Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 27, 1996 ~ Our Anniversary

11 Years ago on April 27, I married my heart, my love and my best friend. It has not been a smooth ride the last 11 years but it has been a ride that I'm glad I didn't miss! And I am anticipating all the hills, hollows and bumps for the next 50+ years :)
Keith, I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow and I loved you yesterday. We met by chance, fell in love and made 4 beautiful little lives. I cherish the day we met and I celebrate the day we married ~ for without you I would have nothing, be nothing. I love you with my whole heart, my whole soul and my whole mind. You are my best friend, my supporter, my therapist, my everything. Dear, dear heart, know now and forever that you are my life! I will love you always, ~ Vonna

Our Engagement Picture from the Newspaper
January 1996

Wedding Day

Snapshot before we're whisked away to the reception

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My ABC Exchange stitched for Sylvie

The SBEBB had an ABC exchange...the rules was to stitch anything with the alphabet on it. I stitched this for Sylvie : **Hey Sylvie I *pinched* your pictures because I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped it up :( Design: Bent Creek's ~ Plum Berry Sampler

Fabric: 28 ct. Antique Ivory Evenweave

Fibers: DMC

Finished: Pinkeep
Back Fabric ~ ABC and my "Handmade with Love" charm

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

I sent Sylvie: Skeins of WDWs, Alphabet stichers, Alphabetized Address Book and a couple of rolls of finishing varigated ribbon

I really had fun stitching this one...I didn't know how to finish this as it is sort of an odd I decided to finish it as a Pinkeep...this is my first attempt....I wasn't totally happy with my execution of the finishing steps, but it wasn't terrible. I learned a few things and there are a couple of things that I think I'd do different next time. Thank you Sylvie for being my "victim" for my first Pinkeep :) I enjoyed stitching for you and learning more about you through your blog!

What's going on in my stitching front now? Well today I finished the stitching on my Potting Shed Exchange! HURRAY! This design is cute but it was very tedious stitching it. I've got the finishing all figured out...I just have to git 'r to speak :) ...which I don't think it will be a problem :)

I started my Robin's Nest Birthday Exchange today...I'm really nervous about this one. But I picked out the design and I put about 50 X's in it today! I've got another Birthday present on the back burner, plus I picked out my design, fabric and fibers for the USEBB Summer Quaker I've got a lot going!
Yesterday I also did a little "retail" therapy :) I had a young lady contact me about 1 month ago to ask about setting up a blog, etc. Since she contacted me we've become fast friends. Her name is Julie and you really need to go give her blog a look. Here's the link, her blog's name is Weathered Barn after the Simply Shaker GAST threads. She is just a sweet person and she's doing such lovely projects, plus she has some sweetie fur babies too! SO how Julie fits into the story is....on her blog a couple of weeks ago she posted about Rosewood Manor's new Inspiration design:

Isn't it just gorgeous?! Well anyway....Julie sent me a link yesterday to The Silver Needle and a lovely description/article about this chart because she knew I loved it. Well I had immediately put it on my "Wish List" two weeks ago....BUT...after Julie told me she was going to get it and I read the article at TSN....well.... then...... the next thing I find myself doing is phoning TSN and ordering the chart and the Moon Glow Picture This Plus fabric to go along with it...Not only did I get the fabric....but I got 1/2 yard of it ($48.00(!)) because the article said it had smaller charts for fob/needlebook/small sampler, etc....might as well have enough for everything, right??!! Of course....can't be stuck in the middle of Indiana, needle in hand, chart ready needing some Moon Glow Picture This Plus fabric!!!! What would happen then? I'm sure that the world would stop rotating...big disastrous things, you cannot stop the mojo of a stitcher! Right?! Well that's what I'm telling my husband!

