Monday, February 26, 2007

Update and Farewell

Here is my update for the week on Home of a Needleworker. As many of you have stitched this or are in the process of stitching can see I changed the pattern a little ...I centered the verse, "When this you see remember me" where the capital ABC's were supposed to go...I think I'm going to add some flowers/vine to both ends of the verse either using the Stitcher's prayer motifs or Joy in the Journey motifs..haven't decided yet... but I am pleased with how the verse turned out and its look.
That's all the stitchy news I have today and won't be posting for awhile.

Finally, I have a farewell to say. My Uncle Stan passed away this weekend from a long battle with Lymphoma. He was my grandmother's fourth child ~ all four boys. The baby of the family, he is was more reserved than my father and my other two uncles. He was a Veterinarian and was well loved in my hometown and surrounding community. He was the head Veterinarian at Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana for many years. He loved all animals and many times stayed up all night to help ease the pain and fears of his many patients. A kind-hearted man he nursed animals of all varieties. I can remember as a little girl, he had a pet deer that had been injured by a car that someone brought to him. My Uncle lived in small woods and he nursed this animal back to health at home. He released the deer once recovered but the deer would come back every time my Uncle called out from the porch of his home. He had a little miniature donkey named Corey that had been kicked out of the stall by his mother at birth. The farm that raised these miniature donkeys brought the tiny injured donkey to my Uncle. He nursed Corey back to health, but the farm didn't want Corey, so my Uncle put him up a little yard barn and fenced in area at his Vet Clinic. You'd pull into the driveway and yell "Corey" and he'd come "Hee Hawing" out of the yard barn. What a wonderful, wonderful man my Uncle Stan was. He touched many lives both human and animal. He will be sadly missed by many people, but most of all my family.
Goodbye Uncle Stan, we all love you! Rest in peace.

Dr. Stanley Epperson
1954 ~ 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Home of a Needleworker update

Well here's my paltry update for my stitching completed this week for Little House Needlework's "Home of a Needleworker". I've not gotten much done since my whirlwind stitching spree last Tues/Wed. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way. If I had a chef, made service and laundress....well then I'd be in business....BUT.....

I've got two more PIF gifts to go....I'm going to get working on at least one of them, so that I can complete these....I just can't stand having things hang over my head! LOL!

I went on a recent spending's the stash that I added to my "stock":
1. Little House Needleworks: Thread Gatherer and Psalm 145
2. CCN: Forest Snowfall
3. Prairie Schooler: Rain, Rain; Measure of a Year; Summer Breeze and Spring Has Come
4. JBW: French Country Rooster and French Country Cat
5. BrightNeedle's Christmas House
6. I signed up for autoshipments of the LHN Scripture Thread Packs and their new Silk Sampler Thread Packs.

I think that's'm going to go searching for fabric for Thread Gatherer...I think I'm going to try out Silkweaver. I've never stitched on it and I'm interested in it.

Well that's about it for me....sorry not much stitchy news...I'm stitching but a lot of it *most of it actually* is not "blogable" right now....but very soon, it will be!

{{Hugs}} to all my readers and thank you so much for your visit and your comments!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Stitching Gift

Look at what I received in the mail today! Dawn sent me my first Pay It Forward gift :) I had sent her a scissors fob at the beginning of 2007 and here she sent me a lovely stitched sign to hang by stitching chair....I wonder if people will pay any attention and leave Mom alone?!
Anyway, Dawn did a wonderful job of stitching she said it was a EMS freebie. It's lovely and her stitching is perfect! Thanks Dawn what a wonderful, lovely surprise :0)

Here is a picture of the tree in our back yard.....if you look closely you can see the ice coating....this picture was taken last evening...the sun was setting and it was just a brilliant picture
And this is our view from the back of our house....beautiful isn't it?! You ought to see it in the fall! It's stupendous.....the trees are all "twinkling" like diamonds because of the ice.

Well I have to work this I won't be doing a whole lot of stitching, but I'm working on it because I have a Stitch A Thon going on over at the Friends Gather BB....I'm the moderator, so I need to have a good showing :o)
My last Cookie Booth for selling Girl Scout cookies is tonight...*thank Heavens*....about this time of year I'm sick of Girl Scout Cookies and sick of Girl Scouting PERIOD!
Hope you all have a good weekend....stay safe, stay warm and stitch oodles!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stitching Updates and Winter Storm

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone is having a "heart-filled" day! We've been iced and snowed in for the past two days so I've got LOTS of pictures and stitchy news to share :)
First off: Dear Becky alerted me that she received my little fob that I sent to her in celebration of her birthday! I was happy to do it :)
Becky is an angel on earth and gives and gives to so many people that I felt that I needed to do something for her to let her know that she is appreciated, then I found out her birthday was coming up's what I stitched for her:

Little House Needleworks ~ Bee PinKeep ~ from the Gift of Stitching ~ January 2007

Stitched on 28 ct. Raw Linen with DMC threads in colors specified.

Stitched only the to the first lace ring and made into a scissors fob

I beaded the edges with small opalescent Mill Hill Pink beads :) I think Becky really liked it and it always makes me feel good giving to others and brightening other people's days. I was happy to stitch for her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!

