one I made for a client in my finishing service. These are really quick to do and look cute.....I think this is a new favorite finish of mine. Do ya'll know how to make them? Want a tutorial? (let me know if you would like one...I'll make one with my next set of squares if there is interest....)

Next up: Yep....thanks to all the enabling on the wide-world of blogs I ran out and got my own set of Emma Gingher's...I don't know anybody named Emma, but it was going to be Jacob's name if he was a girl in my twin was going to be Ian and Emma, instead we got a Ian and Jacob, and I'm glad for that ;) SO here's my Emma, displayed with Sylvie's lovely robin fob she made me for the Seasonal Exchange. (lookie Sylvie...perfect, eh?!)

Thanks to Jill I had the Emma dressmaking shears in my basket...I was going to get it because Joann's has a fabulous sale going on today (maybe the entire weekend?) on gingher's (40% off without a coupon)...anyway...I had those babies in the basket and was going to get them until my Catholic Guilt started in...then I put them up. LOL! I'm happy with my 4" Emma's and I didn't need those shears anyway....

Next up some helpful hints:

I've been lucky enough to have been RAK'd by two lovely ladies in the past see HERE and HERE
anyways...those lovely ladies fobs had weight to them and they just sit so nicely on the arm of my stitching chair. I kept feeling Cathy's last year thinking it was the fobs I made - I filled with rice. But then when I got Myrna's I could feel that they were round not I e-mailed both of the sweet, dear ladies and found out that they used POLYPELLETS which are weighted filler for dolls and crafts....I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! You can see it in the bag below. I got mine at Michael's today for $6.99 and there is surely enough there to fill 100 fobs. What a bargain!

Now the other pictured items are styrofoam squares that are PERFECT for the cube finish and they are the PERFECT size for the Fair and Square head's up members if you want to do a cube's the answer.
Alrighty that does it for me this weekend so I'll be behind in my blog reading - sorry! And next week...well it's my twin's First Communion on April 13...that means MAJOR cleaning all next week and MAJOR cooking for the onslaught of family coming to celebrate! So if I'm not on much next week...don't worry, I'm just making myself a nervous wreck for the weekend! :) SO until we meet again my friends "stitch with joy!"