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Have a question that you'd like to have answered about stitching, storage, name it? Just send those burning question to me and I will answer them when I get a chance in my blog posts. 
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Q: "Hi Vonna. I'm one of those folks who rarely comments, but I love reading about your family and your stitching. I have some fabric that has some nasty creases right through the middle, probably got too squished in the fabric box. I have tried steaming the bejebers out of them with some dampening of the cloth and the spray thing on the iron. It helped, but the crease is not entirely gone. I'm afraid to start my project on a piece of fabric that might have a permanent crease. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for all the fun and insightful info you pass along and for any help you can give me." 
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Q: Vonna, where do you get the rusty bells, shapes, etc, that you embellish your finishes with?
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Q: "Dear Vonna, love your blog! You are so helpful to us stitchers. I do have a question that comes up frequently with my stitching friends..'Do you wash all of your pieces after you finish stitching them?' Thank you!"
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Q: Hi Vonna,When making a cube how do you attach the cording? Do you sew it on like you do the pillow ornament? or do you glue it on? Thanks, Sue C.
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Q: Dear Vonna, You are a very talented lady. I love all of your stitching and finishes. My question for you is how do you come up with ideas on how you see a piece being finished? Do you search the internet for ideas? Do you keep a notebook of your finishes and refer to it? Thank you, Carolyn

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Q: Janaplmr asks, "Would you consider showing how your begin and end your thread?"

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Q: Happy Stitching asks, "I so enjoy your blog and your YouTube channel! I am planning to stitch LHN Hometown Holiday series and wondering how you are finishing? I was thinking either separate cubes or maybe all together as one large piece but I wasn't sure how it would look all together as one piece! Thanks so much!"

A: click HERE


Q: Anonymous asks, "Baking and Basting Fabric?" 

A: Yes, see HERE it can be done on any evenweave, linen, aida....backing fabric, quilting fabric. Just make some tea, make some coffee, throw it in the oven and have some fun!



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    1. All o fmy tutorials are interchangeable between linen and aida. Finishing is finishing there is no difference between the cloth, it all works the same.