Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Days 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14,15,16.17....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to the ~ 

Many days have passed and I'm quite certain that many of you(and I know for a fact a couple) think I have walked away , left you hanging and given up on my efforts for the Days of Christmas.

Nothing could be the further from the truth.

What have I been up to....
following my road of preparing the way (myself) for the coming of the Lord, just as I anticipated on Day 1...I have followed through every day. As you know, I am following the Matthew Kelly "Best Advent Ever" program at Dynamic Catholic HERE 
And I am being tenacious in my quest to live my best life and be the best me, I can be. 
Matthew has been focusing on a couple of key points in his daily videos. He talks about being a saint, that we all can be one, that God has a plan for us if we just trust in him, he talks about fear of failure, fear of disappointment in self, in others, fear of success....
Today he had a particularly wonderful point:

"Fear belongs to people without firm direction in their life."

To illustrate this point he talks about Peter and the disciples in the boat with the storm coming on and they see Jesus walking on water. Peter asks Jesus can I walk on water Lord? and Jesus says, "Come" Peter steps out into the water and he too is walking but then he hears the wind blow and the large waves crashing and he begins to sink. Why? Because he lost his firm direction. He took his eyes off Jesus. 
How many of us in our lives, in our faith walk - whatever that may be - take our eyes off our goals and begin to sink? 

Now some may be thinking I'm saying I've failed in this Days of Christmas daily blog goal that I had. No, I am not...I have not failed and let me share with you why.
I am a relatively active person. I have a relatively, by today's standard, large family. There are hills and valleys - as all people see in life. Some days I'm walking on the clouds and some days I'm slogging through mud in the valley. We all have that, right? I have not failed in my Days of Christmas to date because: I have kept my eyes on Jesus. I have done what He asks me to do: Be in service.

I work outside the home...
 one day a week - normally. This month to date, I have worked 12 days. It is day 17 today. That means I have had 5 days of "freedom" which if you note was about how many daily blog posts I have done. 

The owners of the quilt shop needed some time off...
so I filled in (and am continuing to fill in) as they need help. I am doing what Jesus asks us to do: treat our neighbor as we would be treated. There are times in life, where we need help. I hope in my hour of need there is someone there to help me - and I know there will be  - because I believe that as I have done, so shall someone do for me - Somehow, sometime, somewhere.
I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus.

I have a family, working 9 hours a day outside the home means, double the work left undone inside the home...I still have daily meals, laundry, dishes, homework, cat litter to scoop, house cleaning, and one hundred and one other little things that I have to accomplish each and every day. I'm happy to say: I've done it. Not one thing has slid. 
I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus.

I have responsibilities...
have given my word - and I keep my word - because I am only as good as my name and my word. I am a coach for Ellie's Science Olympiad Team. I said I'd coach and test and help at a 2 hour meeting every week. I have friendships that need tending. Holiday get together where friends have invited and want to celebrate our friendship and the season of giving by getting together and sharing hope and love as is right during this very special season. I am the bereavement luncheon chair person and there has been two funerals this month. When a person is in need, if I can help at all - I do.  I've participated, I've helped. 
I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus.

I also have a responsibility to myself....
I am walking a road (and have been for 1 year now) to better health. I have to plan, prepare meals that are designed to help me attain my goals of weight loss and better health. I have promised myself that I will exercise one hour every day throughout the season. I deserve some of the time I share easily with others to be given to me so that I may rejuvenate myself, lift my spirit and nurture my body to help me attain my goals. 
I'm keeping my eyes on Jesus.

We've had 2 Birthdays in the month of December...
The twins on Dec. 4 and Katie on Dec. 11. I've traveled to my college kids to make sure that they are celebrated, know they are loved and cherished and special. 



I also am co-host of a popular podcast...
that means Wednesday shows to tape, Live Friday shows to do, Sunday Interview shows (although I don't do every one of those), Starter series, special Christmas shows....
I do what I need to do, what I said to do for that. I enjoy it, I consider it "me" time because needle and thread and all talk about it feeds my soul.
Want to hear me several times a month? See me too? Then subscribe to Fiber Talk HERE

What I have not done is come to this blog to post daily updates about my life...
why? Because I'm living it, by keeping my eyes on Jesus as best I can, each and every day.

Failure? I think not. I'm doing the very best I can, keeping my eyes on Jesus and trying not to fail by being judgmental, vindictive, self serving, self centered and all the other things that for me is very easy to fall into...believe me I am the worst sinner.

This is what I am trying to remember during this time of anticipation of our Lord:
God sent his only son to earth to be: human.
He was born of virgin teenager, inside a cave, wrapped in rags, laid in a water trough where animals drank...God chose to humbly bring his son to earth. Quietly, while shepherds stood watch. The king of kings, the Lord of Lords...wrapped in rags and laid in a water trough. Think about that.

Humility is hard. Pride...ever pride the serpent raising its ugly head. I'm trying real hard to keep my eyes on Jesus and remember my humility. Remembering He came to serve and His asking me to serve is the very least I can do.

Until the next time...
whenever that may be....
I leave you with several photos of how I've packed my days the last 13 days...
Merry Christmas,
Vonna xxxx

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  1. While I always love seeing your work, I think you have just had the correct priorities!! Good for you and keep it up!

  2. Well said, Vonna! It is so hard to keep your eye on Jesus at any time with all the distractions of life but especially hard at this time of year. I still have trouble figuring out why it is harder to focus on Jesus during Advent than other times of the year. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and my God bless you all abundantly in the new year.

  3. You are beautiful Vonna. God bless you as you seek Him and serve your family and friends. May Christ lavish you with his love, joy, and grace - For unto son is given!!

  4. Really? Has someone criticized you for not posting every day? Really? Do they not have a life? Do they just sit around waiting on your particular blog? Oh nooooo. Can you just block them or something? I don’t want you to quit blogging! I’ve followed you for years and love them. I’ll take whatever I can get. It’s motivation for me to get off my tail end and get moving! Loved the update. Hope you had a great little trip! 😘

  5. You. Are. Amazing!!

  6. I love reading your blog and enjoy every post - no matter how frequent or infrequent. You keep doing what you're doing. Your priorities are in the right order! I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas season!

  7. I'm in awe of how much you get done in a day, Vonna. Be sure to take some time not just for your family, but for yourself.

  8. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the fantastic work on everything you do.

  9. Thank you for this powerful post. So much in it to draw upon. Thank you.


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