Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Just a little Halloween Humor! No this isn't my house....I found it while surfing the web. Thought it was funny so I posted it to share a giggle or two!

On the stitching front...been doing some more stash buying. I found some wonderful M Designs on Clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.00; they are needlerolls. I really liked them so picked them up. I've not got much done in the way of stitching so....I'll leave that for another entry hopefully sometime soon!

My kids are all jazzed up about Halloween; sadly one of my twins has strep throat....ugh!....but he's on antibiotics and will have his 3rd dose this evening. I'm hoping that he'll feel well enough to go trick or treating tonight. He's getting a little color, so I think he'll be ready. Ellie and I both have the crud too, not strep throat, but a deep chest cold. Yuck! Katie's getting it too. The only healthy ones at this point is Keith, my husband, and Ian my other twin. So we'll see how long they strong can survive in a house full of sicko's.

I've been enjoying all the blogs lately. Seems like lots of your are busy, busy, busy stitching away! Everyone is doing such lovely projects. Thanks to Michelle over at Ozark sew 'n sews, I finally kitted up "Gathering Honey" and crossed a few X's this weekend making a start on it. You all need to go on over and check Michelle's blog out...she's on my sidebar....Her Gathering Honey Sampler is spectacular!

Well, I've officially finished my Winter Blast Exchange for the USEBB, but can't tell you anything other than that...can't wait to share it - I think it turned out beautifully! Now I'm stitching up my Ornament for the exchange. I've started it and almost had it done and decided it didn't look right...so I'm going to start over...how sad is that?!

Almost time for lunch and naps (!) so I better get scooting...I don't want to miss Day's of Our Lives either (my only soap, that I watch)!

Have a Wonderful Halloween! I hope everyone gets their sweet tooth satisfied :o)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Over 1

Here is my start on Fall's Gifts by Carriage House Samplings. What I'm using: DMC floss (I think the DMC conversion is beautiful), I thought about getting some Vickki Clayton, but I didn't see a conversion for Fall's Gifts on her website and then why pay extra $$$ when I've got the colors here at home?! I'm using 28 ct. Black Belfast, over 1.....YES, I'm doing it ON BLACK OVER !!! All I can say is, let their be sunny days when I stitch this....Thank heavens for my Ott light...if I didn't have that...I'd be sunk! This is my first attempt of stitching over 1 and I am well ~ pleased! I love the "delicate" look over one seems to achieve. I know I've not gotten very far....but that's probably over 100 stitches and at least 1 hours work. I really, really like the look....we'll see as I progress.

I've also been stitching on my Winter Blast project...can't tell you much about that other than....It's close to being done - the stitching that is....then I've got to figure out the finishing....hmmmm.......

Today I've not crossed one X yet...rather, I have been cleaning the house. I've gotten my house as neat as a pin now and everything is clean, dusted, mopped, swept, polished, dried and put away. My house smells clean and fresh....just like swiffer wet jet spray... :o) but in just 1/2 hour the house will be invaded by the BIG kids and then everything will stink again and be messy and crumbs will be on the floor and milk will be spilled across my shining cabinet tops....BUT that is what having kids is all about...at least after 6 hours of cleaning I can at least see for around 1 hour that WOW, my house looks good! LOL!

Tonight, I'm going to take a long, hot bath in my jetted garden tub. Ahhh, I relish the thought! But that will come after, supper, homework, spelling words and 4 other baths that I have to give! Tonight my hopes are to finish the Winter Blast Stitching project...wish me luck!

**Today I'm thankful for Sweet Tea, is there ANYTHING that is as refreshing as a big 'ol glass of iced sweet tea. YUM-O! Rachel Ray---you don't know what your missing!** :o)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gingerbread man finish

Here's my first try at doing a "sandwiched" ornament! I sort of followed the rules to do a pinkeep...I took two pieces of cardboard cut to the same size, glued batting on the one and trimmed, then stretched my gingerbread man on top of it and glued the linen to the back of the cardboard. Then I took the second piece and glued my back fabric. Then I hot glued the "off" sides together, attached a hanger and went around the edge with red ribbon. Then I made the bow and glued it on. Finally I added a little gingerbread man button in the lower left corner and ~viola~ it was complete! It was a messy job and it probably wasn't a stellar performance on my part, but I learned a few lessons for the next time and I think it turned out pretty-doggone good!