So after I did the deed....I asked Julie if she'd like to do a SAL with me....HELLO PEOPLE ~ what am I thinking...have you taken a gander at my side bar??? LOL! So.....Anyway....I'm going to be in a SAL with Julie on Friday's as soon as we get all our supplies together. The only upside to this is: the fibers charted are for DMC! ~ can we all say a silent "thank you" (I've got every DMC color ~ at least once - probably more like twice) and the chart is beautiful AND Julie is a sweetie AND we can get to know each other better! ....right?! Sure! That's the meantime, I'm hiding the Master Card Bill from my better half (he doesn't spend any money ~ he's a good boy *geez*) and I'm going to make some 5 star dinners hoping by the time he finds the Master Card Bill he'll be so full of my good cooking he won't care that I've been seeing a little too much of Mary Kathryn and my LNS AND the Silver Needle!

Well Until next time my dear readers and friends....have a great rest of the week! It's hump day so it's all down hill from here :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Julianne's Surprise and Stitchy Stash!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Julianne was my 1000th commenter! Hurray Julianne! This is what she won:

1000th Commenter prize: L*K Designs leaflet ~ Stitching Friends w/ charms

10 skeins of DMC varigated floss in various colors and 1 spool of pink/yellow ribbon

Congratulations again Julianne....I hope your like my little gift from me to you!

Next up: I did a little stashing...from Mary Kathryn this is what I bought: About 20 skeins of Carrie's threads in different shades

Plus Mary Kathryn's spring special a cut of yellow linen and three skins of varigate Carrie's Threads.

Then I got the new Kelmscott Designs Needle Minder called Nita's Peacock...isn't it LOVELY?! I've never owned one before and I can tell I already LOVE it!!

Then I picked up Busy Bee Sewing Case by Keepsake Stitching.

Thanks to Sue over at Red's Threads, I fell in love with the leaflet among the Cornflowers by Keepsake Stitching. Isn't it just lovely?! I love the federal style house!

And last but not least I got my usual monthy shipment of LHN Thread Packs! What a delightful way to collect LHN charts that are fun and fast to stitch but also a great way to collect Cresent Colours floss :) I love this shipment program!!

Now I worked this weekend in my garden planting my annuals on Saturday, so that day was shot for stitching....but on Sunday I had to work *work* at my real job...*sigh*... so I didn't get any stitching done. However Saturday evening I did make a Rosary for my neice. She's having her First Communion on this coming Saturday, so I decided to make her one of my rosaries. The beads are Swarvoski (sp??) in a pink color for her birth stone and I used clear crystals for the other beads. The center and crucifix are Sterling silver. I think it turned out very nice. Elizabeth's First Communion Rosary

made by Aunt Vonna

(*all pictures are clickable...but this one is especially better if you click it!)

Well folks...I know that this post doesn't have much "meat" to it...nothing really stitchy, but I did want you all to know that I'm alive and well :)

Thank you all so much for your visits...I cherish all of them ~ both chatty visits and silent ones :) And on that note...I see from my visit ticker that I have some Indiana residents (Fort Wayne, Edwardsport, Indianapolis, that come to visit - leave me a comment! I'd like to talk crafts/needleworking with fellow Hoosiers!)

So until next time...I hope that the dawning of a new spring brings refreshment to your lives and for my readers that are coming up on fall and winter, I hope that the ending of a season brings a time of rest and rejuvenation :)

Until next time.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My 1000th comment WINNER!!

Julianne is my 1000th commenter!!
She is a wonderful stitcher and found my blog in the early days of my "blogdom" .
Apparently she liked my blog because she comes back all the time! LOL!
On the way to Julianne is a little token of my appreciation....Congrats Julianne and thank you for visiting my blog!!
PSSTTT...thank the rest of you too! :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Becky's House Themed Exchange for ME!

This past weekend....I had to work :( I DID have a Dr.'s excuse to take off because of my pneumonia...however....I felt a little guilty because I visited Mary Kathryn at and did a rather LOT of I thought I needed to do a little WORKING so that my DH wouldn't lose his temper :) LOL! Plus I was feeling almost normal and I would have felt guilty if I stayed at home and made my co-workers pick up my slack. It all worked out. Anyway...after I got home from a 12 hr. shift on Saturday I had a LARGE package waiting for me :) and imagine my SURPRISE when I saw on the return address....Becky's name!!! WAHOO! Dear Becky had my name for the House Themed Exchange on the SBEBB. For my landscaping "add in" I chose sheep. Here's what she made for me: Becky's lovely House w/ Sheep themed exchange for me
Scissors Pocket, Needle keep and Covered Tape Measure!!!
Aren't they beautiful???!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) : )

Here's a close up of the Needle Keep (outside Front)

Needle Keep (Inside Sheep) ~ Isn't that adorable?!

