Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Day 18...

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~

wonder of wonders....
less than 12 hours and I'm back.
It's going to be quick because I have to go to the quilt shop again today.

An update on Jane Stanwix 1843 by Samplers Revisited color conversion by The Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisconsin FULL KIT WITH CONVERSION HERE or CHART ALONE HERE 


I purchased the kit so I am stitching her on 36 ct WDW Cocoa linen with Jeanne's conversion. The floss, is beautiful, but I didn't like the coverage on the house. I am stitching one strand over two on 36 count....with as dense as the house is, I felt I was seeing the linen through the stitches and I didn't like it. I was to the second row of windows before I figured out  that if I was to be happy with this house, it needed to be done differently. So rather than tearing it all out and restarting with 2 strands of floss....I just did another leg of the top stitch. So for illustration purposes I stitched my first leg / and when I crossed it \ to make the X - the coverage wasn't good I did a second \ which was the perfect amount of coverage SO each stitch on this house is: / \ \ to make my X. A little tip from me to you if you ever get a little less than perfect coverage on a piece. I am looking under a 5x magnifying glass when stitching and you can't tell the bottom leg is only one strand and the top is two. 

I also have been dreaming of my plans for quilts in 2020. My friend Melinda, who lives just about a half hour away, loves small/mini quilts. She says they are perfect for decorating, easy to do - as in you won't get tired of doing the blocks over and over and over, and you can get them done relatively quickly. I've made about 4 mini quilts myself, but I have a whole library of my mini quilt favorite designers...after sharing lunch and exchanging gifts last week with Melinda I pulled my library and have been perusing them in the evenings before bed:


My favorite designers for quilting are: Jo Morton, Kim Diehl and Kathleen Tracy...
although Coriander quilts (Corey Yoder from BERLIN, Ohio!!!) is right in there too...

Today Matthew at Best Advent Ever...
had a poignant video. Powerful really, the video was entitled: Life is Messy.
Boy is it ever, right? In the video he speaks to the fact (and we all have heard this in one way or another) that everyone we meet is carrying a burden in one way or another. Some burdens may not be as heavy as another's burden, but burden it is nevertheless. He also quotes the beginning of a song in the musical  Les Miserables that opens: 
"There is a grief that can't be spoken, the pain goes on and on." 
I have seen Les Mis several times on the stage and this song is toward the end of the musical. All of us carry grief with us...and the pain does go on and on. When we think about this and the fact that we all have them: because no matter how perfect a life someone else in your life seems to have - news flash - it isn't. Life is messy. Everyone holds grief in their hearts, everyone has burdens...however I believe that how you deal with your messy is the difference between burden and joy. We all know people whose glass is half empty...we also know people whose glass is half full. It is all about how they deal with their messy. Our response to another's messy? Well that makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? You can think in a self-serving, self-centered, judgmental way that: well they aren't doing how I want them to do or how I think they should do so I am going to treat them like XX (fill in the blank)
come on - if we are all honest with ourselves we ALL do that - I'll admit at times I do that. I even do that to myself...wallow in self pity - woe is me all the day long. 
OR you can affirm that we all are dealing with messy and I'm going to put on some gloves and handle it gently, with love and respect and utmost a little understanding. 
Dr. Seuss once said: "be the change you want to see in the world"
Put on some gloves and start understanding another's messy, because life is messy - mine, yours and the guy down the street.
Be kind.
Be understanding.
Be helpful.
Be joy.
Because if you do will make all the difference in your own messy.
Personal thoughts on a gray day...from me to you. Take them or leave them. I've got on my gloves and I'm keeping my eyes on my goal. 

Well being as I have to work....
time to our celebration with our extended family is short....
I have to run, because I have to load up Eunice the Unity to haul her to work (and she's a big girl). I prefer to give homemade gifts to our family and I've worked so much this month my plans have gone out the window, so I'm going to have to take my work to work so that I can work on my Christmas gifts between customers and phone calls.

Until next time....
whenever that may be (I am not promising anything to anyone)
May your days be merry and bright!
Vonna xxxx


  1. That is a wonderful idea/tip for coverage on the house.

  2. Your favorite quilting designers are mine as well.

  3. Love your life sharing...

  4. Thank you for life insight and positive thoughts. Merry Christmas

  5. Love to you, Vonna! I have also had to reconsider and re-frame some “homemade gift hopes” this season; but all is not lost, the love goes on, perfectly imperfect.

  6. Vonna, THANK YOU sooooo much for the tip on coverage on the house! I’ve been working on “Home for Christmas” by Plum Street, one over two on 36-count, and the linen showing through on the house is driving me bonkers. Going to go over it with one more \ and I’m sure it will make all the difference.

    Sister, you are speaking to my SOUL with this post. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (the kind with no cure) in 2013. Fighting it is like running a marathon. While sometimes I have chemo and lose my hair and look like a typical cancer patient, the vast majority of the time I look perfectly healthy. But no one can see me screaming on the inside. People can be mean. A coworker told me that “cancer patients are such drama queens.” I’ve learned that life is short. How do you want people to remember you? Personally, I want to be remembered as being nice, loving, helpful. I want to be missed. (We all know that person who, I hate to say it, isn’t missed that much when they’re gone.)

    A smile, saying something kind, or being patient can make such a huge difference in someone’s day.

    Wishes for a happy, healthy 2020 to you and yours!

    Meg @

  7. Vonna, I am way behind on your posts, but do plan on reading the ones I have missed. This post truly resonated to me and has given me a lot of food for thought.


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