Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer Exchange

I'm stitching for Sharon in the Seasonal Exchangers Group and yesterday evening Sharon let me know that my exchange landed safely on her doorstep. Here's what I did for her:

Little House Needleworks ~ Summer House

Stitched 2 over 2 using Crescent Colours Fibers on 32 ct. beige linen

Finished as a Pinkeep

Back of the pinkeep

Little House Needleworks ~ Summer House

Stitched 1 over 1 on 32ct. Khaki linen using Crescent Colours Fibers

Finished as: Scissors Fob for Gingher GLORY scissors

*fob filled with rice and a penny slipped inside for good luck*

Seasonal Exchangers ~ Summer Exchange

Stitched by: Vonna

Stitched for: Sharon

Summer 2007

Thanks for all the comments and visits! Back to my housework and stitching....until next time :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's the BUZZ

Judith received my What's the Buzz Exchange today!! What a fast trip that was to the Netherlands!!! I mailed 3 exchanges last Thursday...this being one of them. The other two are going to people that live in the continental U.S. and they still haven't gotten them...but dear Judith did already! WOW!

So without further ado, here is what I stitched for Judith in the SBEBB What's the Buzz Exchange: Bear and Bees - Prairie Schooler
32 ct. white linen 1 over 1
Fibers: DMC
Finished as: Stitcher's Tin

Here's the inside with a sweet little pair of scissors and a package of Piecemakers 28 (My FAV needle and I like to share them with all my stitching buddies!) The lid is magnetized for the needles to be kept there :)

Close UP/side view

This one was really hard to send away, but I figured Judith would give it a good home. I have DEFINITE plans on stitching another of these for myself! I just think it turned out so tiny, delicate and CUTE looking?! Do you or is it just me?! Whatever.....I really do like this one. It's the colors or something that appeals to me...

Ok, well one down and two more to go! Until next time...keep those motors running!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Redwork Exchange from Terry

O Happy Day! Look what that lovely man the postman brought today for me! This is the USEBB Redwork Exchange from Terry! Look at the lovely detail of this divinely made scissors pocket and pincushion!! Can you see all the hundreds of tiny beads all around the edges? LOVELY!

And then look at the inside personalization!!! What a super detail :)

And here's all the goodies....dear Terry sent me a lovely card and on the inside she said she hoped I didn't mind that I got "stuck" with her for a second exchange (LOL! Mind? Would any of you mind getting this gorgeous set?!!!) I've been wanting Lavender Hill for a long time from LHN and now I have it! Thank you Terry!!! And check out that super neat ribbon that Terry sent along...I'm thinking of trying a mattress pincushion and using it as the edge...isn't it gorgeous? I'm thinking CCN's Rose Garden...yep, I see it in my future! :)

I'm sure by now you all know I participate in a lot of exchanges and how could I not when you meet such lovely ladies and you receive such special pieces of art! It is glorious Terry! I couldn't have done what you accomplished here! Thank you so very much, it shall be treasured always!

Well friends...I mailed my USEBB Redwork exchange, Seasonal Exchangers "Summer" Exchange and the SBEBB What's the Buzz exchange on Thursday of last week. I was thrilled to pieces with how each of them turned out...I can't wait to share them, I think they all are some of my best pieces ever....we'll see what you all think when I can share them. Now I'm HURRIEDLY stitching three more exchanges...I know...I know...but I've not signed up for as many in upcoming months because I want to try my hand at perhaps stitching something for myself for a change :)

Until next time...keep those needles going :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Finally my partner, Catherine Michele received my Monochromatic Exchange! Here it is: FIBERS: Stitched with French Blue NPI silk
DESIGN: A Mon Ami Pierre motif taken from The Stitcher
Stitched 1 over 1 on white linen
Finished as Pinkeep
{Back} with Catherine's Initial and my inititals and date

Thank heaven's!!! I was sincerely worried it was lost as I mailed it on the 8th....that's darn near 2 weeks that it was "in the mail" YIKES!