Needle Keep (back outside)

Then here's the whole package (!) Wow, Huh?! I got two patterns off my wish list, a darling stamp set with a kitty and paw stampers (my DD already claimed this as hers ~ LOL!), a clip on calendar, a journal and a lovely heart shaped country plaque, and the country patchwork fabric that everything is laying on! ISN'T THAT A HAUL?! Becky was too generous with me and I told her so :) I love just everything and it's all in a place of honor in my stitching curio cabinet...It is so pretty :) Thank you ever so much Becky! I love each and every piece!

Not much stitching news for me...since I worked, I didn't have any all 4 of my kids are sick: Katie (nasal drainage & cough), Ian (sinus and ear infection), Jacob (nasal drainage & cough) and Ellie (nasal drainage & cough). Poor dears they are all feeling a little ill. But they'll soon be thing I've learned as a parent is this: my kids immune systems are a lot better at clearing out the junk then my 36 year old one!

Hugs to you all :) Thank you ever so much for the nice comments you've left about my House Theme exchange to Becky :) Thanks for the visits both the silent readers and my commenters!

Until next time ~

Friday, April 13, 2007

Quakers and Houses

It may be Friday the 13th, but I've had a SPECTACULAR day!!! First off this a.m. I saw my favorite guy coming down the street. Yep, he's the postman :) Gotta love that guy especially when you go out to the mailbox and find a package addressed to you!

I ripped that thing open and lo and behold I found this: Quaker Biscornu
Stitched by: Melissa for the USEBB Spring Quaker Exchange
Isn't it just scrumptious?! She did a fabulous job and I just love the fiber she definitely has the colors of spring in there and it looks fabulous in my stitching curio cabinet ;) She also sent the most perfect extras ~ a pad of butterfly cutout post-it notes *extra sticky* and 4 skeins of Vicki Clayton silks in my MOST FAVORITE COLORS!!!! Now I've been thinking, wondering, filling carts, emptying them again, asking questions, about Vicki Clayton silks for well....a long time. I just want to try them so much! Well worry, think and wonder no more! I can now try them out in the yummy colors of: Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink!!! THANK YOU Melissa! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your lovely exchange :)
Next up: The SBEBB House with Landscaping Option. This is my first exchange with the SBEBB, and I was lucky to get Becky, SC (herself) as my partner! Oh what I thought...not that I don't adore Becky...because I do, but it was like...Oh YIKES, how can I make something that will even live up to anything that she has made OR anything that she has received from all you lovely stitchers out there that exchange with her. I was in a quandry for sure....but dear Becky chose as her Landscape option: Beehives and a flower or two :) So I got out all my patterns and started thinking about what I was going to stitch. I came up with this:

Elements from Diane Williams designs: Daisy Lane Cottage, Peach Tree Cottage and Joy in the Journey. I slapped a bit from each of these all together and I think it turned out pretty O.K. Oh, the little beehive hanging from the tree is a Vonna Original ;) (all rights reserved, please! ~ LOL!!)

So, I got it all stitched up and then I thought....HOW in blue blazes am I going to finish this?! Then one day, it hit me from out of nowhere....a picket fence! That's how I wanted to finish it...mount it on a white picket fence. So my husband and I discussed the possibilities and had it all hammered down that I was going to buy some basswood and make a picket fence. So I went to Hobby Lobby and was walking the wood aisle and I found the PERFECT picket fence already painted and everything :) So I came up with this as my finish:

SBEBB House Themed Exchange with Landscaping Option

Alrighty then....that's all I have for today. Whoops, one more thing...I made my very first pinkeep today :) And if I do say so myself...I LOVE PINKEEPS! I think I'm going to make about a dozen or so more....if I only knew what I was missing! Would love to show you...but alas this pinkeep isn't for me :( and it's going to be rough parting with it because it is beautiful. Oh, well...I'll make another for myself.