This is the completed ornie picture
AND here's the back picture showing the cute fabric I found to complete this project.

This ornie is for my nephew Bradyn for his St. Nick gift on Dec. 6. It was a freebie design from Waxing Moon. I think the gingerbread man is really a cutie :o)

Well another weekend of work down! Whew! It was a little hectic this weekend. We always get busy when the cold season starts. So I didn't get any breaks and didn't get hardly any stitching done :o(

Tomorrow I have our Girl Scouts meeting after school. There are 4 new girls joining our troop, so I've been busy getting all the necessary paperwork together for their parents to enroll them in Girl Scouts. Our fall nut sale comes to a close tomorrow, so I'll have to collect everyone's sales sheets and tabulate the quantities for our troop to order. I'll be busy tomorrow.....

The LNS called today and the Carriage House Samplings chart I ordered - Fall's Gifts has finally come in....so I'll run over and get that tomorrow morning! Can't wait to figure out all the threads and stuff I need. I LOVE to kit new projects....now if I could learn to LOVE to FINISH projects I'd be in business.

Hope everyone's weekend was good! It's getting cold here in Indiana...I think we're supposed to be below freezing tonight! Doesn't the cold seem to be getting here early this year?! But in Indiana you can never tell - wait a few days and the weather will be different!

Until next time.....

*today I'm thankful for reading everyone's blogs and seeing that YES! there is a different way to finish my projects!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lazy Friday....

Today my kids were out of school for "Fall Break". We had a pretty lazy day. First we were all up at 5 a.m. for some weird reason, so we ate a quick breakfast, the boys started up the computers - I only let them play them during certain times, but today was "play" day so they started them up right away! lol!

As the boys played on the computers, the girls and I went upstairs to change the sheets on all 5 beds....ahhh, what a nightmare! But we got that done, cleaned out the linen closet, because while dressing the beds, I thought it was time to pull out our "winter" blankies and put them on too. Then this inspired me to "clean" out the linen closet, I really hadn't done that since moving in here last June...I just sort of opened the door shoved it in and hoped for the best. So, I thought now that we're settled here in our new house and the winter blankies are out I'll arrange it. So that took at least a good hour of going through that. Then the girls and I got everyone's winter clothes out and hung them up and put the shorts away....it's been really cold here, so I don't think we have to worry about "hot" days any longer...but you never know, so I left each child two pairs of shorts out ~ just in case :o)

After I got all the above done...I had all the laundry to do....so got that started and then we had our Pizza Party at lunch...yep, we called Papa John's and pigged out. Now I'm getting a relaxing afternoon and evening....we'll eat leftover pizza, they watch movies in their jammies and stitch to my hearts content! What a perfect day!

I work again this weekend....but I'll take LOTS of projects to work on during my "breaks"!
Until next time....keep on smiling! :o)

*Today I'm thankful for all the blessings I've been given in my life ~ my four little miracles, my darling husband, a roof over my head and food in my belly. God has been good to me!*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stitchy Stashy!

Well, here's a picture of my stash buying frenzy....much to my DH's dismay :o)

I finally got the "Witches Riding By..." by Lavender Wings and Glendon Place's "Witching You Were Here". For the Glendon Place witch I got the yummy Wichelt fabric called Summer Sky...it's fabulous and really a great "knock off" for the $50 fabric that the pattern calls for!

All the material that you see, I got on a FABULOUS deal at JoAnn's...I got the pumpkin print fabric (by Glendon Place pattern) for 1.50, there is 3/4 of a yard there....Then the perfectly springy pink polka dots fabric is like 1 yard and it was 2.00. Then the cute snowman fabric was .75 and is 1/2 yard. Then I splurged and got the green/red with gold snowflake fabric in a full yard and it was on like 25% off sale, as well as the green/red plaid.....

What a delightful day of spending money and piling up some more stash!