Thanks for visiting :) I'm still stitching....nothing to show...but I can tell you I'm this * * close to finishing my seasonal exchange and then I have three things to finish: USEBB Redwork Exchange, SBEBB What's the Buzz and then the Seasonal Exchangers Summer Exchange. Then I'll have to get stitching on USEBB Tin Topper and my Two Fair no time to waste - I'm otta here! Until next time....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Many, many thanks for RAK's

Well once again the generosity of our stitching community is overwhelming! I've gone to out mailbox two days in a row now to be blushing with the things I've found in there :)

First Up: Dawn RAK'd me with the lovlies below:
Dawn's RAK
~a lovely stitched and finished biscornu fob in one of my favorite colors *golden yellows"~
**you see it being modeled on my pair of Maria Gingher's, Carol gave me for my birthday**
I didn't have a fob for Maria, but now I do - thanks to the genrosity and kindness of Dawn!
~Dawn also sent along 3 packs of Mill Hill Beads (love them!)~
~A Fall Pattern from X-Appeal featuring a cute pumpkin
Pumpkins are my favorite thing to decorate with for fall...probably because I look like one :)))))
Here's a close up of Dawn's fob modeled on my Gingher' is just gorgeously done!
~~~Many, Many thanks to you Dawn for this complete surprise~~~
Next Up: A second RAK/Belated Birthday gift from Deb (a.k.a. Lavender Rose)

~~ Deb sent me three gorgeous patterns including Victoria Samplers July Birthday Needleroll kit, a band sampler pattern and the most lovely Cedar Hill pattern, plus a whole baggie filled with Krenik silk~~
Deb you outdid yourself!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Next Up: Sweet Nicole randomly e-mailed me after I left a comment on her blog because she had found the new Hershey Kisses tin that Fancy Work is doing up a stitcher's set using. I had commented that I was going to go looking for it but probably wouldn't have any luck finding it because it just seems that Indiana doesn't get stuff like that or at least where I am in Indiana. So dear Nicole took it upon herself to e-mail and ask me if I'd want her to pick one up for me. I jumped at the invitation and told her that I'd pay her just to send me the amount. Well Nicole wrote not to worry about it, and then when I got her package today it was clear that she went above an beyond a kind deed. Look at this bounty!

~~Nicole sent me the Hershey's tin alright and also the Whitman's Sampler tin that I'd been drooling about for a long time, a cute Lizzie Kate Boxer and one of her famous and handsomely made scissors fob, not to mention the kindest note that brought tears to my eyes~~

Here's a close up of Nicole's fob, isn't it beautiful and again she sent me one of my favorite colors *blue*!!
Nicole, I am beyond words to express how much you touched me! Thank you!

You know, I don't usually use my blog to write things about how I *personally* feel about situations, but I want to express, that I don't know what I do or have done to warrant all of the kind things that people have gone out of their way to do for me. I feel inadequate at best to even attempt to figure this out. I don't deserve such sweet friends as I often fall short of the mark of being the "best" person I can be. I try daily to be that person, but I'm human and stumble frequently. You know the state of the world is pondered on by the most noble and critically thinking people in the world, so I shall not try to meet up to those standards, but I can say this: The people that I have encountered through this blog and by other various means in the stitching community are the most sincere, kind, outgoing, friendly people that I believe I know. What an honor it is to hold a small place in such a society as this. It brings me feelings that perhaps the "world" as is reported in the various newspapers and televsions across the world isn't as scarred and damaged as people would think to believe. Yes there are bad things going on all over, and life can beat you to pulp on the best of days, but in the end what we all have to hold on to is the connections and friendships that we have made through one means or another. Those seem to be a lifesaver thrown on the turbulent sea of life. Thank you to one and all for your kindness shown to me. I hope that I can live up to it at least in some small way.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now...and on to my stitching....whoops! I almost fell :)

I've been stitching with abandon! Nothing I can show however. The deadlines that I have are coming in hard and fast and now I must get to finishing this stitched goodies. All I can say is this. Soon, very, very'll get to see what I've been doing!
Thanks again to the most generous friends that I've spoken about above. Ladies my hugs and love to each of you! Someday...out of the will find a token in your mailbox from me...who knows when that will be? But hopefully soon!

Thanks to all my readers, you're the best! Much love to you all, until next time....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monochromatic Exchange

Today was another stellar mail day! I received the last exchange that I'm participating in over at the Robin's Nest. It is from Terry a.k.a. Sylvrdragon! Isn't it really beatutiful?! I love the diamond chips bead used as a button in the's all sparkly and royal looking! I'm amassing quite a few biscornus! Monochromatic Biscornu from Terry
