Monday, December 02, 2019

Day 2....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to you ~
my friends here with

First I will share with you my start on: 
Jane Stanwix 1843


Not a huge amount of progress....
I definitely was planning much, much more of a big reveal here for my first full day of stitching. 
But you know Rome was not built in a day and the best laid plans blow up from time to time.

I bought Jane at the Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin as a kit. Jeanne has some of the BEST color conversions and so...there you go, I bought her when I saw Jeanne's version. 
I cannot share with you the conversion because it is Country Sampler's copyright, but you can buy a kit from them and have it for yourself. 
Here is the link to the sampler: JANE STANWIX at Country Sampler 
She's being stitched on 36 ct. Confederate Grey using DMC and Gentle Arts.

Speaking of best laid plans....
Last evening I was making myself some oatmeal for supper. My phone rang and it was the owner of the Quilt Shop. The lady who works Monday's was sick, so can I work? Of course, I can...although I did have a date with my washer and dryer and also some finishing I want to get done and out of here.... but I love the owners and it was their day off so of course I can fill in.

Which leads me to today's installment of my Advent of Hope....
I am doing a couple of things for Advent. I'm getting the daily emailed videos of: Best Advent Ever with Matthew Kelly. Long time readers/followers of me, will know that I partake of a lot of Matthew Kelly's studies (Best Lent Ever, Best Advent Ever, Daily Meditations...) I like him. He's like me: flawed and striving to be better. He has sensible, solid, thought provoking words that simply help me understand me and help me on my road to heaven (I hope!).

I awoke to a couple of things this morning....
a less than positive email, a less than (in my mind) positive comment on a social media feed I was following and being the sensitive person I am, I got upset. Quickly.

See I have several flaws and as is my way, I am going to point them out and share them with you: I am too sensitive, I am quick to anger and I react to being hurt too quickly. 
Why am I like this? Well partially it is how God made me and is part of my genetic make up. Part of it is the little girl who was made fun of most of her life and never had a voice to speak up and tell them to shut up and look at themselves. Part of it is: I had no voice then, but I sure (as heck) do now. But most of it is flaws: too sensitive, too quickly angry, reading too much into something, caring too much what others think of me and simply not just blowing it off. 
Who cares?!

I have this friend....
he witnesses much of my junk. And even though sometimes I don't agree with his take on things, he does yank me back to reality and out of my quick judgment, my too quick reading of the situation...and pulls me back and lets me think and observe from all sides perhaps a little better than I do on my own.
Now I don't always agree with his take, but he helps me to see a different view. And that's a real friend isn't it? One that knows maybe I don't agree with him, but loves me anyway - and the same goes with me. I am blessed that God placed him in my path.

While this was all going on this morning (and it's only 7:45 a.m. now and 2 hours has passed already): I was making lunches for my engineer and student, I was on the elliptical for my 45 minute morning ride, I was listening to today's Best Advent Installment and I was reading a passage of my Advent selection of: Joy to the World by Scott Hahn.

I listened literally to the Best Advent Ever video for this morning 9 times. Yes...I did - no fooling.
I listened and thought...boy Lord, you are hitting me right between the eyes -  I need to listen again.
Then I did listen, 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. more times....

I have no idea what I'm capable of...
I surely don't. I know that the Lord put me on this earth to be a servant. It is obvious to me and has been for some time - likely since I was a child. You see, I am happiest when I serve. Serving others, making them happy, comfortable, feel at home, comfort them when they are sad or sick, give them a helping hand, making people smile, making people laugh, listening to them and their problems or anxieties....all of those things are gifts God gave to me to help serve others. I often get people telling me: "you have much charisma, people are just drawn to you". My own husband said that is why he was drawn to me when we met, my sparkle, my shine, my charisma. That is shocking to me because I don't see myself in that way. I truly don't. All my life people have come in and out of my life - particularly as an adult...we meet, we speak, I lend a hand or listen and then they go. That shine or sparkle or charisma - whatever you want to call IS NOT is God. It is His gift given to me and I just try my best to be the vessel and the shine he wishes me to be. I still fail horribly most of the time, although I do pick myself up and try, try again.  Matthew asks today: the next time I have to make a choice, lay it at God's feet and ask the question: Lord what am I capable of? Here is what I have to do...I see these possibilities that I could do...what do you Lord, see for me? And to pray about it and listen before acting.
Just listen.
That's my problem too...listening...I don't calm my heart, my mind, my spirit long enough on most days to listen. So today it is my prayer...that some day soon I will learn to ask and then listen - not charge on like a bull in a china shop - which is my wont to do. 

