Tuesday, January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you all ~

The New Year is well and truly underway....
and I'm trying very hard to stay on top of all my commitments to myself and others.
I'm trying to continue to exercise daily...(I'll admit I've been hit or miss...)
Eat on my diet....(again admission of some failures here too...)
Create daily....(can check this one off with a big check mark!)
Stay up to date with my Stitch-A-Longs I've signed up for...(so far so good...)

Here is what I have accomplished creating wise the last week:

I have signed up for two stitch-a-longs...the first one is by iStitch Designs and is the 2020 Burgandy Band Sampler. I'm stitching mine over 1 thread on the called for banding using Classic Colorworks Cherry Cobbler. 
1-17_2020 iStitch_Burgandy Band

Then I fell in love with Jacob's 2020 Modern Folk Embroider SAL It's called The Family Quaker Sampler and well I just loved it. Here is the first month's work so far....I still have much to go...but isn't it looking gorgeous?
I am stitching on: 32 count Zweigart Charcoal using DMC floche in BLANC. 


Wondering what floche is????
Yeah. I did too until a few months ago when I was reading a surface embroidery pattern and saw that it recommended padding dimensional satin stitches with: floche. Floche? What is floche? 
Well I brought the topic up on Fiber Talk one Wednesday Chat and according to the vast majority of comments...many people didn't know about it either. Of course I know that many others already knew about it...and of course we got a comment or two - to boil it all down - indicating that any serious stitcher knew about floche and well....let your imagination fill in the blanks.  ~ Thank you! ~
although floche is used primarily for surface embroidery...Gary posed the question what it would be like stitching with it. So I jumped in. The above is on 32 count dark fabric and look at that coverage! ONE STRAND...and it is mercerized so a beautiful sheen. Loosely woven so a very soft thread to work with and when you lay it on the linen it spreads. Beautiful. The stitches just spring off the linen and I love my stitches to pop like that. Stunning. Want to know more? Well Mary Corbet talks at length about it here: HERE and if on her site your search for floche or just google floche and Mary Corbet it will list all the places she's referred or talked about it. Mary, Mary...what a knowledgeable, encyclopedic needlewoman. 

I also used motifs from Little House Needleworks ~ "A Little Snow" to create an ornament sized project for the 2020 Little House and Country Cottage Stitching Group on Facebook, where I have organized a monthly ornament stitch-a-long. 
This gem is stitched on 32 ct. Slate by Hand dyed by Stephanie
using called for Classic Colorworks. Isn't it sweet :)

Little Snow_LHN

so that does it for stitching this week...I did work a night or two on The Queen's Sampler, but I un-stitched more than I stitched so...it's a wash on that.

In Quilting this week....
My Quilt Guild is having a 2020 Block of the Month so I did January's block.
I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics that I've collected over the past couple of years. 

Guild BOM Jan 2020

Then I have been saving all my scraps and decided to try the Scrappy Stars String Quilt.
This was held as a class (6 times) at the shop I work at, however...I never could fit it in my schedule.
so....I looked and looked at the display model and figured out how it could be done. Since that time someone told me that it was on pinterest as a tutorial. Silly me could have saved myself some time.
anyway...here it is:

VP_scrap stars_1 VP_scrap stars_2

Scrap Stars Jan 18

slow and steady wins the race, right? I'm trying to just throw blocks in every now and then. If I get a block or three done each week...well that's a quilt by fall ;)

In my finishing service, I am back in the saddle...

Then I decided to finish for myself...
VP_LHN Snow Globe

Snow Globe Ornament - I also made a tutorial to share: HERE

On Fiber Talk...
It was my Wednesday to co-host the mid-week chat: HERE

and instead of a Friday Night LIVE... we did a Saturday LIVE finish with Vonna: HERE

So.... there you be...everywhere I've been this week. Today is a busy day as I work at the shop...
tonight I have quilt guild...so...
I need to fuel up with another cup of java.
Get my face and hair fixed.
And race to work.

I've been grumpy the last couple of months. 
I really have. I don't know what the deal is, but I suspect it may be "the change". Anyhow...
I saw this in one of my devotions/inspirational readings this week and thought I'd share:

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." 
- Leo Buscaglia 

Important words....read them and think hard about them...because often when I feel down, someone, somewhere will do one of the above things and changes my whole day, my whole demeanor. Be that someone to someone else today and every day. The world is a hostile place. Make it better.

Until next time...
hugs and love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Vonna, I always enjoy seeing a new post from you. You are such an amazing individual to do all that you do plus come here (or on Fiber Talk) to share. I love your snowglobe ornament and thank you for taking the time to create a tutorial. I love the quote you shared by Leo Buscaglia this morning. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday and week!

  2. Love the 2 new WIPs, and all the finishes! I enjoyed watching the Fiber Talk on Saturday. Very informative and easy to follow, now to actually sit down and finish off a piece!

  3. I have just jumped on the Fiber Talk bandwagon. I don't know what I was waiting for. I carried you and Gary around while I did my housework. I'm planning on listening to your finished LIVE this evening. I've learned about 10 things from today's post only. You are an amazing person!

  4. Vonna, lots of lovely stitching eye candy here, thank you for sharing.

  5. Fiber talk was so great - can’t wait to make some ornaments with snow - ordered the plastic globes today. Hope you are feeling happier - you always inspire me to do more and try new things! I’ve been X-ing for 40 years this year! keep up the great work ❤️

  6. Funny, but I was just reading about floche on Mary Corbett's sight today :) I may have to try it as I hate stitching with more than one thread and this might enable me to use some of the 32 ct. fabric in my stash with just one strand.

    Also watched your great snowglobe tutorial today, Vonna--thank you so much. You made it look easy :) As alway--thank you for every tutorial or piece of advice you've given us stitchers. Don't know where we'd be without you! ♥

  7. Vonna, I so admire all you do! I am sorry you have felt a bit grumpy, and yes the 'change' does do that to a lot of us. Even after the change! Thanks for sharing your Snow Globe tutorial. I really enjoy it when you are on Fibertalk, you add so much fun and great information to the podcast. I was fortunate to watch a live one and hope to be able to view another one soon. Take care, Sue T.

  8. I saw your you tube on that thread. In fact, I am loving watching the posts that you do with Gary. You are both quite the inspiration!

  9. I hear you have a conversion for Jane Marshall. Sure would like to see it.

  10. Everything looks lovely, Vonna! :D my favorites are those quilt blocks!!! I can almost just see it in my minds eye, but they will be even more glorious I know! It would be really fun to quilt together. I also want to get back into a tighter groove with my eating and exercise; had a hard time with Xmas then a cold just wiped me out! But I still feel my blessings. Sending you love and prayers; thanks for being such an inspirational blessing in my life, Vonna!


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