Last Exchange for the Robin's Nest

Extra Goodies from dear Terry!
Well that's all the news I have to share today. I'm still plugging along with all my exchange stitching and finishing...Soon, though very soon, I shall have lots to share!
Big hugs from me to you! Extra special thanks to all my readers and commenters! Until the next time.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School Starts and other good stuff!

Well the dog days of summer are here and the first day of school!!!
First Day of School August 15, 2007
Every one's ready with their lunches, backpacks loaded down with brand-spanking new school supplies and new glasses!
We walked to school, which we do every day, but boy was I glad we did it today! There were cars and people all over the place. While other parents were trying to find parking spaces, we breezed right in without any problems. Then once the kids were introduced to their new teachers and safely ensconced in their new classrooms, Mom had an easy time walking out and walking home while other disgruntled parents were trying to get out of parking spaces that were blocked by other cars. Yes, made me want to smile real big! I'm glad we're walkers! I'm a nerd when it comes to school and I can't wait to get all the papers tonight and fill them out - emergency forms, school schedules - I love doing it! I already made our family "schedule" for the routine after school and during the evenings. We all sat down and went over the schedule and then signed the bottom promising to keep each other accountable and to stay "on schedule"!
Here's what we came up with:
3:15 - 5 p.m.: free time (play inside or out / *no TV or computer*)
5 p.m. - 6 p.m.: Supper and Baths
6 p.m. - 7 p.m.: Homework
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.: TV or Computer time
8 p.m.: Bed time (they may have their bedside lights on to READ or STUDY only*)
9 p.m.: LIGHTS OUT *no exceptions*
I was happy with the schedule and so were the kids, as this year I'm allowing lights on for reading or studying in bed for 1 hour prior to lights out. Last year it was lights out at 8 p.m., but they are getting older, and I want them to be good readers for it is a love of mine and I know that I sleep better if I read awhile before bed. So this is what we agreed too and signed the schedule and it is posted on our refrigerator for the family to follow. I know that some people probably think I'm crazy, but really with a large family routine is for the best. And it makes us all accountable to each other to stay on task. We do have a footnote that this schedule is subject to change if we have a.) school activities b.)extra-curricular activities c.) etc. Then it all changes, but we have an alternative schedule for these days which is also posted and agreed upon. Yes, a little anal, but it all comes out well for us :)
On to stitchy news, yesterday the UPS man brought me my spool cabinet! I was thrilled with it when I got to see it in real life! It's bigger than what I thought! Here it is:

Oooohhhh...I love it! I went through all my threads and I have every single DMC almost twice! LOL! and the bottom drawer...which isn't open, has baggies filled with DMC skeins that I've picked up during 4 for $1.00 sales at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, that I go searching through when I run out of a color. Yes, it is heaven being organized and I love this cabinet! Plus it's very attractive and nicely built. I would highly recommend searching for it on Ebay. I'd be happy to give you the seller's ID, just e-mail me. It's solid wood and a antique reproduction. The cost was $195 with shipping. Excellent bargain really, especially if you search and see what other thread cabinets are selling for....I love it! At this link HERE is one from VanDykes...I'd had my eye on this one for a long time, but it's quite a bit more expensive and you have to put it together yourself. My husband is good at a lot of things...but woodworking...well, let's just say - NOT his forte! When I saw the one we ended up buying, I told DH about it and he went along with the purchase. So HURRAY for me!
On to my stitching....I've been doing A LOT of it...I've sent my last exchange with the Robin's Nest board, it was a Monochromatic Exchange and it should be arriving any time now to the recipient. Can't wait to show it, I really liked how it turned out. I've finished stitching my Redwork Exchange for the USEBB and the What's the Buzz exchange for the SBEBB. I just have to *finish-finish* them and I've got that all planned. Last night I started my Seasonal Exchange for my partner. The season was Summer...and it's coming along. In fact...I may get the stitching done on one of the pieces today if I'm lucky and then I'll just have the second one to start and finish. So I AM stitching, just can't share anything as yet. Well this is quite newsy and if you're still reading you're probably thinking STOP, so stop I will! Have a great day! Until next time....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bloggerversary WINNERS Announced!!!!

The winners of my BLOGGERVERSARY CONTEST are as follows (randomly pulled from a well mixed box):