O.K. folks...that's all I have I'm getting *really, really* close to having my 1000th commenter AND I have the prize all picked out and purchased and ready to go...will it be you?! Have a great weekend everyone! Thank you for visiting :) Come on back again real soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tin Box from Su :)

Want to know what makes a gray, rainy day better? Go out to your mailbox and find out you have a package from Su ~ that's what!

Here it is in all its glory!
Isn't it just wonderful?! It's the size of an Altoids tin and she's done an amazing job with the finishing! And the goodies are really spectacular too! Su sent me an antique needle holder, a piece of linen and 2 hanks of Dragon Floss...which I'm particularly thrilled about as I've never used it and they are in scrumptious colors to boot!
~Thank you ever so much Su, for such a wonderful exchange!~
I need to say thanks too...for all the well wishes for the return of my health. I'm 6 days into the pneumonia and I believe I'm finally feeling better. I'm not nearly as out of breath as I was this time last week and I'm getting my strength back daily. I still get tired easily...but I've noticed since Sunday that I'm daily getting to do more things without just wanting to fall down and sleep.

As far as my stitching goes...I've been doing A LOT of it recently...but I can't show you ONE THING about it. I can say that today I posted my SBEBB House Exchange...can't wait for my partner to receive it :) And I also have completed the stitching on my ABC Exchange and Pinkeep Exchange for the SBEBB. Finally, I've started the stitching on the USEBB Potting Shed Exchange (which I'm the moderator I've got to make a good showing on this one at least) and I've also started the USEBB Specific Finish - Biscornu exchange...I think that this one is going to be mighty hard to part's beautiful! I also started and have nearly completed a birthday gift. So I've really been a stitching dynamo and my middle finger of my right hand (my needle pusher finger) has a callus built up on it!

Alrighty then....that's all I've got for today....Thanks again to my readers, you make my day! Oh....and I'm close to having my 1000 comment!!! So I'm preparing a little package of goodies for the lucky person that it happens to be...will it be you? It should happen in the next few posts or so...SO until next time.... big SMILES :) to you!

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Needleroll and Spring Quaker Exchanges Received!

See I told you I have been stitching :)
I've recently had two of my exchanges come due, so here's what I stitched up for my partners. The first was for the Specific Finish Exchange for the USEBB board. My partner was Goldie and here is what I stitched for her:

Spring Needleroll

Designer(s): I chose various elements from different designers including Heart in Hand, Lizzie Kate and Little House needleworks to come up with this design that I chated myself.

Fabric: 28 ct. Lavender Mist Jobelan

Threads: DMC

*This was my first Needleroll and it was not my best effort...I would do things a little differently next time, but overall...I don't think it looks too bad. I didn't know Goldie prior to this exchange, but it has been my sincere pleasure to meet and stitch for her! Hope you enjoyed the exchange partner!

Next Up: the Spring Quaker Exchange for the USEBB. My partner was Heather and I stitched for her this:

Stitcher's Wallet

Designer: The Workbasket ~ Quaker Flower (freebie from website)

Threads: 1 over 1; using DMC varigated Carnation

Fabric: 32 ct. white linen

*the finishing is of my own "design". I always see everyone making wallets and I came up with my own Stitcher's Wallet. I took many pictures of the finishing process and perhaps will make a tutorial if people are interested. (leave a comment if so!)*

I did "know" Heather (from her blog) and she is such an exemplary seamstress with all her stitching and quilting, so I wanted to make something for her that was really nice. I think it all worked out :) Hope you enjoyed it partner!

Well, that's all of stitching I have to show you today. I've been stitching a lot over the past few days. I finally finished my SBEBB House with Landscaping exchange and I finished it in a "different" manner too! Can't wait to see what my partner thinks of the finishing and stitching on this one. AND I finished the stitching on my SBEBB ABC I just have to come up with a *finish* that's two exchanges down...and I think I have 6 more to stitch for...I started another last night and pulled threads/charts for 4 I just have to pull threads for 2 more and I think I'll have all the patterns/threads at least pulled and kitted.