Although I will say: God asks me to stop and listen, but He does not ask me to be a doormat and I will not be one. I have spent a large portion of my life being a doormat and actually thankful for the mud that people wiped on me...but I will not be one now. He does not ask that. Rather He asks me to stop and pray and listen.

OK, well I have 30 minutes to dash upstairs take a shower and put on some war paint to face the day.
See...hectic always in motion...but I am hopeful - ever so hopeful that I will soon learn to stop-pray-and most importantly LISTEN!

I will leave you with a shot of my holiday hearth. It brings me joy. 


Now...I gotta run...
May today be a day of thought provoking peace...
may it be so!

Merry Christmas, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Thank you for "spending time with me" today. May your day at the shop be opportunities to shine!

  2. Vonna, Thanks you for your powerful words and humility. We are all works in progress and the older I get (and I'm old now!) the more I realize how imperfect I am but also how loved I am by our maker. Have a wonderful day and remember....rejection is protection or direction or maybe both. Also, don't ever give your personal power to anyone. Like Mother Teresa said "it's not about you and them; it's about you and God". Have a great and wonderful day!

  3. Sweet Vonna .... God used you today to speak to my heart. Like you I have a devoted husband and wonderful, successful children ... but ... my self esteem is at zero. How you described yourself is me. It helps to know I'm not alone. I will put this at the foot of the cross and let Him guide me from now on. Who knows, maybe the rapture will come before I've completed my/our journey ... that will take care of everything. :~) Myra Lewis

  4. Thank you for the info on Best Advent Ever!!!! I signed up. I too am flawed with much the same issues. Always striving towards improvement. May we both have the best Advent ever as we anticipate the birth of Christ our Savior :) Happy Stitching! (I am planning on stopping in SG at Country Sampler later this month - I feel lucky to live in WI)

  5. Love your holiday hearth!

  6. Maybe it's a flaw of all of us stitchers, that is being too sensitive at times for our own good. I do love your plan for Advent. My DH and I are going to classes at our Lutheran Church so we are trying to read a chapter in the Gospel of Matthew everyday. Last year we read Luke and it really helped to keep us focused during this busy time. Thank you so much for the link to Country Sampler. Remember most of us consider you such a kind and generous person!

  7. I smiled seeing the fireplace display after reading all you wrote. You are special... and on the way.

  8. As we get older i think we loose our 'filter' I know I speak out (and up for myself) more than my younger self did, and i'm learning how to say no and not be a door mat, (for many years I was one too).
    Have a good day

  9. Vonna, I too was treated badly as a child. I wasn't skinny, pretty, outgoing as my adopted sister and cousins were and felt rejected by all my relatives. To this day, looks and physical beauty are still important to them so I've had to distance myself from a lot of them. So I had grown up starved for attention and wanting everyone to like me. To that end, I had gone overboard trying to please everyone. It's taken me into my late 40s and middle 50s to say nope, not doing it. Sensitive to a fault, whenever I 'think' something bad was done to me by another, I tell myself it's nothing about me and everything about them. This is self preservation I'm practicing! It works and I hope you'll try it. Forgive me if I have stepped over a line but I just wanted you to know you're not alone. I am now off to read your 3rd post in these 25 days of Christmas!

  10. I am enjoying your Advent series so much. As much as you are learning about yourself, I am learning about me! Thank you so much for this blessing.


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