Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hello...remember me?! It's been almost a week since my last update...sorry, you know life happens and finally you come up for air and 7 days have passed by...So what have I been up to?
Well I was off work last weekend, so on Saturday I cleaned my house. Sad, but true. It seems that I'm always cleaning my house, but with 6 people living kinda needs it about every other day!
On Sunday we went HERE what a lovely visit we had. We all love to go there and they encourage kids to come sort of dressed up in Prairie/Colonial type clothing. Katie wore a Prairie Bonnet and the boys wore straw hats...Ellie she wouldn't have anything to do with any sort of head cover :) We had a great time and drank a lot of home-brewed Root Beer and Lemon Fizz....they were having a Country Fair Theme last weekend and they had a bearded lady, a tattooed lady, medicine men shows, vaudeville was a blast! I think personally the Sassafras Root Beer and Lemon Fizz was my most favorite part ;)

Monday, brought down Ian...he had the stomach flu...the worst nightmare of a mother of 4....however none of us have gotten it to date, that can be taken as good news or bad news...good in the fact that I only had to clean up after one person on one day...bad in the fact that we'll all have to likely go through it at a later more "inconvenient" date. Oh well - grin and bear it.

On Tuesday I pulled out this little gem....remember it?!

I even purchased a lovely frame for it, I've got to get it done before 12/31/07 as I dated it. So I'm hopeful to finish it in the next 3 months. I'm close...very close. Of course I made all the changes - no alphabet and two verses/ I do think it is rather lovely, don't you?

Next up, on Monday I also received this RAK from sweet Carol.....she sent me the super lovely AMAP design from my wishlist. Carol you know I love it! And it brightened a rather sallow, vomit day....if you catch my drift :) Thank you so much sweet friend.!!!

Well that brings me to the end of my post. It is Thursday so humpday is done...and that means laundry day is over! *WHOO HOO!* Today, all I've got on my roster is stitching and the Orthodontist appt. for Ian. I'm working on my SBEBB Halloween exchange...I'm hopeful I get most of the way through that today. Then I've almost complete on my SBEBB Harvest Exchange. If I make it through those two then I'm homefree for a while on exchanges. I'm backing off a tad for a while before I burn myself out.....
Until next time, I hope that Autumn comes soon...I'm tired of being hot....that you have a wonderful weekend....I have to work....and that next week starts fresh and new....AMEN to that! :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Finishing Spree!

Ladies, I went on a bit of a finishing spree! And the good thing is...these are mine, ALL MINE!
Here's what I did:
Multicolored Pinkeep (front and back)

Marie's Fair and Square friendship squares made into a Pinkeep (front/back)

Lovely Donna's Fair and Square Friendship Squares finished into this sweet pillow (front/back)

And the lovely Hannah's Fair and Square Friendship Squares finished into a super cute pinkeep (front and back)
I did all of this yesterday and now I'm going to go shopping and find the perfect basket to lay all these in!
Thanks to all the super special, wonderful ladies that helped me find the patterns I was looking for :) Thanks too for all the well wishes on the Girl Scout dramas....sad to say, I've taken over the Service Unit manager position...but I'm not attatching that "title" to my name...rather I'm saying I'm the "point of contact". I have enough on my plate, but I'm also one of those people that if no one else steps up to help out, I can sit back and watch it fall to pieces. That makes me who I am, and everyone knows it. I'm not going to run myself sick and I'm not spoon feeding things to people, but I'll help where and when I can. :)
And I want to thank a lot of people that have been writing such super special blog entries of late about life and friendship in general. All I have to add to that is: Life is a GIFT, unwrap it everyday with a smile :)
Hugs to you all and until next time.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Something stitched and something received

I'm a participant in the Hello Neighbor! round robin and our next mailing date is Oct. 1. So I'm ahead of the game *for once* and finished my part of Dani's RR early! Here's what I stitched: Dani's RR is a fantasy themed neighborhood and I chose to stitch this knight. Doesn't he look really regal? I imagine him travelling from one kingdom to another with a missive from the King. He's from the kingdome of VP....LOL!....Dani wanted our initials on the piece but hidden somewhere, so I chose to put my initials on the flag. I really do love the colors of this knight's flag and horse dressings.

Here's Dani's complete layout...isn't it stunning?!