I chose three different names due to the response to the contest. I'd love to send each of you something in thanks for your visiting my blog so faithfully, however that would not be feasible, as I'm sure you understand!
So if you are one of the lucky recipient's above please e-mail me (e-mail located in my sidebar) with your address and favorite color and I'll get right to stitching your prizes!
Thanks to all the participant's and readers of my blog. I've decided instead of doing a Pay IT Forward for 2008, that I would hold contests from time to time, so keep up with me so that you can participate in another contest :)
Who knows when it will be?!
Until next time....have a great day!

Friday, August 10, 2007


I am the proud owner of this: (!!!!) I've always wanted one of's a spool I'll be able to place all my DMC threads in here. Isn't it exciting? I love it!!!!!! And thanks to my DH...I'm the proud owner of one. It will arrive at my house on Tuesday Aug. 14! HURRAY!!!

And WOWZERS! I didn't know that so many people read my blog! I have over 80 comments on my contest post...I think I may have to draw multiple winners now....I'm thinking about it, as I have a LOT of exchanges and RR's to stitch, but the response has been somewhat overwhelming and I didn't realize that I had so many silent followers! I'm shocked...honestly....shocked! So, heck the odds of someone winning may actually increase, because like I said, I'm thinking of stitching 3 things for people to win. *maybe* I've got to see how far I get on my deadline stitching this weekend.

Speaking of weekend....this is the last one for my dear children before they have to go back to school....(!) That will leave me and dear Ellie to rattle around this big house by ourselves...oh, dear what SHALL we do? (LOL!)

Until next time....have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Contest Announced!

In one week on August 14, I will celebrate my one year BLOGGERVERSARY!
It has been a time well spent and I've enjoyed every minute of it! Because of my blogging I've become involved in exchanging (love it!), SAL's and Round Robins (never knew any of these existed!) and I have met and made friendships with people I believe will last a lifetime! Plus I've probably stitched more in one year than I've ever stitched before! What a motivator you all are :)
In honor of my Bloggerversary, and my thanks to my readers, I would like to hold a contest for an item that will be stitched and finished by me. I have the design picked out, kitted and ready to go, but I will not reveal what it is until I have a winner and it is finished.
So if you'd like to join in this most festive occasion and would like a chance of winning something stitched by me, then please leave a comment on this post only and I will add you to the list and you will be entered into the contest. My DD, Katie, will pull the winning participant out of the hat. This contest shall run from today (Aug. 7, 2007) until midnight on Aug. 13, 2007. Any persons visiting my blog and leaving me a comment on this post, is eligible for entering the contest. Have a great rest of the week and upcoming weekend! I'll see you here in one week for the results of the contest! ENJOY! And thank you for visiting my blog! Your visits both chatty and silent are so appreciated :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Happy Birthday Dear Ellie, Happy Birthday to you!!!
Today our little princess, our fourth child, is two years old. Where oh, where has the time gone?!
I can remember them swaddling her and bringing her to me after her birth and as I held her in my arms, my heart was wrenched with a love I'd known before, but was unique in its own way.
I'd waited a long time to have her because her twin brothers had me pretty busy and the first three had come so quickly together. First I had ONE and less than two years later I had THREE! I wanted a baby that I could cuddle and spoil and be all my own when the older ones didn't want to be cuddled as much any more.
And then here she was Ellie Eileen!

She listens intently to Mommy's every word and quickly takes notes to remember the important parts!

Funny, did you say funny?! Oh, only my Mommy tells me the funniest stories :)

But if you think my Mommy is funny, You need to get a load of my he CRACKS me up!

Yes, my dear heart, my Ellie ~ babyhood is left behind as now you are a big toddler girl with BIG ideas. But you'll always be Mommy's baby no matter what!
We all love you Ellie, Happy 2nd Birthday!
~ Mommy, Daddy, Katie, Ian and Jacob ~
......and to steal from a fellow blogger.....
I am grateful to God for the four little lives he has entrusted me with. I shall strive to do justice to this most important task and to care for and love His most precious creations.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers

I was so thoughtfully "tagged" by MaryKathryn! I cannot tell you how much it meant to me that someone thought *I Rock*, sincere thanks to you MaryKathryn, I think you most definitely rock too :) Why? Well here's a few reasons...with your serenely, calming blog, lovely projects, super color sense, faith, your focus on hearth and home.....every time I read your blog (and I do read every post) - it's like warm pajamas on a winter night. You have a way with your words and pictures that puts me at ease and I feel right with the world. Thank YOU for blogging :D