Lastly....I told you in the previous post that I was having sleep issues...well on Wednesday I was feeling really sick...I had a cold, but it got bad really fast. Yesterday morning I woke up with two ears that hurt, a river of junk running down my throat and I couldn't catch my breath, as a matter of fact I felt like I was breathing underwater. My husband got the three big kids off to school and then took me to the Doctor's clinic. Well after an examination, a X-ray and an oxygen status test...I found out what I thought was my problem, I have right lobe pneumonia. YIKES! My oxygen status wasn't the greatest, but I talked them into letting me stay at home rather than being admitted to the hospital. So I'm on strict bedrest for the next 5 days and no work (!) for 14 days. So, I wanted to let you all know...I'm not ignoring you...I just have to stay in bed because I'm rather ill and I don't have a a matter of fact my DH has come to the office door 2x's while I've been writing this to tell me to go to bed. LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my update today...Have a blessed Easter...Thanks for all the lovely comments you all leave me, how blessed am I to have such lovely blog followers and friends...AND until next time great BIG {{hugs}} from me to you :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Look what "rolled" into my mailbox today!

Isn't this a BEAUTY!!!! This is my Needleroll that I got from Marie. We're both members of the USEBB board and unfortunately I can't link you to dear Marie's blog, because she doesn't blog....But I think she definitely needs too! ;)
Marie's stitching is exquisite. Look at the tiny beads on the needleroll and she was so nice to personalize it with my name! Plus it's so small and dainty ~ I just love it! Marie tells me it is an older Shepherd's Bush chart called "Tudor Needleroll". It is just scrumptious to look at :)
Then look what else I found in my box:

I got ribbons, material (in fantastic shades of green/mauve), a skein of Ivy WDW (needed this one Marie for an upcoming project!), chocolates, buttons, a wonderful candle that I'm going to pop into my candle warmer TODAY, some spring swankies, and beautiful little Laura Ashley notecards. ISN'T THIS CALLED SPOILING?! If so I'm game for another round! LOL! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I went to my mailbox and saw Marie's name on the return address :) I've always admired her stitching and finishes! Now I own one for myself. Thank you so much Marie, from the bottom of my 'lil pea pickin' heart! I love it, love it, love it!!

I have nothing to show you in the way of my stitching. I've been at it...but if you look in my sidebar under "Exchanges I'm signed up for:" you'll see why I don't have anything to show you :) One day soon however...I'll have a barrel full of things to show!

I am having insomia seems that I go to sleep promptly at 10 p.m. only to awaken at 2 a.m. wide awake. I lay there and as I lay there I continue to think about all the things I have to do. I usually will eventually fall back asleep at 4 a.m. only to have to hop out of bed at 6:15 a.m. to get 4 kids ready for the day. So what this story is getting to, I was lying in bed awake last night thinking about all this stitching I HAVE to get done by June 1. I then promptly started having heart palpitations! There's exchanges, my Round Robin, a couple of people's birthday gifts...I could go on. So if there is any little stitching fairies out there...please come visit my house and give me a hand :)

Finally I will leave you with a funny picture of my baby girl :) She just turned 19 months old. We had spaghetti and french bread (her favorite as you will see) last week for dinner and this is what I had to do immediately following dinner: GIVE HER A BATH!!

Ellie Eileen ~ 19 months old

~~bathing after spaghetti dinner~~

She's had a recent attack of being "scared" of bath tubs ~ I have a sneaking suspicion that her twin brothers have something to do with it (i.e. dumping water on her head ~ what one of them doesn't think of the other one does) she's began taking baths in the kitchen sink worries here, it's almost easier because I can continue cleaning up the dinner dishes while she plays in her sink bath! I imagine that it's sort of like a baby jacuzzi! ;)

Well that's all I have for you today! I'm hopeful that I'll be able to post an Easter Exchange here soon...I've not received mine yet. But it's on its way I'm sure! Until next time.....