Next I received my squares from the Fair and Square. I had two partners this round because we had an uneven number of participants. This is my second set of squares and they are from dear Hannah. Aren't they cute?! Can't wait to make them into a pinkeep! As that is what I'm doing with all my squares :)

Well I had to work this weekend, it went fine :) I'm a bit tired out by the whole deal, but I'll get caught back up hopefully.
This week is WILD with things I have to do and places I have to go....we've got physicals for all 4 kids this week and if that isn't enough I have a girl scout leader meetings that I have to attend, orthodontist appointments for 2 kids and a cub scout meeting for my boys. YIKES!!!! This is not going to be a normal week. Plus Girl Scouts is giving me fits because they're split our county into 4 service units, they need help leading the leader meetings and no one will step up to do it. I feel like I'm getting pulled in about 100 directions to do it and I have whiney adult leaders e-mailing me complaining about the time of the meetings. You know I feel like if you have time to complain about it, then you have time to set it up yourself. I'm a little miffed off about the whole thing! I feel like I give and give and give to organizations and there are a few people that take and take and take but don't want to DO anything except COMPLAIN about it!!!!! Ok, well not my intention to drag all of that here on my *happy* blog...but it is effecting my life today and I needed to get it off my chest.
Until next time.....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fair Squares Round #2 part 2 to Hannah

We had an uneven number of participants sign up for Fair and Square this round, so I stitched for two different partners :) Yes, it's double the work, BUT double the reward ;) Here's what I stitched for Hannah: Hannah's favorite season is Autumn, so I decided since it was getting cooler and there was a definite *something* in the air, I would stitch the Pumpkin thread pack from LHN for her. Above is my squares with my signature block and below is a close up of the Pumpkin square.

Love those colors!

I have definite plans to restitch this for myself! Hannah posted on the very day that I mailed these blocks that she had just finished this same design for herself! Awww YIKES! I e-mailed her telling of the coincidence and said I'd restitch another set of something else, but sweet Hannah said that it was alright, she'd love to have another whew! it was ok. I don't think Hannah has actually received these yet, but I thought since she knew what was coming anyway, I'd post them.

Thanks for all the nice comments about my house! I love my home and *try* to have it reflect me and my family. I love antiques and the sentimental things that have been passed to me through our families. That's why I love to display things in a special way, or at least what I feel is in a special way. Thanks for viewing my home with me :)

Well, I've got to work this weekend, ugh! But next weekend...I'm off! Always something to look forward too :) Until next time....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Loooong Day

Well it's been another long day of cleaning and decorating. This time it's our office. We moved into this house June 2006 and it was brand new. This room was supposed to be a formal dining room, but I just didn't have any use for that, so I had the builders wire it for an office. Well, ever since we've moved in I haven't liked this room and I spend a lot of time in it because I'm on the computer a lot :) So today was THE day that I got busy to make it more my own and reflect the decor of the rest of the house. Here's what I came up with:

From the door way: I added my brothers table that he made me using the wrought iron from a White treadle Sewing machine. He also found a junked old singer sewing machine and wired it to make a light that goes on the top. That cedar chest in the left of the picture was made by my grandfather and painted by my mother for my HS graduation.

We have two computer desks...these were made by my MIL for us :) See the shelf/cubby on the wall there...that holds more stitching smalls.

Opposite the computers is my piano

There's a double window in the room and I bought and put up the curtains today :0)

And here's a close up of my sewing machine light and what I'm "sewing"....
the tea towel is from Heather isn't it the most gorgeous thing?! And then see my granny's china tea cup is sitting on Cathy B's beautiful hardanger doily she gave me for my birthday :)

Yep, I'm bushed ..... I've done a whole lot of nailing and spackeling (because of "missed" nail holes) today but I'm thrilled with the way this room turned out!

Ok, thanks for visiting! Sorry this blog has turned into a home decorating one the past couple of days...but I know that I love to be a voyeur into other people's spaces and thought I'd share with all my friends :) Now it's off to collect the kids from school.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A cold snap (!)