Being tagged I need to name 5 people who I think rock, this is currently making the rounds of our vast community and I've read many other blogger's "top 5" and I have to honestly say I can't name 5 . Let me rephrase that, I cannot ONLY name 5 people. Why? Well to be honest, not only to myself but also to you my readers, I feel it makes it a "popularity" contest and a blog is an individual's expression of self and their feelings, their creativity, their lives, their interests, their hobbies and even their family and friends. There are so many things in this world that people are evaluated about and judged on that I cannot in good faith whittle it down to picking only 5 blogs. This is a personal opinion, of course, and after reading other's top 5 lists I've found many new to me blogs that I've added to my bloglines reader. So again thanks go out for people recognizing others. However I cannot whittle it down to 5 top blogs, because there are so many out there that inspires me at some level, whether it is intellectual, emotional, spiritual, humorous, newsy, crafty, decorating, etc. We have a rich and varied community and each individual brings something to the table. Each blog is a window to the writer's soul. I've met people that are the most generous, big hearted, caring people that I have ever met in my life. There are people that are giving of their time and only wanting to help others learn a new trick or technique to make things fabulous. Just reading the above words bring numerous names to mind...I bet they do to you too.

With that being said, I'd like to also say that I have over 175 feeds on my bloglines reader and I really try to visit each and every blog every time there is a new post to those blogs. I also try to comment and leave a comment that is more than just a couple of token words, because it is my*hope* that a positive word or nod in the recipient's direction will bring joy to them, as so many of you bring joy to me on a daily basis! Plus you never know, what a person may be feeling or experiencing at the time they read the comment.

My sidebar is a small sampling of the many blogs that inspire me and who I *think* ROCKS :) But there are so many more *Rocker's* out there that I've not even discovered yet and each time I discover a new one, I try to link to them from my blog, because I've found so many blogs from other people's links and sidebars that I couldn't even begin to count them.

So to each of my reader's that come to my small part of Blogdom, please know that YOU are the rockers in my world and YOU are the reason that blogging brings such joy to my life! Keep on keeping on, because I learn so much from you!

Neighborhood's and Birthday's

I'm a participant in Group #2 of the Hello Neighbor! round robin. August 1st was our mailing deadline for round #2. I had the good fortune of stitching for Margaret this round. Margaret had indicated that she loved Victorian Homes and would like an emphasis on gardens for her Neighborhood. So I selected a pattern from Paula Vaughan to stitch for Margaret after consulting her and getting the OK, because it wouldn't feature an entire "home" but a welcoming front porch. Here is what I stitched for Margaret:

Margaret's RR

Love Builds a Home by Paula Vaughan ~ hope you like it Margaret!


Since I posted last dear Carol had a birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Carol! I stitched for her this:

"ASTERS" by Prairie Schooler

finished as: Covered Box

Fibers: DMC
Fabric: Silkweaver Solo 32 ct.
I also sent along two patterns off Carol's wishlist. I believe that Carol said she is using this box as a keeper of her scissors collection. Hope you liked it Carol!
I also had another dear friend, Sandy having a birthday. This is what I stitched for her:

Covered Tin Box
Design: "motif" from freebie Garden Gameboard by LHN
Fibers: DMC
Fabric: 28 ct. evenweave
I also sent dear Sandy two LHN Scripture Threadpacks off her wishlist and attached a wee notecard that said if she stitched 'em, I would finish 'em for her in anyway that she wanted them finished - free of charge, because Sandy insists she's "finishing challenged". A very Happy Birthday to you Sandy! I do so hope you liked my present to you in celebration of your birthday!
Finally I'd like to close with a quick thanks to all my visitors! Thank you for visiting. Your comments and visits make me smile and make me want to stitch more and more! I appreciate your time taken to leave me a kind word or two! Thank you!

Also I'd like to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the terrible tragedy in Minnesota. May we all bow our heads and give a few seconds of thoughtful prayer to all the families left to suffer the loss of their loved ones.

Lastly, there are quite a few people and families that need prayers for their health and those of their loved ones. Know that I and my family daily offer prayers for all those affected by cancer, disease and health problems. When we know particular names, your names are added to our prayers. Keep on fighting the good fight and know that prayers are said daily for you.
Until the next time....keep on fighting the good fight! Hugs and best wishes....