On the stitching front....I've been BUSILY stitching my fingers to the bone on my first exchange. I'm about over 1/2 of the way done!!! And I've been buying 'extras' as I see them in craft stores! I'm having lots of fun doing this! Thinking about how I'm going to finish it....haven't decided yet. Then I've been looking ahead to the themes for next year and pawing through my patterns to see what I've got! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Well I guess that's it for now....I've got my bottom part of my house cleaned today, so woohoo! for that! Tomorrow I have my anual exams at the Dr's....*great*, yeah right and Friday my kiddos are off for a three day weekend due to "Fall Break".

Until next time....
*Today I'm thankful for the *Swiffer* wet jet....what a wonderful invention for busy mothers!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Well, I have no pictures today....sorry, but I do have good news Becky has admitted me into her USEBB (U.S. Exchange). I've never exchanged with anyone, so I'm excited that she accepted me! I've signed up for two upcoming exchanges....WINTER BLAST, which is anything to do with winter and ORNAMENT, which is of course a Holiday Ornament exchange.

I'm already busily stitching my Winter Blast exchange, although I don't know my "partner" yet. But I thought I may as well get started. I'm waiting to stitch my ornament until I know if there are any certain likes/dislikes as far as ornaments go (i.e. religious/non-religious, etc.). I think I'm going to do a "flat fold" for my Winter Blast exchange. I've never attempted one of those, however I have some really great snowflake fabbie that I've been waiting to use, so I think that is what I am going to try.

I've recently become very intrigued with scissor fobs, needle keeps and scissor keeps. My LNS is taking part in this on-line needlework show. Of course, I didn't let this pass me by....I finally broke down and purchased.....

FALL GIFTS by Carriage House Samplings plus some spectacular 28 ct. Belfast Linen to stitch it on.....I've been salivating over this pattern since I first saw it. It's on order, so I don't have it my hot little hands yet.....but soon, very soon.....

Well, my 'lil pumpkin here at home is dreadfully sick. She's radiating heat, and has copious amounts of nasal drainage. Poor 'lil gal, she wants to suck her paci, but can't do that and breathe at the same time. Never fear! We went to the Dr. and he gave us some meds! Daddy will pick them up on his way home! Well this is a work weekend for me.....for all you people out there with the weekend off....ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here in the Burial Ground...

I've made little progress, but not too bad
considering that we had a busy, busy weekend.
I'm not too sure about the colors of this block. BUT it's early and it will probably *POP* more as the black of the background is filled in?! I hope?

Well Conner's Prairie was a lovely experience! I've never been there before and it was just great! The boys were not so intrigued by the whole deal, but I think they are a little young at 6 to realize what was going on. The people in the "living museum" actually work and dress and speak to you as if it is 1836. No kidding. I almost felt like I was barging into their home when we went into one, because they put on quite a front! We had a lovely day and the weather was PERFECT! It was a blessing to be with my family on such a beautiful day sharing a lovely time!

Well, back to stitching....I've not gotten all of my ornaments done for Christmas and it is bothering me a bunch. I'm so covered up with volunteering, that I'm not getting my goals done. Plus VoHRH is consuming me. I've never done a project this big and I am bound and determined that I will finish this! I think my husband thinks it will go in the WIP box, like a lot of other large projects go that I've started.....but I will get this one done. Scouts Honor!

So I think I'm going to start a couple of ornies and try to get them finished. Maybe small ones instead of the big involved ones that I get into will make it go smoother? Who knows?! What I need to remember is: stitching is my *calgon* moment! I'm not going to go heckbent for leather trying to make everything come together. It will all work out. But when you are an A type personality like me....I sometimes get myself bogged down in the deadlines and the rush or finishing rather than taking my ride down the lazy river and enjoying my craft!

Until next time - keep smiling! :o)
To steal from another blogger - - - I'm going to list something that I'm thankful for...as isn't nice to remind yourself of all the good things in life.

Today I'm thankful for all the good friends and acquaintances I've met through this Blog! You are much appreciated! :o)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hey, hey, hey....Goodbye!

Well, I'm happy to report that today I say "adios" to Block #2 of VoHRH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a long and enduring trek this block became....but I muddled through somehow. I do think it's rather a nice block, don't you? I think my favorite part is the trees. Eventhough I said a *few* four letter words while backstitching the branches and leaves...but hey....they look good right?! All for the good of the end product!

Well I'm off to the graveyard....or Block 12, for those of you who care. LOL!