There was a bit of a cold snap here in south central Indiana today! Yep, it's beginning to feel a lot like Autumn! :) All I can say is YES! Autumn is my favorite season of the year...well I like all them but there is something about Autumn that makes me feel happy :)
Today is Wednesday so that means one thing....laundry day and cleaning day...ugh!
But today I did it with spring in my step because I cleaned and deocrated for fall....wanna have a look?!
First off, I know you all have seen the beauteous, gorgeous stitching set that dear Becky made for me! Well this is where it sits right next to my sewing chair....isn't it pretty? ! Thanks again Becky...see it has a place of honor!
Speaking of stitching is mine, it is brand spanking new and is made by Best Chair Company out of Ferdinand, Indiana! OOooo is it every a big comfy chair! It is a recliner too!
Some has asked me what I do with my smalls...well here is a sampling...I decorate with's a basket that I made a quilted liner using a peice of fabric I got from Becky in an exchange we did early this year....and I placed some smalls in the basket :) This is in my entry way.

Here's our hearth in our living room :) It's the focal point of the room and I decorate it seasonally. There's some really neat antiques here on the hearth...if you see that "post" on the left hand side of the picture...well that is a kneeler post from my hometown dates way, way back because my uncle got it when he was a little boy in the 1950's, it's shabby chic and primitive looking just like the way I it's dressed up with a string of fall leaves :) And the big brown jug is from my grandparent's farm. I got a copper boiler there just in the corner of the right hand side...that doesn't have a story, I got it at a tag sale :)

Here's my entry way, there's lots of stories here too, the quilt rack was made by my brother when he was 13 y.o. The sheep quilt was made by me *my first and LAST* attempt at quilting - thank you! I think you can see that the tall cupboard *made by my grandfather* holds a lot of my smalls too. Plus you can see the super cool candle that Marie P. gave me for my birthday *love it* and the flat fold that Chris gave me in an exchange *love it* too. And see dear Harmien's Basket finish of nature's beauty hanging there on the wall to greet everyone with it's lovliness?!

Ok, well that's a walk through some of the cleanest and best decorated parts of my house...thanks for visiting! I had fun showing it to you! My house is my shell and I love adorning it with bits and peices from my family and friends. It all has a place of honor in our humble abode! Until next time.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fair and Square Exchange Round #2 Part 1

We've just reached the second deadline in the Fair and Square Friendship Square Exchanges that I co-host with the Lovely Annemarie We had an "odd" number of participants this round so I had to stitch two sets of squares. The first set has been sent and received and I thought I'd share them...the photos are better if you click on them :) My Squares from the sweet Donna
She stitched a lovely motif from Nature's Beauty LHN design.

Here's my squares I sent to Donna....I used CCN's newest Thread Pack -PEONY for my inspiration...but I rearranged and left out some of the design to fit within the guidlines.

Well folks that's it for me today. I've just got done working Fri-Sat-Sun and I'm a bit ill...I think I've gotten my first head cold/virus of the season. I feel like a MAC truck has ran over me, backed up and rolled over me again, and put 'er in drive and finished me off.

Until next time.....

Friday, September 07, 2007

My Tin Topper Exchange for Dawn

Dawn alerted me that she received my Tin Topper Exchange today for the USEBB! And here it is: Design: Prairie Schooler's *bottom motif* taken from Autumn Leaves
Fabric: 28 ct. hand-stained evenweave
Fibers: DMC
Stitched: 1 over 1


Handmade beaded fob I made Dawn to go with the wee scissors I put in my tins

I thought this one turned out pretty cute! I think that the inside fabric and the scissors fob made the whole exchange, because I wasn't so sure about the stitching...but I believe that Dawn liked it fine! Whoo Hoo :)

I just got home from comment....and I'm looking forward to a relaxing soak in my jacuzzi tub and a chapter or two of Harry whilst I soak - I'm re-reading the whole Harry Potter saga :) Today my DH got be the "house-wife" and boy...I think I'll go to work during the week a little more often!! (*just kidding*) He shampooed all my carpets and mopped all the hardwood! YEE HAW! I came home to the freshest smelling house, sparkling hardwoods and beautiful carpet! I guess you get a lot done when you don't stitch...but shhhhh....don't tell him that! LOL!

