Thursday, April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020...a quick update!

~ Greetings and Warmest Wishes to you all ~

I am sort of buzzing through Anasazi Song and thought I'd share a quick update.

"Anasazi Song"
by Carole Lake of Stitch Play Designs
SPD_Anasazi Song 4-20

close up of some stitches: don't you love the "tassels" on the bottom edge?
I love how it looks!

SPD_Anasazi Close 4_20

So I'm closing in on a finish! And guess who bought the next one in the series?
Next up once I gather all of my supplies is:
"Anasazi Dream"
I'm going to stitch it in the colorway shown in the picture below - just not on the green canvas. I'm going to do the pewter canvas as in "Anasazi Song" above.
I'll swing in for a finish update when I get it all stitched up :)

Until the next time...
keep a smile on your face and one in you heart and you just can't go wrong...
especially in these times.
Love and Hugs in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Oh my goodness, you have buzzed through this one! I am looking forward to seeing you finish. Quick question for are you ending your threads so they are secure on the back? I am guessing that your canvas is mounted to stretcher bars.

  2. Vonna: I hope you are all well, this is a beautiful piece, I do love the tassels so cute, such stunning colors together.
    Stay Healthy


  3. Looking good, I am amazed by the work in this piece. Also thank you for your bee kind design, I printed it out this morning. x

  4. hey vonna ~ wasn't that long ago we were appluading your flame stitch on a previous piece, look at you go now! lovely work:)

  5. Vonna: This is so beautiful;.
    Stay Healthy


  6. That will be the perfect companion piece! My mother bought a canvas kit many years ago at a Spirit of Crossstitch Festival. Several years ago she was paring down her craft supplies and gave that kit to me. I have it tucked away and will have to look at it with a different eye after seeing how much fun you and Gary are having!

  7. I took a ceramic class once from two "Anasazi" sisters in New Mexico and as part of the workshop, we visited Sky City where their family once lived. If you're ever near Albuquerque, I highly recommend it.

  8. Looks great ! glad you are enjoying the canvas work. It's so fun to work with all the different fibers. They are addictive. Enjoy - Mel


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