Next Up: My RR fabric and work on it so far....I've got it sectioned off and I'm working on a border motif....I'm going to have the participants of the RR put their names in between the two border lines with their first anfd last name and hometown/country. I think it's really turning out how I envisioned it :) Again this is being stitched on my own tea/coffee stained bake and basted fabric :)

NEXT UP: I mentioned starting yet another project...well thanks to my friend Myrna I was enabled to start it, because...Myrna said it seemed to be a quick stitch...seems to be true as this is what I started last night and worked on for 1 hour....presenting "HOME OF A NEEDLEWORKER" by Little House Needleworks. I HEART Little House Needleworks and this is going to be a lovely project all for me!!! Myrna and I are doing a very "loose" SAL on this piece and updating on the Friends Gather BB that BeckySC has started up again.
NEXT UP: Today is Wednesday and it is my SAL on The Villiage of Hawk Run Hollow with Annemarie and Harmien. Today I worked on Block #12 - The Olde Burial Grounds
Here is the entire project:
And here is Block 12 up close to see the detail...doesn't look like much was accomplished does it?! Finally and I know that you are all getting tired of reading this lengthy post, are some pictures off our back deck that is on the second story from the back of the can just see the ice coating the tree limbs and glistening in the sun...this picture was taken at around 10 a.m.

This picture was taken at dawn:

Ok, that's all I have for this time....I want to again express my sincere appreciation for all the visits I have been having and all of the comments. You make me smile! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007


It was time for a change. And I'm feeling a little, I decided that since I was changing I'd go with this template. I liked the look of Harmien's Blog so I changed mine....Sorry Harmien...I'm a COPY CAT :)

I have nothing to share with you based on Stitching...I'm sorry, all for exchanges, but in a few short weeks, there will once again be a "windfall" of pictures and posts...cause I've been stitching away.

On weather notes...Indiana is due for a bunch of nasty weather....freezing rain ~ to snow ~ back to freezing rain ~ then back to should prove to be wonderful I'm sure!

On a final note...I'm a Girl Scout leader and my troop's cookie orders came in...I spent the weekend fondling cookie boxes...2500 of them to be exact and hosting cookie booths at our local mall. It's been a backbreaking good time :) But soon the cookies will all be distributed!

I'll leave you with a picture of my darling baby daughter, Ellie :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Heart Exchange Gift :)

Today I received in the mail a lovely "From my Heart" Exchange from Chris. She sent me this lovely little stuffed pillow ornament!

And then she spoiled me well with all of these lovely extras!

The stitching is perfect and the colors are divine! Thank you Chris for making my day brighter! :)

I have nothing to show as far as my stitching...however I did finish my Spring Quaker for the USEBB board and came up with a "new" idea for the finishing. I think it turned out well....but can't share any details until later on....much later on as a matter of fact. Now I'm stitching my Specific Finish for the USEBB which is a needleroll...I'm not so sure that I like needlerolls but we'll see as I finish my design...I'm making up my own pattern taking elements from different designers and putting them together...we'll see how that turns out as well...

I'm having serious cases of "startritis" I want to start Home of a Needleworker so darn badly...but I've got so many other things started...but nothing is holding my attention, except my exchanges...they are taking up all my stitching time recently...but BOY do I enjoy them! So we'll see....I think I'm going to start Home of Needleworker anyway...make me feel better. We've had frozen pipes today...and yesterday...I've had men in and out of my house all day and now my brand spanking new home has two HUGE holes in the dry wall in our living room... :(
It just makes me our custom made cabinets in the kitchen are showing signs of the finish chipping tomorrow is a fight with the cabinet maker and beautiful garden pride and joy...well the darn tile grout is all chipping out and cracking so the men are going to be in tomorrow to chip it all out the rest of the way and redo the grout and seal it. LOVELY....

So I sure was a happy camper when I pulled out Chris's package from todays mail :)
Thanks again Chris you made my day!!!! Literally
Until next time :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club Present Received!

Please see HERE for my Basket Lid Tutorial. Thanks! ~ all the tutorials are accessible in my sidebar located to the left on this blog ~

Mary Kathyrn e-mailed me last evening to tell me that she received her Birthday present from me. She was my "partner" from the Stitching Bloggers Birthday and Christmas Club, that BeckySC sat up at the end of last year. I made for her a basket lid covered with Prairie Schooler's "Fox and Grapes" design. I stitched this on 28 ct. hand-dyed linen...the fabric dye is my secret recipe that I've blogged about before, you remember ~ the coffee/tea and basting/baking fabric ~ well here is a sample of it in all it's glory! See the rustic "staining" it has??? Well its all in the basting and the baking!! LOL! People I do think believe I'm nuts...but it honestly works well!

Anyway...I stitched this using DMC and I changed a little of the that the windows and door frame were not to be was supposed to be left bare...I didn't think this looked so good so I used a dark brown to outline them ...I think it looks much better (personally).

Here's a side view of the basket, this was a natural reed basket that I stained myself. I found a really great matching fabric with grapes and leaves on it and made the liner. Then the lid I made out of cardboard and made a sort of "modified" flatfold,with straps that attach to the basket and allows it to be opened and closed. Here's a picture of it opened:

It was a honor to stitch for Mary Kathryn and I hope that she likes her basket as well as I liked stitching for her :) Happy Birthday, Mary Kathryn!!!
I know that I've had a lot of updates lately....well that's all going to end because I've run out of finished products to show! LOL! I probably won't be around very much for awhile until I get some things stitched....but of course I will visiting all of you and seeing the lovely things your doing! I'll make a tutorial of this soon (if people are interested), so that inquisitive minds who want to know can see the how to.
Until next time....thank you for visiting and come again soon!