Tomorrow my family and I are going to http://www.connerprairie.org/ Conner's Prairie. We're going to step back into time and have a good time I'm sure. We've never been there, but I have many friends that say it is an awesome experience. We're going to do it all, morning chores, pan for gold, dip some candles, evening chores, a little shopping, watch the Lenape Indians Dance, eat some autumn apples dipped in caramel (YUM!), etc....

I hope that everyone has a great weekend! I'm looking forward to it! This is my only weekend off in October, so I'm going to LIVE it up! I've got all my "extra" volunteer activities about wrapped up, so life is looking good!

Until Sunday.....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Almost there...

....just a few more X's (well actually more than a few) and then Block #2 of VoHRH is HISTORY!!
I did some changing on the bird color...it was supposed to be teal I think...well I changed it to black and I may go and do black on all of them...I don't know we'll see as I progress...Which is about as fast as molasses going downhill during a ice storm! :o)

Next up: the graveyard...which I'll probably be there until New Years Eve since it's solid Cross Stitch...but maybe I might surprise myself!

Here's my little walker.....

She was walking into the computer room as I was typing away on my Blog. She's a cutie, and won't keep her shoes or socks on for Love or Money! So I'm trying to persuade her that socks and shoes are good things.....especially with the cold coming on...we've got to learn to wear shoes outside now and keep socks on our feet....
Well today is laundry day and I've got to run....PTO meeting this evening along with the Cub Scouts Meeting too. So off I dash to finish my house work!
Until next time.... ;o)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I see the light....

....at the end of the tunnel!!! I think I'm going to be able to stitch this week, at least some???!!!
My girl scout troop organizer activities will be *hopefully* slowing down now. I've gotten two new troops started and did some #fast# talking to get two parents for one troop and three for the other to be leaders! This Thursday I have to train them (yes, I'm a trainer too....) and then they will be on their own!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!

See my name is Vonna and I have a problem. I can't say "NO!" I can't even say, "no..." All I can seem to say is, "Yes, I'll do it." That gets me into some problems...I get stressed out, I get burned out and I get tired. For instance, I'm also a Girl Scout leader (yeah, I know...) and I had a Ice Cream Social at my house this past Friday night...well this was our first "meeting" and I'm already SICK of Girl Scouts....we haven't even sold Cookies yet....usually by the time cookies are over, I'm SICK of Girl Scouts....now, I'm sick of them and we've only had one meeting. It'll get better as soon as this troop organizing stuff is over with.

Thank heaven, I got out of doing Cub Scouts Den Mother or Cub Mother or whatever they call it. I've got enough cubs at home, don't need somebody else's cubs......don't get me wrong...I like cubs...but you know what I mean!!

Ok, well today I'm at work. I'm surrounded by my bugs and having a good 'ol time! (yeah, right..but I'm trying to think *positively* :o) )
Not too bad on Sunday in a hospital. Everyone that got drunk/ill/hurt from a Saturday night date/brawl/etc....has been taken care of over the night shift. I come in and it's relatively slow going until the Church's let out and people over-eat on Sunday Dinner and then it hits....people think they are having heart attacks(usually just gas)/throwing up/stomach aches/etc. Then it starts rolling again. You think I jest....I do not....it is true, after working 13 years in this business you can start to see patterns. For instance...I believe that people's hormones or blood chemistry actually DOES change during Full or New Moon Phases. If you are working on the evening shift and it is a full moon....WATCH out....things are going to happen. For example: women go into labor/babies (multitudes) of babies are born/rowdy, drugged up or drunken people take over the streets/attempted suicides/accidents/etc. These things really go on during full moon phases. It's odd. AND if you have to work on New Year's Eve during the evening/night hours and it's a new year AND a full or new moon phase....you might as well put on some roller skates and your riot gear....it's gonna get ugly! LOL!! But since this is such a "lengthy" entry...one can see that it must NOT be a full moon, nor AFTER Sunday Dinner, because I'm having a good time typing away here on my keyboard.

Well I must run as my break is over, my buggies are calling (*hello E. coli, howdy Staph aureus, Good Day Klebsiella...) they want me to come out and play....I did NOT stitch anything during my break - like a should have done - nope instead I'm hear blabbering to you all.... :o) :o)
Until next time....when I *hopefully* have something to say and show about STITCHING!!