Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hit a Wall...

Well Folks, I've hit a wall....I've not crossed one single X in anything for over the past 2 weeks....
I've just too much on my plate right now...but I'm not going to sit around crying into my soda about it....I just need to learn the word - "No"....

You know how you see signs on churches that every now and then have some great, witty, one-liners that make you stop and think.....well I ran across one of those last week. It said,"We're too blessed to be depressed." How poingnant is that? It makes me stop and think how true that is. I'm running around trying to be all things for all people and then I get down and I'm lucky that I can run around, I'm lucky to have all the blessings I have in my life - my kids, my husband, my home, good friends, talent, etc. etc.

Had a lovely surprise in my mailbox yesterday...the much anticipated Lavender Wings Witch had arrived and was waiting for me! She's a beauty! Rather larger project than what I had first anticipated. But a beauty no less!

We've had good news with the kids at school. My little studious daughter got her mid-term grades for third grade. She had all A's and one A+ (100%). GREAT! The twins are making strides in their reading and settling in nicely at school, learning the ropes as 1st graders. Both Ian and Jacob have gotten all their spelling words correct each week!! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but believe me for two little boys - that is a HUGE deal!!! :o)

Well until next time, keep your fingers crossed that I pull out of this stitching flunk...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Mania....

Here is my progress to date on Village of Hawk Run Hollow. What did I finish from last week, you ask???...well NOT MUCH! I finished the last three boxes on the bottom...Hurray - that took 2 skeins (almost) of floss to get those done!

You can see to the right besides getting done the outlines I also finished the St. Peter's Church wording and filled in the grass around the fence. That's it! I've not had much time of late to stitch. Between working the past 3 weekends straight (I am supposed to work every other weekend), school homework (yikes! I should just homeschool, because I'm basically doing that anyway), Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, School PTO - I just don't have any time left to do ~ you know basic day to day life stuff like sleep and bathe! LOL! The most stitching I do is probably like 1/2 hr. per day...That sickens me....

But on the bright side, I'm seeing more progress with this project especially since the outlines are done. Next will be the graveyard since I'm feeling spooky.

Another thing to celebrate is that my last baby is sad is that to think that I'll never see another little face concentrating so hard to make it to me as they take those first unsteady steps. The joy that comes across their face as they made it without falling. Yep, that's pretty sad. But on the bright side, she's healthy and happy and able to take those first steps which will lead to a whole lifetime of first steps into various parts of her life.

Ok, that's enough philosophical talk for me today on a "Manic Monday"! Remember that fantastic song which was sung by the Bangles in the 80's ~ when I was young, naive and didn't have a care in the world! Ahhh.....those were the good 'ol days! :D

Friday, September 15, 2006

Angels Singing....

Do you hear the angels singing an "Alleliua" chorus? Well you should because my LNS called this p.m. and said the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue that I ordered was in!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot tell you how happy I am, this is my *favorite* issue of the year!! Yippee!!

They called at noon, I was over there and on my way back home by 2 p.m. I looked through it already and I believe it is another winner! While there I also picked up JCS ornament preview magazine which is really the October issue....has some cuties in there as well that are "complimenting" ornaments to the ones that some of the designers did for the Ornament issue. I love the Country Cottage Needleworks ornie in the mag and the Angel Stitching one was cute as well. Little disappointed in Lizzie Kate's ornie this year...but you can't win them all.

So has anybody else gotten their copy yet?

Have a great weekend everyone....!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wacky Wednesday!

Here's my update for VoHRH....notice not a thing has changed in Block #2. The only "change" is that I am almost complete making all the block outlines. I got this wonderful idea from Kim who is doing HoHRH....I was always thinking I should stitch the outlines, but then I got lazy. After looking at Kim's wonderful blog and seeing her progress post to post, I thought I'm not crossing another X until I finish my block outlines. So see, I'm almost done! Makes you realize just how monstrous this project is...does it not?!

After I finish the church...I'm going to the cemetery...I feel a little "halloweenie-ish" and thought that it would be my next stop in the is Block #12.

Plus since there is no signature on this peice, I think I'm going to somehow sign it in an "old timey" way. Like "wrought by" or "this work is mine" I don't know if I'm going to incorporate it in a block or do it along the side. Any opinions???? Since you lovely ladies were astounding with your information on PinKeeps, what are your ideas about signing this piece? Don't hold back....let me know! :o)

Finally, I went on a little spending splurg....LITTERALLY....I purchased the following items:

I really love the Lavender Wings Witch...Love it....

Well I'm up to my ears in cookie dough and my baby is up to her ears in cookies period as she's been sampling and covered in chocolate...
Gotta go...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Totally Tuesday....

Today I worked on and finished my "craft" space in our basement. I have a desk that houses my sewing machine and all my 'sewing stuff' and then a folding table that I sat up for my cutting board and radio. The shelving unit holds all my scrapbooking stuff and all my cross stitch stuff....SO everything is nice and neat and at my fingertips! Hooray! Always wanted my own space with all my goodies all around me and in one place and FINALLY I got it!

Here's the BIG finish on my Bent Creek "Pumpkin Harvest". I made it into a hanging pillow, like a do with all my finishes lately. I embellished with buttons, ribbon and bows. I think it looks really "country" and fits well into my country styled home.

Here's why I like to make my "seasonal" cross stitched pieces into hanging pillows, I can hang them on my "rusty stars". This grouping is in my entry way. Doesn't it just make you want to drink apple cider?!

Well it's been a busy, busy day....finishing my craft space, completing my Bent Creek project and decorating for fall.....
Whew! But at least I can see progress for all the effort! Tonight is the school's first PTO I guess I'm not done yet! Until next time, think fall! ;o)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday musings....

Well Here is my latest finish! It's Bent Creek's Pumpkin Harvest. I didn't use their color scheme - rather made up my own. I used DMC new color variations, plain 'ol DMC and then the light green and dark green is Danish Flower Thread that my friend Harmien sent to me. I think it turned out pretty! Tomorrow (if I'm lucky) I'm going to sew up my completed projects using some sort of "finishing" technique yet to be decided. I want to finish this one particuarly as I'm going to "decorate" my house for fall. So this would be one that I need to have completed.

We'll see how it goes. Today my husband and I worked on creating my "craft" far so good. . . still a few "tweaks" I need to do before it's done...I'll share pictures later once it is complete. Today being the holiday in the US my husband was home and the kids were off school. So it was a lazy day. The cooler weather made me start thinking about rotating the summer and fall clothes.....I don't like doing this at all, but it needs to be done to see if we still fit in the clothes we had last fall/winter/early spring. With 4 kids, I'm thinking that there will be some shopping having to take place...but you never know. Ellie got a whole new wardrobe today from Gymboree! They were having a sale and she didn't have any hand - me - downs from her sister that fit her so....she got brand spanking new! Hooray for Ellie....and such cute clothes too...I LOVE Gymboree clothes...a little pricey but well worth it in the way they hold up.

Well, I guess that sums up my life for the past three or four days....I had to work all weekend, so there's not much to say there....except well...whatever... tomorrow the kids are back to school and we'll all be back on schedule! Yippee!
Until next time.....