Thanks for all the all make me smile! Until next time.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Redwork Exchange for Katrina

Here is what I stitched for Katrina in the USEBB Redwork Exchange:FRONT
Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre
Design taken from: Le Temps Qui Passe
Fiber: NPI Silk ~ Chinese Red
Fabric: 32 ct. White Linen
Stitched: 1 over 1
Finished as: Pinkeep
I really do like how this turned out and have it in my future plans (ROFL!!!) to make one for myself :)
Thank you for all your sweet comments! They are much appreciated! Thanks too for the well wishes about the dentist. It went fine although I have a small "pit" that he's going to grind out and put some "rub" on it. Whatever that means....its not a cavity yet, but I guess that it could become that if I don't get this "rub" on it. I think I mentioned my front teeth have a large gap? Well I've always (since teenager) have had them "bonded" to make them look like they touched...well apparently the gap is so large right now, due to teeth shifting that they don't touch even with bonding. They have to build up so much bonding that it creates a sort of "ledge" of resin up against my gums and I can't keep it clean apparently. So I'm going to get two new front teeth! I'm getting crowns put on Oct. 8th. I'm a little apprehensive, as I've never had major dental work done besides getting my wisdom teeth pulled and I only was born with 3 of'll see...but it will be $1700 of work to get new front teeth, so I guess that's "all I want for Christmas..." ~ is my two front teeth! :)
I work the next three it will be a quiet rest of the week here on the 'ol blog....BIG HUGS to you all!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

SBEBB What's the Buzz Exchange!

I received a most wonderful surprise when we returned home from our short holiday weekend!
This was awaiting our arrival on our doorstep:

What's the Buzz Exchange from Nadine (lucialoo)
Isn't it gorgeous?
This is the front of a Stitching Pocket

The Inside has a pocket to the left and the sweetest beeskep you've ever seen to park my pins and needles!"

Here's the whole kit and kaboodle! Nadine really spoiled me :)

The entire package had the most delightful aroma of lavender...thanks to the braided lavender cone that Nadine can see it above braided with yellow ribbon. I was in heaven opening up this sweet package! And now the lavender cone hangs from my daylight lamp arm so that whilst I stitch I can catch a whiff every so often of the sweet lavender! It is heavenly!

Thank you so much Nadine for a delightful package and exchange! I was tickled to my toes with this bounty and gorgeousness! The pocket was perfectly stitched and assembled and it now resides in my basket of smalls :)

Thanks too for all my visitors and readers ;) you brighten my day! Now it is off to the dentist with my dear husband....I'm hoping that all is well, I've never had a cavity....but I do have quite a wide space between my front two teeth that I have had bonded since my teenage years. This is my "second" bonding in all that time, and I think it's going I'll probably have to have replaced. I'm think husband is thinking it's good enough! LOL!

Until next time :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

USEBB Tin Topper Exchange from GOLDIE

Today my good buddy the Postman had another surprise for me! That guy :) Today he brought me an exchange package from Goldie!! When I opened this package, I was awestruck by the beauty held within! Check out this SUPER exchange! USEBB Tin Topper Exchange
Stitched by: Goldie
Design: LHN Necessities Sampler
Finished as a tin

Here's all the glorious Extra's Goldie sent! I got a package of 28 Piecemakers (my *fav* needles ever!), some gingham linen (I've always wanted to try!!!), some sweet butterfly stickers that my daughters will be fighting over :) , the entire collection of GAST Threads Color of America (WHOOT!) and the most stunning wee handstitched/made threadwinder!

Here's the inside shot of the tin...stunning isn't it?!

And here's the wee little threadwinder that nearly made me cry...see the wee little sheep and my initial "V"?

The generosity of our stitching community is astounding! The thought and talent that Goldie has put into this exchange is definitely apparent....and it wasn't lost on me. Here's what she did to make it special: Needle Necessities Sampler was on my wishlist - she stitched it for me. Piecemaker Needles are my favorite needles - she got me sleeve. Sheep are my most favorite animals...why??? I really don't know, but they just make me smile for some reason and she stitched one on the threadwinder. I was really *wanting* some of those GAST Colors of America threads and I wouldn't buy myself a set and here she went and did it for me! I could just cry at the thoughtfulness of dear Goldie. Goldie please know that each little token and stitch you placed in this exchange is not lost on me. Thank you for your sincere thoughtfulness to detail :)

This is a treasure that I shall place in a position of honor among my most loved stitching pieces. I shall cherish it forevermore! Thank you!!!

Thanks too for all of the visitors! WOWZERS 56 comments on my last post :) I'm going to get a big head thinking I'm popular or something....I posted my Tin Topper Exchange today to my partner, so soon I'll have some stitching of my own to share :) Until then.....